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    1.PHOTO---Erect x ray of the abdomen.A women from malasia,most likely cause would
    be---- .preaortic lymph of the tuberculosis .
    2. PHOTO—back of a man.A large lump about 4cm x 5cmsize at the inferior scapula ----- lipoma.
    3.PHOTO---face.A firm immobile 1cm size lump above right eye brow since birth– Osteoma of frontal bone
    4.PHOTO—arm ,forarm& hand—leprosy.
    5.PHOTO---eyelid(10 years old girl)—Viral warts.
    6.Fever with chills & rigor.found most commonly in-acute cholangitis.
    7.40 years old patient present with sudden severe excruciating abdominal pain. Least likely cause— Acute appendicitis.
    8.Patient presents with rt. hypochondric tenderness, fever & chills, jaundice. Increased
    alkaline phosphatase. Dark urine. Diagnosis---
    9.Patient presents with artharalgia, rt. hypochondric tenderness, jaundice, increased ALT. Dx— Hepatitis B.
    10.23years old man suffered abdominal injury in a football game two yrs ago.He had severe abdominal pain at that time. On one occasion he had elevated serum amylase-1500IU.What is the single most appropriate investigation—
    CT scan of the abdomen.
    11. With regard to abdominal aortic aneurysm
    it can be visualized with abdominal ultrasound.
    12.50years old smoker, waken up in night by pain in the calf and relieved by walking. Most likely cause---
    muscular cramps.
    13.50 yrs old iron worker, presented with weakness of the leg. On examination he has diminished knee jerk. The pain worsen by strain at stool. Most likely cause----
    Prolapse of the vertebral disc.

    14. A patient treated for recurrent duodenal ulcer. Eradication therapy of helicobactor pylori given. Doctor wants to confirm the eradication. What is the most appropriate investigation---
    urea breath test
    15.A patient presented with tension pneumothorax.. What is the immediate action—
    large bore needle at 2nd intercostals space.
    16.A patient involved with motor traffic accident got pelvic #.He also had diastasis of symphysis pubis.patient has blood at the tip of the penis. What is the intial investigation?
    17.21 yrs old girl presented with enlarged lower cervical lymph node.Biopsy showed thyroid glandular tissue.what is themost likely cause?
    Metastasis from thyroid carcinoma
    18.What is the most important indication for surgery for a patient with multinodular toxic goiter?
    Compression of the trachea
    19.A man presented with subcutaneous emphysema above surprasternal notch after got strenuous vomiting. What is the cause?
    Rupture of the esophagus
    20.A 30yrs old female was found to have two macular brown colour lesion on the lower leg measuring about 0.5 cm diameter.the probable cause would be—
    Junctional dysplastic naevus

    21.Most likely feature of scaphoid fractures-----
    Avascular nacrosis is more common on proximal segment than distal
    22.Most important muscle on inspiration is---
    23.What is the best sign of differentiation of inguinoscrotal hernia in an old man—
    can not get above the swelling
    24.40 yr old man present with two days pain and swollen testis.what is the most likely cause?
    Epididymo orchitis
    25.Clostridial myonecrosis involving lower limb. Which is true statement?
    Radical surgery should be included
    26.Regarding pulmonary embolism.which one least likely---
    massive pulmonary embolism usually present with recognizable signs of
    27.Regarding uncomplicated haemorrhoids,a patient has features except---
    severe pain
    28.Least likely cause of brain metastasis---
    29.Testicular teratoma characteristically spread to---
    para aortic lymph node
    30.With regard to jaundice in a 40yrs old man. What is true---
    in haemolysis unconjugated bilirubin is elevated
    *31.A women on warfarin therapy for prosthetic heart valve,prepare for hemicolectomy with regard management---
    Heparin should be substituted for warfarin and surgery should be done . after normal INRis reached.
    *32.In what condition anticoagulation therapy should not be stopped?
    33. Which thyroid malignancy is familial?
    34.prophylactic should be given except---
    *35.Regarding gall stons which is incorrect statement?
