May be this a new option 2 make money.....!!

Discussion in 'MBA Forum' started by Think_medicos, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. Hi ......
    This message is for all medicos....
    Hi i am 2 a MBBS student and when i saw a debate on this site abt salary of doctors..... The way they are treated in government sector.... Its a pity for all of us.
    N ystrday i got 2 read times of India and there was a news abt MBA placements. and knw wht the highest payment at IIM-B in India was rs. 30 lacs per annum and more abroad.
    So cant we guys think of doing MBA after MBBS studies. I mean dont we have that potential to enter into the corporate world. The time has come for we mediocs to think about it seriously......!!
  2. adi

    adi Guest

    what an absolutely wonderful beautiful suggestion

    why is it that you joined mbbs in the first place?

    if it was to make money, i have an easier solution. quit your college, get an admit in an arts college, study for your CAT, and make friends with beautiful arts chicks. then get into mba.
  3. rajat_n

    rajat_n Guest

    Believe me guys, there is much that is behind that 30 lakh salary that you read in papers or see in news.. the story is not as rosy as you are assuming it to be.. that is not to say that mba is not an option after mbbs.. in fact there were two doctors in my batch at iima and both got top jobs..

    but dont jump into something just because you see a 30 lakh figure.. it is more like reading the interview of a topper in "competition success review" and believing that whatever he/she does, will lead to success....

    anyway just a thought

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