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    Thanks for the exam tips Annie. I'm just so worried about passing part a. Your contact Dr carim was very helpful, especially the iqe questions which I needed desperately. She has posted them to me by special delivery and I should receive it in 2 days.

    So now that you've passed part a, have you started with your preparations for part b?
    Kind Regards
  2. Shrijana

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    Dear Shaba,

    I am Shrijana.completed BDS from Manipal.I would be very grateful if you could send me the one copy of iqe question.
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    heyyy it wud b great if u cud fwd me teh iqe part a questions as qell.....pleaase please please please......................

  4. piyush

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    part A papers

    hi shaba,
    i will b very greatfulif u can fwd e part a papers. thanks
  5. dr.renchi

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    i hav passsed out recently, can anyone of you help me in getting a copy of iqe pattern and the subjects to study.thank u
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    Hi everyone
    Could any one email me IQE part a questions or I am ready to buy i f they are available anywhere
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    iqe ques paper

    hi shaba
    pls do contact me here ,regarding iqe ques information.i'll be greatfull
  8. Riya81

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    Hi shabha,
    ive just finished BDS..pls let me know how ur IQE exam was..& where the centre in in India..i went to many sites but didnt get that info..pls reply..thanx
  9. minchu

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    iqe questions

    i am appearing for iqe part a in 2006.i wonder if you could send me any question papers you may have.
  10. shveta

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    this is shveta here and i have done my bds from mangalore.i am doing my one year internship from my hometown chandigarh which i will be completing in july2006.i am planning to start preparing for iqe.but i dont know what text books to refer.are there any specific recommended books for preparing for iqe.and if u could plz mail me or send me iqe papers i would be grateful to u.and how many times is this exam conducted in an year?plz post here.
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    Hey guys! Can anyone send me some IQE questions to this address please: I would really appreciate it. Thanx guys!
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    You can get the list of textbooks as well the timetable for the exams from the gdc website!
  13. swarna

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    Can u send me a copy of the IQE papers ...Pls do reply it would be really benificial if u could do so.
    my mail id is[/quote]
  14. ladoo

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    iqe part a

    could some one help me with part a preparation .which books to refer.
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    hi there

    Hi shaba,

    would u be as kind, as Annie, as to forward any reading material/questions on please to me , i would be very greatful -
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    hi shaba!

    dear fren it would be very kind of you to let us all know of the tips u cn impart us with.we would be most obliged.waitin for ur reply fren!

    thank u!
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    iqe question papers

    hi everyone,

    i am looking for iqe previous papers. can anyone send me to my mail address. thank you so much


  18. mushfiq

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    about the IQE Exam Papers

    Hello Shaba,

    I just came to know you from the net when I entered into the aippg forums. Its nice to hear that youv'e got the previous IQE exam papers . I was also trying to be a candidate of IQE !!!. So, can you please send me Those question papers through Email. Here is my Email Address..... .......... Thank you and best of luck.
  19. dr.keerthy

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    iqe question papers




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    hi guys . i am dentist , currently in uk for studying bioinformatics
    i am palnning ti give iqe . could u oplz give the question paper pattern for iqe
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    hi if anyone has past iqe exam papers, I would really appreciate if you could send them to me at
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    hi everyone,
    i am preparing for IQE which is ''ORE'' now . i will be grateful if anyone can forward me any of the previous yrs iqe papers. And i will appreciate if someone is interested in group study. i live in coventry ....

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    Can u send me a copy of the IQE papers ..i need some help with the materials and books too......please help..
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    IQE past papers

    Please could I also request some IQE past papers, desperately!! My email is

    Thank you. Durga Lal Dutta
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  27. Guest

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    hi shaba!

    it would be of great help if you could send me IQE past papers and exam tips at

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    I will be grateful if someone can send me old IQE I am a new registrant and will be giving ORE now....if you could be kind enough to mail me the papers on

    If someone has a good quantity of papers..i am ready to pay also..

    I hope someone reads this and sends them to me..

  29. dds

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    regarding IQE exam paper sample

    i would be thankfull if you could email me some iqe sample papers to my email id,thank you
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    regarding IQE papers

    HI Shaba,
    Im planning to take up ORE this year. Past papers of IQE would be of much help to me, so can u please mail me past papers of IQE.. mail id -
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    hi i;;l b very grate ful if u post the previous iqe paper at mine id
    i;m giing mine ore papers this years
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    hello ... i was wondering if someone could send me the past iqe papers ,or tell me where i can find them ,i live in egypt... thanks a lot
  34. parm

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    hi shaba...i am preparing for ORE part 1...if u can help me in anyway, like que. bank or study material......thanks....parm
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    Hi I am very worried about part A IQE can somebody please e-mail me some practice questions at thanks upkar
  36. dr farah

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    pls help me urgent

    hey all.. can u pls guide me to d requirements of pursuin pg in uk. wat r d exams? wen can we entr d uk univ- i mean wich month.. required buks fr study
    wich exams to clear bfre strtn pg?
    and do we need any special work experienc fr the pg degree application.
    i have finishd my intrnshp frm karnataka on oct 17.. 2007
    i wil b v grateful if sum 1 can help me..thnx a million..
    my personal email id is
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  38. suncrest

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    reg iqe/ore papers..

    can anybody help me wid iqe / ore papers.. am ready to buy them..

    thank you,
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    I am having ORE in march ,,can u please send pat papers for IQE

    Thank you my email is
  40. warintin

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    please help me with the IQE past questions for any memeber that has gotten them from shaba or from shaba himself. please send to
  41. clockwork

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    I will be writing the ORE part 1 in September. Could anyone provide and really help me out with any passed exam papers for the ORE or IQE, could you please forward them to Thanx
  42. Dr 7

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    I've just finished my BDs and want to sit the IQE. can anyone send me a copy of the papers or the information on the material and so on.
    thanks in advance
    pls email me

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