    Stone in the duct is usually associated with sepsis in the gall bladder.
    36.In primary hyperparathyroidism,all are associated except----
    37.Rregarding mammography which is true----
    Is more sensitive than breast self examination in diagnosing early cancer.
    38.23yrs old lady present with small mobile lump in breast.What is the most likely cause?
    39Facial nerve palsy is commonly associated with all of the following except----
    Chronic parotitis
    40.The best indicator of increasing intracranialpressure-----
    Altered level of conciousness
    41.A mechanic had a penetrating injury in the palm presented with swollen hand.He had swelling on extensor aspect of his hand. Regarding this----
    The swelling is due to oedema
    42. A man presented with wasting of all small muscles of the hand except theaner eminence,The probable site injuryis----
    Ulnar nerve injury
    43.Typical feature of extra dural haemorrhage except-----
    *44.A patient recovering from bile duct surgery developed pleuritic chest pain ,dyspnoea at one week.What is most likely cause?
    Pulmonary embolism
    45.Patient complains of diplopia for long term.On examination when she was asked to look left, the right eye unable to adduct and the left eye and eye movements are normal.She also has ptosis of right eye.Light reflex was present on left eye but it is absent on right eye.The cranial nerve affected is------------
    3(third cranial nerve)
    *46.Oraganism responsible for cellulites-------
    Group A streptococcus
    47.25yrs old lady present with soft fluctuant swelling on anterior triangle, partially covered by upper one third of sternocledomastoid. What is the diagnosis?
    Branchial cyst
    48.An old woman can read clearly but she is unable to see clearly when she go out.The most likely cause is-------
    49.Hypoprothrombinaemia in obstrurctive jaundice,the cause is---
    vitamin k malabsorbtion
    50.Most common site of intermittent claudication-------
    Superficial femoral artery
    51.What you can find after splenectomy except---------
    short life span of RBC
    52.Male patient complains of renal pain brought up bleeding in urine .What is your action--------
    Examine / ask for fresh urine
    52.Scenario of Adjustment disorder ---
    Interview with her husband

    53.What is the most common cause of death in burn patient.—
    Respiratory tract burn & respiratory failure
    54.After injury which nerve has most chance of recovery—
    Digital nerve
    55.Heparin induced thrombocytopenia------
    56.A obese patient presents with retrosternal chest pain which improves with rest------------------------------------
    Admit him to CCU & monitor his ECG & and do serial cardiac
    57.The aspirate from joint showed positively birefringent crystals.What is the likely composition-----
    Calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate

    58.Mallet fracture----?
    ---Inabity to move tip of finger
    ---Invove distal phalanx
    ---inability to pinch
    ---involve proximal phalanx
    59.Which of the following most likely site detected anaerobic infection—
    brain abscess
    60.A female pt. Presents a tennitus,sensorineural hearing loss and absence of corneal reflex. Which of the following is the most likely cause?
    Acoustic neuroma
    61.A patient on digoxin.Blood level .125mg.Inspite of digoxin patient developed symptoms of Atrial fibrillation. What is the most important to prevent complications---
    long term oral anticoagulation
    62.A obese patient with HTN(160/85mmof mg).He developed recently snoring,which was noticed by his wife.What is your intial management-----
    reduce weight & control blood pressure
    63.A patient complains of jaundice,pigmentation in the body,gonadal atrophy.His father died of chirrhosis.What is the investigation of choice------
    Transferrin saturation
    64.Early change of retrobulber neuritis----?
    ----Blurring of optic dise
    --- Red hue
    65.Characteristic of pleural effusion in tuberculosis----
    lymphocytes predominate
    66.Typical feature of Mitral stenosis except----
    Third heart sound
    67.Typical feature of pulmonary embolism except----
    Bronchial breath sound
    68.Gynaecomastia except---
    69.Glucose intolarence except----
    Prolactin secreting tumour
    70.Scenario of pleural effusion
    71.Scenario of CLL ( old age, lymphadenopathy, splenomegaly)
    72.Scenario of Myelofibrosis (tear drop appearance in peripheral blood)
    73.Scenario of infectious mononeucleosis (Atypical lymphocytes in peripheral blood)
    *74.18 yrs old boy presents with sore throat,jaundice, Increased liver enzymes.How do you confirm the Dx….
