MARCH 2008 Exam collecting qestions

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    Lets us collect March 2008 exam qestions and EMQ before we forget them
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    march 2008

    plzzzzzzzzzz share your experience.we are waiting for your contributions
  3. amal sa

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    cystic fibrosis guthic spot test
    receptors in apoptosis caspa
    arias stella reaction
    blood picture in PET and in preg is inflam like
  4. kavin

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    march 2008 part 1

    1.EMQ paclitaxel carboplatin side effects
    2.EMQ complex partial seiizure gum hypertrophy,acne ,facial coarsening,vit K TO BE given..?drug used
    3.EMQ oestrogen progesterone receptor site
    4.EMQ on vitamins-xerophthalmia..morning sickness..macrocytic anaemia.
    5.MCQ rubella incubation period,specific immunity within 15 days..
    6.EMQ HEPATOCELLULAR carcinoma,..??
    7.EMQ lining epithelium of ureter,..??
    8. EMQ montoux rection..
    9.MCQ ovulatory DUB
    10.MCQ concerning aneurysm- 10% due 2 inflam.,syphilitic aneu,thoracic vessels,marfan recessive.
  5. amal sa

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    march 2008

    if a mother has a child with cystic fibrosis ,she is preg and will do amniocentesis
    a. which test to be done (every possibility mentioned)
    b. all relatives will volunteer to do gutic spot test ,whichtest you will carry on the blood

    -graph with hormones of the endometrial cycle
    -citric acid cycle (graph)

    microsatellites alleles
    - cd4
    -nk cells
    -down syndrome
    -pulmonary embolism

    please ,it was very difficult exam ,every one think so or I didnt study enough ,apoptosis or endometrial receptors,where is the source for these subjects ?

    anal canal

    please if anyone can recall other mcqs post them
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    :roll: yes it was very hard exam.other questions :

    passive transport
    hcg levels
  7. Guest

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    other questions:
    hormone dependent malignancies(testicular carc._sertoli leydig-clear cellcarc.ofkidney-thyroid carc.)
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    in part II essay q
    write about twins
  9. amal sa

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    part 2 essay

    Iheard about missed abortion
  10. amal sa

    amal sa Guest

    part 1

    MCQ congenital heart
    emq crown \heel lenghth at birth
    crown/rump length 6 cm =? weeks
    about 10 questions statistics
    plrese does anyone remember the q about ring Y chromosome
    q about sattellite alleles ??
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    if some one can tell me please when r the results for march 2008 exam
  12. TOcOc

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    Colecting questions

    What's this , I entered the exam but many of the questions you wrote werent in the exam ,please ppl if u dont know questions dont write any ,, I am now writing a whoke document with all the questions and I will post it very very soon 8) 8) 8)
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    passive diffussion not depend on .

    concenteration gradiant
    molecular size

    2following tissue are capable of regeneration

    spinal cord
    bone marrow

    double blind trial

    delliosion of HCG in the urine pregnancy test
  14. amal sa

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    Iwill sit for sept 2008 ,i hope god will help me . I want to know if pass papers are still of value ,please all of you who were in march 2008 answer me , i have all the qs and answers but i dont know if it is waste of time to study them and on exam qs 1081 qs ? please share your experience.
    about the q APOPTOSIS and capsase ,q methods of disinfection and BOWIE DICK test where is source to study these subjects?
    q progesterone receptors
  15. Hossan

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    No ,, Past Papers not of great value .. about 10% .. taking a lot of time ..
  16. amal sa

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    can anyone remember the q about progesterone receptors
  17. Baglp

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    :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: syphilis , toxoplasma , hpv , immune responses
  18. amal sa

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    to TOcOc
    am already confused about the qs .will y post them soon before y will foget them,
    many thanks in advance and please any one who can remember any q it seems that they are using new exam bank.
    from my friend

    EMQ type of hpv causing benign wart
    type of hpv causing cancer cx

    MCQ down syndrome
    associated with duodenal atresia true
    associated with ambig genetalia false
    only maternal chromosome F
    only paternal chromosome F

