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Discussion in 'MRCS Forum' started by DR girish, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. DR girish

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    hi i am a doctor graduated in MBBS in india and did MD in cardiology from russia and i want to work in newzealand ,so what is the process for that
  2. Anu69

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    Job in NZ

    Finishing these basics won't fetch you anything here in NZ, unless you clear NZ Med council exam (+/- USMLE). It sounds a bit harsh, but thats the reality, unfortunately. The Russian degree does not have any value here.
  3. doctor nokia

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    i need hlp

    sir do u mean that we need to do usmale before applying for jobs in newzealand..
  4. Guest

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    To get registered in New Zealand foreign medical graduates have to give

    1) USMLE steps 1,2 and NZREX New zealand clinical examination and then search for a job. Migration is very difficult these days with points being increased to 29 (earlier it was 24 then 25)

    2) You can get registered if you have been working for 3 years of past 4 years in UK.
  5. drshafir

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    Re: Job in NZ

    I have completed MBBS in India
    and Diploma in Orthopaedics (2years course)
    1 year worked as a Tutor in Ortho .
    Can i get a job in Australia or New Zealand ?
    If so , how do i go about ??
    Please mail me
  6. shyamkk12

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    for getting into job


    I have finished my step1&2 of usmle with excellent scores.I have done mbbs in russia after completing only i finished my steps am i elligible for working there in newzealand.i want to go to newzealand can any one can guide what should i do next to get in to new zealand pls kindly help me
    my mail id
  7. Guest

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    hi girish , what is the scope for cardiologist in india for russian graduate.
    i am planning for doing cardiology in russsia

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