    Atypical lymphocytes in peripheral blood
    *75 .A man has suffered from Rheumatoid arthritis for a long time.For 2 days he develops joint pain .Dx----
    Septic arthritis
    76 .Scenario of bacterial meningitis( RBC, lymphocytes 100,glucose 3.3 )
    77.Scenario of Echo virus ( glucose normal mentioned)
    78.A patient with 4th acute attack of gout.Rx of choice
    *79. A 45 yrs old women presents with breast lump
    It should be treated as breast cancer until proven otherwise
    80.Wernickes encephalopathy. Rx
    Give thiamin followed by iv dextrose
    81.A old man came back home after few days has bruise on head, confused-----
    Subdural haematoma
    82.Feature of myco plasma infection except
    Pleuritic pain
    83.A patient present with axillary & left groin mass had ulcerated. Cause---
    Suppurative hydradinitis
    84.Amyloidosis except----
    Chronic active hepatitis
    85.Erythema nodosum-except—
    Rheumatic fever
    86.scenario of SIADH (high urinary osmol.--825 mol ,Hyponatremia)
    87.Febrile convulsion,what is true---
    Last less than 15 minutes
    88.A man with back pain prefers to take---?
    ---stick on opposite hand
    ---stick on same hand
    ---stick on both hand
    *89.Organism responsible for chicken pox
    90. Incubation period of Chicken pox---
    15 to 20 days
    91.Regarding PPV,all are true except---(Primary Policythemia Vera)
    Decrease WBC count

    92.Regarding Keratoacanthoma , what is true---
    Fast growing tumour with spontaneous resolution
    93.Most likely become chronic-----
    Hepatitis C
    94.Cause of Increased life expactency for female---
    Genetic and biological difference
    95.WPW syndrome + AF ,RX ---
    96.Temporary memory loss + blurring,where is the lesion---
    Vertebrobasilar insufficiency
    97.Diabetic patient with fever & increase frequency of urine.E coli present in blood and urine , but not response to antibiotic.Dx---
    Perinephric abscess
    98.36yrs old man with known h/o IHD,c/o increased frequency of chest pain.what ii true-
    Thromolytic therapy is not indicated if ECG is normal
    99.40 yrs old man with known HTN ,BP –180/120mm of mg, widened mediastinum-----------------------------Rx---
    Morphine ,beta –blocker, arrange for urgent TOE

    100.A 28yrs old women with 18 months post pill amenorrhoea wants pregnant.All of the following investigations may need to be carried out .Except----
    CTscans even if the serum prolactin level is normal
    101.which of the following is the most likely cause of the painless jaundice in pregnancy.
    102 .After ejaculation ,which of the following is the site most of the sperm are lost?
    103.A young woman presents acute pain after 8weeks of amenorrhoea. Beta-HCG is negative. A 1.8 cm cyst is found by US.What is the most appropriate action?
    Ask for review after 4 weeks
    104.A 24 yrs old women presents an acute pelvic pain &spotting after 8weeks of amenorrhoea,beta -HCG positive.She had a history of appendicectomy and cholecystectomy. Which of the following least likely cause of her pain/
    Red degeneration of fibroid
    105.A woman is being investigation for infertility.Her Gynaecologist advised laparosopy and she asks your opinion about the procedure. You will tell her all the followings except—
    Laparoscopy is diagnosis of PCO
    106.Picture of PCOS
    107.A 48 yrs old women is feeling hot flush.Dx of her condition by—
    High FSH & low oestrogen
    108.Absolute contra indication of OCP
    Migrine with hemiplegic aura
    109.Mass in the posterior triangle---
    Cystic hygroma
    110.Mouth ulcer in children---
    Herpes simplex type 1
    111.All of the followings are true for cerebral palsy except
    Majority develop mental handicap(IQ<70)
    112.Most common cause for a blood stained stool----
    Anal fissure
    *113.MSU was done on a 12 yrs old child. The bacterial count was 1x10 of pure growth.what is the next step of management?
