Jan 23, 2007 Exam , share ur experience here.

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    This week

    No news yet. But, probably this week or next week (5th weeks). Hope for the best guys.
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    it ws supposed to be annonunced on monday 19th feburary ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hufffffffffffffffffffffffff ...looking fwd for all cheerful faces :) ...........goodluck to all awaiting for result.....
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    result is out

    hello dear all ,, result hs been announced ............
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    hi all,i am passed in part 1 jan 2007.

    Dr.mubina KSA
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    i passed thanks to GOD..I HOPE all how appearded passed.
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    congratulations to all who hv passed
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    1. treatment of Herpes zoster, analgesic or aciclovir- analgesic
    2bullae of bullous pemphigoid- which layer
    3. NHL - use of CD20
    4 . depression side effect of which antiepileptic
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    pass marks

    Any news about pass marks :cry:
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    I checked the website on Monday and had a big fail come up, but today I got a letter saying I'd passed, with 64% and a passmark of 60%. Anyone else had different results? I can't check the website again as it seems to have crashed!
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    Is there anyone has similar problems, different website results and actual post results, we are from oversea and we would like to know it very urgently as website results is pretty painful despite a lot of hope.
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    you can check the site it is warking
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    Is anyone else willing to state their results? I got 66% (pass mark 60%). Is this a GOOD pass or did I only JUST pass (for example, do lots of people score in the 80s etc. or are most in the 60s).

    The website said I passed too, so no cruelty to me luckily. That's a horrible to happen, and a nasty few days for nothing, but I bet you're feeling better now!

    I admit I'm not from India. Hope it's OK to post this question here - it looks like a good forum...
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    very lucky guest2 tht uv passed after the threatening news on web...congrats.....and dr maz just be thankful 2 GOD tht uv passed i guess % doesnt count alot in MCQ type xams,,,,congrats
  14. i have passed

    Dear brothers and sisters
    i have passed MRCP PART 1 JAN 2007
    i am happy looking now for part 2
    i am from iraq if any one near wanna share questions and study together
    mebrouk Dr mubina from ksa
    hope all success for all MRCP doctors

    long live iraq
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    what threatening news on the web?
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    a few questions from jan 2007 mrcp part 1 exam.

    1- A 64-year-old female is brought to A&E by her family, who are concerned about her increasing confusion over the past 2 days. On examination she is found to be pyrexial at 38ºC. Blood tests reveal
    Hb 9.6 g/dl
    Platelets 65 * 109/l
    WCC 11.1 * 109/l
    Urea 23.1 mmol/l
    Creatinine 366 µmol/l

    What is the most likely diagnosis?

    A. Wegener's granulomatosis
    B. Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura
    C. Haemolytic uraemic syndrome
    D. Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura
    E. Rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis

    Answer B

    2- Pt with COPD having diarrhea ,,which organism is likely??

    3- PT WITH ECOLI diarrhea, to avoid resistance which ABX to add??

    a- polyarticular gout
    b- cpdd
    c- SLE

    5- Pt. is post renal transplat with acute rejection non tender flank region with +1 hematuria? Pt with fever after14 days with normal biochemistry Cause?
    a- Dilated Cardiomyopathy
    b- Coronary artery disease
    c- cyclosporin toxicity
    d- CMV infection
    e- acute rejection

    6- Which cathecolamine is synthesized in adrenal medulla?
    a- adrenaline
    b- noradrenaline
    c- metanephreine

    a- Autosommal Dominant
    b- Autosammal Ressissive

    8- Pt with diagnosis of legonella pneumonia inf? Drug of choice?
    a- Erythromyocin
    b- Clarithromyocin
    c- Ciprofloxacicni
    d- Third generation Cephalosporins

    9- When to give pneumococcal vaccine in splenectomy
    a- 1 week prior
    b- 1 week after
    c- At the time of surgery
    d- 1 month prior surgery

    10- Statins interactions with which of the following:
    a- cranberry juice
    b- apple juice
    c - grapefruit juice
    d- pinepaple
    e-orange juice

    11- Which nerve/root is affected if there is global wasting of small muscles of hand?
    a- C7
    b- T1

    12- Best initial management of immune thrombocytopenia?
    a- Steriods

    13- Which one is the centrally acting antihypertensive?
    a- MINOXIDIL (vasodilators)
    b- ACE inhibitors
    c- Calcium antagonists

    14- Dose of prednisolone equivalent to 20 hydrocortisone?

