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    .A patient who is treated for cancer of the breast presents with bone pain that resolves with paracetamol. Bone x-ray shows sclerotic lesions. How should it be treated?
    a- tamoxifen
    b- Total body irradiation
    c- Localized irradiation
    d- Chemotherapy
    e- Chemotherapy with radiation

    In a patient with cardiac arrest, what medication should you give first?
    a- Adrenalin
    b- Lignocaine
    c- Atropine
    d- Sodium bicarbonate
    e- Isoprenaline

    An 8 yrs old boy was stung by a bee. He had difficulty breathing and facial oedema. What is the best treatment?
    a- IV adrenalin
    b- IV antihistamine
    d- IV hydrocortisone
    e- SC adrenalin

    In a patient presenting with lacunar infarction the following is true:
    a- sensory loss only
    b- Dysphasia
    c- Can be a result of thromboembolism
    d- Haemorrhage from the medical cerebral artery
    e- due to aneurism

    A patient with a dorsal column spinal cord lesion most typically presents with:
    a- ataxia
    b- Peripheral neuropathy
    c- Romberg positive
    d- Muscle weakness
    e- absent reflexes

    A patient with chronic obstructive always disease was confused and was given 10L\min oxygen in the ambulance. He is now unresponsive. Which is a likely result of an ABG taken now?
    a- PO2 40 PC02 100 pH 7.35
    b- PO2 100 PCO2 10 pH 7.40
    c- PO2 60 PCO2 45 pH 7.50
    d- PO2 40 PCO2 100 pH 7.15
    e- PO2 100 PCO2 60 pH 7.25

    A 54 yrs old married woman with 3 adult children is undergoing chemotherapy for metastasis carcinoma of the breast, recently relapses. The nursing staffs are concerned that she is not coping well, but her response to your initial enquires about her feelings is to express her concern for your state of health and that of the other staff. This is an example for which psychological defense mechanism?
    a- Identification
    b- Projection
    c- Displacement
    d- Reaction formation
    e- Altruism
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    A patient with known bipolar disorder now resists to lithium therapy. WOF medication should be best suitable?
    a- Benzodiazepam
    b- Sodium valproate
    c- Fluoxenthine
    d- Amphetamine
    e- Imipramine

    Middle age patient came to your clinic with history of jaundice and RHC pain. No history of pruritus and cause may be:
    a- VH A
    b- VH B
    c- VH C
    d- Gall stone
    e- Cholestasis

    Conditions of the common bile duct can be best detected by:
    a- USG
    b- CT
    c- HID A
    d- Oral Cholecystography
    e- ERCP

    a- Tympanic membrane normal

    WOF advanced metastasis is least curable:
    a- Leratoma
    b- Choriocarcinoma
    c- Hodgking

    School phobia in a 6 yrs old boy may be due to:
    a- failure in school
    b- Separation anxiety
    c- Inability to read

    Bronchopulmonary dysphasia. What is true?
    a- Treatment cause anemia.

    A mother is concerned that the child doesn’t seem to hear. Clinical exam revealed no abnormality. Child looks well. What is your management?
    a- reassurance of the parents
    b- Investigation in 4 yrs old
    c- Tempanometry
    d- Audiometry

    Atopic eczema. What is not true?
    a- Application of cream
    b- Keep the bed room cool
    c- Apply soap and water

    Which is the following condition may have a fatal out come?
    a- Angry looking napkin rash
    b- Blue spots on the batacks
    c- Red spots on the cheeks
    d- Diamond shaped area of hair loss on the scalp

    A 16 yrs old boy come to your clinic complaining of pain in the hip and knee.
    He is jumping. What is your working diagnosis?
    a- Transient synovitis
    b- Perthes disease
    c- Slipped upper femoral epiphysis

    26. Complication of meningitis.
    a- cephalohaematoma

    All of the following are true about duodenal ulcer, Except:
    a- hunger pain
    b- loss appetite
    c- weight gain
    d- relapses and remissions
    e- reserved by antacids
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    A patient presents with a history of 2 episodes of left eye blindness. Right hemiplegia, and transient speech difficulty, which lasted 20 min each. Which is the most possible site of obstruction:
    a- left middle cerebral artery
    b- right middle cerebral artery
    c- left anterior cerebral artery
    d- right anterior cerebral artery
    e- posterior cerebral artery

    In which disease id anterior uveitis most commonly associated:
    a- Reiter’s disease
    b- Ankylosing spondylitis
    c- Syphilis
    d- Gout
    e- Rheumatoid arthritis

    Which is the most common mode of transmission in hepatitis C infixion?
    a- IV drug users
    b- Homosexual active males
    c- Heterosexual
    d- Vertical transmission

    Mynocoplasma pneumoniae infection has all of the following characteristics:
    a- Cough is unusual
    b- Pleural efflision is a characteristics feature
    c- ESR is always high
    d- Very serve headache
    e- Responds to tetracycline treatment

    A patient presents with haematuria. About 24 hours ago the had a sore throat. Which is the most?
    a- IgA nephropathy
    b- Post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis
    c- Membranous glomerulonephritis
    d- Nephrotic syndrome
    e- Acute pyelonephritis

    Which of the following is true about tuberculosis pleural effusion?
    a- Blood-stained always
    b- Acid-fast bacilli are always found
    c- Most likely cells are lymphocytes
    d- It is transudate
    e- Glucose is normal or decreased

    Acute attacks of asthma can best be treated with:
    a- inhaled salbutamol
    b- oral-steroids
    c- Inhaled steroids
    d- Oral theophyline
    e- PEFR measured at home

    A young man presents with pleuretic chest pain and cough. On percussion there is dullness over the right base. There are no breath sounds in the right lower zone, but bronchial breathing is noted in the right middle zone. Which is the most likely diagnosis?
    a- Right lower lobe consolidation
    b- Right lower lobe collapse
    c- Pleural effusion
    d- Right pneumathorax
    e- Left tension pneumathorax

