Life after GPVTS

Discussion in 'MTAS discussion' started by IMG999, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. IMG999

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    What is the job propects for GP.

    Partnerships are unheard, salaried jobs are for whites and impossible for IMGs and locums are difficult to come by.

    Am I correct?
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  3. my friend has been locum GP for 2 years after training.
  4. IMG999

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    That means no proper job after being qualified as GP only locums??
  5. poor img

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    please discuss your experience in stage 3.

    your help can revive a ruined doc's career.
  6. Guest

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    Locm GP's earn more money :wink:
  7. GeePee

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    Locums earning more money is a misconception, I became a partner 8mnth after vts. You have to take into consideration not having any income when taking holidays or for sickness when being a locum.
  8. Guest

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    :oops: Same applies for hospital posts.
    Still, GP locums earn more money!!
  9. Guest

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    Gp certainly earn more money rate of £60 per hour but the problem is getting locum. There arent any how can you earn without working?
  10. worried GP

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    The GP land is already overflowing, I wonder what will happen when these guys after 3 years pass out!!
  11. Guest.

    Guest. Guest

    This is the truth, people have a long gap after gpvts before settling. During this time they have to depend on locums which is tricky. Whereas hospital jobs are always better because of trust posts.
  12. Guest

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    Iam a Locum GP.
    I have earned in 1 yr what most earn in 5 yrs. I have been doing this for 3-4 yrs now........
    Some day when I am fed up of money I will leave UK.
    I do app 12,000+ per month in Locums...
    So I dont care a hoot for practice or partership at the minute
    The selfish Gps pay me appropriately and keep their practices ... but for how long...
    I have invested overseas and my ventures are blossoming
    God bless 8)
  13. chand

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    the future will be tougher for getting into gp

    soon they will extend gp and in some regions uk doctors are preffering gp to genral medicine.

    This may allow training opportunity for hsmps in int med.

    Also longer training for gp will be 5 years and may mean that gp have joint cct in some medical subspecialties eg derm or rheumatology

    So if you are in this year - enjoy - door again is closing
  14. Guest

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    for every application for GP post there are more than 100 applications? is this true or just a rumour? I hve recently got GPVTS and with 2500 new GPs pilling up I dont know what will happen with such a huge number of GPs when I qualify in 201. what does everyone think

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