Is MDS worth today!!!!!!!!!

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  1. rabbit Engg

    rabbit Engg Guest

    I am Sharad working in Bangalore as Mechanical Engineer and I would request you all to provide valuable suggestion concerning your field (Dental).

    I am working in a Mechanical Software company in Bangalore having an salary package of 3.0Lakhs P.A.

    I am married and having a one year old baby. My wife has completed BDS in 2004. She has worked in clinic for a year and having an experience of 6 month in teaching. She would like to continue her higher education i.e MDS, so that things can get better in future.

    However I am not supporting her plans since the fees are very high and there is stiff competition. And also it involves lot of time for preparation and completion of course.

    If she do her MDS, she don’t want to run a clinic, but she believe that doing an lecture job can easily payoff the loan. Is it true that a lecturer job can get a starting salary of 30,000/- PM after MDS?

    I would like to know is it so much worth to do MDS (by taking education loan)?

    Please your valuable suggestion!!!!!!!!!!!! So that i can make a discussion whether to encourage her higher education or not. I am having very little knowledge related to this field.

    Thanks in advance
  2. maddyyy

    maddyyy Guest

    well experts plz can i know future prospects for dentists

    i finished my bds in 2006. worked in college with just rs.3000. salary for 6 months.. then decided i would try for pg seat... life with just bds is very difficult..
    since then i have finished attempts two years consecutively n secured pget ranks 215..first attempt... 295.. second attempt..
    in between i got married...
    Now im at cross roads... should i try again.. will a coaching class help?

    since degree is not fetching them money.. they r forced (not by people but circumstances) to become house wives.. also no alternatives other than chaging branch n do courses like hospital management etc..

    THANK U.
  3. rabbit Engg

    rabbit Engg Guest

    Hi Friend maddyyy,

    After reading your replay I think we are sailing in same ship but are at different place.
    I am a husband of BDS wife having this problem since from 2years.
    Earlier I was unaware of the field, however my difference of opinion with my wife force me to think and analyze the situation.

    In India there are 800 PG seats available and for those 800 seats at least 8000 peoples will be trying out of 16000 outcome of BDS graduated across the India every year. So we can see the tough competition.

    The effort and time required to get the MDS seat is very high. You may need to do 3-4 attempt (For above avg student) to get seat, that to not in a reputed collage. You take coaching then about 40000rs will be spent. During the attempts we loss our family priority.

    Once you get a seat, you need to move away from your family for 3 years and there is no excuse in this matter. During this period there will be triple expenses from your husband side… one to run his family, two to manage your study expenses (even though you take edu loan …he need to take care of your day today expenses) and thirdly if you have any young kids like case of mine… then we need to think his future and his education saving. So managing all this in the fast and high expensive environment it very difficult.

    After you complete the MDS then comes the big question of job? The below picture can help you to analyze.

    There are 210 dental collages in India. If you consider that they need 25 lectures, then totally 5250 lecture are needed in entire India. So out of 800PG student outcome every year in which if 500 student are doing with an aim of lecture then in 10years all the 5250 lecture position will be filled and there will be very thin line open for fresh lectures. You must know now how many MDS lectures are their in markets at present itself and then make a guess on the requirement of MDS lecture in future. I do agree that there is good pay for MDS people as a lecture at present, however once that magical figure of 5250 cross then there will be decline in the pays tremendously.

    After MDS you cannot depend only on salary of lecture job, you need to do practice also so that you take those extra income to payoff all your debt.

    I would give one example of my field (Engineering). In 90’s their was no demand for lecture job since it was saturated. Till 2002 the PG seat in the many of collage did not filled. But from 2003 again there is shortage of lectures and now again there is demand for Mtech or ME seats. However those who are doing it are fresh graduate who are not getting job and they are very few who join teaching job. It is expected that by 2010 there won’t be vacancies for lecture job. Also now more preference is given to Phd’s then ME persons. Means again saturation for another decade. Hope you understood the cycle now.

    Now see at what stage is your field.

    The suggestion I am giving to my wife is that take care of child for next couple of years. Once he start going to school you can take up a job either as a lecture or practice for next two year by which you will be in touch with the subject. Later we can analyze the situation in the market and make a final decision on MDS or even think of Set up a private clinic. Other wise now itself change the field by taking either Hospital Management or Clinical Research which are having good scope in future. However my wife is against all this and her one and only aim is MDS.

