KHUSH AMDEED to all who r appearing in MRCS2 from karachi.

Discussion in 'MRCS Forum' started by Dr.Gul, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. Dr.Gul

    Dr.Gul Guest

    hi ! TO ALL who r apearing in mrcs 2 in KHI in april 2007.


    :lol: GOOD LUK TO ALL OV U ......................DR.GUL
  2. dowite 2001

    dowite 2001 Guest

    tell me your mobile no
    then we will decide
    my e-mail shahzad_waris 8)
  3. DR.GUL

    DR.GUL Guest


    salamm at first place .

    at present i m in uk . coming to pakistan soon .

    i ll surely share my mobile no . whn i reach in PAK.

    have a nice time n wish u good luk .
  4. DR.ASAD

    DR.ASAD Guest


    well i ll suggest to u alllllll to go through .

    system module thoroughly.

    + ALLICE surgery .

    wish u good luk ........................ :lol:
  5. DR.  SAMAN

    DR. SAMAN Guest


    i m happy that some one of us at least satrted to gather us all .

    any guide line cos time is too little to attempt. :oops:
  6. dr_fakhir

    dr_fakhir Guest

    part2 prep!

    wat abt boks like intercolegiate surgery part1/2 and any exam site for mcq.any ideas about that.wich boks are u docs studying?do reply.cheerz.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hi dr fakhir again

    books:Applied Basic Science , Basic Surgical Training, Intercollegiate MRCS , Clinical Problem ,Solving EMQs , volume 1
    website for

    what do you think?

  8. DR.  SAMAN

    DR. SAMAN Guest

    any previous papers

    if any of u have previous papers please infom me ,if possible to share

    tk kare to all
  9. DR. GUL

    DR. GUL Guest


    salam ! to u all . i hope u have loud morales .

    wish u gud luk for any query do kontkt me .

    DR>GUL :roll:
  10. DR zakir

    DR zakir Guest

    lets grow together

    hi ! i suggest we should grow together .....

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