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    Hi all,

    Just out of MCQ Sydney exam. Uff..........7 hours was a nightmare.
    Some ques that I recall.........:

    1. A piicture of Dupuytren contracture. Cause:

    A. Use of chronic vobrating tools
    B. Chronic alcoholism

    My ans: A, but i think the correct one would be B.

    2. Picture of Bowen disease from Anthology. Dx?

    3. Picture of perianal haematoma. Mn?
    My ans: Incision and drainage.

    4. Features of complex partial seizure given. Rx?
    My ans: Carbamazepine

    5. A 60 yo man, commercial driver has had a recent stroke. He has left hemiparesis and left homonymous hemianopia. What advice you will give him regarding driving in the future?

    A. never drive again
    B. Have an occupational driving test done

    6. A sudanese boy came to you after administration of Co-timoxazole with the complaints of pallor and increasing darkness of colour of urine. his reticulocyte count was 8%. His Coomb's test was negative, no family history and on electrophoresis Type A hb was detected. What is the Dx?

    a. Hereditary Spherocytosis
    b. G6PD def
    c. Autoimmune HA
    d. Sickle cell anaemia
    e. thalassaemia

    7. What is the use of Psychodynamic psychotherapy in Australia?

    A. Phobia
    B. Anxiety disorder
    C. schizophrenia
    D. OCD

    8. A boy came with fever and pain in the right leg. he hardly moves the leg and does not allow you to move it either. He refuses to carry weight on that leg. What could be the dx?

    A. Septic arthritis of hip
    B. OM of femur
    C. D. E. could be excluded easily

    My ans: A

    9. one of your colleague is taking anti psychotic medication for her own psychiatric illness. what should be your advice to her??

    A. she should refrain from seeing pt. until she is asymptomatic
    B. she should take specialist review
    C. you should contact the medical advisory board

    10. What is the most common association of childhood obesity in Australia?

    A. Above average height
    B. Hypercholesterolaemia
    C. DM
    D. cataract

    11. What will be the first S/S when a plaster is too tight?

    A. Pain
    B. Change of colour
    C. Swelling
    D. Stiffness

    12. which nerve regenerates most after taumatic laceration?

    A. ulnar n.
    B. Median n.
    C. Digital n.
    D. sciatic n
    E. Common peroneal n.

    13. A patient came with 12 hr H/O severe vomiting. Pain in upper abdomen which is now constant in the epigastrium. There is rigity and guarding in the abdomen. Dx?

    A. ac. pancreatitis
    B. Perforated DU
    C. perforated GU

    14. A pt came with an ill defined mass in the RIF and loose watery stools. He has fever and has lost 6 kgs of weight recently. Dx?

    A. Crohn disease
    B. Meckel diverticulitis
    C. UC
    D. Ca large gut

    15. Most common S/S assoc. with ca rectum?

    A. altered bowel habit and tenesmus

    16. A patient came with a pus discharging bead at 5 o'clock position at the anal verge. on probing there was a track discovered which extended in the rectum for 15 cm. (these were the exact words). DX?

    A. Crohn dis
    B. Ankylostomiasis
    C. Ca rectum
    D. Haemorrhoids

    17. A badly injured patient who takes anti psychotics is on the verge of collapse. but he is violent and refuses all treatment. what do you do?

    A. restrain him and treat

    18. A patient opens his eyes to pain, withdraws to painful stimulus ans is unable to answer ant questions. What is his GCS?

    A. 7-9
    B. 10-12
    C. 3-5
    C. 13-15

    19. An old man who suddenly collapsed was unconscious for three minutes following which he recovered fully. 5 ECG rhythm strips given. Which could possibly explain his situation?

    A. 1st deg. HB
    B. 2nd deg HB
    C. VF
    D. Complete HB
    D. LBBB

    20. One ECG which has digitalis effect on it. DX?
    (I tell you it is not easy to pick up the ECG's. Even if you know all the points and know how it looks like, they show you ECGs which hardly resemble the copybook description. So, look at as many real ECG's as you can.)

    21. That old disturbing question on drug combinations causing anuria:

    A. Ramipril, NSAID and frusemide
    B. Simvastatin, NSAID and frusemide
    C. Ramipril, NSAID and slow IV K+

    22. A violent patient is most dangerous to:

    A. nurses
    B. doctors
    C. relatives
    D. carers

    My ans: A

    23. A typical ques: Pic of anterior dislocation of shoulder. Where will be the cutaneous anaesthesia?

    On the lateral aspect of deltoid

    (I think the one who was the least serious about the exam, could even manage to get this one pinned.)

