Is medical degree essential for ECFMG Certificate?

Discussion in 'Residency Matching' started by KurtCocaine, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. KurtCocaine

    KurtCocaine Guest

    I wanted to find out whether the Medical degree awarded by my university at completion of the MBBS course is essential for the ECFMG registration?

    My university(CCSU,Meerut) generally does not give the degree till about 8 months after course completion, this would mean i would have completed my course and necessary USMLE steps but won't be able to apply for this year's match because i won't get my degree till then..
    Can't some sort of provisional degree suffice?
  2. Zafanili

    Zafanili Guest

    Although the medical degree is needed for the ECFMG certificate however you don't need it initially to apply to residency on September 1st but you will needed after January of the the same match to be able to join the NRMP rank. My advice is start working on your USMLEs (kaplan notes and qbank) and start applying to observerships in the acgme certified programs listed in the applicantguide USCE observerships and externships list (google: applicantguide USCE observerships list). Get US LORs from different states to amke your profile strong. Apply widely to as much IMG friendly programs you can.

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