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    Different from Sydney (according to Zara post)

    1. Agree - most Q different from recalls, however all repeat TOPIC covered in recalls - think it would be wise to go throught them befire exam
    2. most pictures from Anthology
    3. a few Q from hematology
    5. Mostly Murtag General Practice book has bee tested
    6. Test was hard bur if you read more than ONLY recall - it is possible to pass

    Anyway - posting as much as I can remember ... hope it will help.

    Good luck all!
    1. Symptoms of anterior shoulder dislocation, asking the neurological sign of nerve commonly involved in this type of injury:
    - sensory deficit at upper lateral arm

    2. Supracondylar fracture. What structure prone to damage. (Anthology pic. p 197)
    – brachial artery

    3. Anterior shoulder dislocation. Type of anesthesia?
    4. Several Q about Tanner stage development
    5. Bleeding gastric ulcer
    6. Test most important fro F/U in duodenal ulcer – breath urea test
    7. Premature telarche Q
    8. Clinical description of cervical abscess _ slight proteinuria and joint involvement following tonsillitis in kid. D/d
    9. Pre-menstrual syndrome
    10. Placebo – effect?
    11. Picture of mane with submandibular duct calculi – how to diagnosed? Anterior mouth floor palpation (Anthology p 282)
    12. Cleaner and overuse syndrome – occupational hazard
    13. Asbestosis – how Ds?
    14. Polycitemia Vera
    15. IUD with Levonorgestral – complication
    16. Management of urine incontinence
    17. Euthyriod T4 increase with TSH normal in female at peak of viral infection – management – check TFT in 1 month
    18. Scabies in 6 month old baby – where most likely the marks can be found?
    19. p 396 – Bowen disease
    20. Nose with asymmetric different color - Ds – melanoma
    21. P 412 – ds – Henoch-Schonlein purpura.
    22. Concomitant treatment Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. Again they asked antibiotics
    23. Bronchiolitis – classical Q, always in all recalls
    24. Pregnant lady at 3rd trimester with domestic violence and bruises on abdomen
    – what to do? – admit to CTG 24 hours monitoring and observation
    25. Q about 16 month pregnancy with past History of neural tube defect – management – triple test or amniocentesis?
    27. Anovulatory cycle – group is affected and LH/FSH changes
    28. Vulva leukoplakia in old female– Ds – multiple biopsy or excision?
    29. GTD – what is ovary involvement – bilatery theca cysts
    30. Pylorus stenosis – congenital and acquired. Symptoms and management
    31. Congenital Heard defect – d/d cyanotic and acyanotic. Infective endocarditis prophylaxis
    32. Tetanus prophylaxis
    33. A lot of Q regarding COPD; COPD + a/biotic; Asthma management ; Asthma and kids
    34. Posterior knee dislocation – popliteal artery at risk
    35. Trip to India + bloody diarrhea – DS?
    36. Uveitis – signs?
    37. Carcinoma breast – a few Q
    38. Metastasis to bone, brain
    39. 14 year male with painless testicular enlargement – DS?
    40. 40 year female with painful 2 cm firm breast lump – DS?
    41. Picture male with L varicele – sign of Left renal carcinoma
    42. A few Q about renal and bladder carcinoma – DS and management (how DS?)
    43. 2 Glasgow Coma Q – calculation
    44. Subdural hematomas
    45. Picture of cerebral carcinoma in old male – D/d
    46. Picture of L lower extrimites with venous insufficiency – what cause discoloration? Hemosiderin deposition (Anthology p 294)
    47. Location in venous insufficiency
    48. Few ECG – 2-3
    49. Pregnant female 1st trimester with CIN III – management – colposcopy; termination of pregnancy; cone biopsy or other invasive manipulation with cervix? I think – colposcopy.
    50. Pathological and physiological jaundice differencial
    51. Calcium stone long term prophylaxis? Thiazides
    52. Diabetic male can not dorsiflex and evert his foot? Nerve? – Common peroneal nerve
    53. 2 pictures with the same X-ray – lumbar region with osteoporosis and pathological fracture. 1 – asking the source of Mts.(prostate) 2 – management (biphosphonate).
    54. Horner syndrome and lung cancer
    55. Child and epilepsy
    56. Infectious mononucleosis and HIV – similarity and D/d
    57. Ig A nephropathy
    58. What to do in patient with premature ejaculation???? – condom or squeezing of what ever it is. I did not like any option
    59. What is not a sign of Prodrome of Schizophrenia – auditory hallucination
    60. OCP
    61. Myoplasma pneumonia X ray in 5 year child – management (a/biotic?). By the way it was a few Q regarding pneumonia, COPD and antibiotics
    62. Farmer with signs of restrictive lung disease – diagnosis?
    63. Q with burn – weight and % body affected calculation
    64. Mastery – most common dearth in burn injured child at 2nd week? Options: Septicemia or due to toxic product accumulation?
    65. Steroids and psychosis – Answer: increase risk of psych development
