Important Tips for MRCOG 1 & March 2012 past questions

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    Wishing all who are preparing for the September part 1 exam, the very best.

    Remember to go through the 1999-2001 past MCQ booklet; more than 80% of the March, 2012
    Mcqs were repeats, though some were slightly altered. If you do well here you’re sure of almost ½ of
    the total score. I went through that book more than twice.

    For the SBA’s, clinical experience is crucial but not mandatory. The questions were very lengthy, but I think it was a strategy to distract us. Each question had a central theme. Find it!

    Some of the March, 2012 past questions have been recalled under the following threads;
    “Recall MRCOG 1 questions†and “ MRCOG part 1 March, 2012 experience.â€

    More March 2012 themes/questions:

    1. Pemphigus gestationis- rare skin condition in the UK. Findings on biopsy of the lesions- Complements or placental tissue?
    2. Drug that’s not safe in the 3rd trimester- NITROFURANTOIN
    3. Components of the quadruple test and which is increased or decreased. high beta hCG & inhibin, low AFP & estriol
    4. 2 questions on ECG; normal Cardiac axis, and what you’d find on the ecg of a woman who had an inferior MI 10 yrs ago. She is scheduled for hysterectomy.
    5. Addisons disease
    6. Submentobregmatic diameter
    7. What pelvic diameter is horizontal when the female stands erect.
    8. Pelvic inflammatory disease- clinical scenario
    9. Sweat test for cystic fibrosis
    10. Known benefit of hormone replacement therapy- decreased risk of bowel cancer
    11. What is the major effect of progesterone on the menstrual cycle?
    12. Hormone that regulates appetite and important in Obesity- LEPTIN
    13. A case of Obstetric cholestasis- Pregnant patient presented with generalized pruritus with normal liver enzymes.
    14. Screening tests for down syndr- know when each is done, i.e. amniocentasis & chorionic villous sampling.
    15. Suspected ectopic pregnancy; no adnexal mass or intrauterine pregnancy seen on ultrasound; beta hCG was done. What’s the likely value? Less than the discriminatory zone which is 1000. Correct option was 900mIU/L.
    16. Randomised controlled trial with a beta value of 90; what does this mean?
    17. In a HIV +ve woman in Labour, at what viral load will you allow vaginal delivery? 50 copies/ml. Please see the most recent green top guideline on this topic.
    18. Most abundant estrogen in pregnancy. Estriol
    19. List the following estogens in the order of their activity on the vaginal mucosa- Estradiol-estrone-estriol.
    20. Risk of uterine rupture during trial of vaginal birth after 1st caesarean section. 1 in 200.
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    could you pls post some others mrcog 1 march 2012 exam questions, specially clinical/ data interpretations & biostats related questions.....
  3. Alo Akhter

    Alo Akhter Guest

    i am searching for more sample questions of mrcog 1 march 2012....specially clinical/ data interpretations & biostats question.....

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