    All of the following are the true Emphysema, except:
    a- clubbing is present
    b- Distant heart sounds
    c- Diffusing capacity is decreased
    d- Total lung capacity is decreased
    e- Hyperinflation of the lungs
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    Photosensitivity is present in:
    a- Amiodarone treatment
    b- SLE
    c- Niacin deficiency
    d- Thiamine deficiency

    In a patient with massive ascities, all are possible finding except:
    a- Hepatomegaly
    b- Shifting dullness
    c- Eversion of umbilicus
    d- Dullness to percussion

    Which are the following drugs can give Nephrotoxicity:
    a- Gentamycin
    b- Gold
    c- Digoxin
    d- Sulphnamides
    e- Mefenamic acid

    A 65 yrs old woman became confused. Laboratory findings were: Calcium 4.8 increased Caiciuria, decreased phosphate. Which is the most likely diagnosis?
    a- Malignancy (osteolytic metastases)
    b- Primary hyperthyroidism
    c- Idiopathic hypercalcaemia hypercalciuria
    d- Paget’s disease
    e- Multiple myeloma

    Papillary necrosis is caused mostly by:
    a- Diabetes
    b- Alcohol
    c- Analgesic nephropathy
    d- Medullary sponge kidney
    e- Sickle cell crisis

    In a patient with acidic urine, which are the most commonly found stones?
    a- uric acid
    b- Cystine
    c- Calcium oxalates
    d- Calcium carbonate
    e- Xanthenes

    in patient with chronic renal failure:
    a- most patient develop osteoporosis
    b- Bone dystrophy is present

    In rheumatic fever arthritis, which is the most typical finding?
    a- heals without deformities
    b- Affects small joints equally as large ones
    c- Is confined to one joint

    Which of the following drugs most commonly cause prolonged QT Interval?
    a- digoxin
    b- Procainamide
    c- Quinidine
    d- Propranolol

    A woman presents with dark color urine, pruritus and jaundice. Blood examination shows a mild increase in alkaline phosphates, high AST and ALT. Which is the most likely diagnosis?
    a- Viral hepatitis
    b- Acute fatty liver
    c- Cholangitis
    d- Biliary obstruction with cholestasis
    e- Cholecystitis
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    Which of the following is true regarding Phenytoin:
    a- Should be given three times daily
    b- It will decrease the effect of Warfarin
    c- It will decrease the effect of OCR
    d- If given in combination with other drugs, the therapeutic does should be halved.
    e- ?

    Statistically woman lives longer than men. Which is the reason for this?
    a- Females have genetics advantage
    b- Women use the medical system more often than men
    c- Men have more stressful jobs than women
    d- Men drive more aggressively
    e- Women have less accident

    Treatment of hypertension is a proven factor in preventing:
    a- TIA
    b- Ischaemic stroke
    c- Coronary artery disease
    d- Congestive cardiac failure
    e- Atherosclerosis

    A patient with CRF and hypertension was dialyzed. His BP improved after
    dialysis but he still had 2 episodes of high blood pressure. Which is now the initial step in your management?
    a- Decrease protein in his diet
    b- Ideal weight should be reached
    c- Give frusmind
    d- Give anti-hypertensive therapy prior to dialysis
    e- Give anxiolytics prior to dialysis

    Hepatitis BV has never been found in which of the following blood products:
    a- Fresh frozen plasma
    b- Cryoprecipitate
    c- Whole blood
    d- Erythrocytes

    In a woman with splenomegaly: WCC 33000 and tear drop poikylocytes. Which is the most likely diagnosis/
    a- CML
    b- CLL
    c- Hodgkin’s disease
    d- Acute lymphoma
    e- Myelofibrosis

    A 25 yrs old asymptomatic female was found on routine screening to have hypercalcemia, hyperchloremia, hypophosphatemia and mild acidosis. The physical examination and chest x-ray findings are normal. The most likely diagnosis is:
    a- Malignancy
    b- Acromegaly
    c- Chronic renal failure
    d- Primary hyperparathyroidism
    e- Sarcoidosis

    A rheumatoid arthritis patient presents with anemia with the following laboratory results. Long time Prednisolone treatment:
    Hb -g
    Iron binding capacity-normal
    What is the diagnosis?
    a- Fe-deficiency
    b- Chronic inflammatory disease
    c- Occult blood loss
    d- Sideroblastic anemia
    e- Thalassaemia major

    A young man returned from Bali and presents with bloody diarrhea.
    What is the initial investigation?
    a- Stool microscopy
    b- HIV investigation
    c- Stool culture
    d- Biopsy of colon
    e- Barium enema
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    Prolonged QT interval is caused by:
    a- Digoxin
    b- Propranolol
    c- Amiodaron
    d- Atenolol
    e- Procainamide

    Which of the following is true regarding Granuloma Anullare?
    a- Irregular raised margins
    b-Is pre-malignant
    c- Caused by sun exposure
    d- Is autosomal recessive

    A school teacher presents with patches of hair loss on scalp. Skin of the affected area is shiny. All of the following are a treatment except:
    a- Nystatin ointment
    b- Metronidazole
    c- Ketoconazole
    d- Griseofulvin
    e- Nystatin cream

    Which is the most important finding for the diagnosis of gout?
    a- Finding birefringent crystals on arthroscopy
    b- Increased neutrophils count
    c- Increased serum uric acid
    d- Increased urinary uric acid

    In a patient with T8 pain and spastic paresis of lower limbs, which is the most likely diagnosis?
    a- Herpes zoster
    b- Spinal cord compression
    c- Syringomyelia
    d- Multiple sclerosis

    Digoxin is indicated in all of the following except:
    a- Atrial fibrillation
    b- Atrial ectopics
    c- Ventricular ectopics
    d- Nodal rhythm
    e- Supraventricular tachycardia

    In a 30 yrs old patient with iron deficiency but no history of bleeding and whose ferritin level is elevated. Which is the investigation?
    a- Gastroscopy
    b- Colonoscopy
    c- Bone Marrow aspiration
    d- Sigmoidoscopy
    e- Hemoglobin electrophoresis

    An overweight patient has had an episode of bulk diarrhea with steatorrhea. He has a history of drinking alcohol for many years. Which is the next investigation?
    a- IV pancreatography
    b- Endoscopic pancreatography
    c- Abdominal x-ray
    d- Ultrasound
    e- Faucal fat analysis