    MCQ oogonia
    miosis starts at puberty
    miosis before mitosis
    during S phase chromosomes are doubled
  19. amal sa

    amal sa Guest

    to KAVIN and HOSSAN
    please try to remember more qs , many thanks
  20. NeLnar

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    collected questions

    hello everyone i finished collecting the exam questions post your email and I will send it to you . :roll: 8) :lol:
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    wold any one tell me when r the results for march exam please
  25. amal sa

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    i think last Friday of March
  26. psyraj

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    hey NELNAR. i would greatly appreciate it if you would mail me the questions you have collected so far. thank you. :D
  27. amal  sa

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    good morning everyone
    this qs was in the exam
    can any one discuss the answer
    the most diagnostic test to be done on amniocentesis
    gautic spot test what test you do with the blood sample
  28. Jaleel

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    makfaya ya mo7sn kda b2a amal eh bass
  29. amal sa

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    Idont understand what is this but Ifeel it is not good if y want to share with scientific discussion ok ,if not why did y opened this forum
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    dear colleges i attend the exam and i think its very difficult with alot of new questions that i couldent find answers for event in the text books recomended by the royal collage !! dose any one agree
  31. amal sa

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    can y remember any of these qs we will try to help saerching in other textbooks i am saerching for the answer of the cystic fibrosis q
  32. moony

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    thank you

    thanks nelnar for the email
  33. amal  sa

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    Dr Nelar
    can you send me an e-mail, please
  34. daidamonh

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    i cant remember the questions but i`ll try to write what i can
    1st about the past paper ,i think its important to get its mark although it represent less than 40 % of the mcq and not come exactly and there are many question not present in mrcog books .but any way u have to collect marks so u should study past papers well besides the collecting question that puplished in this site
    in the year 2005,2006,2007 by our freinds
    and to study books
    with my best wishes
    now its time to remember the q
    emq about vitamins (hyperemesis) i wrote vit B6
    and (xerophthalmia)
    q about endometrial hyperplasia
    q about side effect of drug (carboplatin)-(taxal)
    q about arias stella
    if its specific in pregnancy
    q about chlamydia
    q about varicella
    q about hpv ,wart
    answers 16 or 18 or 6,11
    q about hcg conc in pregnancy
    citric acid cycle diagram
    hormones diagram
    q about:by transvaginal u/s yolk sac apear in which week
    many questions in genetic about pcr,fish test
    q about laser
    q in pathology
    about totipotent cell,tumour like mass
    q about voiding presure
    q about ca requirement in pregnancy
    q about test used to diagnose folic acid deficency
    q about thalasthmia
    q about cervical ectropion
    cells i choose columner cell
    - mri contraindicated in early pregnancy
    q about stallete instability in dna
    - transverse abdominus ms attached to lumbar transverse process
    -cut s1 lead to autonomic bladder
    q about cancer which are hormone dependent
    q about guthre test
    q about cystic fibrosis and diagnosis
    -swet test -karyotyping-fish test
    q about disinfection and sterelization
    q about complication of contraceptive pills

    do your best
    thats my mail if u need any help about past papers mcq
  35. Guest

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    past papers

    congrats to all who passed march 2008 part 1..
    i agree with daidamonh..past papers are a must..
    cant afford to make mistakes in those questions..
    newly set tough questions will be tough to most candidates..
    need not panick about them..
    its great that u remembered so many questions after a month..
    i couldnt remember the exact questions..