    24.What is the lymphatic drainage of anal canal below dentate line?

    A. Sup. ing. nodes
    B. deep ing. nodes

    25. A typical CXR of lobar consolidation. What is the org?

    A. strep pneumoniae

    26. A child came with pallor, drooling of saliva and stridor. What will be your initial management?

    A. Admit to hospital
    B. Give O2
    C. Give antibiotics
    D. Do cricothyriodotomy

    (note: the option of intubation was not there!!)

    26. Another old authentic typical ques.: A burn patient with soot in the throat and singening of nasal hair etc etc. Mn?

    My ans: intubate

    27. A man came with ipsilateral horner's syn., cerebellar S/S, dissociated sensory loss. (I could diagnose the case as having lateral medullary syndrome). which artery is involved?

    A. Ant communicating artery
    B. Post. cerebral artery
    C. Post inf. cerebellar artery
    d. ant. spinal artery

    28. What is the mechanism of TIA when there is carotid stenosis?

    A. Embolim from the artery
    B, transient spasmodic occlusion of the artery
    C. Transient hge following increase in carotid artery pressure

    My ans: B not sure though

    29. Another repeated ques. (and confusing as well!!): Which org does not cause lung abscess"

    A. Staph aureus
    B. P. carinii
    C. M. pneuminiae
    D. M. TB

    30. A man fell from height and was complaining low back pain. no other abnormality. What is the inv you do?

    A. X ray spine
    B. MRI spine
    C. CT spine
    D. Nothing needed

    31. S/S of thyrotoxicosis: (I read this topic very carefully, but that did not help to avoid confusion in the hall. they are so cheeky!!!)

    A. coarse tremor
    B. Wasting of the small muscles of hand
    C. Narrowing pulse pressure
    D. widening of pulse pressure

    32. a child came shortly after birth when there was a murmur heard at the lest sternal border. This was systolic in timing. 3 months later he was lying down in hospital bed with URTI and there was no murmur. What could be the murmur?

    My ans: venous hum

    33. A child came with a systolic murmur which radiated to the back and to the axilla. Femoral pulse was weak. Dx?

    A. CoA
    B. VSD
    C. AS

    34. Most commomn cause of intestinal obstruction in Australian community? (I think this was the only ques I found from the AMCQ book that everybody reads so intently!!)

    35. A child came with pain and redness and swelling of one eye. He had fever and was (probably) vomiting. i could diagnosis it as orbital cellulitis. Mn?

    A. Ceftriaxon IV
    B. Ampi + Genta IV
    C. Cefurixime + metro

    36. Intense photophobia, pain. Pupillary reaction was normal. Dx?

    a. ac. glaucoma
    b. iritis
    c. conjunctivitis

    My ans: B, not sure

    37. Another straighforward ques on iritis: pain, photophobia, hazy cornea, injected conjunctiva etc. Dx?

    38. CSF reading showed as following:
    Lymphocyte: 12*10X 6
    RBC 256*10X5
    Glucose normal
    prot. increased.
    the pt had mild neck stiffness.

    a. TB
    b. Viral
    C. SAH

    39. A woman came at 17 weeks of pg wih lab reports showing that there is a 1:50 chance of getting a Down's syn baby. She does not want a Down baby. She asking for your management. what do you do?

    A. terminate
    B. do amniocentasis
    C. do usg to exclude Down's
    D. reassure

    40. Best way to measure the EDD?
    A. 8 wk clinical ex
    B. 8 wk USG
    C. 18 wk Clinical ex
    D. 18 wk USG?
    E. Late trimester uterine height

    (pretty straightforward, isn't it?)

    41. A woman came G1P2 with prevoius delivery of a 4200 gm baby at 42 wks with shoulder dystocia. what do you do this time?

    A. Induce at 38 wks
    B. Induce prematurely
    C. do x-ray pelvimetry at term
    D. CS

    42. regarding soulder dystocia, which is correct?

    A. It is not assoc. with maternal DM
    B. Arrest occurs at pelvic inlet
    C. Increased possibility if epidual anaesthesia given
    D. Most cases can be resolved by hyperflexing the fetal thighs onto the abdomen.
    E Erb's palsy (C8-T1) is a complication

    all i know is the root value for Erb's palsy given was wrong.