    Intravenous administration of cotrimaoxzole
    *114.Regarding vesico-ureteric reflux, which of the following least likely----
    ?---circumcision can prevent its recurrence
    115.A mother brought a infant with vomiting for several days. The infant weight is within normal percentiles for his age. There were not found any abnormalities on examination Which of the following is the most appropriate management—
    Radiological investigation is not necessary
    116.Scenario of osteomyelitis
    117.Scenario of SUFE
    118. To prevent recurrence of infection in vesico –ureteric reflux, what is your management----
    ?Intermittent antiboiic therapy
    --Continous antibiotic therapy
    ----maintain proper hygiene
    *119.?12yrs old suddenly developed moderate wheezey.He was treated with ?broncodilators ----------------- Physical examinations are normal---Initial investigation –
    ----blood culture
    120.A 30yrs old pregnant has suffered from asthma.WOF is true—
    Does not get more frequent bronchospasm.
    121.which one is correctly matched----
    Myasthenia gravis with Anti acetylcholine receptor antibody
    122.Radiation was given to the cervix.Now presents with bloody diarrhoea.Most likely due to-----------
    --- Ulcerative colitis
    --- proctitis
    123. Risk of breast cancer except-----
    artificial early menopause
    124.8 yrs old boy has got 15%burn & agitated----
    Intravenous midazolam & morphine
    126.Rx of Dysthymia---
    SSRI+cognitive behavioural therapy
    127. Scenario of Erb’s palsy
    128.Scenario of child developmental age ----
    7 months old
    129.Scenario of bronchiolitis
    130.Scenario of neuroblastoma
    131.what is the significant of epiphyseal growth plate failure---
    Arrested linear growth
    132.22 months old child presents with jaundice,splenomegaly.History of prolong neonatal jaundice &family h/o gall stone.what will you find in peripheral blood film---
    133.Scenario of infantile spasm
    134.Scenario of medulloblastoma
    135.2 yrs old baby has breast enlargement-----
    idiopathic premature thelarche
    136.A child comes with subdural haematoma. skeletal survey revealed multiple healing fracture in different ages-----
    Non accidental injury
    137.28yrs old mother gave birth to a baby in a countryside hospital.When you see the the baby had all characteristic features of Down syndrome.What is your next step----
    Baby is probably has Down syndrome & baby should be checked for
    Chromosomal abnormality
    138.How HRT affect cardiovascular system. All are correct response except----
    It reduces HDL
    139.Bright red bleeding from vagina after delivery of a baby. Uterus was small & contracted & placenta and membrane were intact .WOF most likely cause----
    Laceration of genital tract
    140.A woman with third trimester visited you & asked question for prenatal care. She wants to know what situations she needs admit to hospital. You told her all the following situations she should be admitted to hospital Except----
    a) ?Regular ut. contractions at intervals of 10 minutes
    b) Headache, visual disturbances and abdominal pain
    c) Rupture of membrane
    d) Vaginal bleeding with pain
    e) Vaginal spotting bleeding
    141.Couple with 6 months h/o infertility,1 yrof marriage. Advise them—
    Regular follow temp. chart (BBT),explain about ovulationtime& come after
    4 months
    *142.One couple wants to maintain natural rhythm for contraception . Advice following except-----------
    As frequent as intercourse after peak mucous secretion.