    66. SIADH
    67. Neck lump – 3 or 4. Congenital, infectious and malignant. Q with clinical description – what that and how diagnose?
    68. Bacterial vaginosis at 12 weeks in primigravida – shall we give her metronidasone now of wait with follow up or …?
    69. ERPCG – most common complication? Pancreatitis or bleeding?
    70. Most common cause of cholestatis in last trimester of pregnancy in Aussi?
    71. CTG – a couple of Q with different clinical situation including CTG signs
    72. Most worrisome CTG – late deceleration.
    73. Fragile X
    74. Groin hernia clinical case
    75. 6 month child and undescending testes – what to do? In 6 month surgery
    76. Common cause of small bowel obstruction with no history of operation - groin hernia
    77. Hepatitis B
    78. 40 year male with clinical signs of anemia and mixed microcytic and macrocytic anemia on Blood smear – diagnosis?
    79. Hip ostearthrosis – walking stick , what side preferred – contralateral or ipsilateral?
    80. Indication of thrombolysis – new LBBB
    81. Food poising Q
    82. TIA
    83. Picture p 55 Anthology – anal fistula. Answer: clinical sign - intermittent fecal incontinence.
    84. Painless hematoemesis – management
    85. Hemorrhoid – pain is not a feature of UNCOMPLICATED hemorrhoid
    86. Snake bite by tiger snake with no clinical feature – what to do? Pressure bandage and observation
    87. Ectopic pregnancy
    88. COPD and respiratory alkalosis (should make Ds via electrolytes analysis) – what to do?
    89. Massive blood transfusion – most common complication
    90. Q with patient 40 years old and FH of colon cancer in first degree relatives, screening
    91. Inducement – preventive medicine
    92. Pic. P. 108 – Paget disease (Anthology)
    93. Face burn - baby – what to do? Intubation
    94. Peripheral cyanosis in newborn born with no problem with good response on O2– the DS?
    95. Preeclampsia with seizures – what to give? Phenytoin , hydralazine, magnesium?
    96. What is not teratogenic – all was, except of prednisone
    97. Asthma and steroids – indication for commencement
    98. Granuloma formation – not in systemic Candida (other option – Crohn, sarcoidosis, lepra and TB)
    99. Constipation from birth – Hirschsprung disease
    100. Clue cell – Bacterial Vaginosis – management
    101. Right homonymus hemianopsia – where the lesion?
    102. Child and migraine. A – FH informative and important for Ds
    103. Child and cerebral tumor – clinical signs. Make Ds
    104. Achalasia – what make Ds? – inability of LES to relax
    105. Tension pneumothorax – management
    106. Tension pneumothorax – where insert the needle? 5th mid-axillary
    107. Recognise clinical signs of COA
    108. Thyroglossal cyst - D/d from other neck lump
    109. Surgical complication – early and late
    110. HIV suspicious young patient with Herpes Zoster at low ribs distribution – what is most important in Ds (HIV test)
    111. Treatment of cellulites
    112. SLE
    113. Parkinson tremor on treatment – developing tongue protrusion – management – a/cholinergic drug
    114. D/d between complication of psychotic treatment
    115. Immune deficiency Q
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    Thant impressive recall work lorkem, i couldnt remeber more than 10 questions when i came out of the mcq exam..all the best
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    hi lorkum best of luck for ur exam.this book which u mentioned general practice by john murtajh .is it necessary for pass imean i havnt bought it yet . and nirubeen , is there any alternative of this book ..
    onething more lorkem do u want to sell this book i live in sydney .thhx take care bye faran
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    lorkem wat is ur email addrees i have few queries about exam thx
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    i wish someone would put this up as a sticky.. i nearly missed all these questions
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    thank you for your recall paper..
    it's too much.. more than a hundred just at the beginning of 2006...
    I would like to know that whether it is all within 2006 or not.
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    Too much for what? :D
    All Questions from this year - March 2006. My own recall. Good luck
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    PLS help me about AMC clinical?

    Respected friends ,
    Can any one tell me that we have to pick the clinical findings in patients like murmurs..or they just check oue technique?
    Thanks a lot
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    Hello everyone!
    I passed!!
    Good luck!
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    Congratulations to all on passing amc exam.
    please give us some tips. how to get books, time needed to prepare for the exam etc.i am in london,is it an disadvantage.

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