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  1. sayani

    sayani Guest

    Hi All,

    I am currently giving exams for MFDS and IQE. I have some information and resources and I would like to exchange the same. I am sure collectively we can build some data base which can be useful for many and specially overseas doctors who are studying in UK. Please have your say how you find this idea? I believe we can once a meeting to physically share things and can discuss logistical aspects. Do write back your comments.


    Dr. Sayani
  2. dr.alam

    dr.alam Guest

    Dear Dr,
    I think u have a wonderful idea... and let me know how i can be of assistance.. by the way i myself also plan to take the iqe exams and the mfds by the end of this year.

    kind regards,
  3. DR shah

    DR shah Guest


    Hi there!
    Those who are interested to sit for new MFDS part 1 for this oct'2007 can share reading materials with me. But first of all I am looking for the upgraded syllabus for new MFDS(MFDGP).If anybody want to share this I will be obliged.
  4. dr.asif

    dr.asif Guest

    mfds part a

    hi friends , i am also planning on giving the mfds part a exam this october , i m currently doing my internship and it has been around 4 months , so guys could you please kindly tell me if i m eligible to give the exam or do i have to complete my internship to sit for the exam? thanks alot
    and i have all the mfds modules and readers if anybody is interested but i got a hard copy..
    reply soon ...
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hi all
    it's really nice meeting u here
    i'm ahmed egyptian -- and live in egypt
    i'm looking for study partner as we could share our thoughts and even schedules of studying materials
    i have all the studying materilas and all reader and modules
    hope finde someone who will be interested to have prtner in studying
    contact me on

  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hi doc,
    i completed my bds oct last year n wud like to take up my iqe....i wanna know how far appearing for mfds wud help me...

    help me..


  7. jazzy

    jazzy Guest

    hi dr radhika,
    are you from uk and when r u planning to take up iqe.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest


    well am a dentist from india..leaving to uk by may jus prep for iqe..n wud like to sit for the iqe this year..
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest


    zainab wat abt ur landline number can l hav chat wid u
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest


    dr.asif wat abt price of these modules,&hw many r they
  11. srinivaas

    srinivaas Guest


    helo Dr.Radhika
    me Dr.Srinivaas from india (chennai )

    me too planning to take up iqe new format but still i didnt get any info abt when iqe is going to held this year

    if u any details abt exam dates plz let me know

  12. nk

    nk Guest



    how does mfds help for iqe and dont u need a 20 month work experience to enroll for mfds...i hav just completed my do i qualify for mfds?also has anybody among ull formed any study groups for iqe...ill be interested in joining....

    please e-mail me to am currently in uk...

  13. gues

    gues Guest

    Hi all even i want to join group,I am giving new mfds this oct,i live in glasgow and my email id is let me know if anyone is intrested.Thanks
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest


    hi to all,
    i have just joined this group . i am also preparing for iqe exam '07'. so it will be great if someone wants to do group study ...
    thanks to all.
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have just joined this group and Im planing to take the new IQE i.e. ORE hopefully this year. On GDC website they say part 1 of ORE will be this autumn. They dont give a clear outline of the syllabus, can anyone help me how to go about preparing for it.
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hi Dr T

    i am also confused about the same thing.... if you come to knw about anything in regards to new iqe format then plz do mesz me too....
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Im planing to take the new IQE . On GDC website they say part 1 will be this autumn, can anyone help me how to go about preparing for it. if anyone can provide me with materials of the past/old IQE ......i will be grateful.........

    Ps mail me at

    if anyone interested in making study partners ,ps do contact me..(i live in London(near hammersmith)

  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i live in coventry and if anyone want to do group study for new iqe exam. please do mesz back..
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    does anyone know the syllabus for ORE, there is no specific outline for it and the book list does not guide much, for example Oral Pathology (Soames and Southam) I dont think we are expected to read the whole book. Also can anyone please mail me IQE past papers... my email is
  20. dentistguy1

    dentistguy1 Guest


    hi,i am looking for study group/partner for mfds part b.Please let me know about it.good wishes for all.
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest


    I am renuka from epsom sailinig in the same boat of ore. Anbody
    having any idea how to start the preparartion and books to refer
    please mail me at
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest


    sandy can iknow where u live in uk. you can just mail me.
  23. moka

    moka Guest

    new MFDS

    I want to know are the old readers and modules used for MFDS A,B,C are the same used for the new MFDS part1,2.
    Is it enough to use the readers and modules.
  24. moka

    moka Guest

    new MFDS

    I want to know are the old readers and modules used for MFDS A,B,C are the same used for the new MFDS part1,2.
    Is it enough to use the readers and modules.please email me
  25. Dr Suranjana

    Dr Suranjana Guest

    HI DR.Sayani, R u in uk even i am planing to take up the mjds exam this year it will be really nice to form a group
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hello ppl

    moka i need to know the same information ... i'm setting for MFDS part 1 in Oct so can any one share me plz

  27. Guest

    Guest Guest

    ORE study group

    Hi everybody,

    I have also applied for the ORE exam. Hopefully I get a place for this autumn. Hence I am keen to start a study group for this. As far as I am concerned IQE would be similar to ORE so I thought doing IQE questions will help us with ORE as well. Also can ppl throw some light on what material to read for
    ORE. Are there any study courses for prepartion for ORE.

  28. dds

    dds Guest

    regarding overseas registartion exam

    i would be obliged if anyone can email me few iqe exam sample papers for my reference to study,also if any tips for study,thank you,
    my email id is
  29. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi everybody,
    I am planning to take up ORE this year..can anyone help me by mailing me the past papers of IQE for my reference..
    my mail id-
  30. Guest

    Guest Guest

    if any body is preparing for the ore exams plz answer
  31. my_tiq

    my_tiq Guest

    ORE study group


    I am from leeds and preparing for ORE part 1. I am looking for study group or someone in Leeds who is doing the same. I contacted yorkshire deanery and was told at the moment they are not helping any study group but we can start by our self and they can help us.

    Please anyone have any information how to study and Question papers or qualified dentist help me with the examination procedure it would be helpfull for me.


  32. Guest

    Guest Guest


    i was to give the iqe smetime
    back,but there werre lot of reports cmg up,wrt
    employments there,uk meetng its dentists req.,vt
    posts,prefernce gven to uk/eu ppl..etc. etc. i want to
    know how true is d situation,is it a good idea 2 gve d
    ore now, or is late 2 is d job scene,is
    there a massive rush of indian dentists ....wll it b
    like docs returning to india frm uk.. but i really want to have an honest
    thank you,
  33. drshals

    drshals Guest


    i plan to sit ORE exam. is there any study group that i can join?? can anyone please guide me on that.
  34. Dr.WS

    Dr.WS Guest

    ORE exam 2008

    Hi ,
    I am from India. I am now living in brentford, middlesex. I would like to appear for ORE exam this autumn. Anybody here, living close by preparing and ready to share materials & for group study.

    If interested do message at
  35. Dr.WS

    Dr.WS Guest

    hi drshals,
    where r u from and where r u residing.

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