    15- Patient presented with anterior chest pain. Definite ECG indications to give thrombolysis?
    a- more than 1mm ST elevation in standard lead
    b- more than 1mm ST elevation in chest lead
    c- more than 1mm ST depression in chest lead
    d- more than 1mm ST depression in standard lead

    16- Best initial investigation in a 17 year old getting recurrent meningitis

    17- Type & site of immune deposits in pemphigus vulgaris

    18- A school teacher gets pneumococcal meningitis. what will u do for his contacts?
    a- nothing
    b- isolate
    c- rifampicin
    d- ceftriaxone

    19- Type of cancer at the margin of a chronic venous ulcer?

    20- Peutz-Jeghar Syndrome, inheritance?
    a- autosomal dominant

    21- Treatment of WPW Sydrome:
    a- Flecainide
    b- Digoxin
    c- Verapamil

    22- A man with polycystic kidney disease was considered for renal transplant his blood type A and rh negative which was one of his family was the most suitable donor?
    a- His son who was blood group O AND RH negative


    24- A lady is given balloons to blow in a party, she later develop lip edema. Symptoms of angioneuritic oedema including lip swelling?
    b- latex allergy

    25- Which of the following cytokines are secreted by T helper 2 (TH2) CELLS
    c-IL 4
    d- IL7
    e- tumour necrosis factor

    26- What about pt with bipolar disorder on lithium, had confusion, was started rosiglutazone came with hyponatremia? Drug causes is?
    a- Lithum
    b- Rosigltazone

    27- Pt. swimming in the pole had fit with incontenence of urine-with come jurks
    a- epilepsy

    28- Antibiotic Prophlaxis:
    a- Pacemaker,
    b- Isolated Secundum
    c- ASD
    d- MVP without regurgitation

    29- In Physiology , what’s Troponin T & I?
    a- structural protein
    b- contractile protein
    c- enzyme

    30- Which Pituitary hormone is in constant inhibition? (Asked twice)
    a- prolactin
    b- TSH
    c- ACTH

    31- Blistering disorders: structure ?
    a- dermo-epidermal junctions
    b- dermis epidermis

    32- Gastric CA wid which of skin conditions?
    a- Erythema Migrans
    b- Erythema gyratum repens

    33- Action of Gastrin?
    a- Stimulus for secretion amino acids in antrum
    b- acts on G cells in antrum
    c- reduces pancreatic bicarb secretion

    34- Chlamydia with pregnant patient :Contraindication???
    a- Metronodazole?
    b - Doxycycline

    35- In Statistics question, to find out senstivity, table was given?
    a- 80%
    b- 40%
    d- 95%

    36- Treatment of A. Fumigatus?
    a- fluconazole
    b- amphotericin
    c- flucytosine
    d- ketoconazole
    e- itraconazole

    36- Accidental finding of CLL?
    a- Observation

    37- Patient presented with hypomagnesemia, Reason?
    a- diuretics treatment

    38- Effect of NSAIDs on Kidney?
    a- Intersitial Nephritis
    b- Papillary Necrosis

    39- Frontal Lobe Lesion?
    a- Perservation

    40- Mechanism of Action of Selegeline?
    a- Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors

    41- Somatoform Disorder

    42- Rheumatoid Arthritis: related to HLA?
    a- DR4
    b- DR3
    c- DR2
    d- B27

    43- Typical history of Bechet's Disease?

    44- Male with gynaecomastia.History suggestive of klinefelters?

    45- MOA of Bisphosphonates?

    46- Poor prognostic sign in left ventricular dysfunction?
    a- 3 heart sound 4 hours
    b- fixed 2 hs

    47- Features of conns syn given. Qn is where is the Pathology?
    a- aff arteriole
    b- glomerulus
    c- DCT
    d- etc

    48- Side Effects of fluid overload (5 liters of Normal Saline to a post-op patient)?
    a- Metabolic acidosis
    b- Pulmonary edema
    c- hypoglycemia
    d- hypernatremia

    49- Best method to stage carcinoid syndrome?

    50- What to do with a nurse exposed to a TB patient & tuberculin positive?
    a- continue work
    b- don’t work till culture is negative
    c- Patient can go back IF the sputum is already negative"

    51- A patient with a bleeding peptic ulcer given H Pylori eradication regime. But still urease positive. Reason?
    a- Re-infection
    b- not totally eradicated H. Pylori that's why the patient still symptomatic

    52- In G6PD deficieny:
    1- Heinz bodies

    53- What was ? guar gum and acarbose?