    43. An 18 yo girl came to you for contraceptive advice. she has decided to commence on sexual activity but has not yet chosen her parner. what advice do you give her?

    A. CoC
    B. IUCD
    C. CoC + Condom
    D. barrier methods

    my ans: C

    44. A mother of two child comes to you for contraceptive advice. You prescribe microgynon 30. She again comes and tells you that she experiences bleeding twice a month. one with 2 days duration and another for 5 days. what will be your next step?

    my ans: Continue microgynon 30

    45. an incidentaloma was found on one of the adrenals which measured 5 mm. What do you do?

    A. ignore
    B. ask to come 6 wk later
    c. ask to come 6 months later

    46. A picture of a man protruding his tongue. It showed wasting on the right side. What will be correct for this.

    A. Left sided lesion and tongue veers to left
    B. left lesion-tongue veers to right
    C. right lesion and tongue veers to right
    D. right lesion and tongue veers to left

    47. An x-ray of large gut showing obstruction. Cause?
    I thought adhesion. but I can bet that was not from Anthology.

    48. When two rescuers available, what is true regarding CPR?
    A. 15:2 should be the compression rate
    B. response should be checked evey 2 min
    C. chest compression should be on mid chest
    D. There should be 2.5 cm chest compression each time.

    I wrote A (as was in Murtagh. But heard afterwars that recent protocol has changed -pls. check)

    50. An infant was brought who was vomiting from birth. He was pale, dehydrated and not gainig weight. What is most likely to find?

    A. Lump
    B. Distension
    C. Anuria

    51. A COPD pt was admintered O2. After sometime he was found unconscious. What could be the blood picture like?

    A. PaCO2 100 mmHg, PaO2 82mmHg, PH 7.22
    A. PaCO2 75 mmHg, PaO2 72mmHg, PH 7.32
    A. PaCO2 28 mmHg, PaO2 100mmHg, PH 7.52
    A. PaCO2 45 mmHg, PaO2 50mmHg, PH 7.22

    some Gereral advice (or experience sharing in that sense:)

    1. it is no joke out there. If you dont have enough hospital experience, dont simply take a chance. Get prepared.

    2. The trend has changed. AMCQ and Anthology ain't gonna be enough. Dont rely on them too much. but dont neglect them either.

    3. Do previous ques. My seniors advised me to do that. but some said there isn't much repeat from prev. ques. I didnt do them too well. Even if you dont get repeats, you'd get questions from those topics. So........dont experiment!!! just work out those previes.

    4. I got at least a dozen ECG's. It pays off to prepare for them. Look at hospital tracings, not the copybook ones. they dont help.

    5. I had a few pictorial questions. But 80% of them (or, I guess even more!!!) were unseen. Alas! Anthology!!!

    6. Do OHCM and Murtagh. They are the key books. Do Hull as well, but selected chapters only. If you have time, go to the other books.

    And at last, please pray for all of us who sat march 2007. You have at least one friend amongst them.

    for more, write to me:
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    nice work.

    good to see some recall of MCQs exam.

    and its definitely a great contribution for AMC exam preparations.

  3. Ze

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    some more

    How about GP- MCQs- ??-- I've got 5 from free site

    worth to subscribe GP learning site to get more MCQs or U can study hard from the whole John Murtagh

    Hope Rana did it well
    How about Adie-?

    Kumar & Clark- latest acute general medicine is also recommended- many case scenerios there

    how about Joe tjanchandra & Clunie's MCQs-- I got many from them

    The last & not the least ADVICE -- need to study it thoroughly in all the topics instead of using wrong previous recalls

