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    1.Photo: Dark discolouration on the side of the nose.After excision report shows it as a Nodular malignant malanoma.WOF is next Mx- (Antho-397 picture on the Sole)
    b.Do nothing
    c. Wider local excision
    d. Radiotherapy
    e. Excision

    2.Photo:A child with rash on the buttocks and legs .Both ankles swollen and tender, also abdominal pain,but no fever. No neck stiffness.WOF is most common major complication- (Dx:HS purpura ;AMC-286)

    3.Photo: One X-ray and one Mammogram of Breast (Anthology-104).Dx:
    a.Breast Cyst

    4.Photo:Lipoma on the neck of a man.H/O soft swelling present for last 3 yrs, never had any trouble for that swelling.But now he came to you for your opinion.WOF you will do-
    a.Reassure, nothing need to do ( Anthology-399)
    b.Refer for specialist opinion

    5.Photo:X-ray chest of a 8 months old infant with opacity in Rt lower zone and pneumatoceles(Staph. Pneumonia).Rx- (AMC: Fig-119)
    I/V Flucloxacillin

    6.Photo: Psoriasis in the forearm ( Anthology Book-buttock).WOF is your Rx-
    a.Topical steroids (Antho-410)
    c.Intralesional Steroids

    7.Photo:Eye and dilated pupil.Man came to you with h/o pain in the eye, also has headache and vomiting.Mx-
    a.Tropical Acetazolamide
    b.Patch the eye to look for FB
    cAtropine eye drops
    d. Topical Pilocarpine

    8.Photo: A growth in the palm;developed over 2 weeks in a manual labour.Dx-

    Pyogenic granuloma (Anthology-398)

    9.Photo: A man came with a soft swelling in groin for last 2 years.It is soft, slowly growing over inguinal ligament & lateral to pubic tubercle.WOF is your Dx-
    a. Lipoma
    b. Inguinal Hernia (May-2005)
    c. Femoral Hernia

    10.Photo: X-ray chest of a 9 months old infant as shown in AMC book(page-119). What is the Dx? Staph. Pneumonia( But most common in this age group is Streptococcus pneumonia)

    11.Photo: CT Scan. A lady complains that she feels her left side of body she feels heavy. She also has paralysis & weakness of left side. WOF is your Dx-
    a. Cerebral Tumour
    b. Cerebral Haemorrhage
    c. Cerebral Infarction
    d. SAH

    12.ECG: Wide QRS complex and tall T wave-

    13.ECG : Inferior Infarction

    14.ECG: Ventricular Fibrillation

    15.ECG:Vetricular Ectopic

    16.ECG: WPW Syndrome.What is the Rx-
    a.Surgical ablation of the extra circuit
    b. Radiofrequency ablation of the abnormal tract

    17.A pt. present with ptosis of left eye, left side sensory loss of face. Left side gag reflex was absent, Rt. Sided hemiparesis and incoordination of Rt. Upper and lower limb.Where is the lesion?
    a.Middle Cerebral Artery
    b.Internal Carotid Artery
    c. Vertebral Artery
    d. Multiple Sclerosis
    e.Post. Cerebral Artery

    18.A baby has jaundice just after delivery. Mother is Rh –ve, baby also Rh –ve. Coomb’s Test is –ve.What may be the Dx?
    a.Autoimmune condition
    b.ABO incompatibility
    c.Rh incompatibility

    19.Apparent shortening due to severe osteoarthritis of the hip is due to:
    a.Fixed adduction
    b.Fixed flexion
    c.Degeneration of head of femur

    20.Median nerve injury above the wrist.WOF is true-
    paralysis of abductor pollicis brevis with inability to abduct the thumb
    21.In pt. with pancreatitis for purpose of statistical studies ,AOF are useful EXCEPT-
    a.Case control
    c.Case report/case study—(one study)
    d.Double blind study
    e.Systemic review

    22. What a 3 yrs. Old can do?
    a.Draw a man with 6 parts
    b.Hop on one foot
    c.Climb stairs
    d.Name four colours

    23.AOF are used in BISHOP Score , Except-
    a.Cervical length
    b.Cervical dilatation
    c.Position relation to ischial spine
    d.Moulding of the head
    e.Cervical effacement

    24.WOF is X linked Recessive?
    Haemophilia .

