july 06 mc questions

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    july 06 mc questions

    1. patient with bipolar and intolerance to lithium, what treatment to give
    2. picture with melanoma
    3. picture with SCC
    4. picture of Venous insufficiency and SKIN discoloration
    5. what analgesia to give prior shoulder dislocation manipulation
    6. ECG with anteroseptal MI
    7. ECG with RBBB
    8. ECG with AF
    9. patient with hypokalaemia, hyonatraemia and increase bicarbonates, he is on frusemide, ramipril, omeprazole. Which drug is responsible for above changes
    10. questions with prevalence and incidence of a disease
    11. Cancer patient on panadeine forte and NSAIDs now poor pain control, Unable to sleep and very anxious what to add on his treatment. Amitrypatline
    12. 82 year old lady previous fit and healthy and an UNCOMPLICATED appendicectomy now presents with abdominal pain and distension of few days duration. XRAY provided with distension of the whole colon. Whats the diagnosis?
    13. patient with bowel resection and chronic diarrhea ?what treatment
    14. a question of PE
    15. a question of pneumothorax
    16. Whats the commonest cause of bleeding in a post menoasual women
    17. a woman with CIN II what action should be taken
    18. a patient with pulmonary oedema post MI ?treament
    19. a patient suffered an MI 4 weeks ago. Now presents with a second episode of biliary colic ?action
    20. a patient with AS and first degree block with bradycardia ?cause of his collapse
    21. a question of bitemporal hemianopia where is the lesion
    22. Another question of Bitemporal hemianopia and pituitary adenoma
    23. a question of a lacunar infarction
    24. a question of infantile epilepsy
    25. How to distinguish a third nerve palsy secondary to DM
    26. a very stupid question: A patient who has a Psych disorder(I cant remember which one) and lives with sister who is normal, believes that the neighbors are plotting against them. The <<healthy>> sister believes her sister when she is at home but when goes away from home the delusion is disappearing. Whats the syndrome
    27. patient with dislocated finger, XRAY given ?action
    28. a question of hydroponics marihuana
    29. Premature rupture of membranes what to do
    30. premature baby with sepsis
    31. which condition is not related to malignancy: HIV, CMV, EBV
    32. breast cyst given on mammogram ?action
    33. a question of thyroglossal cyst
    34. a patient undergone thyroidectomy, few hours later develos stridor and SOB ?action
    35. a tricky question with a child with polyneuropathy
    36. a question about most frequent psych presentation in primary care
    37. Lithium toxicity
    38. a patient with first degree block and bradycardia on digoxin ?verapamil etc what to do?
    39. commonest organism in a child and OTITIS media
    40. A question of IgA nephropathy
    41. signs of a third nerve lesion given ?which part of the third nerve affected, ?right ?left
    42. a question of temporal arteritis
    43. a question of a scaphoid #
    44. a question of supracondilar#
    45. what you will not do in a first infertility consultation of a couple
    46. treatment of POS
    47. Diagnosis of POS
    48. billing method contraception what to do
    49. what is the best physical sign to diagnose DVT of the lower limb
    50. subclavian steel syndrome
    51. risk of having a child with cleft palate
    52. a question of postpartum psychosis
    53. a patient with UC and now developed cholangitis
    54. commonest cause of PR bleeding in a child
    55. SKIN prick test in a patient treated for anaphylaxis
    56. child treated for asthma attack with salbutamol nebs with no effect ?next step
    57. treating HTN what risk is proven to be improved
    58. exercise induced asthma, what to do
    59. retinal detachment immediate management
    60. A child with pulmonary plethora on CXR………VSD
    61. a chilld with diagnosis of acyanotic heart disease missed in the hospital prior discharge, what was the cause for the missed diagnosis?
    62. Mullerian duct question
    63. how to differentiate renal cause from other causes of oliguria

    I hope this will hellp you guys ,cheers.
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    hello blue city how are u? i hope ur exam went well and wish u success. thanks for posting questions here. we all appreciate this effort. can u kindly tell wat were the trends in july exam . how much recalls and how many new questions and wat is ur advice to future candidates. thank u
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    Hello Guys,

    The exam was difficult but could of been worse There were repeats of around 30-40% which is not too bad

    I would suggest to study from the recomended books from AMC and OHCM and OHCS. Try to find recall papers and go through them as many times as you can

    Unfortunately the preperation material for the AMC exam is poor and therefore difficult to prepare for the exam.

    Hard work is always rewarding. Work hard and you will sxed!!!

    Good luck with all of you studying right now for the exam, specially for those working at the same time. Is very exhausting but is worth it!
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    added advice

    I want to add few sentences on what was said before. For all candidates what u need to do once u get the recalls is that u need to study them as topics rather than questions for e.g. if it was about the dx of infantile spasm u need to read about it's Rx and investigations and keep it in mind at all times. try to collect as much recalls as u can as by doing that u willl cover more topics. By this u find the long hours of studying are interesting a bit!!!. GOOD LUCK FOR ALL OF YOU :p :D

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