    Off course there is always value for MDS but we need to think many aspects before we make a decision. If you get better suggestion then do let me so that it helps me also.

    At presently I am also at big cross road similar to you.

    Thank You.
  4. guest283

    guest283 Guest

    well MDS is worth it. i understand husbands would like their wives to give first priority to family and not education. the wife has to think and decide whether she can manage both the things. well starting pay can be nything between 30 to 35 thousands per month. It increases pretty fast. Extra income always help. plus this is only half days work if you open a clinic income will be really high. YES MANAGEMENT SEAT IS NOT WORTH IT . most of the people i know get mds either in theor first attempt or second after this pressures of earning money , family increase and you really cannot dedicate much time to preparing for mds.
  5. smiles32

    smiles32 Guest


    i completely agree wid u..
    if u can get to do M.D.S thn nothing lik it...
    just B.d.s ,......u r nowher
    nd i feel if a person really wants to determined..thn he shud go 4 it.
    Rabbit engg. -u shud support ur wife,s decision..
  6. rabbit Engg

    rabbit Engg Guest

    hi guest283 & smiles32,

    thank you for those valvuable suggestion. definately i will think how best i can supoort.

  7. Dentico

    Dentico Guest

    About scope of MDS & B.D.S....?

    Hi to all of you.....! I think you people r not aware of dentistry & making fun of that professsion...! I have lots of friends that r earning like a shit & u wont believe it.... ! A M.D.S guys once he finish it course he can earn a minimum of 130000/ Rs per month & as he put his hard work & knowledge to his profession he can earn at least 1500000/ per month after 3 years of his MDS...! I just giving u a example of Dentist Dr.Ajit Shethy ,an Endodontics ,he is doing only RCT failure cases & for one case he is charging 15000/Rs and he is doing only 15 cases per day yet he have lots of patient & he is earning 2.25 lakh Rs per Day that engineer guy or just A medical physician can never earn alone....! So how you people r talking like that...? You all r coward people who want the without doing anything...! Even a B.D.S. once he start his own practice i m bating you he will at least earn in first month 30000/Rs & within 6 month his practice will be 80000/ - 90000/ Rs . i have lots of friend who r after 4 years of practice they r earning 5-6 lakh Rs per month....! Population will going like any thing in India , so there will be always a demand for Dentist...!Look on his better aspect & dont be like a coward guy....!
  8. rasik200

    rasik200 Guest

    well situation is diff with your wife....
    I frankly think she is not thinking in the right it feasible for her to start stuying again & sit for entrance exams??

    even if she clears them ..then 3 grueling years of studies---patients, thesis , seminars??

    NO ....I think she is being too idealistic...GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FENCE

    I am an MDS I can say it would not be a good choice at this juncture

    she should go for an MBA instead
  9. dr dheeraj

    dr dheeraj Guest

    no big deal in repaying the education loan .she can easily do it
  10. mds or not?

    i hv cmpltd my internship n thinking abt d big question of mds or it worth spending on a management seat?i m intrested in o.s.?bt is good 4 a girl?i heard there s saturation n fierce competn.i m extremely mds in cd worth 3 yrs?
  11. dr ruby

    dr ruby Guest

    hi Mr. Rabit engg...............

    u jus hav told watever i thought of pourin out.........m unmarried n in the same discussion wit my wud-be husband.....m in great confusion abt my future...........if u ought to get a good decision let me kno pls............
    thank u :oops:
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hi dentico
    i m really impressed by your heart touching words

    but my dear friend do u know one thing that how many dental colleges are there in world other than india???
    its around 250

    but only in india there r 350 dental colleges and d numbering r going on...

    there r some dentists whose r earning 3 to 5 lac.
    but most of the dentists r earning only 15 to 20 thusand only

    so its better to stop and think what is valuable for them

    i think most of the dentists are going towards mba instead of mds

  13. SRG

    SRG Guest


    hii Friends...

    Like many of u out there....i have completed my BDS,worked for 1yr in a clinic.Now am confused whether to go for MDS.thru the entrance,bt i knw it requires a lot of preparation and you cannot be sure whether u will clear it in the first attempt.i am married,so i have to consider the other side etc...!what are the other options other than MDS...?
    Is entering he management field..whch is gonna be totally new...gonna be a right decision.I am really confused...!!pls anyone.....any suggestions...???