    A woman who taken Oral Contraceptive Pills (OCP), complains of headaches over last 3 weeks. The frequency of headaches is 5 days per week. The headaches improve in the afternoon and during the weekend. Which the most appreciate management/
    a- Stop OCP
    b- Relaxation techniques
    c- Ergotamine
    d- Methysergide
    e- Sumatriptan
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    Which is the following is the commonest that given cellulities?
    a- Group A streptococcus
    b- Group B streptococcus
    c- Staphylococcus aureus
    d- E. coil

    All of the following can cause glucose intolerance, except:
    a- Pituitary tumour
    b- Thyrotoxicosis
    c- Acromegaly
    d- Phaeochromocytoma
    e- Pancreatitis

    Which is the following is the most common complication of infectious Endocarditis?
    a- Mitral stenosis
    b- Rupture of chordae tendinae
    c- Aortic stenosis
    d- Tricuspid stenosis
    e- Aortic regurgitation

    A woman presents with ?????(essential?) tremor of hands. Which of the following is correct?
    a- Disappears when she looks at her hands
    b- Treatment of choice is Propranolol
    c- Is present when she is on the phone?
    d- Disappears when she sleeps
    e- Benztropine is helpful

    A 35 yrs old police man suffers from ulcerative colitis, and is treated with Sulfasalazine. He drinks 60gms alcohol per day. Laboratory investigations show:
    Serum bilirubin 18 mmol/l: Increased alkaline phosphate, GGT and SGOT. The most likely diagnosis is:
    a- Fatty liver
    b- Alcoholic cirrhosis
    c- Biliary stones
    d- Sclerosing cholangitis
    e- Cholestasis

    Demential symptoms in an HIV positive patient can be due to all of the following, except:
    a- AZT side effects
    b- Interferon side effects
    c- Toxoplasmosis infection
    d- AIDS dementia
    e- Non Hodgkin lymphoma

    A patient with rheumatoid arthritis on long term treatment with Naproxen came complaining of fatigability over the past few weeks. Lab analysis shows decreased Hb, normal MCV, raised TIBC and ferritin.
    Which is the most appreciate diagnosis?
    a- Anemia due to blood loss from the GIT
    b- Anemia of the chronic disease
    c- Iron deficiency anemia

    A lesion of spinal cord at L4/L5 level produces:
    a- Loss of foot door flexion
    b- Absent ankle jerk
    c- Loss of sensation on the medial aspect of calf and thigh
    d- Absent knee jerk
    e- Absence of sensation on the lateral aspect of calf and thigh

    The most common cause of neck stiffness is:
    a- Meningitis
    b- Botulism
    c- Phenothiazines toxicity
    d- Tetanus
    e- Pneumonia

    A patient presents with headache and neck stiffness over a 4 week period. All of the following are possible except:
    a- Extradural hematoma
    b- Subdural hematoma
    c- Lumber puncture should be done
    d- Urgent CT scan should be done
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    Patient with severe hypertrophic cardio-myopathy. W.O.F. drugs are suitable for this patient?
    a- Digoxin
    b- Amiodarone
    c- Verapamil
    d- Furasemide

    Patient had acute Pancreatitis 4 days later he presents with pseudo cyst. What is your management?
    a- Pseudocyst has connection with pancreatic ducts
    b- Cyst has epithelial wall
    c- Cyst resolve spontaneously leave it

    A Type
    Blood picture of anemia in chronic disease:
    a- Serum Fe increases
    b- Macrocytic anemia
    c- Microcytic anemia
    d- Normocytic anemia

    J Type
    Guillian-barre syndrome after viral infection:
    a- Increasing protein with normal cell in CSF
    b- Antibodies against myelin shed
    c- Nerve conduction can be used
    d- Low glucose in CSF

    A Type
    a- Normal tympanic membrane
    b- Bulging blunt tympanic membrane

    Congenital spherocytosis except:
    a- Transient Leukocytosis
    b- Decreasing erythrocyte life span
    c- Thrombocytosis
    d- Splenectomy

    TLA unilateral eyesight lost
    a- Atheroma of internal carotid
    b- Vertebral basilar
    c- Posterior communicating cerebral

    Investigation of hypoadrenalism:
    a- Low renin
    b- Genitalia pigmentation
    c- Autoimmune in
    d- ACTH stimulation test

    Patient who has diabetes mellitus is coming with coma common cause of ketoacidosis:
    a- Undiagnosed insulin dependent
    b- Take insulin irregularly

    Nephrotic syndrome:
    a- Hypercholestemoanemia
    c- Always responds to predrusone
    d- Hypoalbuminemin

    A type
    The following features are true in D.I.C., except:
    a- Decrease fib run degradation product

    Risk factor of choledocholithiasis:
    a- Hyperlipidaemia
    b- Triglyceride
    c- Gallstone 20% T
    d- ‘10-15’% gallstone onigrate to the common bile duct

    A 35 yrs old police man comes to see you because of jaundice. He is taking sulphursal arine, prednisone for ulcerative colitis. He drinks 60gm of alcohol/day. His lab investigations are:
    Serum bilirubin 18(N: 17)
    Alkaline phosphate increasing
    GGT increasing
    SGOT 30 (N: 26)
    SGPT N
    What is your diagnosis?
    a- Fatty liver
    b- Alcoholic cirrhosis
    c- Biliary stone
    d- Sclerosing cholangitis
    e- Hepatocarcinoma
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    Patient presents with abdominal pain, shock, back pain. W.O.F. is Dx?
    a- Leaking aortic aneurysm
    b- Renal colic
    c- Choledocholithiasis
    d- Pancreatitis

    Patient with synthetic prothetic valve is undergoing colectomy for colon cancer. He is taking Warfarin. What is your management?
    a- Anticoagulant should be given before and after surgery
    b- Change Warfarin to heparin 6 days before surgery, operate with N: INR
    c- Postoperaction stops heparin for bars
    d- Admit to hospital change Warfarin to heparin, stop when operation
    e- Change prosthetic valve into biological valve then do colectomy