    25.WOF is a feature of Parkinsonism-
    a..Loss of postural reflex
    d Wide based gait.

    26.WOF is not a feature of Lacunar Infarct?
    c.Face weakness(sensory loss of face)
    d.Difficulty in walking
    e.Increase Reflexes

    27.A patient who was previously well comes to you with complains of weakness for last 2 weeks, his reflexes in lower limbs are absent though in upper limbs are normal.What will be the CSF findings-
    a.Elevated protein, elevated glucose, elevated leucocytes
    b.Elevated protein, normal glucose,leucocytes< 5ml
    c.Normal protein,normal glucose, leucocytes>5ml
    d.No ignificant abnormality

    28.Child with her mother in a Supermarket picked a packet of Baloon.His mum snatched it & kept in place.The child started crying and at one stage he became unconscious but regain consciousness within 45 seconds.WOF may be the cause-
    a.Petitmal epilepsy
    b.Infantile spasm
    c. Breath holding attack
    d.Complex partial seizure
    e.Grand mal seizure

    29. All of the following are feature of ROSS RIVER, Except-
    a.Chest pain
    b.Muscle pain Davidson-107

    30.A man came to a country hospital in East Timor because of sudden onset of vomiting and headache after a Motor Vehicle Accident(MVA).He was conscious at the time of admission.There was no visuable major injury,so he was sent home after observation.But 3 days later he became unconscious and O/E there was unilateral fixed dilated pupil,BP-increased, Pulse-decreased.He was taken to a tertiary hospital in Dili.Which will be the immediate Mx-
    a.X-ray of the skull
    b.Immediate Bur hole of the Skull (Rx of Extra Dural Haematoma)
    c.Anti oedema measures [Investigation: CT Scan]
    d.Carotid angiogram

    31.Tennis elbow,cause is-
    Overstretch of the common extensor tendons origin at elbow

    32.A pt. complains of severe pain on pressing on nail of thumb.WOF is most likely the cause-
    c.Glomus tumour

    33.WOF is compatible with severe illness:
    a.Increased cortisol, increased THS Dav-552
    b.Both cortisone and THs decreased- (Sehan synd.)
    c.Increased cortisol, decreased THS(Cushing Synd.+Hyperthyroidism- worst combination )
    d.Decreased cortisol, increased THS
    e.Normal cortisol, increased THS
    34.WOF drugs have strongest negative ionotropic action:
    35. Six month old infant was brought by his parents.Had funnyturns, sudden flexion of upper and lower limbs for one week.Previously had coryzal illness.Now child not responding like previously.Dx-
    Infantile spasm
    36.On 10th day after appendectomy apatient presents with diarrhoea with fever and difficulty in passing urine, what is the most likely cause?
    Pelvic abscess
    37.In Haemochromatosis, WOF will suggest diagnosis?
    a.Serum Fe
    b.Serum Ferritin
    c.Iron daturation
    d.Serum transferrin
    38.Mother came with her 3 month old baby,she told you that her baby cries a lot at evening time.Mother wants to know does the baby cry when he becomes hungry or any other cause, and what she needs to do when her baby cries.
    Reassure the mother

    39. After screening with faecal blood test WOF is the correct percentage of detection of Duke A1 colonic carcinoma: Scott-323
    b.15% ( Duke A-tumour confined to bowel wall-survival 90%)
    40.WOF is a feature of Thyrotoxicosis?
    a.Fine tremor
    b. Distal myopathy
    c.Small muscle weakness.

