MCI not to recognise foreign medical degrees

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  1. Ahad Munshi

    Ahad Munshi Guest

    Need help?!??

    Hello Dr Asha
    I have seen that you have been answering a few questions about Foreign Post graduate courses. I need information regarding Foreign PG degree recognition in India. I have a query about my foreign postgraduate degree from Smolensk State Medical Academy (SSMA) Russia which is already recognized for its graduate degree but after clearing MCI Screening test in Delhi. And after successful clearing the candidates are allotted the degree MD (Physician). I did my MBBS from Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical College, Pune which is recognized under the medical council of India and I have already been registered in medical council of India and state medical council of Maharashtra and now I am pursuing my MD in Dermatology from SSMA (Russia). I enquired about this recognition from many doctors in my city and they told me that you can practice as I have a recognized basic MBBS degree and all the subjects have been taught to me during undergraduation. Infact MBBS doctors are also doing junior residency in specialized department in famous hospitals across India. So they are eligible because they have a recognized MBBS degree. Now as I am doing my dermatology which will finish next year, will I be eligible to practice skin in India. I enquired in MCI also but they are not giving proper response. Well what I think is I can practice skin and can write MD skin in front of my name as all doctors who did fellowships from abroad write FRCP, FCCP FRCS or FICCI in front of their name. So plz tell me what to do and how to go ahead with it. The same applies for my wife who has done her BDS from a recognized college in Gujarat and is registered and is now pursuing her MDS (Orthodontics) from SSMA (Russia).
    Would be thankful for your reply.
    Thanking you


    Its good that both you & your wife have registered with MCI & DCI respectively.You can practice at the level of that Indian degree. However, as these Russian PG degrees are not yet recognized by MCI, it will not be proper for you or your wife, to practice here as MD or MDS respectively!

    After returning from Russia, do PG Diploma/certificate course in related subject through campus/distance education.That's useful in your practice & though these courses are not considered equivalent to Diploma by MCI they'll also give some safety in your practice of the concerned subject.

    Asha Paidhungat.
  3. Rajiv007

    Rajiv007 Guest

    MD opthalmology

    Hello, I just noticed that Lugansk State medical University, Ukraine is now offering MD in Ophthalmology a degree not earlier offered there.
    Would you know if this degree is recognized by MCI? I have completed my MBBS and will soon be completing DO in Ophthalmology from nagpurbut the DO degree is only recognized in the state of Maharashtra. Please let me know as I want to be eligible to practice anywhere in India and Ophthalmology is my passion. Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Dr Ashish

    Dr Ashish Guest

    recognition of foreign pist graduates

    Dr. Asha,
    I have done my Masters in public Health from USA, west virginia univ, recognzed from CEPH from US board. I have done my mbbs from jaipur sms med. college. I am working for govt. of Raj. but they are not recognizing my public health masters degree, which has been recg. from center. plz. help me out
  5. sakthivel.j

    sakthivel.j Guest

    about screening exams in MCI

    dear mam,

    i have chosen to study MBBS in LUGANSK STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY in UKRAINE. whether i could be a recognised doctor in india after passing my screening test
    whether i could able to pass my screening test in MCI after studying in LSMU
  6. raymon

    raymon Guest

    regarding half study in india and half in abroad

    the rule came in 2009 or2010 but in 2005 there was no clear information available abt half study in india and half abroad what will happen to those student who took admission in such institute in 2000 or 2005 ?
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Dear Dr.
    I am doing MBBS from China and I have the eligibility certificate from MCI. I would like to know whether I can do my internship in India and if so what is the procedure. Do I have to clear screening test and only be eligible or I can clear screening test after internship. please let me know.
  8. javaidskims

    javaidskims Guest

    now mci has been dissolved n things are defnitly going tougher than previous as the newly constituted panel are very very strict about alien degrees! Anyways study hard u cn make it!
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Dear Mr. Ahad Munshi,

    I would like to inform you that the MCI not recognized any PG Medicine course study in abroad for Indian except Indian Government has decided and recognized PG Medical degrees from five English-speaking countries: UK, USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand (refer Indian Government Gazette No. 309, Extraordinary Part II, Section 3-Sub Section (ii) dated 10-March-2008).

    However, any MDS course in foreign Universities recognized by DCI after cleared PG screening test. Your wife has to clearly Screening test for PG Course in Dental (refer Indian Government Gazette No. 144, Extraordinary -Part III-Section 4 dated 13-Aug-2009). No, need for clear screening test MDS degrees from five English-speaking countries: UK, USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

    Would you please tell me, where is available PG Endocrinology course in abroad with reasonable tuition fee except U.K., U.S.A. and Canada?

