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    the patient is a known TIA PATIENT ON WAFARIN....i chose haemorrhage....there is an option of haemorrhage, i chose that...
    he following are associated with barret , columnar metaplasia, squamous metaplasia, etc.....i went for squamous metaplasia
    the following are associated with barret , columnar metaplasia, squamous metaplasia, etc.....i went for squamous metaplasia

    Child wid meningococcal meningitis. Advice for school mates n staff??

    Meningococcal vaccine

    a child presented wt a rash that did not improve with antibacterial cream but other medication will u add, corticosteroid, antifungal,antiinfective....ect....i went for steriod cream...not sure

    man presented with hemoptysis, weight loss, and on xray has scattered caviation, whats the most appropriate important investigation,,,,acid fast bacili??cant remember the rest
    a woman with GA bleeding, after resucitation patient is still bleeding,,, waht do u do next,,,,,clothing screen, usg..ect..cant remeber the last

    Does anyone remember the while question of posterior gastric ulcer, which perforated, where will the fluid accumulate in the peritoneal cavity
    a. Left paracolic gutter
    b. Pelvic cavity
    c lesser sac
    d. Under the diaphragm

    t frm a building on fire, unconscious , no evidence of burns or external injury

    100 prcnt O2 ventilation
    O2 by mask.

    old lady drowsy there relatives want to take her home and give benzodiazapines at home asking abt routes
    a oral
    b i/v c
    d rectal

    there was one question was concered wd OCD which they mentioned in given question in the last when they mentioned he was worry abt closing locks and doors

    Does anyone recall the question about a patient who takes 120mg slow release morphine which has been increased to 200 mg to control his pain along with oral morphine? The question was what to give him now and the options were something like
    a. Increase slow release morphine dose
    b. Fentanyl transcutaneous patch
    c. replace morphine with oral hydromorphone
    d. Replace morphine with oxycodone
    e I can't remember

    Pt wid PID on t/m now has lower abd pain n rigidity n v uncomfortable pelvic exam . 39 c temp.

    Abd X-ray

    a man presented with a purpleish swelling at the anal area..what is the mgt...inciision n drainage, incision and drainage plus antibiotics, reasuure etc,,i went for incision n drainage plus antibiotics cos i was thinking of anal haematoma

    Pt with eclampsia. I/v mgso4 and hydralazine started. Another fit.
    Ans Mgso4 bolus ?

    a man with prosthatic hrt valve underwent hemicolectomy and after some days he compains of left hypochondrial pain,fever n with a systolic murmur, what is the next investigation to ascertain th cause of the heart failure,,,a ct scan, blood culture, xray ,ecg etc.....i went for blood culture cos i think it might b a case of infective endocarditis...cos of prosthetic hrt valve

    Patient after breast chemo
    Ans was post chemo neuropathy???

    a young man 35yrs was brought by his wife who clamed that his behaviour has changed, on examination, there was loss of recent memory and wife says patient does not take too much alcohol,he keeps talking to himself and says he wants to help the world...what is the lightly diagnosis, a delirium tremen, early onset dementia, ect......i went for aearly onset dementia
    Pt wid aches n pains n recurrent sore throats, gets to bed after a little exertion

    Chronic fatigue syndrome

    Pt wid aches n pains n recurrent sore throats, gets to bed after a little exertion

    Chronic fatigue syndrome

    a man presented with cellulities and swelling and was bn strted on flucloxacine waht other medication will you add, vancomycin,,,,etc...i chose vancomycin

    Pt wid a persistent nodular lesion on upper part of pinna
    Basal cell
    Squamous cell

    A 22 year old woman was brought by her boyfriend with multiple superficial lacerations.there are scars of old cuts on her forearms.she is distressed because he wants to end the relationship.she denies trying to end her life.
    a. Acute psychosis
    b. borderline personality disorder
    c. Severe depression
    d. Schizoid personality

    Management of post tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy hemoptysis???
    patient presented few days after with the above, options explore again,pack it, admit for intravenous ab,

    a patient a smal child presented with upper respiratory tract infection,and latter developed fever, earache and the tympanic memebreane is dull..what is the likely diagnosis,......otitis media, otitis externa, etc,,i chose otitis media

    a 6yr old boy presented wt constant urine incontinnet n bed wetting, what is the most management, a enuresis alarm, desmopressin, behavioural therapy..ect..i chose desmopressin,,,,,,looking at the age,,,,u do every behavioural, enuresis alarm till 5yrs after then u give desmopressin

    a preganant woman diagnosed is diagnosed to have osteoathriits, what is the choice of drug,,,,paracetamol, steroids,nsaid etc

    kidney stone question where one stone was passed and another one still in the kidney . Ans???

