Lymphoma? Diagnosis

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    88. A 48-year-old woman was admitted with a history of weakness for two months. On examination, cervical lymph nodes were found enlarged and spleen was palpable 2 cm below the costal margin. Her hemoglobin was 10.5 g/dl, platelet count 237 x 109 / L and total leukocyte count 40 X 109/ L, which included 80% mature lymphoid cells with coarse clumped chromatin. Bone marrow revealed a nodular lymphoid cells were positive for CD19,CD5, CD20 and CD23 and were negative for CD79B and FMC -7.
    Which one of the following statements in not true about this disesase?
    a. Trisomy 12 correlates an aggressive clinical course.
    b. Abnormalities of 13q14 are associated with long term survival
    c. Cases with 11q22-23 deletions have excessive lymphadenopathy.
    d. T(11;14) translocation is present in most of the cases.


    Ans is probably 2 as 13q14 is Retinoblastoma gene and abnormalities are NEVER associated with good prognosis

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