    Best regards,

    A. Saleem Ahmed
    Planning Engineer
    Tripoli, Libya
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    what about nepal? which is not among the 5 english speaking countries...............
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    are the SAARC countries recognising each other's post graduate degrees? or conduct a screening test for the same?
  12. rahul doc

    rahul doc Guest


    respected ma'am
    you must have revieved lot many times this query related to foriegn pg degree, esp russia & seychelles..........
    mine is no diffrent. i have given seychelles pg exam from india,after complection of 6post in indian hodpital. now the pg degree is of seychelles (USAIM). IT IS NOT MCI RECOGNIZED.
    is there any way to get mci registration for this pg mci exam for foriegn pg degree, or direct application for registration
    guide me

    Hello rahul doc,

    Unfortunately, MCI doesn't hold a screening test for PG courses.
    FMG exam is only for MBBS courses done in Russia etc.

    Asha Paidhungat.
  14. rahul doc

    rahul doc Guest

    thank you ma'am for replyin.
    so pg degree from seychelles has no value in india, it is said it is listed in w.h.o. thus bin in w.h.o list carry some wt. ???
    is this ms seychelles ortho pg degree recognized in seychelles atleast, or any other country???
    i am trying for fellowship abroad...... do u have any idea if anybody having this degree doin fellowship speal intrest is in arthroplasty
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    how to get MD peds from seychells post DCH
  16. Deepak51

    Deepak51 Guest

    MCI recognised MBBS degrees abroad

    Dear Madam,

    Is it possible to have a list of Medical Universities which are fully recognized by MCI? I mean a Uni from where a degree obtained does not require one to go through MCI screening test?

    Surely, it would not be amusing if one studies 5-6 years in a top Medical college of UK, Singapore, Australia and then has to undertake an MCI exam to be able to practice in India!

    A weblink would be highly appreciated as MCI website seems to be pretty vague.

    Thanks a lot!

  17. Rg MCI

    Hello Ma'am,
    Ma;am I am studying MBBS in Dubai school named Universal Empire Institute of Medical Sciences (UEIMS) which is affiliated to International University of Health Sciences, St. Kitts West Indies (Caribbean Islands) recognized by the Government of St. Christopher and Nevis. In this MBBS program university provided me first 2 years of Pre-clinical studies in Dubai and then 2 1/2 years of clinical rotations in Mumbai at Bombay hospital.I had acquired MCI eligibility certificate while I was in 1st year of MBBS.

    Ma'am I would like to request to know that Does MCI recognizes my MBBS degree that is done partly in India and partly abroad? Will MCI allow me for Indian medical license examination(screening test) after I complete my MBBS program?

    I am so worried and tense about this issue as I am an Indian and MCI is an important part of Indian medical students.I am really panicked about this issue.

    I would really appreciate if you could please guide me on this issue.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Suraj Shaikh.


    I'm afraid that its not recognized by MCI.The full course must be done in a country which is approved by MCI.The candidate gets MCI's permanent registration only if FMGE exam is passed thereafter.

    Asha Paidhungat.
  19. Hello Ma'am,

    Thank you ma'am for replying.

    But after doing FMGE will i be able to work in India? because some of my friends from my same college applied for eligibility certificate from Medical Council of India but they were rejected saying they don't accept our college students anymore.but I had acquired MCI eligibility certificate while I was in 1st year of MBBS.So do u think if i apply for this FMGE will MCI allow me or not??

    Thanks and Regards,
    Suraj Shaikh.
  20. good evening maam ,
    please reply me soon
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Hello madam,
    Kindly inform regarding current status of recognition of foreign postgraduate medical degree by MCI. Please guide me to know where to find list of Degrees and institutions recognised by MCI. Thanking you! Please let me know also if screening test is taken for PG degrees just like MBBS from russia or ukraine.
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    respected madam please tell me about st.petersburge medical university and mbbs course it is recognised or not by mci it is good for me to go russia or not


    There appears to be a lot of confusion about the recognition of foreign medical degrees, both UG & PG.

    As far as UG degree is concerned, it must be entirely done in a foreign country, not partly in India & partly abroad!I doubt if students who have passed MBBS in that manner will be given MCI recognition!They may not even be eligible to apper for FMGE!