    a man presented with abd symptoms with a supraclavicular mass,,,,option gastric ca
    70 yr britisher hypertensive on bendrofluazide what other drug
    a amlodipine
    ace inhibitor
    I chose A

    yellowish smthng around pancreas
    fat necrosis
    alholic heptis
    ?? dnt remember rest

    Pt with 70% oxygenation little baby.

    acccumulation of fluid after maybe ulc perfreation

    supphrenic space
    hepatorenal smthng

    a patient presented with muscle weakness and inabilty to climb down the stairs.....polymyosistis,,,,,etc..i went for polymyositis, cant rember the other option

    a young boy presented with bilateral edema,ankle swelly and increase in body weight,, what is the diagnosis,,,cogenital hrt failure, renal failure....i went for cogenital hrrt failure cos there was no facial swelling ..might b wrong
    A person from sudan wd fever and arthritis not sure abt other things but I chose
    ans brucellosis coz it was discussed in forum however previouly i was thinking it was malaria Allah knows well but at this moment I chose brucellosis
    in other question a person from gambia so i chose malaria

    which of the following will be affected by azithromycin...cocp, iucd, pop,mirena.........i went for cocp..was confused

    a pt wd hemetamesis ahving h/o long term use of aspirin and other drug--------now present wd severe epigastric pain whats the management
    oral antacids
    b i/v ppi
    I chose

    Pt wid exercise induced asthma. Already on salbutamol n steroid inhalers, now has to wake up @ nite fr inhaler. How wil u manage

    Sod cromoglycate

    a young girl presented with lower abd pain, and bleeding per vaginum,on examination he appered ashocked with rigid abdomen..what is the next most diagnostic investigation, a ct, abd xray erect n supine, etc..i chose abd x ray

    pt wd breast cancer have done axillary l nodes clearance then develop arm swelling
    ans lymphedema???????????

    a patient is to taken doxycline was advice will you giv him to orevent him from vomitting,,take drugs in an empty stomach,use a glass full of water, take drugs wt a glass of miilk..........i messed up here, normally u take it sitting erect with a glass full of water i think,,but i got confused and i chose take wth a cup of milk

    pt wd big gall stone asking abt management
    ans lap cholecystectomy??????????

    a man is moderately depressed and is a known case of MI, was mediaction will u give,a citalopram, amitirptyline ect..i chose citalopram

    a pateient experiences rotational vertigo everytime he moves his head on the bed from one side to the other, what investigation is important.....hallpikes
    a patient with sensoneural deafness, vertigo n tinnus lastly for more than 30min..what is the likely diagnosis... meniere,acoustic, etc......meniere

    man wt acute exacerbation of copd,patient was given 24percent oxgyen,, then ABG valves was given, wht is the next line of action, a 28 percent oxgyen, nebulized salbutamol, non invasive mechanical ventialtion........i went for nebulized salbutamol......

    A pt. with progressive dyspnea n 1 tablespoon full of mucopurulent sputum for last 18 months. Fev/ fvc 7.1 n 6.2 n after salbutamol 7.2 n 6.3 . What will u do to confirm da diagnosis?

    Ct chest
    Lung function tests

    regarding hernia surgery what would delay the surgery., diastole of 92, i chose that one, mi of two months, pe of years

    That question was abt a child who had mumps three days ago n later presented wt scrotal pain n swelling,options were analgesia n advice,scrotal support..antibiotics etc...but i went for scrotal support

    a man after mi presneted with sudden breathlesnnes n dyspnea, on chest exam he had scattered pansytolic murmur allover the praecoduim,,,,,what is the next investigation that will lead to diagnosis, a ecg, echo,ct....i went for echo...

    a 35yr old man presented with haematuria, abdominal swelling and has a bp of 190/140, what is the most diagnostic investigation, cystoscopy, usg, ct.....i went for usg.....the question was tricky but what came to my mind was polycystic kidney diz
  2. About congenital heart disease that will be ok within 6 month after birth, not required any treatment. 1. ASD 2.VSD 3. PDA 4.COA. 5.TOF.
  3. Psychratic pt taking drug develop coarse tremor, agitation.
    1. Fluxetin 2. Lithium 3. Amitriptyline

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