    41.You are called to solve a problem between a nurse and a psychiatric patient. On your arrival the pt. told you that he should be allowed to remove his I/V line as he has private insurance & you being a doctor would understand this, because you would also have private insurance,and as a doctor you would not like these nurses those who has no private insurance.What is the appropriate Dx of this case? (Compare Q.17/Oct.,04 & Q.9/May’2000)

    42.A 56 yrs old man has h/o melanoma.He is suffering from depression and now he behaves very percusly.He doesn’t believe he has any depression or needs any treatment.What is your Dx?
    a.Relapse of depression
    b. Psychotic depression
    c.Effects of melanoma.
    43.A 3 yrs old child came with her mother.The child has been suffering an attack usually once in a month.The attack lasts for 2-3 minutes and during the attack she is seen in spinning.She does not loose conscious during that, but feels frightened & runs to her mother’s lap for comfort.WOF is your Dx:
    a.Minor form of epilepsy
    b. Benign positional vertigo
    c.partial complexe seizure
    44. A 40 yrs old man comes with short history of malaise and cachaxia when he was on a short trip to Bangkok.His wife thinks he is suffering from jaundice.Now he presents with fever and chills.Blood tests shows: S. Bilirubin- increased, Alk Phos- Much increased, AST-Slightly increased, ALT- Slightly increased.What is the Dx?
    a.Viral Hepatitis
    45.A lady comes to you with low BP(100/65), Pulse 120/minute.She complains of pigmentation specially around her breasts.WOF is your Dx:
    a. SIADH
    b. Addison’s disease
    c. Hyperaldosteronism
    (In Oct.’05 : Pt. presents with lathergy, mucous membrane pigmentation and K+ : increased, Na+:123 mmol/L(decreased)’BP- low and low glucose)

    46.A 54 yr old man has CRF, his MCV is 80-90.It falls even more after treatment with Erythropoietin;when the therapy was stopped he becomes anaemic within two months.His condition is due to-
    a.Fe def. Anaemia
    b. Vit B12 def.
    c.Folic acid def.
    d.Bone marrow fibrosis
    e.Red Cell atypia
    47. An old man suffering from cancer.Surgeon says that the man has no chance to survive whether gone for a operation or not.Surgeon’s opinion is to send him home for rest of his life to live with his family.But you feel that the pt. deserves every chance to be operated.Your duty to explain the situation to the daughter of the patient.What will you do?
    a.You should say that though the surgeon does n’t want to go for a operation ,but you feel operation should be done.
    b. Family should make an independent decision.
    c.Request them to get him operated.
    d.Put on your view aside and tell her the Surgeon’s opinion

    48.WOF is not a feature of ischaemic ulcer?
    a. Ulcer on the medial side
    b.Ulcer on the great toe
    49. WOF is not a feature of Bulimia Nervosa?
    a. Amenorohea
    b. Dental decay
    c. Swollen tonsils
    d. Hirsutism
    50.A 62 yr old man presents with tiredness ,weight loss,anemia and fatigability. What is the Ix you will do first?
    a.Barium meal Oct.’92
    d.Fecal occult blood test
    51.A patient has hammered his nail and came to you with Subungual haematoma under his nail.WOF is your Mx-
    a.Oral Trebinafine
    b.Oral Griseoflvin OHCS-738
    c.Remove the nail
    d.Expressing the blood through a hole trephined in the nail
    52. A 11 yr old boy has difficulty climbing stairs and walking & running.O/E there is weakness of both legs and loss of reflexes.All other exminations are normal.WOF investigations will confirm the Dx?
    a.CSF analysis
    b.Forced vital capacity
    d.Nerve conduction study
    53. An infant presents with a typical crowing noise on inspiration.The noise is more noticeable on crying.There is no cough.WOF is the Dx-
    b. Laryngomalacia ( Forrest-596 OHCS-558)
    54. A 43 yr old man came to your surgery as he is worried about his chances of getting of colon cancer.He told you that his father and elder brother had died of colon cancer. What you will advice him?
    55. Q. on repeated abortion.A female with H/O 2 abortion.
    56.At what level OCP works?
    b. Hypothalamus
    57.Anti D immunisation.WOF is true-
    a. Not required in B-ve baby
    b. To be useful must be given within 24 hours of delivery of the baby
    c. If given during second trimester can reduce the risk of autoimmunization
    d. Is not required if there is associated ABO incompatibility
    e. Is an active immunization
    58.You are called to see a psychotic patient.On your arrival you see a tall built strong man threatening with a riffle to shoot anyone who approaches him.You should-
    a.Command him to surrender
    b.Subdue the pt. and snap the riffle
    c.Call the Police informing the situation
    59.A 5 yr old boy brought by his parents who is suffering from delayed development of speech after a period of normal development.O/E he avoids eye contact.Parents give h/o his unusual love for a toy Turtle.WOF is most probable Dx-
    60. Parents of a 6 yr old boy complain that their son is overactive, not cooperative enough with other children at kindergarten, also of destructive behaviour.But when kept alone, was found to be playing happily with toys and other children.WOF is correct-
    a.It is a normal variant
    d.Poor parenting
    61.WOF is true about ADHD-
    a.Children has reading disability
    b.The child responds to cognitive therapy
    c.They responds very well to behavioural therapy
    d.Commonly seen in pre-school age (5-7 yrs)