    in anatomy many questions regarding innervation of all pelvic organs..
    in statistics mostly repeated questions..example given..calculate sensitivity,specificity,+ve predictive right sided skewed distribution curve median will be on which side of mean?...,

    ok..all the best
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    hi cleard part1 successfully in 1st attempt.advice for all u guys out there this forum was very helpful ,thanks allot to esp to ruyruprai god bless u 4 those ans ,shin and all 4 ur wonderful posts and i guess it is time 4 me to give back.3 months is sufficient,tim chard and past papers 40 to50%,u will need a little clinical knowledge to but dont worry workin 4 1 yr in this dept is sufficient now 4 the questipns
    1lining of ureter
    2.erythropoeitin and
    renin q from john duthie
    3complications of cisplatin
    4 paclitaxel
    5statistics -std error calculation
    7 mean in a normal distribution
    8occipito frontal diametr
    9hcg titre at detection by tvs
    10 at 3 days aftr fertilization
    11crl in scan is 60mm what is gestational age
    12crl at term ?
    13 parietal sutur is between
    14kuffer cells are -phagocytic
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    15 estradiol receptors
    16 progestrone receptors -we know that thes are intra nuclear but there were 2 confusin options with intranuclear plz refer this in depth , one option had intranuclear kinase or somethin
    16anticonvulsant with description of phenytoin
    17vitamin deficiency causin hyperemesis
    18 - macrocytic anemia
    19 -xerophtalmia
    20 cystic fibrosis 3 emqs
    24 citric acid cyle diagrm , enzymes were options
    complement causes
    26 b thalasemia detection
    27 folate def detection
    29 basal cell ca - local malignant i think
    30tumor like -hamaroma
  38. Guest

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    15 estradiol receptors
    16 progestrone receptors -we know that thes are intra nuclear but there were 2 confusin options with intranuclear plz refer this in depth , one option had intranuclear kinase or somethin
    16anticonvulsant with description of phenytoin
    17vitamin deficiency causin hyperemesis
    18 - macrocytic anemia
    19 -xerophtalmia
    20 cystic fibrosis 3 emqs
    24 citric acid cyle diagrm , enzymes were options
    complement causes
    26 b thalasemia detection
    27 folate def detection
    29 basal cell ca - local malignant i think
    30tumor like -hamaroma
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    Hello everybody..thx for ur all work..this is my email : , can u send me ur collecting qus..thx alot
  40. Guest

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    dear drs i was in march 2008 exam .There were a lot of new qs .In paper1 at the end about 8to10 qs were related to statistic and epidimology .I find paper 1 comparatively difficult to paper 2. In paper 2 there a lot of qs from of luck
  41. Guest

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    yes i tolally agree that in exam there r a lot of new qs which r not easy but collecting answers will help as in future.I think working on clearing your concepts about topics help u a lot beside running after mcq.Best of luck in future
  42. hahahk

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    Thx NeLnar, my email is
    I want to ask if anyone got pass papers from 2002-2007? I also want the questions and answers. Millions of thanks!
    Finally want to ask if the website: useful? did they got all past papers and answers.
  43. shazi

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    thanx for help

    hi doctor,

    i want to appreciate your sincere efforts for helping all doctors preparing for mrcog part -1.kindly post me also the collected mcqs uyou have of march 2008.can u please suggest me the books for part-1 statistics,epidemeologyand ultrasound .
    my e.mail address is
    waiting for reply
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    hi all

    i would be really thankful if u could mail me the past questions ( i have none) with answers.
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  46. Guest

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    Greetings DR NELNAR,and all the wonderfull colleagues gathered in this site...I am DR hatim,KINDLY CAN YOU POST ME EXAM QUESTIONS ON MY EMAIL
    and I am truelly thankful to everybody.
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    hi everyone,
    first congratz to many who even dared to appear n many heartiest wishes for all those who managed to pass through this exam. i have cleared march attempt of FCPS here in Pakistan, Now i am planning to go for MRCOG. plz can any of u guide me through. i have little time to prepare need lot og guidence, regarding course, books, pattern, and especially recalled mcqs. plz if any one has recalled mcq's do plz plz plz plz plz send them at
    i 'll be thankful. :) [/i][/b]
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    I am looking for a study partner, I am living in Sydney City

    Maybe anyone would like to have a study partner, I have some materials, pls call me 0422 417 086,

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