    About foreign PG degrees, so far MCI does not conduct any exam similar to FMGE which is meant for UG students.Perhaps it may do so in future, one never knows!

    At present, MCI recognizes PG degrees from 5 English-speaking countries(UK, USA, Canada, Australia, NZ).

    Asha Paidhungat.
  24. javid ahmed

    javid ahmed Guest

    MBBS in Lugansk State Medical Univrtsity

    Respected mam

    I am an engineer and my Son 18 years wants to do MBBS from Lugansk State Medical University. Mam I would like to know Doing MBBS in Lugansk is it allowed as per MCI.

  25. guest123

    guest123 Guest


    hello madam,
    is mrcp recognized in india or there is any screening test to recognize it in india?
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hi! can i get the information regarding the medical colleges for post graduation in foreign countries recognised by MCI.....
  27. kovai siva

    kovai siva Guest

    hello madam , i finished my mbbs from chennai medical college and

    finished my 3 yrs training DNB TRAINING( primary candidate ) IN


    TIME . SINCE I AM FROM POOR FAMILY and married have to look after my

    family along with appearing for my paeds exams is there any other

    exams for any forign university that will consider my 3 yrs training

    period and get there pediatric degree . since no one consider me as pediatrician till l i get my degree. kindly give me option madam , if possible taking considering my position .

    waiting for ur response and results from nat board also

    thanking u .

    siva from kovai.
  28. Stan25

    Stan25 Guest

    FRCR --> MCI?

    Respected Dr.Asha Ma'am
    My query is regarding a foreign post grad degree.
    I know that the MCI doesn't recognize MD Radiology from Russia, etc. But, if I clear the FRCR (UK) after getting MD Radiology from Russia, then can I apply for registration with the MCI?
    I heard something about a CCT (Certificate of Consultant training) required alongwith FRCR. Could you please validate this?



    As mentioned earlier, only PG degrees from 5 English-speaking countries are recognized in India. Till today there's no FMGE by MCI for PG courses done in non-English-speaking countries.Therefore, for students who have done PG in other countries, its better if they also pass degrees like MRCP or FRCS, as the case maybe.

    As far as I know, Certificate of Consultant Training(CCT) after PG degree from UK is necessary for medicos who apply for GMC registration to work there. It may not be required in India, but please confirm with MCI.

    Asha Paidhungat.
  30. Stan25

    Stan25 Guest

    Thanks Ma'am!
    I'll do that when I visit the MCI next time.
  31. 9894408834

    9894408834 Guest

    Reg details

    I have done my mbbs in india now going to pursue md radiology in georgia. please inform e about entrance exams to practise in india, and can i put the degree behind my name . can i work in private hospitals. i would be very grateful if my doubts are clarified.It would also be great if someone reply abt radiology in tbisili, [/b]
  32. Guest

    Guest Guest

    MD from Georgia is not recognized by MCI .... also there is no sceening test for PG degrees from abroad ... only PG degrees recognized by MCI other than Indian PG are from USA , UK , Australia , Canada, NZ .....

    If you the MD frm Georgia you will not be registered with MCI .... you can definately add the foreign qualification behind you name .... also you can work in private hospital .... but you have to work under somebody registered to avoid any litigation .... best option is to do atleast a PG diploma then try for DNB or do the PG diploma get registered with atleast a State medical council locally then try for Georgia ...
  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    mam is there any screening test conducted by DCI for foreign MDS degree?
  34. awaiting provisional registration

    i applied for proviosional registration before 1 month when i will get this?
  35. req.of exams of ielts/touffle /for DR.means mbbs

    is there is any need of ielts/touffle for MBBS from kyrgzstan and fmge cleared from mci/means i wants to do the pg from eurode is it without touffle or ielts or whatever?
  36. Guest

    Guest Guest


  37. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hello mam..
    i completed my degree in i cleared my mci exam too...waitin for my provisional registration...ive got an oppertunity to do internship in papau new guiena...after completin that can i apply for permanent registration in mci???is it compulsary to do internship in india??
  38. rhea

    rhea Guest


    I hope MCI updates FFARCS, and add FRCA as well.
  39. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hello Madam,

    I am studying last year MBBS from Russia,I am plannig to do PG from 5 MCI valid countries without passing screening test,will i be able to do practise in india?please give me some advise,thank you in advance ma'am Smile
  40. Shantanu555

    Shantanu555 Guest

    Current Status of MCI about PG in foreign country

    Sir ,

    can i know the current status of MCI regarding the PG in foreign countries and do they have any plans to recognise more degrees from foreign countries .
  41. Rahul84