    62. WOF is associated with ASD-
    a.Diastolic murmur
    b.Wide fixed split S2
    63. A 34 yr old lady complains of weight loss.She says that she has lost interest in day to day activities, and she feels hot.Her husband says that her wife has become moody & irritable.Her conditions most probably due to-
    64.Supra condylar fracture of Humerus:structure most likely to be damaged-
    a.Radial nerve
    b.Brachial artery
    c.Median nerve
    65.A 33 yr old man came in ER with H/O 3 days vomiting followed by mid abdominal pain.O/E abdomen is rigid, distended absent bowel sound on auscultation.Plain X-ray shows multiple air fluid level.WOF is the appropriate fluid therapy for the patient:
    a.2000ml of dextrose in 4.5% NaCl preoperatively
    b.2000 ml of Hartmann’s solution preoperatively
    c.2000ml of Hartmann’s solution during the operation

    66.What is true about SCOLIOSIS ?
    Congenital and more common among girls than boys .

    67.A 22 yr old football player during a game fell down in awkward position, and developed pain and rapidly increasing swelling of the knee. Anterior, posterior and lateral X-rays are normal.WOF injuries you expect to find-
    a.Tear of Medial Meniscus
    b.Rupture of Anterior Cruciate Ligament

    68.Leg ulcer due to peripheral neuropathy commonly located in-
    a.Medial malleolus
    b.Sole of the foot

    70.Treatment of Alcohol withdrawl hallucination-
    71. Keratoacanthoma,WOF is true-
    Fast growing tumour with spontaneous resolution
    72. “Ecstasy†is very popular in Australia, commonly used by youngs; its properties are similar to-
    73.A patient came with weakness in extension of hand and of pronation.O/E there is no wasting of hand muscles. Flexion normal, Biceps and Triceps reflexes also normal,No Brachioradialis jerk.Where is the lesion?
    a.Median nerve July-2005
    b.Radial nerve
    c.Ulner nerve
    d.Nerve to Postrior Interoseus
    e.Nerve to Anterior Interoseus
    74. What is the priority in a Motor Vehicle Accident(MVA):
    a.Stop bleeding
    b. Clear the airway @ A-B-C
    c.Shine a torch in the pupils
    75. The time of ovulation is accurately diagnosed by WOF?
    a.Serial LH surge
    b.Urinary LH
    c.Regular basal body temp.
    d.Estimation of progesteronein mid luteal phase

    76.Treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia-

    77.Function of Adductor Pollicis is lost.Which nerve is affected?
    a. Median nerve
    b. Radial nerve
    c. Ulner nerve

    78. Feature of Temporal Arteritis: Patient with loss of vision which lasted for few minutes.WOF is correct?
    a.Temporal arteritis
    b.Lacuner infarct
    c. Carotid artery stenosis
    79.A 38 yr old lady with dull contineous headache, could not do her daily work.Most appropriate Ix-
    c.CT Scan
    80. A 35 yr old lady came to ED with twitching of fingers.Investigations done;CT normal.Reassuranca given.But after few days she came back again with twitching in hand again.Another CT & USG.Management:
    Give calcium because this is hypoglycaemia