    54- Pt. has pain in both proximal and distal joints, on diuretics ,xray showing intra articular calcification what could be the cause?
    a- heamachromatosis
    b- gout
    c- psuedo gout

    55- X-ray finding of RA?
    a- Periarticular osteopenia

    56- Pt with confusion, on examination global cognitive impairment,mainly cognitive aprexia diagnosis?
    a- Herpis encephalitis.

    57- What was the answer for determenant of prognosis in aml :t cell typr number of blasts with bcl abr?

    58- A 80 year old female with regurgitation of food & dysphagia and wt loss full in the neck?
    a- Esophageal carcinoma.

    59- Thyroid scan?
    a- Toxic solitary nodule.

    60- Young boy with weakness and normal siblings?
    a- Friedrek's ataxia
    b- Subacute combined degenration of the cord.

    61- A pt with hypokalemia and a normal blood pressure?
    a- Bartter's syndrome.

    62- What to give in a pt with with hypotension and hypoglycaemia?
    a- IV triidothyronin
    b- IV hydrocortison.

    63- A post MI patient with respiratory infection. Given broad spectrum antibiotics. After a week there was a massive effusion? What is the next appropriate or next step?
    a- Aspirate fluid
    b- Echocardiogram
    c- ECG

    64- Pt. received heparin for a DVT?
    a- Heparin
    b- t phlebitic syndrome

    65- A pt.with raynaud's phenomenon?
    a- Scleroderma

    66- Pancytopenia and high MCV?
    a- Folic acid defiency
    b- Alcohol anamia

    67- In a patient, there is reduced attentuation in CT in HIV pt.?
    a- neurosyphilis
    b- alzehiemer's disease
    c- lewy body dementia
    68- How to diagnose von willibrand disease?
    a- Factor 8 activity of platlatet aggregation

    69- A pt. with panic attacks and taking 60 units of alcohol?
    a- anxiety depression
    b- panic attacks are releaved by alchole

    70- A woman in a nursing home developed water diarrohoe what's the causative organism?
    a- cl.difficile

    71- An old immobile man with parkinsonism developed UTI and received trimethoprim and developed penuemonia what's the organism?
    a- sterptococcus pneumnonae
    b- methicillin resistant staph.aureus.

    72- Which method for staging carcinoid tumour?
    a- Bronchoscopy
    b- CT scan thorax
    c- Abdomen mediastanoscopy

    73- Where is the site of the lesion in a pt who has developed ptosis?
    a- Brain stem
    b- Pons

    74- A pt. with constipation for 4 days notice blood in the toilet and has flatulence and bloating and a history of anxity what's the investigation?
    a- Colonscopy
    b- Gut transit time

    75- Following gastrectomy developed ulcer after recieving eradication therapy 3 years ago?
    a- Reinfection
    b- Failure of eradication therapy

    76- How to know that the malena is due to an upper GI bleeding?
    a- Endoscopy
    b- Liver colonscopy

    77- What to do in the pt with swollen knee?
    a- Re- aspirate.
    b- arthroscopy with washout
    c- culture after joit aspirtion
    d- I/V abx
    e- MRI of knee joint

    78- Pain relief in pancoats tumour?
    a- radiotherapy

    79- Animal Bite? Pus containing?
    a- Staph aureus
    b- P. multocida

    80- Patient with high creatinine? Drug of choice for diabetes?
    a- Metformin
    b- Rosiglitazone

    81- Essential hypertension?
    a- Is it due to the size of the cuff?

    82- A patient came from africa to UK with "Shivering" and painful back (maybe site of bite). typical patient?
    a- Rabies

    83- MOA of biphosphonates?

    84- Side Effectsof valproic acid?
    a- TREMOR
    b- Ankle swelling

    85- There was a case of Myasthenia gravis?
    a- cholinesterase inhibitors

    86- A patient with hypokalemic paralysis from Asia (Chinese)? Invx?

    87- Papules with HIV?
    a- Molluscum Contagiosum
    b- KAPOSI sarcoma

    88- Sarcoidosis patient with erythema and Bilateral Lymphadopathy? Lab.Diagnosis?
    a- X-ray

    89- A patient with dry cough and usually bothered from sleep?
    a- Chronic asthma

    90- For diagnosis of asthma?
    a- PEFR>20

    91- Emphysema patient?
    a- MM

    92- A patient of APKD? Suspected?

