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  1. Varient e questions -
    1.youngs operation - atropic rhinitis
    2.little area ques...sphenopalatine
    3.gradenigo triad..all except ...
    4.if superficial cut on back..what happens...shoulder shrug..??
    5.largest nematode
    6.first referral unit
    7.which drug not used in 1st trimister abortion?
    9.which disease safe strategy - trachoma
    10.unlocker of knee - poplitues
    11.hydatidiform mole - suction and evacuation
    12.sperm fluoroscence - choline
    13.mc cancer worldwide - breast
    14.child climbs stairs by - 24 months
    15.appendicular mass - conservative and then elective appendectomy
    16.intracelluar ion for glucose - na
    17.capillary refill test - which shock?
    18.tram track sign in which renal disease - membranoproliferative
    19.chalcosis - copper
    20.medium for diptheria - tellurite
    21.blindness range - 3/60
    22.radiation of 5 gy will kill a patient in wht time - 2 months
    23.duodenal ulcer - h.pylori
    24.difference between parkinsons n parkinsonism.
    Apparently they say there were...but sme questions were repeated in papers.mostly the bigger subjects of surgery and medicine were same...rest everything was different...

    25.puerperal pyrexia is how much - 38.4
    26.puerperal pyrexia is due to - genital infection
    27.appearance of breast buds - thelarche
    28.water contamination bacteria - options were all types of clostridium
    29.duties of female worker all except -
    30.american association of anaesthesiology - fitness of patients
    31.most common childhood tumour - retinoblastoma or neuroblastoma..nt sure..
    32.drug emetogenic - cisplatin
    33.drug nt cause hyperglycemia - metformin
    34.hypertension with hyperkalemia is seen in ?
    35.extraocular features of ankylosing spondylitis is anterior uveitis
    36.koplik spots - measles
    37.antemortem diagnosis of negri bodies - saliva
    38.bifurcation of trachea at level of t2 t3 t4 t5?
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    1.Appendicitis lump.
    2.Polio confirmation.
    3.Congenital syphilis confirmation test.
    4.Child climb stairs at what age.
    5.Standard deviation.
    6.Relative risk.
    7.Folic acid in which trimester.
    Maize diet.
    8.IV glucose tolerance test.
    9.Early indicator of diabetic nephropathy.
    10.Which of the following is correct for pregnancy.-renal blood flow decreased,decreased creat clearance..etc.
    13.24weeks pregnancy with H.mole.
    14.Side effects of OCP.
    15.Which of the following is not given in MTP before 2months of preg-option with methotrexate.
    16.Ranula is.
    17.DOC for migraine.
    18.Question on Atropine poisoning.
    19.Lens for Myopia.
    20.Lens for Astigmatism.
    21.DOC FOR BD OD.
    22.DOC For sedation in ICU.
    23.DOC for alcohol intoxication
    24.Population covered by community health centre.
    25.Treatment for typhoid fever includes all except-clindamycin or Azithromycin
    26.Which week does typhoid cause intestinal perforation.
    27.Use of Ventous conditions except.
    28.Use of Vaccum in labor contraindicated in.
    29.Difference between Parkinson disease and syndrome.
    30.Post alcohol withdrawl case-delirium tremens.
    31.Development of breast-
    32.Question regarding mediastinal tumors all true except.
    33.MCC of viral encephalitis in india.
    34.DDT is What kind of poison.
    35.Organophosphate poisoning symptoms all except.
    36.Bacteria to detect water pollution.
    37.Travelers diarrhea causative agent.
    38.Hypnonatremia is caused by which organism.
    39.Hypokalemia with hypochloremia caused due to.
    40.HTN MC site of hemorrhage in brain.
    41.Which of following is not microcytic anemia-Fanconi's.
    42.Schisocytes are seen in
    43.Pneumocytes are seen in
    44.Epidemic conjunctivitis causative agent.
    45.For kala azar in india false is-endemic in india.
    46.Prick of HIV infected needle Subcutaneous risk
    47.Cytomegalovirus infection of fetus which abnormality-
    48.Glucose threshold of kidney.
    49.Brisk capillary filling is seen in which shock.
    50.Lower angle of scapula corresponds to which thoracic vertebra.
    51.McBurney point.
    52.Xray finding in sarchoidosis
    53.Investigation of choice in acute episode of pain of ureteric calculi.
    54.Which structure cannot be examined per rectum.
    55.Most common area of venous thrombosis
    PE with right ventricular hypokinesia treatment-
    56.MC extraarticular manifestation of ankylosing spondylitis.
    57.MCC of mitral valve disease.
    58.MCC of DVT after which surgery.
    59.Radical neck dissection which structure is not removed.
    60.Thyroglossal duct localisation
    61.Post radiation skin lesion treatment.
    62.Radiation dosage for Hodgkins lymphoma.
    63.After full body exposure of 5 Gy a person will die within how much time.
    64.Peuperal pyrexia temperature.
    65.MCC OF peuperal pyrexia.
    66.MC site of genital TB in females.
    67.54yr old with Ovarian cancer with extension to omentum.treatment which surgery.
    68.Couple cant concieve.Which best initial test.
    69.MCC of torsion of testes.
    70.Undescended testes possible complications except.
    71.Oxytocin is secreted-
    72.Hormones secreted by anterior pitutary all except.
    73.Blood supply to heart during diastole is mediated by-
    74.Fourth heart sound is heard due to-
    75.Question on Autism.
    76.Low protein bioavailability of vegetables can be increased by.
    77.Intermidiate host for Schistomiasis.
    78.Duodenal ulcer Causative agent.
    79.Easily pluckable hairs in child of 10yr age.treatment-
    80.Child of age 10 with mental age of 4 is-idiot,normal,moron,imbicile.
    81,82.2questions regarding blood samples taken from different people for study-unpaired t test,paired t test etc options.
    83.DALY which disease.
    84.American society of anesthesia classification for what.
    85.Food pyramid.what is at top.
    86.In post menopausal women which hormone is in excess.
    87.Regarding malignancy of penis all true except.
    88.Ulnar injury results in-
    89.congenital claw hand what is absent.-radius,ulna,barra bones.
    90.In ARDS what is not seen-hypercapnia.-
    91.Slow pendular reflex is seen in.
    92.Z lines and swan neck deformity in which condition.
    93.Littles area supplied by all vessels except.
    94.Penicillin which can be used in Pseudomonas infection.
    95.Question of carboxypenicillin.
    96.Zileuton MOA.
    97.Drug contraindicated in asthma.
    98.Diabetes insipidus is caused by which hormone.
    99.Question on medullary Ca of thyroid.
    100.Cough for more than 3months in non smoker all reasons true except.
    101.Amount of fluid in body best measured by-CVP.
    102.Arterial line is put un measure-
    103.Most common arteries for arterial line.
    104.MC complications of venous line.
    105.Hb-8,Platelet 60000,WBC-2000.-aplastic anemia.
    106.Umbilical vein carries which blood and where.
    107.Lucid interval is not seen in what kind of hemorrhage.
    108.Thrombolytics are used in-options of different IC bleed and other option was transient ischemic attack.
    109.Breast fed baby is protected from some GI infection due un presence of what in mothers milk.
    110.Common peroneal nerve injury sign.
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    Some other questions topics (mixed):

