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    Please tell me friends if doing MBA after MBBS is a good option. I hear stories where after MBA doctors got placed in pharma industry with above 10 lakhs per year remuneration. In ISB hyderabad, last year the doctor in the batch topped and is now placed in some sweedish pharma company for 80 Lakhs per year. People who are MBA graduates of non IIM colleges are being placed for 4 Lakhs is something i already know. IIM MBA's get about 7 Lakhs. MBA in ISB is 1 year course where as MD is 3 years. any MBBS, MBA grad please suggest
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    Open for everybody

    As there seems to be no MBBS MBA grads now this question is open for everybody. Friends please respond. Opinions are as welcome as advices.
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    hey.. yeah, even me thinkin of givin cat n othr entrances fr mba.. know a friend in iim who told me they r 2 docs in his batch n the jobs r highly lucrative.. but i need more info though im pretty sure its a good option. doin my internship abhi n i kinda get the feelin id rather b doin somethin non clinical hence im lookin fr all possible options..
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    MBA related pgme

    Hi crazydoc, there are 6 mnths and 1year courses at various MBA colleges which have some weightage while looking for a job. Dont have an idea how good are they. Please refer to recent (abt 2 months back) issue of OUTLOOK MONEY for more info. TO do 1 Year MBA at ISB hyd you have to have at least 2 years experience after your graduation. All you need then is to clear IELTS and G-MAT with 650+ score. Please confirm from the college itself. Costs 15 Lakhs. All the best
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    MBA after MBBS

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    Indian Institute of Pharmaceutical Marketing (IIPM), Lucknow offers 2 year MBA (Pharma Marketing ) ,2 year MBA (Hospital Management), 2 year Masters Diploma in Pharmaceutical Marketing Management ,1 year Post graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Marketing 6 month Advance Diploma and 4 month Diploma in Pharmaceutical Marketing, through correspondence / Distance Education Mode in the field of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management
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    Yes, When an engineer can get a good job profile with handsome salary package ; why not a doctor! Yes MBA is a good option for young doctors. :) Medicos are preferred in biotech, pharma, microbilogical labs and MBA enhance their chance to explore more opportunities in management.ISB.IIMs are good options.

    Nations HealthCareer, Berlin / Brandenburg is a non-profit joint academic / industry initiative, dedicated to fostering and promoting education, training and research in the field of international healthcare and hospital management. A main founder member is the Fresenius University Foundation for Healthcare Management, Bad Homburg, Germany.

    The objective is to bridge the gap between teaching, science and practice and aims to develop, together with its partners, high-level postgraduate programmes for management talents worldwide in healthcare management. we can view hospitals as quality-oriented and results-driven commercial enterprises, operating in a fiercely competitive global environment.

    An MBA helps to develop your personal career chances in a changing and expanding health sector. this part-time, modular structured MBA-International Hospital Management programme attracts doctors, scientists, engineers and managers in full time employment in all sectors of the international healthcare industry. You can combine study and work, and benefit from a strong and interesting worldwide competence network.

    So go for it. All the Best.

    Vishal Anand
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    I am an MBBS MBA. I did my MBA from ISB,right after finishing my internship. I opted not to go for pharma although the salaries they offered were fabulous (to the tune of 9 to 13 lakhs in the domestic market). I don't know about the international market as am married and needed to stay in India.
    I am currently working in a hospital and loving it! i enjoy the job and the pay packet is good (though lower than pharma)
    The other doctor from my batch got placed in Novartis abroad and is indeed enjoying a great salary.
    A piece of advice: Do go through the course outline before you go in for an MBA..


    hi,Buddy.Can u tell me what is the cost of doing MBA from the your institute and how to aproach for the admission?Can you tell me any website where i can find the information?Thanks in advance.
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    yeah every year 1% of the entrants at iim ahmedabad are doctors..and they get good placements with lucrative packages... pls mail me

    im interetsed in doin mba..
  11. mba after mbbs

    Dear member,
    i am a mbbs graduate after which i have done my mba from iiswbm[indian institute of social welfare andbusiness management].i got a good job of ams in a hospital but i had to quit n come to uk b'cos my husband is a doing his civil service in uk .Here i am totally lost as people are discouraging me to sit for plab .i wanted to pursue my mba course n wanted to join pharmaceutical company.Can you please help me by giving information
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    MBA after MBBS

    interesting topic,i also would like to more about doing MBA after MBBS especially MBA in hospital administration/health care,anybody here in this forum has done that? what are career chances after this,I mean after doing MBA in hospital administration or MBA in health care? can a MBBS doctor get a good job in USA/CANADA?after doing MBA in health care and what is income/salary range for MBA/MBBS doctors abroad?
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    pls help me
    which mba to do aftr mbbs ???????
    for a lucrative job offer
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    plz let me know how will the mbbs degree help after doing the mba??? and which specialiization is the best option???
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    hiiii to MBAs

    dear frnds
    i think u can explore in ur ideas better than other thing
    i m mbbs pghrm dip.c.c.psychiatry dip.c.c.geriatric medicine
    i did nt get any industry which can pick me
    so im in govt. sector
    i think if i do my own bussiness it will be better
    or else suggest me something!!!!!!!!!!
  16. dr_rifat