    143. Episode of neonatal hypoglycaemia in all of the following except----
    mother on propanolol
    144.Which of the following drug in high dose in late pregnancy causes prolong neonatal neurological complication ------
    Anti –convulsant
    145.In gestational DM –WOF are true.except—
    Neonatal hypoglycaemia rare in GDM
    146.Twin pregnancy-WOF are true except---
    Acute polyhydramnios
    147.Regarding polyhydraamnios.AOF are true except –
    Acute hydramnios commoner than chronic hydramnios
    *148.38wks of pregnant lady comes with labour. Membrane was ruptured after doing a viginal examination. There was FHR-60 during a contraction, most appropriate managament-----
    Another vaginal examination
    149.Fever(38 degreeC) on 4th day after spontaneous delivery of10 hours duration—[-
    150.30 wks pg.with rupture of AOF except----
    Induction at 32 wks though there is no sign of infection
    151.Abruptio placenta except----
    BP –180/110 mm of mg
    152 .Preterm labour—
    Dx fibronectin at cervix
    153.Regarding HCG alpha& beta subunits are produced from---
    154.Risk factor for endometrial cancer----
    *155.Regarding endometrial ca. AOF true except----
    Ovarian hyperstimulation----------
    156. Lady with 30 wks pregnancy develops BP –180/125 mm of mg+ heavy proteinuria, no edema. AOF true except---
    Delivery within 48 hrs
    157. Menoause with mucopurulent discharge. Except---
    158.menopause with bleeding. Mostly----
    atrophic vaginitis
    159.Baby with early deceleration at 15 mins interval with reduced activity. AOF true except-----------------
    a)Fetal sleep
    ? c)Preg at 24 wks
    d)Inj.Mgso4 to mother
    e)Tab propanolol
    160.A lady came with 2nd pregnancy.First baby was 4.7kg---------Now management—
    3hrs glucose tolerance test
    161.Commonest site of rupture of ectopic pregnancy----
    midportion( isthmus)
    162.Regarding Rh incompatibility. What is true-----
    It neutralizes foetal RBC in maternal blood
    163.Beneficial effect of OCP Except---------------
    Reduce cervical carcinoma
    164.31wks pregnant lady with breech presentation, regarding management---
    Review after 2 weeks
    165.Child with SVT, management ---
    Administer cold stimulants
    166.Child with IDDM, what is true ----
    Present within 1 yr /month of symptoms
    167.Regarding permanent sterilization,all are true ,except---
    Anti sperm antibody develops within 5 yrs
    168.A post menopausal women with HRT came to you no bleeding, no problem.What is your management-----
    169.A 3 yrs old child can say only 3 words, in 8 months tympanography normal . What is your advice------
    Arrange audiometry
    !70.A 4yrs old child with respiratory distress. How do you assess severity ------
    Intercostal recession
    171.Scenario of celiac disease Dx----
    Duodenal biopsy
    172.Regarding .Post traumatic stress disorder which one least likely----
    Depends on age & sex

    173. A child with epilepsy on carbamazepine.He had repeated convulsions in last few weeks. Your management-----
    --- ? Arrange urgent EEG & CTscn of the brain
    --- Check blood level of carbamazepine
    174. Weight loss except---
    175.S/E of steroid except—
    176.Regarding HIV what is true—
    seroconversion usually develop within 8 to 12 wks
    *177.Regarding HIV what is true---?
    -- ?Pentadimine reduce severity
    --lymphanoadenopathy always present with opportunistic infection
    178. Least likely chance of developing HIV positive—
    h/o of iv drug abuse in 1991
    179.School girl collapsed in school with PR 50/min,BP 180/110mm of Hg., Pupils are unequal. Management—
    Arrange for CT
    180. Confirm Dx of glomerulo nephritis---
    Erythrocyte cast
    181. Chronic renal failure confirmed by—
    small size kidney
    182 .Erythema nodosum except—
    Rheumatic fever
    183.Characteristic Ig A nephropathy—
    Haematuria,with or without HTN
    *184.A old female with total lung capacity 145%,diffusion capacity 25% Dx—
    *185.Mitral stenosis with AF and cardiac failure—
    -- ? Warfarin is only indicated if pt has TIA + AF
    ---Mitral valvuloplasty should be done
    186.Scenario of anaemia of chronic disease ( increased ferritin)
    187.Anterior uveitis commonly found in –
    Ankylosing spondylitis
    188.In duodenal ulcer- least likely
    Loss of appetite
    189.Scenario of reflux oesophagitis .Rx----
    *190.About chronic asthma which is least likely---
    -- usually will not present after after 50 yrs
    ----Emphysema does not occur in non smoker
    191.In peget’s disease, which is true—
    Alk. Phosphate is usually elevated
    192.A old female with high ESR+proptosis of left eye---
    Retro orbital tumour
    193. Scenario of migraine with aura
    194. Scenario of tension headache. Rx---
    195.Haemolytic anaemia except—
    Decrease MCV
    196.HOCM Rx---
    197.Hypertention is an important preventive risk factor for which of the following—
    Ischaemic stroke
    *198.Scenario of lacunar infraction
    199.Feature of damage to basal ganglia except-
    *200.Feature of LMNL---------
    Muscle weakness.wasting,fasiculation,hypotonia,decrease reflex
    201.A old man with 3rd nerve palsy, eye movement is lost,light reflex is intact –Dx?