    Cellulitis is caused by:
    a- Group A Strep to
    b- Group B Strep to
    c- (-) bacilli
    d- Staph aureus

    Lupus kidney biopsy may show:
    a- Complement fixation on the glomerulomembrane
    b- Lupus may occur in transplanted kidney

    Alkaloids patient coming with steatorrhea losing 10kg of weight. What is the 1st step in diagnosis?
    a- Abdominal x-ray
    b- USG and CT
    c- ERCP

    The last indications for chronic renal failure are:
    a- Seual size decreases
    b- Proteinuria
    c- Uraemia
    d- Anemia

    A type
    a- T inverse
    b- Extra systole
    c- QT prolonged
    d- U waves

    Smoking relates to:
    a- Carcinoma of lung
    b- Carcinoma of larynges
    c- Carcinoma of uluker
    d- Carcinoma of oesophagtis

    Side effects of:
    a- Amantadin – Hallucination
    b- Berihexol – confusion made
    c- L dupa – Extrapyi………….
    d- Stellegine

    A psycluatric patient who is taking antipsychotic drug & having Parkinson s/e:
    a- stop the drugs
    b- ……..
    c- L dopa

    A man with COAD has an intective exacerbation and received 28% oxygen. He became drowsy and the ABG was PaCO2 61, PaO2 68. What should the initial management be?
    a- Immediate intubation and ventilation
    b- Decrease the O2 and repeat assessment / ABG30mm later
    c- Give immediate antibiotic cover against gram negatives
    d- Give higher oxygen concentrations
    e- Start an aminophylline IV infusion

    Which one is a common side effect of calcium blockers?
    a- Peripheral oedema
    b- Angio-oedema
    c- Constipation
    d- Headache
    e- Insomnia
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    A woman with an acute severe attack of asthma. Which management should not be employed?
    a- IV aminophylline
    b- Nebulised Salbutamol
    c- Nebulised terbutaline
    d- Salmeterol inhaler
    e- IV hydrocortisone

    A 60 yrs old man with retrostemal pain presents BP 210/125mmHg. He was sweaty and an absent pulse in the right carotid artery. The ECG was normal apart from LVH. What will the CXR show?
    a- Widening of the mediastinum
    b- Increased left ventricular size
    c- Pneumathorax on the right
    d- Trachea deviated to left
    e- Reverse 3 sign on abdomen x-ray

    Regarding immunology, which one the correct?
    a- Killer cells are T-subsets and kill tumour cells
    b- B cells produce first IgM and later IgG
    c- IgM needs the help of complement
    d- IgG increases with infectious mononucleosis
    e- Staphylococcus aureus needs opsonization3

    A 60 years old woman presents with 3 months of lethargy. On examination you find spleno-hepatomegaly and lymphadenopathy. Whish is the most probable diagnosis?
    a- Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
    b- Acute lymphobiastic leukemia
    c- Hodgkin’s disease
    d- Acute mteloid leukemia
    e- Infectious mononucleosis

    A 35 yrs old lady with galactorrhea has a pituitary adenoma which is in 3mm of optic chaisma had a problem level of 2500 U/L. Which of the following is the most appropriate initial management?
    a- Trans-frontal surgery

    William, 13 yrs old presents several times over 10 days with a facial abscess that has not responded to local oramage and oral caphalexin. The next appropriate action would include:
    a- Commence flucloxacillin
    b- Check the blood sugar
    c- Admit for IV penicillin and flucloxacillin
    d- Check full blood count
    e- Question the boy about side effect of caphalexin to assess compliance

    The management of jaundice patient for 9 days in a 12 day old would include?
    a- Phototherapy with reassurance to the parent
    b- Investigation with full blood count, reticulocytes and coomb’s test
    c- Cassation of breast feeding
    d- Work up for bacterial infection
    e- Exchange transfusion

    Which of the following is a valid reason for hospitalizing a psych patient?
    a- Suicidal threat
    b- Under tying medical problem
    c- When personality is the underlying problem
    d- To improve compliance to treatment
    e- To adjust psychiatric treatment

    Petechia seen on the following except?
    a- ITP
    b- Platelet dysfunction due to aspirin overdose
    c- Chronic liver disease
    d- Chronic renal failure
    e- Hypersplenism

    Screening program is part of medical practice following an accepted in medical practice:
    a- Perform rectal exam for prostatomegaly
    b- Prostate specific antigen
    c- Annual breast examination by general practice

    35 yrs old man fever, myalgia, arthritis, photophobia, dry cough for 5 days. Antibiotic given 3 days ago, now this patient develops mouth ulcer, Erythematosis, macular popular rash. Full blood count:
    a- Infectious mononucleosis
    b- HIV
    c- CMV
    d- Gonococal infection
    e- Rubella

    Assessment of breast lump 35 years-old woman on a month self-examination:
    a- Medical examination mammography then re-assure if it not suspicious
    b- Diagnosis of impabable lesion is best by open biopsy
    c- Mammography to be checked by radiologist
    d- B/c mammography not ideal screening under 50 refer to a surgeon initially
    e- USG (real time)

    a- Vlphadiamine
    b- Rioruromazine
    c- Amiodarone
    d- Erythromycin
    e- Spinn

    Which drug you can not use for atrial fibrillation in W.P.W. syndrome?
    a- Digoxin
    b- Verapamil
    c- ………………
    d- Beta blocker
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    Following the biochemistry of a patient who under Rx of vomiting Na-117cl 86k+3.2 serum osmolality 900
    Most likely cause:
    a- Sodium depletion
    b- Water intoxication
    c- SIADH
    d- DI

    Na-168 serum osm 200ml cl-10
    Most likely cause:
    a- DI
    b- SIADH
    c- Acute tubular necrosis

    Diabetic leg having cellulitis
    a- Fluclox +Ampicillin
    b- Metronidazol +Ampicillin
    c- Gentamicin +Ampicillin
    d- Ampicillin +genta +metro

    Bleeding per rectum with perinial pain
    a- Fissure in ano
    b- Fistula in ano
    c- Hemorrhoid