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    mba after mbbs

    Hello dr
    Hope u r in good health.This is Dr. Rifat.i need yr

    help and advice in deciding my future career and

    I am mbbs doing internship which will be completed in

    3 months.I m interested doing mba after internship.i wnated

    to ask
    1-in which subject i should do mbbs?i m definitely not
    interested in marketing.will be prefered if i opt for

    administration or HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT over simple mba

    2- What sort of jobs would be offered to me?
    3- if i move abroad say usa or uk ,will i be eligible to

    utilize my mba degree and work there or i have to take

    usmle or plab?
    shall be thankful for yr earliest response
  17. MBA,mbbs

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    mba after mbbs

    hi docs,
    i m medical student doing mbbs . and i wanna info abt mba.
    please help me out
    1 . which exams i give ,after mbbs is it CAT?
    2. which prog. or course i choose n which one is best with good salary
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    is it right that after mbbs mba is right option . after doing mbbs, mba which type of job we get.
    how much we earn
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    hi all,

    Interesting to see that so many doctors are interested in MBA. Before taking such a carier shift one has to do lots of introspection and ask yourself is MBA what I really want? It takes lot of courage and conviction to shift your line of work.

    I have done lots of research(???) about MBA as carier option after MBBS. I am presently serving Army as a medical officer. I had thought of doing MBA after my 5 years of service, but when I ask myself honestly, Is selling medicines what u want to do? My heart says never. I would rather settle for less money than sell medicines.

    But this is my story, who is drawing a salary of 3,60,000 per year. I am happy with the money I get. In case u guys out there are terribly unhappy with work you are doing, drawing a mediocre salary then MBA is a good option provided u have the conviction to do it.

    of all the branches marketing, HR, operations, I think will suit an MBBS grad. Moreover, choice of ur branch depends on ur work experience.

    If u chose to do MBA from universities abroad it will cost u around 25 to 45 lacs. You may or maynot get scholarships. pre-requisites are GMAT score of about 650+ out of possible 800, resume, a statement of purpose as to why you want to pursue an MBA, letters of recommendation from your boss, some essays. getting admission to top MBA schools is very diffucult. You will have to have about 2-5 years of work experience following your graduation. there will be interview during which your conviction to do an MBA will be interrogated.

    In india, you may try to bell the CAT, or other school specific entrance exams. there are 2year MBA courses, and there are 1 year Post graduate program for those who have work experience. To get more info about MBA u can visit you may also visit Indian business school website

    If u do plan to do an MBA try to do it from top colleges.

    Hey bye the way I am seeing lots of ads on news paper about a college in bangalore talkin abt clinical research. THis thing has lots of scope. for all those looking for alternate carrier option please have a look at that. It sounds great.

    all the best
    all the best.
  20. Reg Required MBBS MBA for Publishing

    Dear Friends,

    I went thru your fourm it is very interesting to read the messages. Iam looking out for a MBBS MBA for a Consulting company in Mumbai. Interested people may contact me directly to the mail ids and the mobile numbers given below.

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  21. intersted in m.b.a

    hi i m a B.AM.S .I m doing intern now.wants to quit this line as i hv no background of it n alone it is very difficult to settle in this line in young age.any suggestion plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  22. Guest

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    hi ! i am also a doc & find mba as a great option with high profile job . but min 60% eligibility criteria & loss of social respect a doc commands makes it a bit un cool to shunt such a profession . i believe in proper set up a doc can build the py as he desires, but still wanna know if simple local university mba could also be so high paying.
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    MHA after MBBS

    those who r interested in non clinical works can do MHA i.e .Master of health administration and also MHA i.e .master of hospital administration
    course fee is very is 2 years full time course ,hostel facility is available.I think more and more MBBS people should do that is lucrative also.
  24. Hello sirs and madams,
    I really need to know on what basis do they admit you in ISB and also do you need two years work experience? Plus I would mist definitely opt for pharma but what if i need to branch of into hospital administration?
    Please reply.
  25. dr_abc

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    information regarding MBA

    :) hiii
    I a medical graduate n lookin forward to MBA...but my problem is that i'm too confused..Is it worth doing?what r the prospect in hospital if i do it 4m a reputed B school coz i'm comfortable in health care n wud love to b in touch with it????????
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    does iipm degree has real value after mbbs, as the degree they provide is a diploma degree.

    in reality can a iipm degree lead me to a gud lucrative job in pharma industry ??
  27. Guest

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    hi frns..i completed mbbs an yr back..can any one tel me what shod i do 2 get a job in PHARMA COMPANY?doing corespondance course in clinical research will help?
  28. Guest

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    Can any one give me information on specializing in pharmacology after doing MBBS. Is it a good option?
  29. RENU_1983

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    HI Friends

    I had done my mbbs ms & mba & i wont to do job in .kahe kucth hai
  30. Job@hired

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    I am a recruiter and am currently looking for MBBS + MBA Finance individuals. Looking at 0 to 2 Years of experience .Please get in touch with me for more details @ 91768 48476
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    Re : Job offer

    Hi Guest,

    I am an MBBS currently doing MBA. I am part of few groups for MBBS + MBA. if you send me the job details then i can post them on relevant groups and you may get someone of the desired profile, if you have not got one already.

    Dr. Vijay Malik,

    dr (dot) vijaymalik @ gmail (dot) com

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