    AMC GUEST Guest

    Q of Darwin MCQ

    1.Which of the following conditions is not associated with erythema nodosum
    A,pneumonia b.rheumatic fever c.yersenia d.sarcoidosis
    2.a patient with parotid carcinoma will have which of the following
    a.drooping of lower eyelid b.drooping of the angle of mouth
    c ? d?
    3.a picture of a man with the tongue deviated to right. The question was which side is the lesion and to which side is the tongue deviated.
    4. a man with difficulty in extending the wrist and fingers. All other movement and sensations are normal. Reflexes normal. What is the lesion?
    a.radial n 2.ulnar n 3.median n 2.posterior interroseous nerve
    5.condition which typically produce profuse watery discharge per rectum to the level to produce electrolyte imbalance.
    a.colonic polyp b. pelvic abscess c.carcinoma. a study the mean of the systolic BP of the patients under the study was 115.standard deviation was15.this means that 95% of the patients under the study had a BP between
    a.100-130 b85-145 c.90-100
    7.coma scale
    8.a lady with history ofpain and stiffness of joints for a few weeks.while playing golf she had sudden onset of pain and swelling in calf.what is the diagnosis
    a.ruptured popliteal bursa b.spontaneous haematoma c.achilles tendonitis
    9.which is not a feature of temporal arthritis.
    a.amarosis fugax b.headache c.iritis d.shoulder muscle pain
    10.cause of TIA in carotid stenosis
    11.cause of amaurosis fugax
    a.temporal arteritis b.carotid stenosis c.infarct
    12.picture. fundoscopy .which is the likely lesion
    13.the best method of diagnosing the exact date of gestation.
    15 a child presented with undescended testis at 6 weeks. What will you do an immediate orchidopexy
    b. wait till 4 years and then do orchidopexy
    c. encourage the mother to massage the inguinal region to ‘milk down’ the testis and review after 2 months
    d. review after 6 months
    16.undescended testis is most frequently associated with
    a.neoplasm b.inguinal hernia c.tortion
    17.picture of cellulites of leg. Treatment
    18.a man was treated for cellulites of leg with antibiotics. After few days he presented with hypotention and tachycardia.his leg was dusky in colour and crepitus was present.what is the immediate management.
    a.continue antibiotics
    b.wound debridement
    c.hyperbarric oxygen
    19.picture of chronic venous ulcer. Management.
    20.a 4 year old child with lacerated wound after falling on garden bed. He has taken dtpa at 2 and 4 months. After that no vaccination was given. What will you do
    a.give antibiotics b.give immunoglobulins cgive dtpa and Ig
    d.dtpa and booster after 2 months e.give dtpa of severe compound fracture of tibia and fibula.
    22.a woman with pain and stiffnes of metacarpophalangeal and pip joints. She has malar rash. What is the initial management
    a.NSAID b.steroids c.methotrexate
    23.a patient with pain and swelling around the knee. Aspirated fluid (microscopy) contains neutrophils. No organisms or crystal found. Diagnosis?
    a.septic arthritis bgout c.rheumatoid arthritis d? e?
    24.two darkish brown spots was found on the leg of a lady on examination. She did not notice any change in appearance of those spots for the past years. What is the diagnosis
    a.benign junctional naevi b.melanoma c.???spots d?
    25.a smoker with and indurated ulcer on the tongue. The ulcer margins are white. He has caries tooth.
    a.sq carcinoma of the tongue
    b syphilitic ulcer
    26 typical presentation of reiters syn.
    27.which of the following drug combinations are contraindicated?
    (the drug names were given and I don’t remember the choices. I think the answer was SSRI and TCA)
    28.a patient with anal fistula. Internal opening in rectum and external opening at 5 o’clock position.what is the most common underlying lesion
    a.crohn’s disease b.anal gland infection

    29.a patient given radiotherapy for ca cervix. Now presents with bloody diarrhea.
    a.proctitis b.rectovaginal fistula c.metastatic carcinoma
    30.lower part of the anal canal drains into which lymph nodes
    a.superficial inguinal b.deep inguinal c.paraaortic
    31.a patient presents with severe epigastric pain, vomiting and hypotention.
    a.pancreatitis b.cholecystitis c.perforated duodenal ulcer
    32.ultrasonography is best used for the diagnosis of which condition in a jaundiced patient.
    a.gall stones b dilated bileduct c.cholecystitis liver
    33.a pregnant lady presents at 26 weeks with hydrops fetalis. Which investigation will help you in the management
    a.coomb’s test (?? Direct or indirect) b.IgM and Ig G for parvovirus
    (there were 3 questions of hydrops fetalis. Sorry I don’t remember them)
    34.treatment for mastalgia
    a.danasol b progesterone c.ocp
    35.which if the most important factor for osteoporosis in women
    a.menopause in 40 years
    b.BMI <20 C.?
    36. a17 year old girl presented with amenorrhea. Her height and physical appearance are normal for her age. What will be the cause
    a. mullerian agenesis b.ovarian agenesis c.ovarian dysgenesis
    c.pituitary failure d.hypothalamic dysfunction
    37.(long question and choices) the time interval between onset of growth spurt and menarche
    38. CTG for 30 min given heart rate 145, baseline variability 5bpm, no acceleration, no decelerations,
    a.normal a.abnormality due to fetal sleep c.abnormal and requires immediate cs. d. abnormal and scalp ph. e.some abnormality present and requires close observation.

