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    Dear friends
    in my view ielts is more a test of ur iq than truly a language test.many of u will agree with me that for example when solving the questions in reading module we, even though, can reffer back to the passage as many times as we want we find ourselves caught in the real frustration of not being able to respond to the problems on time. To talk of the solving writing task1, it is such a misery to say exactly about any graph or a pie chart.and when we are asked to speak for a few minutes on a subject of which we have no previous knowledge,for example how many of u are able to speak on brain drain or on greenhouse effect?.
    To tell u the truth despite of having good command over language many of my friends have failed to get required bands due in part to lack of that instinct of sharpness.
    I, therefore , recommend all of my friends to have a look at that aspect of the test if u really want toget through the exam.
  2. alia

    alia Guest

    Thank you....for a while I was really thinking that I am so stupid to not know all this..

    It is true that at a certain point we have to know all these stuff, It seems obvious, but in my case I didn't know it a few months ago, when I saw all possible topics that we could be tested about.

    You are absolutely right that its not an IQ test, but an English proficiency test. You can ask me anything to write about, I'll be able to write, but some topics, I think it's crazy man...

    well anyway just wanted you to know that even I have doubts whether it's this or that.

    I have my test on the 12th of march, I hope I'll get a good score.
  3. Nan

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    I too have been thinking the same way!!! So I am not wrong too hahahh :lol: . They are testing our IQ too. So even though we are excellent speakers or writers we will still get stuck. I have my test on the 19th of Feb let's see how it goes. :roll:
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    IELTS does not test your IQ; it tests your education and vocabulary. An educated person shouldn't have any problem saying a couple of sentenses on the green house effect. What I recommend is spending 30 minutes or so everyday browsing through an English news site (like the BBC) and you won't have any problem talking about most of the topics presented in the IELTS test.

    Good luck.
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    Please explain for me

    Dear Guest
    Sorry, if you do not mind, please be more specific. I do not understand clearly what exactly is the sense of this sentence: “it tests your education and vocabulary”.
    Thank you in advance.
    Your sincerely
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    ielts a test of IQ


    IELTS is a test of your english language skills. if you have a basic idea about general topics and can put it down in words you will be just fine. best of luck
  7. pannyd

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    Utter rubbish.

    I worked as an IELTS Examiner for over 5 years and IQ plays no part in your score.

    I have seen ignorant 16 year olds get higher scores than 40 year olds with Phd's in all kinds of subjects.

    It tests your English langiuage ability and to some extent your exam skills.

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