    Causes of pancriatitis except
    a- Mumps
    b- Alcohol
    c- Gall stone
    d- Islets cell tumour
    e- Hyperlipidaemia

    WOF is not a feature of peptic ulcer
    a- Wt gain
    b- Periodicity
    c- Pain before meal
    d- Loss of appetite

    55 yrs obese lady came with generalized pain, pulse irregular, BP 90/60mmofHG abdomen was tender and rebound tenderness present with distension. P/R denote blood stained
    a- Reputed diverticulitis
    b- Mesenteric ischemia
    c- Ca rectum

    All the following are cause of ischemic pain except
    a- Numbness in buttock
    b- Calf pain
    c- Paralysis of thigh muscle
    d- Sudden shooting pain in thigh

    Mid humerous fracture can jeopardis the action of which nerve
    a- Ulner nerve
    b- Medium nerve
    c- Redial nerve
    d- Axillery nerve

    A pt with ascitis, paracentesis shows malignant cell. O/E what will be found
    a- Splenomegaly
    b- Hepatomegaly
    c- Palpable node P/R
    d- Supraclavicular node

    About nasopharyngeal carcinoma
    a- Associated with EB virus

    WOF is true about Trendelenberg’s test
    a- Test hip?
    b- Gluteal paralysis?

    In diabetic neuropathy you can find each of the following except?
    a- Bradycardia
    b- Urine retention
    c- Impotence
    d- Diarrhoea at night
    e- Foot ulcer

    A young man presents with pleuritic chest pain and cough. On examination there is dullness on percussion and bronchial breathing over the right lower zone, posteriorly. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?
    a- Right lower lobe consolidation
    b- Right lower lobe collapse
    c- Asthma
    d- TB cavity

    A 37 yrs old woman has unilateral exophthalmos. Which of the following is the most likely cause?
    a- Glaucoma
    b- Nasopharyngeal tumour invading the orbit
    c- A neoplastic lesion in the lamina cribrosa
    d- Thyrotoxicosis
    e- Infection of the frontal sinus
    f- Maxillary arterial truma
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    A 4 yrs old child, neck stiffness and fever, CSF shows: Glucose normal, Protein 1.1 Few neutrophils, Lymphocytes 100, No organism seen in CSF. Most likely is:
    a- Echo meningitis
    b- Herpes meningitis
    c- Hib meningitis

    Child < 6 months old with pneumonia, pleural effusion, round opacities on CXR. Which of the following drug you should ADD in her management?
    a- Crystal penicillin
    b- Flucloxacillin
    c- Amoxycillin/clavulanic acid
    d- Erythromycin

    Woman with chronic an ovulation has increased risk of:
    a- Endometrial carcinoma
    b- Cervical carcinoma
    c- Ovarian carcinoma
    d- Vulval carcinoma
    e- Vaginal carcinoma

    Woman 20yrs Taking Microgynon 30, in the month she had two periods one lasted 2 days another lasted 4 days. What is your advice to her?
    a- Continue Microgynon 30
    b- Change to Microgynon 50
    c- Change to triphasic OCP

    Woman wants advice regarding Ocp. On US you discovered 4cm cyst.
    a- You will reassure her it is normal – no further investigation is needed
    b- See her in 6 week time do US to see if cyst is still there

    18 months old child breast Tanner 3, no pubic or axillary hair:
    a- Idiopathic premature the larche

    Baby wheezing, his brother had birthday party 2days ago:
    a- Spiral CT
    b- Esophagoscopy
    c- Expiratory and Inspiratory CXR

    Treatment of mastalgia, conservative treatment failed:
    a- Bromocriptine
    b- Danazol
    c- OCP
    d- Oestrogen
    e- Progesterone

    Regarding Herpes genitalis which of the following is true:
    a- Caused by HSV 1
    b- May be asymptomatic
    c- Interferon is contraindicated in pregnancy

    39 week 19 yo primigravida, transverse lie. What you will do next?
    a- CS
    b- US
    c- External Cardioversion
    d- Vaginal exam

    Woman 8 week of pregnancy is concerned about Trisomy 21. Which of the following test is safest and the same time most Accurate (within minimum risk)?
    a- Nuchal fold thickness at 11-12 week - sensitivity 80%
    b- Amniocentesis at 16 week
    c- Triple or quadruple test. (Alpha-fetoprotein, B-Hog. Oestriol) - sensitivity 60%
    d- Amniocentesis 18 week
    e- CVS at 12 week
  13. Joseph.

    Joseph. Guest

    Patient, sudden onset of one-sided vertigo. No deafness, most likely:
    a- Vestibular neuronitis
    b- Meniere’s disease
    c- Benign positional vertigo

    A 45 yrs old man, when urinating outflow reduced & straining:
    a- Benign hypertrophy of prostrate
    b- Carcinoma of prostate

    Q. Regarding puberty 11-14y.o. All of the following are true:
    a- GnRh are released in pulsatile manner
    b- Lh are released in pulsatile manner
    c- Increased level of prolactin
    d- Pubic hair
    e- Pulsatile FSH chic dial

    All of the following are beneficial in treatment of acute asthma except:
    a- Terbutaline
    b- Steroids
    c- Salbutamol
    d- Sodium chromoglycate (intal) *

    Woman with jaundice, Ulcerative colitis, Liver enzyme elevated:
    a- Sclerosing cholangitis

    All of the following drugs can cause photosensitivity except:
    a- Phenothiazine
    b- Chlorpromazine
    c- Nicotinic acid
    d- Thiamine (B1) deficiency
    e- Porphyria

    60yrs alcoholic man was absent from home, history of binge drinking for one week. Came to the hospital as his wife insisted. His is confused, few bruises on the head, slurred speech, liver palpable 15cm, Extensor plantar Reflex +ve:
    a- Hepatic Encephalopathy
    b- Subdural hematoma
    c- Korsakov psychosis
    d- Dementia
    e- Central pontine tumour

    Which findings are specific in pleural effusion due to TBO?
    a- Mononuclears
    b- Low or absent glucose
    c- Positive acid-fast bacilli

    Question about laparoscopy. See Q 154 may 2002
    a- It is one of diagnostic way how PCO is diagnosed
    b- Vena cava can be damaged but risk is small
    c- She will experience abdominal and shoulder tip discomfort because of residual CO2

    Which type of bone loss is chronic renal failure?
    a- Osteoid fibrosis with Osteomalacia
    b- Osteoporosis
  14. Joseph.