    Argyl Robertson pupil
    202.Polymyalgia rheumatica,except—
    Muscle weaknsess
    203.Hyperthyroidism—which is not a clinical feature—
    Small muscle wasting of the hand
    204.Trigeminal neuralgia Rx—
    205.Stone found in acidic urine—
    Uric acid
    206.In which condition ,hypoxia is corrected by giving 100% oxygen—
    Lung disease
    207.3 months diarrhoea. Least likely---
    Campylobacter jejuni persistant infection
    208.Staghorn calculus except—
    209.Hyperkalamia is produced by which of the following—
    210.Rx of CRF, what is true—
    phosphate binder halt the progress the disease
    211.Rx of Hyperkalamia except—
    Ca++ salt
    212.Regarding antibiotic all are true except--
    Multiple drug better than single drug
    213.Casue of pruritis of CRF—
    Retention of nitrogenous waste product
    214.Scenario of Roseola infantum
    215.Rubella infection in pregnancy—
    Antibody check now & 10 days apart
    consists of 3 layers
    217.Scenario of metastatic carcinoma (increase ca++, po4 normal)
    218.Least likely helpful in diagnosing lacunar infraction----?
    219.Risk factor for colon cancer/bowel cancer except—
    220.Least likely in diagnosing of early stage of intestinal obstruction---?
    Empty rectum
    Abdomen tympanic
    221.Precipitate asthma---
    Ca++ channel blocker
    222.Sucking wound---
    Airtight bandage
    223.Nasopharyngeal carcinoma---
    Associated with presence of EBV
    *224. Olanzapine S/E---
    Weight gain
    225.Scenario of PTSD
    226.Scenario of Somatization disorder
    227.Scenario of Impaired insight (does not want to take medication and communicate with angels)
    228.Scenario of ADHD
    230.Scenario of habitul tic
    231.Tourette’s disorder except—
    Patient is not distressed by tics
    232.Scenario of Alcohol withdrawl (A pt.heat a lamp post by his car & confused after 3
    233.Scenario of resistance (change topic to topic)
    234.Pt. present with chest pain least likely—
    somatization disorder
    235.Body dysmorphic disorder except---
    236.Panic disorder except---
    Patient should avoid trigger factors
    237.Dog phobia------
    Advice to read books about dogs
    240.Not culturally based----
    241.Deafness except---
    Mother taking phenytoin
    242.In a emergency situation of a girl all of the following can give concent for surgery except---
    Maternal grandmother
    243.Investigations of anorexia nervosa except—
    Bone densiometry.
    244.Regading elderly abuse—
    Females are more prone.
    245.Scenario of Panic attack with Aggrophobia.
    *246.Wich is the most important factor in counseling apatient---
    247.A patient on Lithium now present with wait gain& poor concentration.What is the diagnosis----
    248.Regarding intestinal obstruction---
    2000ml hartmann’s solution preoperatively
    249.?Which of the following least likely cause to breech confidentiality –
    ? When there is extreme benefit for the pt.
    *250.A patient with COPD developed right heart failure.which of the following conditions reflects most likely the cause-----
    Oxygen <50

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