    81. Patient with ileal resection causing increased INR.WOF is correct-
    a.Non absorption of Vit. K (Normal INR 0.9-1.2)
    b.Bleeding disorder
    82.A patient with INR 2.1: An old man is on Warfarin and now he is discovered with a resectable colon cancer.Management:
    Stop Warfarin and start low dose Heparin; operate when INR is normal

    83. A 29 yr old woman developed severe paroxysm of pain in check and lip lasting for about 15-20 minutes.There is loss of sensation in trigeminal nerve area.Most likely Dx-
    a.Tic dorulex
    b. Trigeminal neuralgia
    c.Multiple sclerosis
    d.Migraine without aura

    84.A 18 yr old girl comes to you for your advice regarding Contraceptives as she is going to start her sexual relationship.WOF you will prescribe:
    a. OCP
    d. Low dose progesterone
    85.WOF doesn’t produce keratotic scale?
    a. Basal cell carcinoma
    b.Squamous cell carcinoma
    c.Pityriasis versicolor
    86.Hutchison’s Melanotic Freckle,WOF is not correct?
    a.Mainly occurs in the covered parts of body
    b.Irregular border
    d.Mostly occurs in the elderly
    87. Q. on Submandibular Gland:Still to be recalled

    88.A mother complains of her 10 months old baby who wakes up during night many times.The baby is otherwise healthy and gaining weight properly.The mother is worried about this.what is the Mx-
    a.Urine culture
    b.Give sedative to the baby
    c.Tell the mother to cuddle the baby when he cries 89. A 45 year old man has fainted.His BP is 90/50 and Pulse 110/min.Serum Na-115(low), urine Osmolality-655.Most likely diagnosis is:

    90. A man presents with sudden onset of Horner’s syndrome, 9 & 10 nerves palsy and loss of touch and temperarure sensation on the opposite side of the body.Where is the site of lesion?
    a.Vertebrobasilar artery
    b.Basilar artery
    c.middle cerebral artery
    d.Vertebral artery
    e.Carotid artery

    91. A lady undergone surgery for gallstones.She developed fever and tachycardia after 6 hrs.Oral Cholangiogram was done; findindings were normal.Dx-
    b.Wound infection
    c.Allergy to dye

    92.A 63 yr old man presents with 3 days vomiting and has lost 3 kilos.Five years ago he was treated with cimetidine.Over the last two months he has epigastric pain and has been treated with aspirin.Vomitus is clear in colour with identifiable food paticles.The Dx is:
    a.Drug induced gastritis
    b.Chronic duodenal ulcer
    c.Cancer of duodenum
    d.Pyloric stenosis
    e.Cancer of cardia

    93. A 45 yr old lady complains of irregular menstrual bleeding.She has been treated for CIN-II previously and a Pap smear done 6 months ago was fond normal.WOF is the most appropriate investigation for her?
    a.Colposcopy Repeat: March’06
    b.USG to detect endometrial thickness
    c.Cone biopsy (see the difference: Q-40/oct’04)
    d.Endometrial curettage
    e.Repeat Papsmear
    94. A labourer who is a heavy smoker find difficult to perform his duties and worried about his physical conditions.On examination there is ankle oedema, raised JVP, huge hepato-splenomegaly and ascitisWOF is likely- (May’05)
    b.Costrictive pericarditis due to previous tuberculosis
    c.SVC obstruction
    d.Budd Chiari Syndrome
    95. A foot ball player while playing got injury in his Rt.Knee.The knee is locked.Dx: [Outline of fractures-224:Locking is common & important
    Tear of Medial Meniscus feature of torn medial meniscus.Knee suddenly gives way]