    Joseph. Guest

    Baby 8 weeks old, eye discharge from left eye, improved on AB but discharge again:
    a- Course of antibiotics was short
    b- Nasolacrimal duct obstruction

    Uycitis is most commonly associated with;
    a- Rheumatoid arthritis
    b- Reiter’s disease
    c- Ankylosing spondylitis

    Boy when was 3y. o and when was in his mother lap had soft heart murmur. You saw him again one year later, when his lying murmur disappeared although he has abdominal pain. Mist likely is:
    a- innocent venous hum
    b- Cardiac failure

    Which of the following lung carcinoma is common in non-smoker?
    a- Oat-cell carcinoma
    b- Small-cell carcinoma
    c- Adenocarcinoma
    d- Alveolar cell carcinoma

    Young woman, 28 yrs had previous PAP smear shows:
    Squamous metaplasia. No other abnormalities seen:
    a- You will do colposcopy preceded by biopsy
    b- It is normal process and of sinister importance
    c- It is pre-invasive carcinoma

    Staghom calculi can be found in all of the following except:
    a- Recurrent pyelonephritis
    b- Chronic infection
    c- Prolonged immobilization
    d- Hyperuricemia (gout)

    Patient with painful red eye, haze cornea, fixed dilated pupil:
    a- Glaucoma
    b- Conjunctivitis
    c- Iritis
    d- Chronic venous thrombosis

    Man narcotic overdose came to hospital. His ABG show:
    a- Ph 7.15, PaCo2 62, PaO2 78
    b- PH 7.25, PaCo2 58, PaO2 85

    Hypovitaminosis and metabolic disturbances are commonly seen in:
    a- SCH
    b- Bulimia nervosa
    c- Young adult who skipping meal times

    Most important test for Anorexia nervosa is:
    a- Electrolyte balance and live function test

    Five days after appendectomy patient has tachycardia, fever. Most likely:
    a- Atelectasis
    b- Wound infection
    c- D V T
    d- Pelvic abscess
    e- UTI
  15. Joseph.

    Joseph. Guest

    8yrs boy came to the hospital at midnight, has acute left scrotal pain since 7pm. You will:
    a- Do US
    b- Do blood culture

    Inability to draw a Pentagon in Mini-Mental Exam is associated with:
    a- Non-dominant parietal lobe
    b- Dominant parietal lobe
    c- Frontal lobe
    d- Hippocampus
    e- Hypothalamus

    Regarding burns what is true:
    a- Skin prick test is not sensitive test to determine deep of burns
    b- Scald burns are usually superficial unless prolonged contact of if cloth is not removed

    3yrs boy hyperactive in the kindergarten, teacher complain that child’s is aggressive towards other children
    a- ADHD
    b- Variant of normal
    c- Opponent defiance

    Which drug will reverse anti-cholinergic delirium?
    a- Physostigmine
    b- Haloperidol
    c- Benztropine

    Woman SCH, taking therapy for 20 years. Now complaining of dry mouth, mild dystonia. Most probably drug is:
    a- Thioridazine
    b- Haloperidol
    c- Flupenzoate decanoate

    2 yrs boy has swollen knee. Which of the following is best test to establish diagnosis?
    a- Fluid aspiration from the joint
    b- Blood culture
    c- X-ray
    d- Ultrasound

    How you can differentiate schizoid from disorder from SCH:
    a- Duration of syndrome
    b- Gender bias
    c- Female more than male
    d- Affective syndrome

    Question about male infertility. After 3 day of abstinence ejaculate is:
    Vol 3ml (2-5 ml)
    Number :< 950.000 (>20million)
    Motility > 10% (> 50 million)
    Morphology < 80% abnormal (> 60% morphology)

    a- His fertility is slightly reduced
    b- Clomiphene citrate will improve his chances for fertilization
    c- Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection
    d- Giving him FSH will improve spermatogenesis
    e- I V F with one hyper stimulation will give results in more than 20%

    Patient with history of hypertension, family members affected as well (Men II), who test will confirm diagnosis?
    a- Urinary 5 HIIH
    b- Urinary vanilmandelic

    4 yrs old boy with fever, hepatomegaly, lymphadenopathy, pallor, lethargy, pancytopenia:
    a- ALL
    b- Infective mononucleosis
  16. Joseph.

    Joseph. Guest

    Which of the following is indication for urgent laparotomy?
    a- Free blood in peritoneal cavity
    b- Free gas behind duodenum
    c- Scapulares hematoma of liver
    d- Sub capsulated hematoma of spleen

    The least likely to be transmitted from mother to child during childbearing is:
    a- Syphilis
    b- HIV
    c- Streptococcus B
    d- Gonorrhoea

    Regarding group B streptococcus infection in pregnancy all is true except:
    a- 15% woman will be colonized
    b- Can cause significant maternal or foetal infection
    c- If infected penicillin during the labour
    d- She should be given prophylactic penicillin through all pregnancy

    All can be seen in Wemicke encephalopathy, except:
    a- Tongue fasciculation
    b- Ataxia
    c- Nystagmus
    d- Extra ocular muscles weakness
    e- Altered consciousness

    18 yr girls 4 cm inside the introitus you can see remnant. It is most likely:
    a- Wolffian duct
    b- Mullerian duct
    c- Hymeneal ring
    d- Bartholin cyst

    Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be seen in all of the following except:
    a- It is common in woman beaten by husband – in domestic violence
    b- People who watch that like bystanders can experience PTSD
    c- There are personal vulnerability

    Which of the following is demographic indicator that violence has poor prognosis?
    a- Past history of violence
    b- Past history of alcohol abuse

    Poisoning with acetaminophen will cause:
    a- Hepatic injury
    b- Kidney injury

    Woman, twin pregnancy, all of the following is true, except:
    a- Acute polyhydroamnios
    b- Asymmetrical growth foetal proportion
    c- Anemia in pregnancy if no folate given
    d- Premature labour

    76 yrs man with acute left pain, fever, rebound tenderness of abdomen, diarrhea. Most likely is:
    a- ?
    b- Chron’s
    c- Ulcerative colitis
    d- Acute ischaemia
    e- Diverticulitis

    Patient has fever, central chest pain, and worse on inspiration, relief sitting forward, ST segment elevated in all except in V1 and a VR. Otherwise heart and pulmo exam ok. It is most likely:
    a- Pericarditis
    b- MI with pericarditis
    c- Pulmonary embolism
  17. Joseph.

