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    For every 100,000 population the highest prevalence of blindness in the world is seen in:

    1 .Sub -Saharan Africa.
    2 South asia.
    3 Eastern Europe
    4 Latin America .

    Vesicoureteric is more common in:
    1. New born females.
    2. Older girls.
    3. Older boys.
    4. Only during pregnancy..
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    The prevalence of blindness is relatively more common in sub-saharan africa. Note that the prevalence of blindness due to vitamin A deficiency is relatively more common in Asia.

    VUR is more common in newborn boys bcos of the single condition of PUV(Posterior urethral valves). But bcos UTI are more common in females , there is a trasition in the prevalence from males to females after the infantile period. So VUR is more common in newborn males and older females. Note that it is common during pregnancy, but it is not ONLY during pregnancy in females.

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