    96.Two sisters are living together in a house.Elder sister thinks that their neighbours are trying to poison them with germs,so they have sealed their house.Younger sister believes what her sister says.But she is normal when she is away from her elder sister.This is an example of- clerabault syndrome (Oct.-2004)
    b.Induced delusion
    c.Capgras syndrome
    d.Folieodoux syndrome
    97. A 29 yr old lady comes to you with obesity, irregular cycles and hirsutism.What will help you to Dx her condition-
    a.Increased FSH : increased LH
    b.Incrased LH: increased FSH (Dx-Polycystic Ovarian Synd.)
    c.Increased Prolactine level
    98A 32 yr old primi in her 33 weeks of gestation informs you that her baby’s movement suddenly become decrease for the last 28 hrs.Before that her pregnancy was going normal without any problem.WOF would be your management to combat the concern:
    a.USG [October’03]
    b. Do Cardiotopography(CTG)
    c.Fetal Scalp pH
    d.Immediate delivery of the baby
    99. A 38 yr old primi of 39 weeks pregnancy admitted in Labour Unit with the onset of regular uterine contraction,her cervix is 8 cm dilated, fully effaced,station +1, initially fetal hear rate was 155 but after a while on the progress of labour fetal heart beats suddenly falls from 155 to 80 per minute; otherwise normal in respect of mother’s general condition.What would be your next step of Mx:
    a.Fetal scalp pH
    b.Cardiotopography (Oct.2003)
    c.Vaginal examination to exclude any cord prolapse
    d.Emergency delivery by C/S
    e.Percutaneous umbilical sampling
    100.A 57 yr old lady develops sudden onset of left sided weakness and right eye blindness.This is most likely due to-
    a.Vertebro-basilar insufficy
    b.Pituitary tumour
    c.Carotid artery stenosis
    d.Cerebellar lesion
    e.Retinal detachment
    101.A girl lost her father 6 months ago.She can not get over it.She lost weight 10 kg.Most important thing you need to enquire about her:
    a.Eating pattern (May’05)
    b.Suicidal ideas
    c.Menstrual regularity
    102. Pleural Effusion: Typical presention.Stony dull on percussions,bronchial breath sound above the area, restricted movements on the affected side.

    103.A patient presents with impaired sensation on medial aspect of the hand, 4th and 5th fingers of the hand are flexed.Where is the lesion?
    Ulner nerve at elbow
    104.A pt. was on warfarin, he developed haematemesis and melena.His INR is 10 times normal.WOF should be the management? (Sept.’05)
    a.Fresh plasma infusion
    b.I/V Fluids
    c. Oral Vit-K
    d.Transfuse blood
    e.Intra muscular Vit-K
    105.What is the best medication to give as Postcoital Contraception ?
    b.Levonogestrol within 72 hrs,and second dose 12 hrs after the first one.

    106.A lady recently married comes to you with vaginal infection(cystitis).This is 3rd episode.Most appropriate Ix-
    a.Vaginal swab
    b.Husband’s urethral swab
    107.A female comes to you for infertility.Her LH increased, FSH increased, Oestradiol –decreased.Rx:
    a.Clomiphen citrate
    b.Give her Oestrogen daily
    108.A young obese 24 yr old female with hirsutism, oligomenorrhoea and irregular periods, was found to have endometrial hyperplasia(benign)on curettage.AOF are appropriate treatments,Except-
    a.Progesterone from 14 to 21 day of each cycle
    c.Clomiphene citrate
    e.Oestrogen alone
    109.Pain in epigastrium which does not releifs by eating or any effort.Has no relation with food.Dx-
    Hiatus hernia
    110.Question on Basal cell carcinoma
    111.Rx of ADHD: Dexa amphetamine
    112.Management of Supracodyler # of Humerus(Anthology book)
    113.A boxer comes to the ED after a fight in which he was knocked out.His left pupil is dilated, but otherwise he is normal and he feels ok.WOF would you do-
    a.Give Manitol
    b.CT Scan of head

    114.A man presents with pain over the L4 region.His X-ray shows multiple metastatic lesions in the spine.WOF investigations is most appropriate:
    a. Prostate specific antigen
    b. CT Scan
    c. MRI
    115.A young man comes to you with epigastric pain.His wife is pregnant and he is “on edgeâ€.AOF would support you inference that he is an alcoholic,EXCEPT-
    a.Attempt to Cut down in the past
    b.Anger on enquiry CAGE- 1.cut down 2.anger 3.guilty 4.eye opener
    c.Guilty about drinking
    d.Eye opener (drink first thing in the morning)
    d. Two bottle of light beer/day