    Joseph. Guest

    A 24 hours old student complains of 12 days of fever, malaise and sore throat. On examination he has white tonsilar exudates, generalized lymphadenopathy, maculo-papular rash on palm and soles and excoriating lesions around the anus. Which is the most likely diagnosis?
    a- Glandular fever
    b- Syphilis
    c- Pernphigus
    d- Stevens Johnson syndrome
    Chest pain radiates to the back like myocardial infarction. O/E BP 160/100, tachycardia, soft murmur was heard at the apex. CYR: mediastinal enlargement. Patient was admitted to the hospital & should be given:
    a- Tronsoasophagial echography
    b- Streptokinase
    c- Urgent angioplasty
    d- Heparin

    Patient who had history of MI twice in the past was presenting with shortness of breath, defeating in ventilation perfusion. Rx
    a- Streptokinase
    b- Heparin IV & Warferin at the same time
    c- Heparin subcutaneous

    History of operation for prosthetic valve & being on long term of oral anticoagulant. having colon cancer - hospital for surgery -
    a- Don’t do surgery
    b- Admit to hospital, stop warferin after operation 6 hrs stop heparin
    c- Lt. anticoagulant pre & post operation

    Causes of increasing amylase -
    a- Perforated of peptic ulcer
    b- Acute pancreatitis
    c- Renal failure
    d- Rupture of ectopic pregnancy
    e- ?

    Physical signs in the chest -
    a- Pneumothorax
    b- Emphysema
    c- Pleural effusion
    d- ?

    Inspiration reversal of the 2nd heart sound in -
    a- Aortic stenosis
    b- LBBB
    c- ASD
    d- RBBB

    Severe aortic stenosis -
    a- Low pulse pressure
    b- Palpable thrill
    c- Loud 2nd heart sound
    d- Reversible splitting of the 2nd heart sound
    e- 4th heart sound

    Mitral stenosis commonly have -
    a- Tapping apex best
    b- Loud 1st heart sound
    c- Opening snap
    d- Mid-diastolic in drumur
    e- 3rd heart sound

    Petechial haemorrhage -
    a- Aplastic anaemia
    b- Vasculitis
    c- Haemophilia
    d- Von - Willebrandt’s
    e- Henoch -Schonlein purpura

    A 60 yrs old woman has a bruit in the abdomen. The best investigation -
    a- UI
    b- CT
    c- Arteriogram
  18. Joseph.

    Joseph. Guest

    . Causes of hypercalcaemia -
    a- Excessive calcium intake
    b- Hyper vitamin D
    c- Metastasis
    d- Hyperparathyroidism
    e- Thiazide

    Paget’s disease -
    a- Alkaline phosphatase increase
    b- Serum calcium increase
    c- Lt. can be asymptomatic
    d- Commonly causes sarcoma

    Cancer of live -
    a- Hepatitis B
    b- Hepatitis C
    c- Cirrhosis
    d- Alcoholic
    e- Ebstein Barr virus
    A young man (IV drug user) is found unconscious, OE; pinpoint pupil, bilateral and reactive in strong light, positive response to painful stimuli cold water instilled in ear with movement of eyes. Gag reflex is present, planter response extensor, scalp finding parietal bulgy lesion and bruising, arms signs of IV injections -
    a- General cortical depression due to opiates
    b- Focal cortical lesion
    c- Mid brain injury or haemorrhage
    d- cerebello-pontine injury of haemorrhage
    e- Intracerebral haemorrhage

    Two hrs later, the above man developed L dilated pupil and signs of decortication on the right side of the body. WOF is the present diagnosis?
    a- General cortical depression due to opiates
    b- Focal cortical lesion
    c- Mid brain injury or haemorrhage
    d- cerebello-pontine injury of haemorrhage

    Which of the following interferes with the effects of neuromuscular blocks drugs?
    a- Nocimycin
    b- Ampicillin
    c- Myasthenia gravis
    d- Alcohol withdrawal

    A patient complains of sudden onset back pain. He had 3 other mild episodes previously. O/E ankle jerk is reduced and there is diminished sensation on the lateral side of the foot. Your immediate management will be -
    a- Indicate manipulative procedure
    b- Give an epidural
    c- Rest in bed for 7 weeks
    d- Surgery
    e- Xray of back

    A man with spinal lesion at C5 level -
    a- Reduced shoulder abduction
    b- Reduced elbow flexion

    A 24 yrs old man 3 weeks history of drowsiness, fever, On PE, he has neck modality and lumber puncture result as lymphocytosis, increase protein and few RBC. The sugar of CSF is half normal. Your diagnosis is -
    a- Bacterial meningitis
    b- Herpes encephalitis
    c- TB meningitis
    d- Guillain Barre syndrome
    e- Viral meningitis
    f- Cryptococcal infection

    Polymyalgia Rheumatica. Which one is correct?
    a- Mostly soon at 5th decade
    b- Respond to high dose steroid seen in 50% of pt.
    c- Accompanied with increase CPK
    d- They have fever, depression, increase ESR
    e- They have Ab to smooth muscles
  19. Joseph.

