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    Anybody else thought the Luton examiners were more than harsh? Sat PACES for the 3rd time last Saturday (22.10.05), I got interrupted in my presentation and examination at virtually every station...I got the impression most of them were really out to get you, and in every single case they looked annoyed at me as if they were dealing with a stupid schoolgirl ... I swear the next time someone says something about "it's a colleague to colleague discussion" I'll throw up...
    The cases were:
    Thyroid eye disease (but very, very subtle, looked like conjunctivitis and nil else, no goitre and not hyperthyroid...if they hadn't mentioned palpitations in the stem I wouldn't have had a clue)
    Multiple nevi and molluscum contagiosum in a renal transplant
    Double vision, examine fundi: I was expecting optic atrophy but didn't think the patient had it...
    Communication station was discussion of diagnosis and Hickman line with a guy diagnosed with Lymphoma, he wanted to know if he could have children
    GI: Decompensated liver disease, chronic.
    Resp: Rheumatoid but bronchiectasis instead of fibrosis.
    History taking: MS type of picture
    Neuro: Cerebellar plus peripheral neuropathy.
    CV: I said VSD because it was the loudest pansystolic murmur I'd ever heard, but they said it wasn't, so I suppose it was MR in the end...

    Good luck to all the rest, this was my 3rd go at it so I'm back studying effing written part II...

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    you are right Mad M it is a hard exam. but good preparation and finally luck could work.
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    hi just waned to add maybe the renal transplant case had cutaneous cmv the lesions r ditto to molluscum and umbilicated
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    Most likeley, Guest.
    I think I didn't mention molluscum and just said "viral warts", so I hope they accept that...although they were so superannoyed I wasn't able to volunteer the drug responsible for the lesions I'm sure that was a 1....
    Mad M
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    if they asked y the drug for the lesions in the renal translant case all the more reason to beliee that it was crypto lookat the drugs used as immunosuppressant post transplant anyways exam over maaf:) :D
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    ANyone sitting for PACES in Luton in 2014? Please share the experience if took exam in Luton.

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