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  1. DR RRS

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    I have done my MBBS from a MCI recognised College in Maharashtra, and i have Permanent Registration with Maharashtra Medical Council, now i want to Register myself with Medical Council of India, so that i can practise anywhere in the country, can anyone tell me the procedure for that.
  2. DR RRS

    DR RRS Guest

    Sorry, Medical Council Of India
  3. pete

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    dear dr rss

    if u have permanent registration in any of the state medical council in india then u can practice anywhere in india,,,,u need not get registered with each and every state u go...i am sure about i have practised.

    but still if u want ur name in the mci register u can apply ..please their website...try googling.

    Good luck
  4. Dr.SS

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    I have searched a lot on the web regarding this, But it is quite confusing.
    Please visit MCI website
    Now there is search for the IMR(Indian Medical register) data, You can find your name there.

    After searching the web,I could understand that a medical proffessional registered in any state medical council, His name will be listed in State Medical Register and also in the Medical Register.Any MBBS graduate from a MCI regocnised College have the option of register his/her name either in the State Medical Council (or) Indian Medical Council.Anyway all names will be in the Indian Medical Register.

    You can get IMR Cerficate by foolowing the procedure as at

    I beleive(with a doubt) that A medical proffessional whose name is in IMR can practice anywhere in the country as per MCI act,rules and regulations.


    I am qoutin from CMC Prospectus,
    "Before a candidate can be accepted for the training programme he/she is required to register with the Tamil Nadu Medical Council. The address is as follows:

    The Registrar, Tamil Nadu Medical Council, 1st Floor, D.Block, 100 Ft.Road (Vadapalani), Chennai-600 026.

    The application for registration with the Tamil Nadu Medical Council (T.N.M.C.) must be submitted in the prescribed form along with the registration fee of Rs.1000/- and the following:

    M.B.B.S. Degree certificate in original and a photostat copy.

    Internship completion certificate in original and a photostat copy.

    Date of Birth evidence certificate in original and photostat copy.

    Previous Medical Council Registration Certificate in original and photostat copy.

    A No Objection Certificate from the State Medical Council in the case of candidates registered with medical council other than the T.N.M.C., in original and a photostat copy.

    Three passport size and Three Stamp size phtographs.

    The only Certificate of Date of Birth approved by the T.N.M.C. is the front page of the S.S.L.C. booklet or an equivalent completion of school education certificate issued by the appropriate authority of a national or regional Education Board or Council (H.S.C., S.S.C., I.S.C., C.B.S.E., etc.) which bears details of the date of birth and identity of the candidate

    After submission of the above, it may take 1 week for the T.N.M.C. Registration Certificate to be issued. Candidates are therefore advised to bring the above mentioned documents along with them when they come for the entrance test and interview so that these documents and the application for registration with the T.N.M.C may be submitted by candidates selected for admission soon after announcement of the list of selected candidates."

    So it is confusing, Please somebody clarify on the legal status on Registration.

    Thanking You,

  5. Dr.SS

    Dr.SS Guest

    What is the use of IMR certificate?

    Is it compulsory to indiacte Medical council in our Seal when issuing Medical Certificate, Since many exist with same Reg No. but registered with different Med Council, But I could not see this practice with any of our seniors in my state tamil Nadu).

    Is obtaining STATE MEDICAL COUNCIL Registration is enough for everything that is to be done in india.Is registering with MCI (or) getting IMR certicate neccessary for anything?

  6. mci registration

    oh, yes you can certainly do.
  7. parvas24

    parvas24 Guest

    Just some facts .. If you have MCI recognised MBBS degree ...and got yourself registered with the STATE MEDICAL COUNCIL ...then you are registered on he basis of your MCI recognised status of your degree in the First Schedule of IMC ACT that case you are automatically regisitered with he Medical Coincil of India irrespective of the State you got the degree and registered with any State medical council.
  8. dr jm

    dr jm Guest


    i'm registered in the state medical council of karnataka and now residing i andhra pradesh. i was told that i can practice anywhere in india with registerartion no of KMC. does that hold good for a job also?

    i heard (though not sure) that it is not mandatory to register in the respective states to have a private practiuce but it is mandatory to register in that particular state if we are in a job

    kindly clarify
  9. DR.DT

    DR.DT Guest

    MCI registration

    I've done my MBBS and MD both from a MCI recognised Medical College in Maharashtra and I'm registered in Maharashtra Medical Council. Is it compulsory to register the additional qualification i.e MD in the same council or would the registration done post internship will do?
    I checked out MCI website and it quotes in bold that,

    "Those candidates who are already holding registration with State Medical Councils need not apply for further registration with Medical Council of India as their names are enrolled in the Indian Medical Register through the State Medical Councils. The applications for such cases will be rejected. However they may apply for issue of Indian Medical Registration Certificate. "

    How should I proceed?
  10. Asdf

    Asdf Guest


    You can do the practice any where
  11. priyadoc14

    priyadoc14 Guest

    what about giving medical certificate in another state. can v write our native state registration no.
  12. Dr. Priyanka

    Dr. Priyanka Guest

    regarding validity of my permanent registration no.

    respected sir ,i had been given mine permanent registration no. on 03 may 2010 . As the mci is dissolved is my registration no. is valid now or it is unvalid

    it is valid, d'nt worry at all.
  13. adr

    adr Guest

    travancore medical council registration for practice

    I am joining a private hospital in kerala after my PG.I have karnataka MBBS registration and I have to add the additional qualification of my PG degree.
    Request advice whether my Karnataka council registration is enough or whether i have to take registration from Kerala medical council.
    Would be grateful for conclusive answer, as the answers above are based on experience and not on any rules/regulations by any organisation.Would be nice if someone could suggest a site or link to answers for the question.
    Thank you
  14. qwerty777

    qwerty777 Guest

    hi can anyone tell me how long will it take to get registered with the Travencore Medical Council or any other state medical council for that matter? I attained my MBBS degree from MP and presently registered under MP medical council.... now i'm planning to do my PG and it is not sure in which state i am gonna get it in... so is there any need for me to do the transfer now or just depending on which state i get to do my PG, i can get transfered to that state council at that time..... thanks
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    There is no need to register with another state council or MCI for doing clinical practice in another state.

    However for government jobs and getting admissions in pg courses in another states it is required even if you primarily registered with MCI
  16. addmision guide

    yes I can tell u the procedure ,so u just send me details with contact number.I'll get back to u as soon as possible.Atul
  17. Dr. Sidhdi

    Dr. Sidhdi Guest

    enquiry about mci registrition

    Sir, i have completed my M.B.B.S. in mci recognised college in karnataka and got registered with KMC. i am from Maharashtra. i have taken no objection certificate from KMC . I have tried for MCI registration but , they said that , u have to apply for IMR registration. Is it necessary to do it? what is the additional advantage of IMR registration?
  18. Iajr04

    Iajr04 Guest

    Time taken in regi

    Hello sir,
    i want to knw tht how much time do mci take in issuing permanent registration certificate. . .
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hello doctor,i m very confused.i hav completed my mbbs frm russia.i cleared fmge.i got my provisional reg. frm mci, i m planning my internship frm bhopal.i got noc frm health ministry mp,now again i hav to apply for provisional in mp?or the one frm mci will do?
  20. tripti garg

    tripti garg Guest

    i dnt get my permanent registration till now.. i submited on 25th march 2011
  21. Permanent registration with state medical council

    I did my MBBS from abroad and after clearing the Medical council of india test i got permanent registration from medical council of india. do i need to register with state medical council again ?

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