    93- A school-teacher with diagnosed Pulmonary TB?
    a- " Patient can go back IF the sputum is already negative"

    94- A presents with scrotal swelling. Likely viral infection?
    a- MUMPS (Orchitis)

    95- The kidney donation and the patient is Rh negative. Question is which relatives can donate?
    a- NONE
    b- we need to screen first the relatives before donating there own organs.

    96- Hypokalemia with normotention?
    a- Barter's syndrome

    97- Purpuric lesions and the palms were involved?

    [snip]- LACTIC ACID?
    a- Glycolysis
    b- Gluconeogenesis

    99- Active transport?
    a- Molecules move against
    b- an electrical
    c- concentration gradient

    100- Erectile dysfunction was asked?

    101- Giardia lamblia?
    a- Small biopsy in distal part of duodenum (small intestine)
    b- Fecalysis, you should take atleast 3 samples for trophozoites
    c- Diagnostically speaking, BIOPSY

    102- Warfarin-antibiotics interaction?

    103- Sublcavian vein?
    a- Scalene anterior muscle
    b- posterior to scalenus
    c- it joins with int jugular

    104- RCP asked about an injury in the shoulder. He weigh heavy objects. Among the elderly, biceps tendon ruptures near the shoulder are often associated with rotator cuff tears.
    a- Rotator cuff tendinitis
    b- Rupture of tendon biceps

    105- Alcohol with elevated LDH???
    a- Rhabdomyolysis

    106- SLE with lupus arthritis? What will be management STEROIDS+???
    a- Cyclophosphamide
    b- Methotrexate

    107- Freidrich Ataxia’s case?

    108- CLL or ALL?
    a- CD20

    109- Patient after an accident became sexually abusive? What part of the brain is involved?
    a- Thalamus
    b- temporal
    c- Reticular activating system
    d- Parietal

    110- Dihydrocodeine toxicity?

    111- Cholesterol embolism?

    112- In a patient, Bilateral kidney sizes became small?
    a- MRA is the diagnostic of choice Arteriography

    113- What is the appropriate INITIAL treatment with essential thrombocytosis?
    a- ASPIRIN

    114- Question about Multiple myeloma?
    a- Bone Marrow aspiration

    115- Patient with Hypercholesterolemia? What is treatment?
    a- Thyroid hormones

    116- Hypercalcemia and high Phospate?

    117- struvite “Magnesium ammonium phosphate stones�
    a- Staghorn Calculi

    118- Pt. with fast AF previous pre-excitation? Rx

    119- 3D structure of proteins? (Southern blot is for DNA, RNA is for Northern)
    a- Western blot

    120- Hepatitis profile? Which investigation?
    a- Hepatitis C
    b- HBV DNA

    121- Best method to stage carcinoid syndrome?
    a- Brochoscopy

    122- Infected gangrenous diabetic foot… triple therapy?
    a- Metronodazole, Ofloxacin, and ???

    123- Treatment for HSV?
    a- Acyclovir

    124- Case of SEVERE Pneumonia? Regarding CURB-65….
    a- Urea

    125- Patient who had drinking history of alcohol night before and went to travel. Then He had seizure attack while on board. Diagnosis?
    a- Vasovagal
    b- alcohol related d/o
    c- Cardiogenic syncope

    126- Which one of the following is useful in assessing the need for surgery? Patient with GORD?
    a- Oesophageal Manometry

    127- Mechanism of action of aldosterone what part of of nephron?
    a- Collecting duct
    b- proximal
    c- Distal part of Nephron

    128- Patient with stress and loss of hair?
    a- Trichotillomania (TTM)

    129- A question about INSULINOMA?
    a- glucose tolerance test after 72 hours
    b- “C-peptideâ€

    130- Is there any answer “Normal pressure hydocephalus?†with incontinence?
    a- NPH

    131- STATIN function?
    a- High HDL

    132- Drugs with has low affinity to D2 Newer drugs?
    a- Clozapine

    133- A recent treated patient with heparin then eventually had POST thrombotic syndrome?