    116. A 12 yr old boy presented with painless lump in the scrotum for the last 6 months.He is otherwise healthy grown up.What is the most likely Dx?
    c.Encysted hydrocelc of the cord
    d.Saphena varix
    117.A mother of a 4 yr old child noticed that there is a solid mass in the Rt. Loin area of her child which she noticed for the first time with occasional blood in urine.WOF is your initial Dx: OHCS-220
    a.Neuroblastoma Wilm’s tumour:Commonest intraabdominal tumour of
    b.Wilms tumour childhood.Haematuria not common,but fever,flank pain c c.Hydronephrosis abdominal mass found. US-pelvicdisortion,hydronephrosis
    d.Plycystic kidney disease .
    118.Two months old child’s mother noticed a firm lump in her baby in the left side of upper abdomen while bathing.Child has bilateral periorbital ecchymosis.what is the most likely cause?
    a.Neuroblastoma May-2000
    b.Wilm’s tumour

    119.Mother of a 3 year old child noticed a mass in the abdomen on the left side.AOF could be the cause,except-
    a.Hydronephrosis October’96
    c.Nephroblastoma(Wilm’s tumour)
    d.Poly cystic kidneys—(Die before 1 year of age )
    e.Chr. constipation

    120.In minimental examination WOF indicate severe outcome for the patient:
    a.Unable to recognize you
    b.Unable to recall own identity
    121. A 73 yr old woman presented with polymyalgia rheumatica.Most likely characteristic of this disorder-
    There are fatigue,fever and depression
    122.A baby with Down’s syndrome is born to a couple who definitely refuse to take the child home after failure to convince them.The most appropriate course of action:
    Arrange temporary foster care
    123.An 8 yr old girl presents with abdominal protusion,anaemia and tenderness.O/E there is a big irregular and mobile mass crossing the midline.Dx-
    Derived from sympathetic neuroblasts,most common solid tumour in children<5yr.Likely to present with abdominal swelling and urinary catecholamines (vanillylmandelic& homovanillic acids) raised in 92% cases.
    124.Hypospadias: incidence of 1:350 male birth.
    125.All are autosomal recessive , Except-
    d.Cystic fibrosis
    e.Sickle cell anaemia
    126.After his baby sister was born, a 6 yr old boy began suck his thumb and wetting his bed, behaviour he had grown out of long before.This is an instance of-
    a. Regression
    127.A child has swollen joints and cries whenever the napkin is changed, irritable, ecchymoses and hyperplastic gums. WOF is Dx ?
    128.A multigravida presents at 37 weeks gestation, not in labour, with a breech presentation and ruptured membranes.What should you do initially?
    a.Immediately C/S
    b.Vaginal examination
    129.A 23 yr old man limped into ED and stated that he was kicked in the post. Aspect of the leg during a game of foot ball.He experienced immediate sharp pain which subsided.O/E there is decreased planter flexion.What is the Dx-
    Rupture of achillis tendon
    130.Peritonsilar abscess(Quinsy): Caused by Streptococcus& Trismus seen.
    131.Zygomatic bone (maxillo facial) fractures characterized by-
    a. Involvement of infraorbital nerve
    b. Subconjuctival hge. with no definitive posterior limit
    c. Loss of senstion over canine & first premolars
    d. Partial trismus
    e. All of the above
    132.In senile dementia WOF would be least likely to be lost(last to lose) :
    a.Memory for faces
    b.Memory fpr neighbourhood
    c.Arithmetic memory
    d.Language memory(vocabulary)
    e.Short term memory
    133.WOF is most likely to be damaged during carotid endarterectomy:
    a .Vagus nerve
    b.Hypoglossal nerve NMS-132
    c.Facial nerve ( 1.vagus 2.hypoglossal 3.Recurrent laryngeal 4.Marginal mandibular)
    d.Laryngeal nerve
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    thank you

    thank you very much for your work
    we really appreciare that
    many thanks again
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    from where do we get the ans to questions on this site
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    you can find it urself from different books and post it here for verification and if someone will find these wrong they can discuss.