    39.a long question about when to start folic acid and how long to take it to prevent neural tube defect.
    40.most accurate method of diagnosing down’s syndrome
    a.maternal serum examination at 16 weeks
    b.maternal seum and nuchal thickness at 11 weeks
    41.what is the most important adverse effect of GA over epidural anaesthesia in normal labour?
    a.maternal hypotention
    b.thiopentone has direct respiratory depressant action on foetus
    c.increase bleeding
    42.most common site of insertion of intercostals tube in pneumothorax
    43.most important diagnostic feature of achalasia
    44.the most common presenting feature of a patient with duodenal stricture secondary to duodenal ulcer.
    a.vomting one hour after each meal
    b.vomioting of large amounts 2-3 times a day
    c.? d?
    45.all of the following occurs in the first few days of neonatal life except.
    a.increase in right ventricular pressure
    b.closure of ductus venoses
    c.closure of ductus arterioses
    d.decreased flow through foramen ovale
    46.what is true about portwine stain
    a.will regress spontaneously b.will not regress spontaneously and might increase in later life
    c. treat immediately because of high potential to turn malignant
    47.which of the following conditions doesnot cause neck stiffness
    a.meningitis b.pneumonia c.tetanus d.botulism e.SAH
    48. PICTURE of an adult man. Center of the umbilicus is red. Erythema of the surrounding skin.
    A.omphalitis B.obstructed paraumbilical hernia c.necrotising faciitis
    d.herpes zoster e.?
    49.a drug was introduced which decreased the fatality of the disease but doesnot bring about complete cure of the disease.this means
    a. incidence of the disease decrease. B.prevalence decrease
    incidence increase prevalence increase. Both increase.
  5. sunil44

    sunil44 Guest

    great work

    I think no one is so fool to completely rely on the recall questions as it is still time to prepare for sept exam i think it's worth to go thru these questions and get familiar with the types of questions we'll get and who know even if we get 25-30 of these questions they might make the difference
    guys gr8 work done and salute to those who have given their precious time to recall those hard spent moments to help others

    cheers !!!
  6. about gp learning web site

    i dont know if I would get pass or not but that gp learning web site helped me a lot over there in answering questions specially the psychiatry ones and those from contraception subject

    it teaches u how to approach the question with all explainations

    theres a similar mcq in its contraception part that to give contraception for a girl with cerebral palsy and its answer is IUCD
    there was similar kind of question in our paper with options
    -refer the girl to gynaecologist
    -refer the girl to gynaecologist for IUCD
    (I marked last one)

    16 yr old asking for contraception
    -give her ocp
    -give her ocp and to use condom
    (i marked last one b/c of gp learning refernce)

    and caz now there r not many recalls in exams that gp learning website is very good in practicing for more and more mcqs it broads yr thinking

    there r
    100 mcqs for women health
    -25 on contraception
    -25 cervical cancer
    -25 breast cancer
    -irregular bleeding
    100 mcqs on child health
    -25 immunization
    -25 asthma
    -25 HSV
    -25 HPV
    100 mcqs on adolescent health
    100mcqs on aged care
    -25 palliative care
    -25 cancer
    -25 neck pain
    100 mcqs on diabetes
    100 mcqs on chronic conditions
    100 mcqs on diabetes
    total of about 1300 mcqs all very useful with preffered aussie appropach
  7. Ze

    Ze Guest

    Good on U Rana

    Whoever studies how - it's not our concerns

    isn't it ?
    no points to argue
    everybody has his/her own way to do each & everything in this life.
    best of luck to u
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    How much u need to pay for that Rana? do u think its worth it?
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Do pool subscription-but ask the shares later -- after you have subscribed
  10. reply

    u have to pay 203 aus dollars to subscribe for gp learning web site
  11. guest1980

    guest1980 Guest

    hi guys

    i also took the same exam this march and found it was hard but not very tough

    like others i had also thot that gp learning wud help me but lets clarify one thing

    in same exam there are like 5-6 diff sets of papers so that some questions that others get share the same options with diff stems and some have the same stem but diff optioons ....its very dificult out there....

