London recall 12-09-13

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    1. normal development in 5 month child
    2. cocaine overdose in a young girl, hyperthermia and dilated pupils
    3. Ecstasy overdose in a young women
    4. Normal development in 14 years old girl with constitutional delay
    5. Peanut allergy case of child
    6. acute stridor in a child ABC protocol
    7. Dellirium case of woman in a ward
    8. Peri anal Hametoma case in a Diabetic old patient (may be abcess)
    9. smooth small Breast cyst in a woman
    10. A Fibroadenoma case
    11. a lung carcinoma with pleomorphic histology picture ( I marked squamous)
    12. a squamous skin carcinoma case ( bleeding macule on wrist)
    13. 2 cases of Prostatic Carcinomas ( PSA >4.5 and >53.x)
    14. 2 cases of hameturia investigation (cystoscopy)
    15. 2 cases of contraceptive COCP
    16. A case of Entero-Vesical fistula due to Crohn disease
    17. a young girl with Bacterial overgrowth ( watery diarrhoea, abd pain with normal investigation)
    18. A case of SLE testing (Anti dsDNA antibodies)
    19. A case of Strep Meningitis in a child(with rash)

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