    roths spots
    arlts line
    vitreous hemorrhage
    type II respiratory failure
    community health centre
    mmr vaccine
    removal of maggots is by
    DVT seen after
    DDT poison
    ovulation in 36 days cycle
    drug for sedation in ICU
    mild deafness
  4. Variant G

    1. Biopsy for nagri bodies.
    2. Germ theory introduced by?
    3. Maize eatable suffers from?
    4. Insect in the ear can be killed by ---?
    (oil,H20, H2O2,...)
    5. Japanese encephalitis vector?
    6. lenght of small intestine...?
    7. BMI index?
    8. Primary prevention?
    9. About ASHA
    10.Anti HBe indicates?
    11.Typhoid treatment?
    12 Foot drop due to injury of .....?
    13. MTP act?
    14.Anti D dose?
    15. After apendectomy, type of wound?
    16. Calorie of mid day in school?
    17. IQ level of inteligence?
    18. Down phenomenon?
    19. Demographic stage in india?
    20.Contraceptive protecting from STD?
  5. Set G
    21. Mother who gave birth yesterday, we
    call today .....?
    22. Murphy sign seen in?
    23. M/c symptom of endometriosis?
    24. Very low birth weight of child....?
    25. Black urine seen in ?
    26.dry by night at which age of child?
    27. distance of direct opthalmoscope?
    28. M/c diarrhorea in children due to?
    29.Kesher fisher ring due to?
    30. Cost effective analysis?
    31. LUcid interval?
    32. Canon A wave?
    33. Orphan drugs?
    34. Lens in Astigmatism?
    35. lens in Myopia?
    36.Anterior fontanale close at?
    37. Carcinoid syndrome due to?
    38. physiologicaly most active form of vit.
    39. Neiman's pick disease due to deficiency
    of ?
    40. Antidote of Benzodiazepine?
    41. Narrowest portion of uterus?
    42. Pouch of doughlas is between?
    43. In emergency, without investigating
    blood group, we can give which type?
    44. C/I drugs in preg.? (Ans. is Analapril)
    45. M/C valve affected in RHD?
    46. Lens derived from?
    47. Lesser used in cataract operation?
    48. Roth spot seen in?
    49. Drugs not given in glaucoma? (Ans. is
    50. Austin flint murmur is?
    51. Treatment for CSF leak?
    52. Mallory bodies is seen in?
    53. Typhoid treatment?
    54. Anti HBe indicates?
    55. IQ level for intelligence?
    56 Othotolidine is to measure...?
    57. Max. allergic reaction is seen in (cu,
    nickel, iron,...)
    58. Breast cancer factor except ( breast
    abscess, familial,.....)
    59. largest worm inside human?
    60. Mother kill her children, she is suffering
    from...? (schizophrenia, paranoid, phobia,
    61. trachelorhappy?
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    fmge set a
    1 hydatidiform mole 24wk size- S&E
    2 appendicular mass- conservative n elective suregery
    3 puerperal pyrexia- 38.4
    4 m.c.cause for puerperal pyrexia- infection
    5 breast buds- thelarche
    6 water contamination indicator- E.coli
    7 ASA- fitness of patient
    8 most emetogenic- cisplatin
    9 no hypoglycemia- metformin
    10 HLA B27 ass wid- ant.uveitis
    11 koplick spots- measeles
    12 gower's sign- duchenne's muscular dystrophy
    13 roth spots- papilledema
    14 monteggia fracture- proximal ulnar
    15 cockup splint- radial
    16 claw hand- ulnar
    17 kayser fleicher ring- wilson's
    18 typhoid ulcer perforation- 3rd wk
    19 antidote for benzodiazepines- flumezanil
    20 maize def- pellagra
    21 '4d'-pellagra
    22 m.c.symptom of endometriosis- dysmennorhea
    23 m.c.site for thyroglossal cyst- subhyoid
    24 m.c.cause of neonatal mortality- prematurity
    25 human development index all r true except
    26 wound after appendectomy- clean contaminated
    27 burns- curling's ulcer
    28 distance of D.D.O- 25cms
    29 astigmatism- cylindrical