    SRG :(
  14. People, doing M.D.S is not jus a better salary option, but also upgradation in career, helps self esteem. so an opportunity may not be missed, free seat.
    but i personally feel its not worth a management seat with capitation fee. There are many dentists who really do well even after B.D.S., and ultimately, after doing M.D.S. there is not much advantage in clinical practice u get, 'coz most of the procedures except Implants, Disimpaction surgeries, Orthodontic Treatment, Flap Surgeries(sometimes) are done by the General Practitioner(b.d.s.). So a fresh M.D.S. getting consultation in other's clinics, the possibility is narrow.

    About lecturership, gone are the days when colleges allowed visiting teaching faculties. u have to visit the college everyday, and with a starting salary as low as Rs.23,000 in many cases. then as years pass by, u might go on to become a reader, minimum after 5 yrs, and salary upto Rs.45,000p.m. Put all the money in a bank and the interest itself is fruitfull for many years!

    So the bottom line is, if you get a free seat after numerous attempts, go for it, still weigh you personal life graphs and timelines. Or invest smartly in a dental setup, and u can earn like anything, call specialists for any work u feel is beyond your best. though there are many dentists passing out, still smart location and strategies, and good practice, patient care and patient management, networking will gradually yeild results.

    Be it a M.D.S. or a B.D.S., it will take atleast 2-3 yrs to get into a set practice. unitl then, profits will be very low. So patience is the key to survive.
  15. devadent

    devadent Guest

    mds at stake

    as the above person said dentist do earn more until people are aware of their oral health does this dr earn in a village he must be in urban city with good contacts for an earn of 3 laks pm and u need to invest a huge amount in clinic set up and more over the situtation in urban citites are saturated like tea shops u can see atleast three dentist per street think of the competition just like selling a water purfier that equates to a ceramic crown sir !!!! mine is chepst compared to the fellow dentist pls get it done here... guys when is all going to stop possibly A DENTAL INSURENCE IN INDIA LIKE THAT IN US....
  16. luckyden26

    luckyden26 Guest

    no money

    i feel that MDS is done to b superior in our field..not because u wnt to earn money..if u want to earn money u can just put up a clinic in a right place.even this requires less money than going for mds.n being a doctor if u become lecturer ur degree is a waste.i mean being a academician is a good thing but its not for da sake of money..n 30000 a month is da salary today..who has seen after 3 yrs
  17. guest2

    guest2 Guest

    with lecturer posts getting filled everywhere its really difficult to get a job in a pvt college. u now need influence,recommendations to get a i feel after 3 years its really hard.
  18. devadent

    devadent Guest

    really true

    :shock: I have just completed my mds in periodontics for the past two months I have been running with my resumes at least to 15 colleges in my city and more over I was the best out going student still there is no call from any of the colleges.the reason is that the inspection got over few months ago and so they dont want to take any new lecturers till the next inspection...this was the info I got from the management side when I used my influence still the 15 colleges are wating in that 5 institutuion are pg colleges and remaing are ug some of the ug colleges are really worst its very far away it will take atleast 2 hrs to tarvel from the city center...think about wasting 4 hrs and the college starts at 8 am and runs till 3 pm...get a job is really difficult.. :x
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    A difficult thing to answer!

    well for unmarried ppl thr is more time and chance to prepare for exams .... but what about them who are married and have other resposnsibilities aswell...where they cant afoord to spend so much of time for preparations....and in such cases spendin years for preparation is a bit difficult task what about such cases should they opt for management seats?...............But lookin at to the picture as so many MDS passin out per year and the requirement in institutes doesnt matches to the Number of passers ......and after three to four years will there be any possibilities for job with a fair salary....? so in such a situation Do u think MDS is worth tht investment.........?
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    A difficult thing to answer!

    well for unmarried ppl thr is more time and chance to prepare for exams .... but what about them who are married and have other resposnsibilities aswell...where they cant afoord to spend so much of time for preparations....and in such cases spendin years for preparation is a bit difficult task what about such cases should they opt for management seats?...............But lookin at to the picture as so many MDS passin out per year and the requirement in institutes doesnt matches to the Number of passers ......and after three to four years will there be any possibilities for job with a fair salary....? so in such a situation Do u think MDS is worth tht investment.........? :?:
  21. well for unmarried ppl thr is more time and chance to prepare for exams .... but what about them who are married and have other resposnsibilities aswell...where they cant afoord to spend so much of time for preparations....and in such cases spendin years for preparation is a bit difficult task what about such cases should they opt for management seats?...............But lookin at to the picture as so many MDS passin out per year and the requirement in institutes doesnt matches to the Number of passers ......and after three to four years will there be any possibilities for job with a fair salary....? so in such a situation Do u think MDS is worth tht investment.........?
  22. M.R