    134- Pt. not responding to carbamezapine?
    a- Alcohol binges

    135- In cocaine induce MI, Nitrates were given?
    a- Is it right to include “TPA?â€
    b- nifidpine
    c- amlodipine

    136- Common cause of death of Patient undergoing Hemodialysis?
    a- CAD

    137- Chronic fatigue syndrome? or Dysthimia.... Psych question.. dysthymic disorder is a form of the mood disorder of depression characterized by a lack of enjoyment/pleasure in life that continues for at least two years. It differs from clinical depression in the severity of the symptoms. Dysthymia can, though not always, prevent a person from functioning, affecting sleep pattern and daily activities.

    138- Asymtomatic old patient with AF and heart rate of 120 what to give?
    a- flecainide
    b- warfarin
    c- warfarin
    d- sotalol

    139- Contraindications to surgery in lung cancer i picked lung function but it is wrong FEV1 should be less than 1.5 not 1.7?

    140- Plasma half life was it 4

    141- Statistical test to compare between two tests?
    a- mann whitney test

    142- A pt with a red painful eye?
    a- anterior uveitis.

    143- Prophylaxis of infective endocarditis in a penicillin allergis?
    a- ceftriaxone and gentamycin
    b- vancomycin

    144- A pt with a raised JVP?
    a- constrictive pericarditis

    145- Sidde effect of rosiglitazone?
    a- edema

    146- A pt with eye pain on movement?
    a- optic neuritis

    147- Unresponsive eye?
    a- lesion is in the optic nerve

    148- Another one with cotton wool spots?
    a- hypertensive retinopathy
    b- optic artery occlusion

    149- A pt. with unresponsive pupil?
    a- argyl robertson pupil
    b- horner's syndrome

    150- rectus muscle guestion?

    151- A pt. with loss of memory poor cognition?
    a- alzhiemer's disease.

    152- wernicke's encephalopathy?

    153- A pt. with severe back pain?
    a- syringomylia.

    154- Rectal Biopsy?
    a- Crohn’s disease

    155- A pt. with severe heart burn endoscopy normal 1 year ago?
    a- reendoscopy.

    156- What's the cause of the low urea?
    a- reduced liver synthesis.

    157- In a jaundiced confused pt.?
    a- electroenchelogram

    158- What’s the percentage that the children of a pregnant lady will develop cystic fibrosis?
    a- 1/4.

    159- Findings in cryptogenic fibrosis.

    160- FMF?
    a- amyloidosis in renal biopsy.

    161- Pituatry apoplexy.

    162- an athlet woman which hormone is reduced?
    a- liutenizing hormone.

    163- cystic tumour seen in MRI?
    a- craniophargioma

    164- Hypertension not responding to treatment?
    a- phaeochromocytoma.

    165- treatment of PCP?
    a- co-trimoxazole

    166- -In atopy?
    a- immunoglobulin E

    167- a coal miner?
    a- simple pneumoconiosis

    168- follow up in COPD?
    a- FEV1

    169- Osteoarthritis “Periarticular ospeopenia�

    170- early RA periarticular osteopenia?

    171- Antimyeloperoxidase…â€Wegeners granulomatosisâ€?

    172- A pt. with skin rash proteinurea hameaturea loss of sensation? They asked about wrist drop, foot drop.
    a- polyarteritis nodosa

    173- Drugs that SPECIFIC to the Brain and Liver…. They asked about AFFINITY, SPECIFICITY?


    175- Hemolytic-uremic syndrome … “Fragmented cells…â€

    176- whispering pectoriloquy..Sign of bronchial breathing , patient with severe pneumonia?

    177- A woman who received heparin for a dvt what’s answer?
    a- post phlebitic syndrome
    b- Heparin

    178- Dermatomyositis?

    179- Treatment?
    a- Hydroxyurea

    180- Patient who is not responding to antidepressive drugs?
    a- ECT

    181- Alopecia areata
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    i want nephrology bofs

    i want nephrology bofs
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    if any question appears in mrcp with a facial pain and pt wakes up due to pain at the back of his eyes at night...usually indicates a cluster headache.
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    adrenal medulla produces epi and norepinephrine.metanephrine test is the latest to dx pheochromcytoma

    initially observation is justified in ITP even platelet count is below 20000 and no event of hge

    centally acting drugs are clonidine, methyldopa,guanabenz and guanfecine

    pneumococcal exposure can be managed by rifampicin prophylactic, a single dose of ceftriaxone shall also do
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    easy to remember while immunology is often mind boggling...

    TH1 secretes IFN
    TH2 secretes IL4

    usually itraconazole is given as Rx of Aspergillus but amphotericin is given in the resistent cases
  21. What is Gastranoma cancer

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