    Rahul84 Guest

    I am Rahul, Want to know about the stand of MCI for provisional registration and internship for UEIMS (IUHS) Ras Al Khaimah students...? Can you pl update on same? Tanzanian students get clearance from MCI after SC judgment...
  42. Rahul84

    Rahul84 Guest

    Can u pl elaborate more specifically on UEIMS, Ras Al Khaimah campus, where students are partly undergone training at Mumbai Hospital and part of studies at Dubai? Tanzanian students are given permission for internship and provisional registration, judgment just came 2 months back. What's about UEIMS (IUHS) students'? will this judgment also for UEIMS students?

  43. Rahul84

    Rahul84 Guest

    Will SC's ruling on Tanzanian University (came in first week of may) hold true for IUHS (Carribean University) for Registration and Practice in India?
  44. visam

    visam Guest

    can you please let me how to contact Dr Asha Paidhungat? can I have her e mail ID
  45. dr ramesh patel

    dr ramesh patel New Member

    My question is to Asha madam,ether MRCS is known MCI recognized degree or what?Many a people tell that its just qualifing exam and carries no value and unregistrable with MCI.but in third schedule of MCI MRCS london as well as frcs london are enumerated as a mci recognized degrees.

    Now lets a look to my problem .in 2011 ministry of gujarat govt issued GR that all cps will be recognised by gujarat medical council(GMC) provided by after completing candidate will complete 1 yr of service to gujarat government. After reading this gr,i taken admission in CPS D ORTHO in grant medical college ,mumbai after passing its screening exam .now as i completed it this year ,i visited GMC. they told me that we have not received yet the copy of gr and secretary told that even if i will receive the copy then even i am not going to give any registration to any cps candidate as i am not govt depended body ,i am MCI dependent body .when i went to gujarat govt health ministry they told that GMC is govt dependent body they have no right to decide to whom to give registration or not ,we will decide whom to give registration or not,they are just register maintainers and they have to obey state govt as well as MCI. but we are still thinking that we should apply the GR or not practically. then i personally visited health minister and asked him that the GR already has been issued by govt and you are thinking now ,its ridiculous. Better you people have thought it before issuing a GR ,already 200 lifes has been caught in between. He easily told that i didn't issued the GR ,previous health minister has issued the GR.

    now my question is if gujarat govt doesnt give me registration ,can i give mrcs and make my degree registrable to mci?because as i have done my all 4 posts of 6 months to grant medical college,mumbai as a stipendiary resident on the basis of its experience certificate i am eligible to give mrcs.

    someone also told me that being an mbbs you can do any surgery if you know the technoque.for it the MCI registration is not the time of any MLC lawyer cant ask you that being an MBBS why you operated the case.if you have not made any obvious mistake,and the complication is among the known complications as well as you have taken appropriate consent and done appropriate paper work no one can held you on the name of degree, is it true?i am asking because i am very good hand at most of the orthopaedic surgeries including spine instrumentation as i have done all my posts in grant medical college.

    some other friend also told me that you can practice anywhere in India,provided by your degree is registrable to any of 25 state medical it true?as the cps is recognized my maharastra medicle council can i practice in guajarat?

    one another friend has told me that recently by mci has passed new resolution that all degrees of 5 english speaking countries ie USA,UK,AUSTRALIA,NETHERLAND,CANADA are it true,if yes then can passing mrcs will work for me to work as an orthopaedician ?someone also told me that after passing the resolution even the state govt are denying registration. So where can we get the copy of resolution or can you give me a link to download that resolution?
  46. Ashish Patil

    Ashish Patil New Member

    I have completed my mbbs from Maharashtra. I am getting MS ortho or DM cardiology in germany. These are not recognised in India but then after that if I do FRCS/FRCP from UK, can I practise in India??? Both FRCS and FRCP are recognised in India. PLease reply....
  47. Rajesh Saagar

    Rajesh Saagar New Member

    What about the recognition for MBBS that is done in China and Russia? Is it recognized by the MCI ? Please post answers
  48. Rajesh Saagar

    Rajesh Saagar New Member

    Do MCI recognize the medical degrees from China?
  49. Dr Lalit Tanwar

    Dr Lalit Tanwar New Member

  50. Rajesh Saagar

    Rajesh Saagar New Member

    How do the medical degree from Russia? Is it recognized by the Medical Council of India?

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