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    Foremost I applaud the sterling efforts of those who contribute endless hours to preparing the questions and tips on this site. I couldn't have passed it without this resource which provides the essential ingredient of relaxed confidence.

    The AMC MCQ is now a different venomous reptile with more questions and a longer exam. Therefore not to be underestimated. As with any exam there are techniques that may help tame this beast.

    Consider the following as some guiding principles that I think will help you pass this MCQ exam -
    1. Know the beast - read the official AMC website then write to them. Do not rely on your friends for half baked info.

    2. Select the weapons - You know the books from the website, start by reading the subjects you are weakest in.

    3. Fight on your terms - TIME - Do not be in a rush to sit the exam, select your time carefully giving yourself preparation time. If you feel you know "nothing" (of course you know stuff!!!) you may need four months while you are emplyed, perhaps less if doing this preparation full time. If you have been through the books then two to three full weeks is all you really need.

    4. The map of the area - AMC are using MCCEE ( the canadian registration exams ) database of questions. They have plenty of questions and that exam has been going on for ages. There are free resources available for this, do a search on this aippg site and you will find the toronto notes and questions.

    5. Sharpen your sword - do mcqs . and do more. DO the well formed questions first not the recalls because the recalls are often poorly formed and have the wrong answer. So use resources like DRCOG question books for OBGYN, MRCP books for Medicine, etc... these books will be easily available at your medical bookstore. There are virtually no public health questions in AMCQ unlike MCCEE.

    6. Prepare for battle. Have a plan, have a contingency plan. Start with the minimum you feel you need to sit the exam, then add extras. For example: Select the books of questions you want to do. The AMCQ book, other well answered books of questions, lastly a core of recall questions of good quality that you have taken the time to answer. Then the area of your greatest weakness needs work, select the book as on the website, read it cover to cover take notes and then do the questions again. Remember to put aside a core collection of questions that you will revisit at least three times. Practice Practice Practice.

    7. Stay alert and confident. Stay away from negative energy and foremost those nagging depressed draining individuals that tell everyone how impossible this exam is!!! As you train, your confidence will grow. As you do the question keep a tally of your scores, as you repeat them you will see how much you are recalling. Recall the reasons not just the answer. There are repeated questions always, they may not be scored in the end, but by knowing them you have bought yourself precious exam time on the day: to concentrate on the mastery questions!!!!

    8. The day of battle. Be well rested. Eat a refreshing meal. You need to be physically fit to withstand a six hour exam. Stay away from carbs and processed sugars during the lunch break, low GI stuff only. Be well hydrated. Take mini breaks when your concentration lessens. I found taking a short break at every 60 questions helped me.

    Good luck, you know you can do it.

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    you are a good, smart man and be a good doctor...
    thanks a lot....
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    hello :)

    ive been soo stressed about sitting the exam.. i feel like the books im using arent enough.. im using the oxford handbooks for medicine, surgery and clinical specilities.. i also read John Murtagh.. but after reading the recalls.. these books feel inadequate.. ure comments calmed me a little.. coz i know i need more practice.. but do i need more resources? i have the AMC books.. what more do i need?
    thanx alot ! and plz respond to my inquiry soon!
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    kind advice

    Yes, my friend all i want to say is thanks for your kind advice...we are all humans..and stressed with own pressures ( pressure we impose to yuor lives..)
    Oh yes..what average of right questions should we have to succide?!!

    thanks anyway
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    Only info I have been able to find about unused Laverton airport is that no one in the area knows anything about it. It appears that the only airport in the district is still used as an airport. Info coming in has been at best sketch though, so I will keep trying.
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    Thank you for the great advice :)

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