Let's get together for CaRMS 2013

Discussion in 'AMC Clinical Exam' started by radhe, Aug 31, 2012.

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    Two members have opened threads for CaRMS 2013 and those threads are dead already. C'mon guys. Show some enthusiasm and get together for CaRMS match. Is no one applying for match this year? Every year RXPG members have opened a new thread for CaRMS to discuss important information and share experiences which have proved invaluable to everyone. Program descriptions for 2013 match are gonna be out any moment. Sharing experiences and knowledge here is bound to help everyone. Now is the right time to open this thread. All IMGs, CSAs and CMGs are welcome to the discussion. Together we all can do it and make it on the other side. Let's motivate each other, learn from each other's mistakes as well as positive experiences. Best of luck everyone. I expect (or may be, hope) that this thread will not be dead like the other two.
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    Hello guys. Thanks for posting in this thread. The new program descriptions are still not out. I just checked. To check various programs open Main residency Match R-1 and then click on program information and then program descriptions and then R-1 first iteration. Then you can find all the programs either by discipline or by university. I will be away for two days without internet. So I will catch up with you guys later. Best regards

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