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    Information for all MBBS Aspirants

    I visited Nepal last week and discovered that:

    A NEW Medical College is coming up in Nepal in 2010.

    Fees here will be very low - only Rs 13 lacs package for the entire MBBS course. No donation.

    Food and Hostel is Rs 55,000 per year.

    The College's session will beding from February 2010.

    Those interested in admission can contact me at


    I will keep them updated when the dates are finalized

    Also if you want to go to the Existing Medical Colleges in Nepal - the fees range from Rs. 14 to Rs 18 lacs for the duration of the course.

    Contact me for your admission related inquries.

    You can also register at www.nvfoundation.com
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    but as far as i know....all my friends suggested me not to take admission in nepal because colleges of nepal n other small countries have no value...n moreover they wont even give a chance to practise in good hospitals....this is what every1 suggested...expenses are less but it has got no value....n even in india the fee comes to around 14 lacs
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    Response to your friends "advise"

    a. Have ever been to Nepal or seen a college there??
    b. What has prompted them to make such a sweeping statement?
    c. Do they have a first hand view or is it hearsay??

    For the record:

    1. Colleges in Nepal follow MCI syllabus closely. They try to be compatible to Indian norms. I have this information from disucssion a member of the Nepal Medical Council.

    2. BP Koirala Medical College in Dharan is established by Govt. of India with a 120 crore aid package & is affiliated to AIIMS in New Delhi.

    3. Each teaching hospital in Nepal has a 500 bed hospital which is the same norm as in India.

    4. MBBS Degree in Nepal is recognized by MCI after a screening Test. Teachers in Nepal are from India. There is an annual University examination. Most Indian books and international books are used.

    There is NO WAY you can make a sweeping statement that the quality of education in Nepal is 'poor' or inferior to Indian education.

    5. As a student you assist with patients. After you qualify as a Doctor can you practise. This norm in followed both in India & in Nepal and all over the world.

    6. There ae many Doctors in India who have come back from Nepal and are practising here.

    7. Medical Colleges in Nepal generally charge fees ranging from Rs. 16 to 25 lacs for the MBBS course. (indian rupees).

    8. Private Medical Colleges in India are priced at 10 to 24 lacs - depending on the location of the College (Maharasthra - Karnataka - DY Patil, Manipal, SRMC etc) - Merit Seats. This is of course - your 1st choice.

    9. If you DON't get into India on a merit seat then you have to pay a 'donation' - which is in effect a bribe to the owner of the College for the seat. This makes the Course cost between Rs. 30 to 40 lacs.

    10. So if you get into a College in India on Merit - by all means pay Rs. 10 to 20 lacs and get admitted in India.

    11. Compared to a donation seat in India - Nepal is a cost effective option for those who do not have 30 or 40 lacs to spare but do have around 18 for their medical education and cannot afford the high cost in India.

    12. I hope that this clarifies the misconception that you and your friends seem to harbour about Medical Education in Nepal or anywhere outside India.

    13. Essentially Private Colleges in India are run by polticians who are always hungry for money and do not pay attention to quality.

    As a Doctor You CANNOT get a return on your investment of 30 to 40 lacs in India with a simple MBBS. Most students in India in any case cannot afford to spend Rs 30 to 40 lacs for MBBS here. Rs 15 to 18 lacs is in the real of affordability - not Rs. 30 or 40 lacs.

    14. Also THINK of the social consequences. If a doctor pays Rs. 40 lacs for Ramaiah or SRMC and then charges Rs. 200 or 300 for a single sitting with a patient - where will the masses and poor patients go??? And will the doctor have DEMAND for his services?

    I'd rather than GOOD students went in Bulk to countries such as Nepal or Ukriane or Philippines and get MBBS education at rates ranging from Rs. 13 to 18 lacs. They will earn a profit on their education. IF they spend 30 or 40 lacs in India - the student will be at a loss.

    And with students going overseas to low cost countries - India the country and its people will have access to a pool of medical talent trained at a low cost which the average Indian citizen can access.

    15. Value in India is there. You have to pass MCI test and get registration.

    For your information Dr. Devi Shetty is a foreign educated doctor. He earns Rs 5 lacs a day.

    So that is 'value' for you. If you know how and where to use your education.

    Ask your 'friends' not to mis - guide you. OR think - are they really your friends??!!

    I hope that this clarifies the matter.

    Best wishes in your career.

    but as far as i know....all my friends suggested me not to take admission in nepal because colleges of nepal n other small countries have no value...n moreover they wont even give a chance to practise in good hospitals....this is what every1 suggested...expenses are less but it has got no value....n even in india
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    College session will begin in Feb 2010

    Those interested in getting more information please email me at



    and keep in touch and i will update them with relevant information.


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    thanks for the information
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    does one have to give mci screening test on return to india?
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    Yes - you have to give screening test on return to India if you go to any college overseas - be it nepal or any other country.
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    when to apply - last date
    how to apply?
    documents needed?
    pls. advise
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    for admission

    i want admission in medical exam....i can give donation...
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    hey mukund if you are ready to pay donation and want the best college then contact me vivek 9663063636. if you stay in bangalore then come to my office in UB City, 15 th floor, bangalore.
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    Current low cost in Nepal

    What is the cost in Nepal for MBBS in 2010?

    RAKSHIT Guest

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    admission in m.b.bs

    pls teel me the admission process in m.b.b.s couse at low rates.my email.........akashd30@gmail.cm

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