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    Dear Sir/Madam

    I have completed my dentistry in India. I request you to please send me
    information regarding the procedures to be done before applying for the ADC.
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    hi i think i can help u i got he adc brocure
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    hey rishi

    hey rishi plz help me out too pali also need that mailing address is

  4. i want to kmow about ADC EXAMS.each and every detail
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    hi guys
    i wont identify myself but heres the deal. i am a dental graduate from india n i been to both australia and england. all this talk about shortage of dentists there is crap. it is an artificial shortage. what happens is both these countries have national health services n they have laid down norms there should be this many dentists for this many people in population. so a village like richmond with only 14000 people has 6 dental pposts. 2 for specialists and 4 for general dentist. compare this with numbers in india 1 dentist for 85000 people. n this artificial shortage is also only existent in rural areas. australia has a population of 2 crores only (equal to delhi alone)there are only two cities woth living in australia melb and sydney each has a population of about 35-40 lakhs and there are 7000 odd dentists registered there. so where the hell is the shortage. Clearing IQE or ADC is only half the story. on the ground they ask u where u qualified in a job interview and the moment u say india or pakistan or any third world country they reject ur application n we have to end up in rural areas. their villages are worse than the worst villages in india. cos there are just no people. there is hardly a police station in those damn villages.i am an experienced person me.

    in anycase information about adc is plenty on the australian dental council website. and information books to read sample questions etc for IQE on general dental council website.
    IQE is easier than ADC. ADC guys grill you like hell n the exams are lengthy n tedious n the longer u are in stress the more likely u are to make blunders. IQE has more parts but the exams are easier,a lot easier.
    Just remember onething "cleanliness is next to godliness" for goras so wash your hands every time u get up from the operatory n change gloves n mask n head cap n what not everytime during the clinical exam. they are freaks when it comes to infection is easy Indians rock at these exams.emergency management is also very important.
    but think about what ive said. ive been to the other side n i chose to return its not as big as they make it sound.they need us but they use us.
  8. Re: ADC

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    This is a state of mind " individual personal expression" but the truth is some thing else.. hard work is the KPI for success..
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    Re: ADC

    Hi There. Thanks for a lengthy posting. But I donot agree for most of" your" opinion. Even I had been to both UK and Australia. I donot know how tough is IQE over ADC exam but its all worth the effort. I know many peolpe in Australia who got fantastic jobs after clearing the exam. Your impression of "Cleanliness is next to godliness" is absolutely true. But donot you think it is an essential part of treatment. I feel it is beeter not to perform any treatment if you donot follow sterilisation protocol as you may end up creating more harm than helping. I totally agree with the way the exams are conducted here.


    Re: ADC

    Great advice? but absolutely not helpfull to any.
    U said you have been to both places but I think you are more depressed as I believe you have not completed exams successfully.
    But dont worry, you will surely hit one day provided, you should leave this attitude and start working seriously towards the goal as Dentists still rank top in Salary.
    Best wishes.
  11. ADC xamz

    i am a dentist in india and would like to hav all d details of the ADC examz. also would like to kno if the part A exam is gonna b held in india ever again as it was in feb 2005.any news....plz help :shock: :idea:
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    about oet exams

    can u please tell me about oet exa,ms,which books to refer and which r the sites available on net.i would be really grateful to u

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    The ADC Part -1 OET Examination, ADC Part 2 Theory examination and Part-3 Clinical examinations. We supply materials (MCQ- SAQ) question papers and short note for ADC Part 2 and Part 3 examination. The Part-3 examination has many short note and latest study materials which is a complete study package.
    The ADC recommends a list of books for the examination and our collection of study materials are the best out of these books. All materials are photocopy and very well organised for your study.
    Please let us know your requirement.

    For the ADC Part 2 Theory examination you one need to read the following books and you don’t need to read any other Books.

    MCQ - SAQ
    Oxford handbook of clinical dentistry
    Clinical Problem Solving in Dentistry
    cowsons mcq book
    bouchers mcq book
    Restorative Dentistry
    Sturdevant’s Art and Science of Operative Dentistry
    This has been proved 100 % success for many students
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    adc exams

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    This information summarizes certain federal income tax consequences of participation in the Plan. The information is for your convenience only and not intended to be a complete description of all such consequences, nor is it intended to be a description of any kind of the state, local or foreign tax consequences of participation in the Plan. The description of federal income tax consequences may be affected by future legislation, Internal Revenue Service rulings and regulations and/or court decisions. Further, the description is not intended to be advice to you regarding tax planning and we do not expect that you are relying on this description for such purposes. For that reason, you should consult your own tax advisor with respect to the federal income tax consequences, as well as state, local and foreign income tax consequences, of participation in the Plan.

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