    the pic were not from the anthology book they were from the kumar and clark and harrison (at least in my paper)I HAD ALSO JOINED THE GP SITE LIKE MY FRIEND BUT I THINK ITS NOT WORTH 220$

    usually its a tendency of the peple and the human mind to recall wat appalled their even a change or inclusion of and /or/both/ etc changes the whole scenario...
    so just study and study from good books...
    even i found harrison , murtagh, hull. very usefull..

    try to get and study the local guidelines like from the royal childrens' hospital and westmead hospital websites abt the guidelines given there

    the paper is basiccaly dosnt test how much u know
    it requires how much ur brain clicks in theexam and that my friend is only in the power of god/ or ur mind
    so jus dont go for the GP website
    i jus wasted my money on paper hadnt had much from it
    but plz read as much text as possible and make notes of each procedure ind and c/i
    its has helped me a lot
    almost completed all the books on the subjects...
    all the best
    don not give paper ijn haste giv urself at least 8 months to study and assimilate as much

    may god help all
  12. Ze

    Ze Guest

    I meant-- not the MCQs in this thread

    But many others appear nowadays - which I ignored it for a while

    Candidates who had taken this Exam knew how MCQs come

    what a mess !!
  13. in my very small brain (my thinking is ) with all my very little wisdom

    I myself have tried so much things for this exam to study even sometimes i felt iam no more on right track of studying

    and one gets different suggestions from everyone else

    everyone in this whole world has his/her own brain some people learn things from books .....some get to know by disscussion which is called combined study and learn from each other..........some people dont get what other is telling u they dont get satisfied till they themself not read the topic

    theres no criteria or some specific text book or MURTAGH or gp learning web site to get to pass anyone

    but only my opinion is do practice MCQs from whereever u get them either these r from tjundra from gp site from yr bridging course from yr recalls from peter devitt ........all these r the stuff to practice caz sometimes u read text very well but very minute brain thinks that one should practice mcqs from wherever he gets them to apply his text book knowledge in a MCQ by exercising more and more mcqs one can improve thier knowledge

    and off course without text books no one can have grip on any topic they r essential and mcqs r to test yr own knowledge which u got fron text books .............the books which should be top priority
  14. amc guest

    amc guest Guest

    i agree with rana. i too gave the march exam and it was vry tough for me. that is not because i didnt read the big books like harrison.....just because i couldnt revise it.I regretted so much for not doing enough past mcqs. The amc people (also plab,mrcs etc) have some favorite areas which they keep on repeating. Of course they are smart enough to change the questions and also the options but the areas are usually the same. I feel you will have to read those areas from the text books and other materials and be prepared for any question that might come from that area. Simply reading the text books wont help you ( sorry not the bright ones) face the MCQ exams.
    Eventhough they were not complete and a bit confusing they made me familiar with the topics.
  15. ziro

    ziro Guest

    29. Another repeated ques. (and confusing as well!!): Which org does not cause lung abscess"

    A. Staph aureus
    B. P. carinii
    C. M. pneuminiae
    D. M. TB

    is it P.carinii
  16. guest1980

    guest1980 Guest


    hi all
    thanks for all the replies...
    i can admitt that u may find that ur perforamnce dip highly if u dont revise...
    i and also many of my friends also have come across such bright people that they have to read ONCE A TOPIC AND THEY CAN RECALL IT EVEN AFTER 4 MONTHS

    i m not one of them
    and only one way of preparing AMC exam is that u can depend
    study as many text as possible.......
    the problem with recall is that they are sure in some cases

    obviously we can not get 100% recalls...

    amc over these 2 years have changed their pattern drastically....
    either they change the stems, add confusing investigations, add soem stupid drugs.....and then they can change options peple to peple....

    so wat do we do

    make a topic list and u will find that it gatjers the whole book.......

    no book is bad that i can suggest it only reflects the thinking pattern of the author......

    after the exam and now too i feel satisfied that i v done wat was in my hand.......
    i cud nt do group study as i cudnt concentrate properly.........

    i made the notes of the topics from the books.......basic books
    and revised them few times all
    then went on to the pasts

    now i feel i have checked and maked enuf questions to pass........

    practice the QUSETIONS ON aippg .
    that will take 7-8 months dont panic
    js study at ur pace
    god will help