    30 myopia- concave
    31 cherry spt- CRAO
    32 relative risk for 7000 truckdrivers- 10
    33 zileuton- LOX inhibitor
    34 swan neck deformity- R.arthritis
    35 smoking causes- bladder ca
    36 eclampsia doc- MgSo4
    37 reed sternberg cells- H.lymphoma
    38 CHC population- 1,20,000
    39 ovulation in a 36day cycle- 22
    40 umblical cord- 2art n 1 vein
    41 umblical vein- oxygenated blood away from placenta
    42 Mcburney's point- medial 2/3 lateral 1/3
    43 wood's lamp a/e- lichen planus
    44 molluscum contagiosum- pox virus
    45 EBV all ca except- kaposi's
    46 HIV- RNA dependent DNA transcriptase
    47 m.c. emphysema- panacinar
    48 m.c.c. of mitral valve disease- R.fever
    49 ropy discharge- vernal keratoconjunctivitis
    50 microcytic hypochromic a/e- fanconi's anemia
    51 marcusgunn pupil- optic neuritis
    52 m.c.type 2 resp.failure- COPD
    53 pterygium definition- someone fill it plz
    54 phthisis bulbi a/e- increase IOP
    55 indicator of shock- CVP
    56 cardiac dominance- post.--
    57 traveller's diarhhea- E.coli
    58 menopause- FSH
    59 Standard deviation- distribution
    60 cobble stone- spring cattarh
    61 not TSH dependent- medullary ca of thyroid
    62 stapedius - Facial nerve
    63 DDT- nerve poison
    64 pneumocytes- alveoli
    65 hypopyon- pus
    66 m.c.s htn- putamen
    67 all support uterus except- infundibulopelvic
    68 snowflake cataract- diabetes
    69 epidemic keratoconjunctivitis- adeno virus
    70 staph food poision- 6 hrs
    71 loozer's zone- osteomalacia
    72 congenital syphilis- IgMFTABS
    73 puddle sign- ascites
    74 D.nephropathy- microalbuminuria
    75 migriane DOC- sumatriptan
    76 hyperkalemic hyperchloremic- pyloric stenosis
    77 ICU sedation- propofol
    78 schistocytes- AIHA
    79 lower end of scapula- T7
    80 HIV needle prick- 0.3%
    81 m.c.site for genital T.B- tubes
    82 surest sign of labor- show(not sure)
    83 1st test for infertility- husband's semen analysis
    84 IQ 40- imbecile
    85 not seen in ARDS- hypercapnia
    86 m.c.site for venous ulcer- dorsum of foot(not sure)
    87 arlt's line- trachoma
    88 sarcoidosis x-ray- hilar lymphadenopathy
    89 all r palpated per rectum except- whole ureter
    90 C/I in uveitis- pilocarpine
    91 meckel's divurticulum a/e- not common in females
    92 ranula- retention cyst
    93 little's area a/e- post.ethmoidal
    94 rib notching- Coarctation of aorta
    95 disease with no chnge for many years- secular trend
    96 esophagus- 25cms
    97 caloric test- lateral semicircular canal
    98 AAVN seen in- talus fracture
    99 alcoholic forceful blood vomit- mallory weiss tear
    100 chovstek sign- hypocalcemia
    101 abductor of vocalcord- post.cricoarytenoid
    102 pauwel's classification- femur fracture
    103 alcoholic restlesness- akathesia
    104 lynching- homicidal hanging(agneepath movie)
    105 active form of vit.D- hydrocholcalciferol
    106 organophophate poisoning a/e- coma
    107 thrmobolytics- ischeamic attack
    108 CEA- colon cancer
    109 most imp. F.A- lenoliec acid
    110 polio diagnosis- isolation of virus from stool
    111 Social mobility definition
    112 glaucoma treatment for other eye- laser iridotomy
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    1.per rectal examination except : int lymph nodes.
    2.lesser scaitic except: obturator externus
    3.oesophagus ; str squamous non keratinized epithelium
    4.stapedius muscle: facial
    5.spinal cord ends adults : lower border L1
    6.lower border scapula :7
    7.post wall of axilla except : supra spinatus
    8.oesophagus:25 cm
    9.uterus suppots except: infundibulum
    10.left dominance : circumflex
    11.littres area :