    M.R Guest

    mds or smeother field?

    hi to all..i m doin my bds internship as of now..still confused if i shud go ahead with mds.
    mds is not the only option after bds..i had thought of other fields like getting into research but i really dont knw wht is the future with research n which institute is good for research..
    so i would jus want some suggestions to know if mds is right option or should i change my field n get into clinical research..
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest


    dentico from where u belong ?
  24. dentico

    dentico Guest

    I think non of the above people have come to a conclusion ...... wats the use of sitting and thinking... please don ask anyone's suggestions... do wat u think and decide about ur life....
  25. drnabeela

    drnabeela Guest

    well hello people i thought i will find answer 4 my queries as m goin thru similar condition but it seems no conclusions.......... well heres wat i gotta share ......... firts of all mds is worth persuin even wid loan private or govt. secondly 4 married women community branch is great if dey get teachin job dey r d highly paid........ now lastly my question?
    im final year student goin 2 start my internship wanna know about pg diploma courses n oder fellowchip courses which i can persue either along my internship or within 1 year after as i hav got 2 yrs tym b4 my marriage n after dat i need 2 get a resonable job in dubai or shrajah can i get help reagardin dis ....... i wud b highly oblidged!
  26. hy a bds,also done pg diploma in hospital admn... i workd for 1 year in clinic...n at preent working as distric programme manager(hospital managment)...problem is i like both lines...((( nw wat shud i do...mds or masters in health managment??? coz for mds its high time i oll ready wasted 2 yrs and for mangment agan 2 years regular still single..
  27. bhaskars

    bhaskars Guest

    dentist MDS

    hi all,
    thanq u all for the suggestions u have given to me
    I hsve my wife who pretty well says that I take an education loan, gold loan, agricultural loan and my well saved money for the management quota.
    she has the same intention of repaying education loan with her salary adn more so she is not interested to go as consultant to the corprate set ups to treat difficult cases
    I am an ophthalmologist and saves 30000 rupees a month leave my income. kindly suggest if she can take up oral surgery in MDS
  28. smile4ever

    smile4ever Guest

    complete ur studies ,..........if u have capability then its must to do it for urself
  29. niks

    niks Guest

    Don't go for MDS...change the field or setup a clinic

    hey guys if u want to earn money by private practice.u can earn by BDS only. no need to go for MDS by paying huge amount. If u think its over then its over for u even after doing MDS. So my suggestion to u is this earn the remaining money in this field otherwise you won't have this in future :D .so quick fast setup a clinic run it smartly like a businessman and if u find its worth then BUY a MDS degree.why BUY becoz payment seat is just like BUYING a degree you just don't need to learn something in college.College management do'nt bother about the no. patient.just give seminar,pay fee, and BUY it.If u directly go for MDS then roam elsewhere like a dog for job becoz u need to learn a lot about ur masters degree then for general practice too & also to pay the huge loan. :p
  30. Guest

    Guest Guest

    MONEY ???????
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  31. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hello.. every1....
    i currently doin my internship in BDS...n planning 2 study in UK.. for masters...will tht be a right option... do u knw any1..suggest sum instituitions THERE...
  32. i feel now after the completion of bds , i made a huge mistake by selecting dentistry as my profession. dentistry sucks how many shits are passing out every year.....
  33. niks

    niks Guest

    what ever i said is truth & truth is always bitter. thats true man. Try to know how many clinic in your city? howz they r doin? MBBS has worthful PG/Diploma/DM/McH which will add in their prctice as well.But BDS whatever MDS in any subject tend to do only general practice. people could recognize heart surgeon, neurologist etc etc.. But BDS or MDS are known as DENTAL DOCTORS ONLY. If people have pain then he/she don't know to where to go either with MDS(Endo) or MDS(prostho) coz they don't know such terminology like ENDO, PROSTHO etc etc..they'll go wid DENTAL DOCTORS & How many DENTIST in ur clinic(?) i think we all know.DENTISTS are mushroom man.
  34. Guest