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    . hi this is zainab
    here are some recall questions with their answers
    waiting for coments and corrections

    A young medical student, who has started his clinical postings, comes to because his colleagues noticed a yellowish, tinge to his sclera. On examination he is normal except for the yellow sclera. Investigations showed:
    Total bilirubin—Elevated
    Direct bilirubin – Elevated
    Direct bilirubin > (Total – Direct bilirubin)
    Which of the following is most likely?

    a) Gilbert’s syndrome………. causes conjugated hyperbilirubinemia
    b) Haemolytic jaundice…. causes conjugated
    c) Ca Pancreas ………. young
    d) Hepatitis …………… causes increase both conjugated and non conjugated
    e) Carotenemia ……..doesn t cause increase in bilirubin


    2. A young man has a syncopal attack while weight lifting. He has had similar episodes twice before. His father died of cardiac disease. What is the most appropriate management?

    a) Holter monitor
    b) Echocardiogram
    c) Stess test
    d) BP in supine & lying down
    e) CT scan
    the clinical picture is that of aortic stenosis so I will choose b

    3. A 23-years old young lady complaints of lethargy and weakness. She has sore throat and 3 days ago she has returned from JAVA where she suffered from fever recently. Her weakness is due to --

    a) TB
    b) Tonsillitis
    c) Post viral fever fatigue
    d) Infectiuos mononucleosis

    not sure , history ,age goes with infectious mononucleosis , but the giving symptoms and signs are not specific

    4. A 29-year old woman, 6 months previously had pleurisy, in the last 2 years mouth ulcers, now develops stiffness and oedema of the wrist and MCP joints; in the morning which disappears afterwards. The most likely cause?

    a) Rheumatoid arthritis
    b) Crohns disease
    c) Ulcerative colitis
    d) SLE
    e) Dematomyositis
    history suggestive of SLE though not very typical

    5. Which of the following most commonly causes pulmonary hypertension & corpulmonale?

    a) Emphysema
    b) Bronchiectasis
    c) Pulmonary embolism
    d) Pneumothorax
    e) Foreign body

    not sure …chronic lung disease are the most common cause …….pulonary embolism can cause sever pulmonary hypertension……..
    6. Which of the following is a common side effect of calcium channel blockers?

    a) Peripheral oedema
    b) Angio-oedema
    c) Headache
    d) Insomnia
    e) Cough
    ca channel blockers can cause fluid the answer is a

    7. In diabetic neuropathy you can find each of the following except?

    a) Bradycardia
    b) Urine retention
    c) Impotence
    d) Diarrhoea at night
    e) Foot ulcer

    the answer is a because there will be resting tachycardia

    8. All of the following are true about duodenal ulcer ,except?

    a) Hunger pain
    b) Loss of appetite
    c) Weight gain
    d) Pelapses & remissions
    e) Relief by antacids
    I think[ e ] cause it is a feature of gastric ulcer…or may be weight gain? But sometimes hunger pain may lead to increase in body weight so the answer may be [c]

    9. An 18-year-old student presents with jaundice, sore throat and dark urine. There was no hepatitis contact, no IV drug use, and no recent travel history. Bilirubin 80, elevated Gamma-GT, AST 300, ALT 400 and albumin normal. What is the most likely diagnosis?

    a) Hepatitis A
    b) Hepatitis B
    c) Infectious Mononucleosis
    d) Cholangitis
    e) Acute Cholecystits
    hepatitis A ? but the sore throat and absence of hepatitis contact can point to infectious mononucleosis………the given symptoms are non specific but I will go with [c]

    10. How would you differentiate between haemolytic anaemia and anaemia of chronic blodd loss?
    a) Decrease haptoglobin
    b) Increased reticulocyte count
    c) Megaloblastosis
    d) Polychromasia
    e) Raised ferritin
    I think [a] in hemolysis haptoglobin decrease cause it binds free Hb , increased reticulocytes indicates erythropoiesis …..
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    hi this is zainab again the answer to the first question is [d]

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