    1.woods lamp except : psoriasis
    2.molluscum contagiosum : pox virus
    3.Umblicated papule: molluscum contagiosum
    4.3ds : pellagra
    5.maize: pellagra
    6.Tinea captitis (pluckable hair) : griesofulvin
    7.Numerous wide spread:lapramatous leprosy
    8.dennie line:atopic dermatitis
    9.syphilis diagnosed:anti igm ft-abs
    10.aconthosis nigricans malignancy : insulin resistance

    1.Distant direct ophthalmoscopy: 25 cm
    2.myopia:concave lens
    3.astigamatism:cylindrical lens
    4.arlts line: trachoma
    5.Ropy discharge:vernal conjuctivitis
    6.pterygium:degeneration of conjuctiva
    7.k F ring: wilsons disease
    8.manifestation of uveitis:ankylosing spondylitis
    9.pthisis bulbi except : intra ocular pressure increase
    10.ant uveitis drugs except: pilocarpine
    11.vitreous hemorrhag except: iridocyclitis
    12.snow flake: diabetic cataract
    13:treatment closed glaucoma: laser iridotomy
    14.cherry red spot: CRAO
    15.marcuss gunn pupil: papillitis
    16.disc edema seen : ?
    17. Hypopyon: pus
    18.main fuction superior oblique: intorsion
    19.M.C.intra ocular tumor in children: retinoblastoma
    20.intracoular calcification: retinoblastoma
    21.basal cell ca: lower lid

    1.Discharge from single duct : solitory intraductal pailloma
    2. Amyloid:medullary ca thyroid
    3.medullary ca thyroid except: TSH dependent
    4.duodenum ulcer: H pylori
    5.Appendices epiploicae site :
    6.True abt meckles diverticulum:lined by heterotopic epithelium
    7.ureteric coli: x ray KUB
    8.smoking associated: urinary bladder ca
    9.Bulbar urethra except:Indwelling catheter
    10.penis except:pagets is not a premalignant disease
    11.undescended testis except: hydrocele
    12.Wound of leg 2 hrs:Debrided and sutured primarily
    13.Sutures on face removed :5th day
    14.delayed wound healing except: hypertension
    15.hypochloremia,hypokalemia: pyloric setnosis
    16.Edema indicates :4 lts
    17.Massive transfusion:DIC
    18.squamous cell ca burns: marjolins ulcer
    19.Deep vein thrmbosis after: hip injuries
    20.site for venous ulcer:lower 1/3 leg
    21.Lucid interval :extra dural
    23.Radical neck dissection except: Internal carotid vein
    24.thyroglossal cyst:below hyoid

    1.Sedation in icu:propofol
    2.ASA: fitness of patient
    3.CSF between: archanoid and pia
    4.Depolarizing muscle relaxant except: anticholiesterase effect reverse
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    Good information has been shared here! Thanks for sharing such good info. Can anyone explain about the syllabus or the pattern of FMGE. Those who attend the exam already do share your thoughts or experience.

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