  17. people who r writing over here only want to help others and sharing thier experiences

    when i started to prepare for this exam i had four or five close friends who consulted different books had diff resources of studying and all of them had passed thier exams in first attempts with different patterns

    one of my friend had given me usmle files which i never touched another was who had just given toronto exam came in australia revised her toronto notes and got passed in first attempt but i never asked for toronto notes

    I myself thought in books its enough there r enough recalls and enough australian resources of getting mcqs if one wishes to do them from tjundra ,,,,,,gp learning or whatever and thats more then enough for me and above all if u read annotated in detail topic by topic by understanding what actually its telling u it takes months to complete it

    everyone has his own method of studying and passing exams i feel that the thing that helps person most is to stick with ones own habits

    if u feel u should revise do revise it again and again and save time for that.......if u can make notes and have time for this do make notes they wont ever waste yr time

    do read thoroughly a topic and PLEASE DO PRACTICE SOME MCQS at least u would get idea what sort of questions would be in exam and u would get prepared for whats coming up

    now the amc exam is not like that it was before by seeing only recalls one can get pass the most important thing at that time was they had printed annotated in 1997 and till 2004 u can see exactly same questions from that book with no change and now they give everything in a different and much more complicated way thats why now its important to read topics now

    do read whatever book u can understand with u r comfortable
    reading from books and doing practicing mcqs require lots of time and hard work be confident .....dont get confused ever .....just get stuck to the line you made for yrself GOD will help u

    and do remember us all who have given this exam in your prayers

  18. Ze

    Ze Guest


    Do U know that there is a GP training programme for PR after passing part 1 if U have some yr of clinical experience ?
    U can only get me here as I don't have any emails anymore
  19. reply

    I dont have much information regarding GP training but iam giving some information with reference to people (doctors )around me who got here in Australia with different circumstances and doing different jobs according to thier situations.

    I know if u pass part 1 u can have job in south australia and in queensland (hospitals)but not in new south wales (thats what i know may be wrong)

    Theres one of our family friend who came to australia 2 yrs ago came on GP position working as GP since 2 yrs and now sitting in GP exam he doesnt need to do AMC exam

    I have known so many who had past experience of working came here as GP and they didnt sit in AMC exam but just get through straight to GP exam and passed it they had no problems for not giving AMC exam

    there r certain australian rules (which i dont know in detail )for those who have work experience specially those who also have previous experience of general practice.
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I think Except M Pneumonia

    Bacteroides fragilis group, Bacteroides gracilis , Prevotella intermedia , Prevotella denticola , Prevotella melaninogenicus , Prevotella oralis , Fusobacterium nucleatum , Peptostreptococcus micros , Peptostreptococcus anaerobius , and Peptostreptococcus magnus . Streptococcus milleri is one of the principal aerobic pathogens; S. aureus, S. pneumoniae, H. influenzae, P. aeruginosa, E. coli, and Klebsiella pneumoniae are also isolated frequently. Rarely, S. pneumoniae alone (usually capsular type 3) can cause a lung abscess. In HIV-infected patients, lung abscesses can be due to Pneumocystis, Rhodococcus equi , and Cryptococcus neoformans as well as the bacteria
  21. Ze

    Ze Guest

    Hi Jazz

    Just read your letter from my mailbox

    Thanx for remembering me

    I have been sick of reading all the rubbish to my emails-so I'd closed all my accounts

    Keep trying for your clinicals with your good friends

    Best wishes to all the good Dr
  22. Guest

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    48. When two rescuers available, what is true regarding CPR?
    A. 15:2 should be the compression rate
    B. response should be checked evey 2 min
    C. chest compression should be on mid chest
    D. There should be 2.5 cm chest compression each time.

    I wrote A (as was in Murtagh. But heard afterwars that recent protocol has changed -pls. check)

    For this question..i checked and it says that if its two rescuer ..then compression rate shuld be the same as if one rescuer (80 to 100 compressions/min) however the compression: ventilation ratio shuld be 5:1.

    so i guess the answer is C
  23. samar2

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  24. Doggy

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    I still don't understand why people keep repeating the mistake on this question; probably that's why the question keeps been repeated!
    Virtually any bacterium can cause a lung abscess depending on a person's immunity; M. tuberculosis causes a pathologically similar process, but that is TECHNICALLY called CAVITATORY TB.
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    :arrow: 8) i m trying as i m new

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