    Guest Guest

    actually the problem lies in indian dental system because there are around 35o dental colleges in india while leaving india outside in whole world there are mere 25o colleges,moreover dental treatment in foreign is mandatory for all,soBETTER IS IF U HAVE MONEY DONT THINK TWICE JUST GO ABROAD AND EARN AND MAKE BIG AND IF U DONT HAVE MONEY THEN EARN SOME MONEY FOR FEW YEARS FIRST AND THEN GO ABROAD :roll:

    HELLO ALL.......m a student of bds final yr i m not disapponted like u all.............though most of u r true about mds....i think i wil take it up only if i get a seat in 1st or 2nd mgmt is a really gud course.........i hav many frnds in this field.........its a high time ven corporate hospitals r emerging..........they all need masters in hospital mgmt degrees........... :D........u can also do it by distance my college our hopital administrator is gettin salary 55000pm.......n it is even more in big hospitals like fortis,apollo,whochard,hinduja etc.........they all recruit students frm mgmt colleges........n head administrator of my college also takes up lectures in mgmt college for hosptl admin rabbit engg i think if ur wife is not willing to run a clinic after mds her degree wil be a waste......mgmt qouta seats are nowhere less than 30 lakhs plus other if she doesnt want to change her field its much better to set up a clinic...........bds earn a lot..........
  36. apb doctor

    apb doctor Guest

    u all people are dumbs...dnt want to do anything in life...just sit nd want all hard study nd go for good goverment dental college...nothing is get in life free....u have to do very hard work for dat...
    saying dat bds is nothing...mds is nothing...those people who are diluting dis profession are nothing...dey cant do any profession in life..
  37. doc_14

    doc_14 Guest

    hey rabbit engg, i think u shud defntly let ur wife do pg. she shud rather take up community dentistry or oral pathology if she is planning 2 be a lecturer. these 2 fields have a very good scope as faculty and dey are even paid more dan other mds s in colleges! especially community dentistry! moreover if u try 2 tie her up professionally she mite find it frustrating in life ahead.
  38. Poonam21

    Poonam21 Guest

    wats the worth of MDS

    Hello all, my sis is prusuing BDS and is doing her internship.
    Financial we are not that strong. So i am confused wat to suggest her to go for MDS, or MBA in Hospital mngmnt.
    Bcz preparation for both is really differenet.
    and also wanted to know that irrespective of the Govt Colleges is there any college where she could get admission into any good college without any donation.
    is there any chance of going abroad and practise or get a job after MDS from India.
    Plz Suggest.
  39. Johnie bds

    Johnie bds Guest


    Hello evry1 i maslf m a bds studnt ..nw in 3rd yr...anothr 2 more yrs to graduate dat too only if i pass....lemme tel u ol frankly dz bds as a profesnl course sucks big time...earlier it ws good bt nw itz waste...

    Jst a suggestn 2 ol d aspiring stdnts nvr in life opt fr bds...u vl regrt so m i...
  40. peekayz007

    peekayz007 Guest

    only for dentico

    hii...dentico...i really appreciate ur confidence in ur profession...i dont know what these people r thinking about dentistry...i m going in a clinic...the charges for the procedures r...scaling 500rs...atleast 10 pts per day for scaling...extraction....400rs...atleast 10 pts per day...rct and crown together 5000..3 patients per day and the guy who is running the clinic is only having a bds degree like me....and u guys just calculate the earnings per day and comment...people who doesnt have the confidence in life will alwayz suffer no matter u r a doctor or a labourer..
  41. bds by will

    bds by will Guest


    hello everyone
  42. bds by will

    bds by will Guest


    hello everyone, what are ur priorities and intrest? eg. Clinical or academic: recommendations r imp. in acad. coz of saturation, General practice or group practice, India or abroad. well 4 girls if getin marid abroad, prepare 4 nbde (usa), ore (uk) like exams after bds. and also those who want to be resident, as u hv to study, wait, sacrifice for 3 yrs min. with lot f money. Those who are ambitious and in bds work hard 2 get govt. mds seat in 2 attempts. Than its worth doing mds. Those who love 2 work in clinics mds in 1 field will help u how?? unless os, Ortho, definatley help in ur gp. Other branches are well managed by bds and indian crowd (maximum) who go to that dentist who is near, well with pocket, family terms, and good name, former 3 are luck but good name is up 2 ur practice,may be bds or mds. Management seat! go if u have 3 crore in spare so that in future u dnt regret for 4o lkh bucks-but no help in clinic wd mang seat. Dental council of India is sleeping. So we have to make our own ways.

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