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    I have a full GMC, MRCP1, MSC. I have applied for many jobs through the NHS jobs, got a couple of interviews.

    I am trying for the past 6 months but no fruitful results yet.

    Do I stand a chance getting a job i.e. SHO?

    N.B I am a non UK/EEU citizen......
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    have took me 10 and half months of doing painful UNPAID and humiliating clinical attachment b4 securing even a Locum and that was back in 2005! i had mrcp part 1 and 2(written) but didn't hv msc. so you hv to keep trying, and IMHO applying randomly through nhsjobs/bmjcareers is pointless if you are just starting off and nothing on your cv(i mean no paid nhs exp). Your best chance is to try the places you are knows i.e: places you are doing(i hope you are doing and not sitting at home!) or hv done clinical attachments and get registered with those trust's locum bank as well as external agencies they prefer. Usually if you are persistant enough and usually it begins with one or two days of locum specially in pressured areas like A&E.(all of the above is considering you have a proper visa that entittles you to work as VISA>PLAB>MRCP>ANYTHING YOU(WE) HAVE DONE BACK HOME!)
    best of luck
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    Thank you lol,

    I have done a 2 year clinical attachment + 3 months locum in the same hospital.

    Due to the MD exams back home, I have to restart from scratch.

    Do you think if I have a load of applications @, it will give bad impression on my resume?

    Do u think a FY1/2 job will be a good option?

    I think although there is shortage but the HR is quite peaky.
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    if I were you I wouldn't go for FY1 jobs! they absolutely suck...... I guess u hv to keep trying via whichever means you can but again in my opinion the best way is to stick to ppl/hospitals you know..........every1 is diff and that worked for me...........anyways one of the other options is to wait till the CMT recruitments finish and at the end they will hv quite a few leftover posts scattered over the whole uk which they would try to sell off as a "LAT" those are usually quite good(as at that point the unfilled posts create a lot of hassle for the rota organisors to fill and they are desperate to get them filled) maybe that can be an option and looks good on ur cv too. Avoid being pulled into a trust grade post if you can help it. take care
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    Just want to know if you have done these attachments recently...I am applying for these attachments in our local area but I have no luck so far...
    Any particular procedures we need to follow to go for the attachment jobs...

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