    Joseph. Guest

    A 70 yrs old female with history of frontal headache mostly left side for one week. The pain is vague, continuous, heavy pain. Her daughter had breast lump with pathological result as benign. What is your management?
    a- Arrange temporal artery biopsy
    b- Explain tension headache and review 5 days later
    c- CT scan and Skull x-ray
    d- Give antibiotic and analgesic if he did not respond then send for x-ray
    e- Refer to hospital for admission
    An athletic while jogging suddenly fell down and become unconsciousness. Which of the following can be the cause?
    a- Strokes Adam’s syndrome
    b- Subarachnoid haemorrhage
    c- Subdural haemorrhage
    d- Acute myocardial infarction
    e- Epilepsy

    Cerebellar ataxia can be found in -
    a- Hypothyroidism
    b- Temponil arteritis
    c- Multiple sclerosis
    d- Alcohol

    In Bell’s palsy which is/are true -
    a- Complete recovery can occur in 80 to 90% of patients
    b- Patients will show improvement within 3 weeks
    c- Most patients complain of disturbed sensation and hyperacusis
    d- If there is no improvement in 3 weeks, start treatment with abort course of cortisone
    e- Recovery is more likely if the patient shows partial recovery during the first week

    Ataxia can occur in :
    a- hypothyroidism
    b- Cerebellar lesion

    Recurrent unilateral blindness the cause may be -
    a- Vertebral artery stenosis
    b- Carotid artery insufficiency
    c- Aortic calcification

    WOF investigations will help you distinguish between intracerebral haemorrhage and cerebral infarction?
    a- CT scan
    b- Skull xray
    c- Lumbar puncture
    d- Carotid angiogram
    e- Digital selective angiography

    A 30 yr old lady with sudden loss of vision in one eye. On physical exam, central painful eye movements, fundi is normal, what is the diagnosis?
    a- Acute glaucoma
    b- Central retinal artery occlusion
    c- Multiple sclerosis

    Visual field defects are characteristically found in -
    a- B 12 deficiency
    b- Scurvy
    c- Pituitary tumour
    d- Hysteria
    e- Heavy smoking

    The most common finding on history of patients with carpal tunnel syndrome is -
    a- Paresthesia clarity on median nerve distribution
    b- Weakness of the hand
    c- Pain characteristically waking her at night
    d- History of irregular menses
  20. Joseph.

    Joseph. Guest

    Wasting and weakness of small muscles of hand can be caused by all of the following except-
    a- Syringomyelia
    b- Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
    c- Progressive muscular atrophy
    d- Apical lung tumour
    e- Multiple sclerosis
    f- Injury to ulnar nerve at the elbow
    Sensory neuropathy of lie fond characterized by:
    a- Absence of hair on dorsum of loss
    b- Cold foot
    c- Nail changes
    d- Ulcer on the role of the foot
    e- Painful small ulcers on the dorsum of the loss

    WOF will be characteristic of internal carotid artery stenosis -
    a- Bilateral homonymous hemianopia
    b- Recurrent mono-ocular blindness
    c- Aortic calcification
    d- Transient bilateral blurred vision
    e- Diplopia

    A patient complaint of sudden onset acute pain characteristic of sciatica. Ankle jerks are absent and there is loss of sensation on the lateral side of the foot. Your management should be-
    a- Manipulation
    b- Rest in bed
    c- Give an epidural and send home
    d- Immediate myolgonus
    e- Surgery

    A girl complains of pins and needles in her hands, weak legs and has deficiency depressed tendon reflexes. The diagnosis is:
    a- Guillain Barre Syndrome
    b- Multiple sclerosis
    c- Motor nervous disease

    It may be difficult to diagnose Parkinson’s early because:
    a- The tremor may be unilateral
    b- There may be only lead pipe rigidity
    c- The patient may be depressed
    d- Power may be normal

    The diagnosis of Guillain Barre is favored by:
    a- CSF pleocytosis
    b- Rapidly ascending flaccid paralysis
    c- Decrease glucose in CSF
    d- Minimal change in nerve conduction

    Bell’s palsy is characterized by -
    a- 80-90% can spontaneously recover
    b- Recovery in the first 3 wks in most people
    c- Loss of taste in anterior 2/3 of the tongue and hyperacusis
    d- Improvement with short burst of corticosteroids
    e- Necessity for surgical decompression of facial nerve should the patient recover

    When are histological changes expected in the anterior nerve cells?
    a- Spinocerebellar degeneration
    b- Diabetes
    c- Pernicious anaemia
    d- Motor neuron disease

    WOF is not consistent with dysthymic disorder (neurotic depression)?
    a- Weight change
    b- Suicidal thoughts
    c- Reduced sexual performance
    d- Delusions of guilt
    e- Slurp disorder
  21. Joseph.

    Joseph. Guest

    A third nerve palsy is most likely due to diabetes if:
    a- The eye is down and in
    b- Pleas is associated
    c- The pupil is not involved
    d- Bilateral

    A 30 yr old epileptic woman comes to you after 10 yrs of being well controlled with a recent increase in frequency of her fits. Her levels of phenytoin are as follows: 30 mg on 300 mg/day normal 40-60mg. You would:
    a- Increase done by 30 mg
    b- Increase done by 100 mg
    c- Perform an ECG
    d- Perform a CT scan before changing the dose

    Blood picture of anaemia in chronic disease-
    a- Serum Fe increase
    b- Macrocytic Anaemia
    c- Microcytic anaemia
    d- Normocytic anaemia

    Guillain Barre Syndrome after viral infection -
    a- Increasing protein with normal cell in CSF
    b- Antibodies against myelin shed
    c- Nerve conduction can be used
    d- Low glucose in CSF
    e- It progressively ascends

    Which drug you can not use for atrial fibrillation in W.P.W. syndrome?
    a- Dioxin
    b- Verapamil
    c- mioclarone
    d- Beta blocker

    Photosensitivity -
    a- sulphadozin
    b- Chlorpromazine
    c- Amiodarone
    d- Erythromycin
    e- Aspirin

    Taking 50 tablets of paracetamol, 8 hrs afterwards presenting with -
    a- Oral cysteine
    b- IV cysteine
    c- Methionine
    d- Peritoneal dialysis
    e- Activated charcoal

    Toxicity of dioxin, which of the following are true?
    a- vomiting may be
    b- Yellowing if vision
    c- Atrial fibrillation can occur
    d- Peritoneal dialysis
    e- Blood level should be checked after 6-8hrs

    Serum digoxin level is increased by:
    a- Amiodarone
    b- Quinidino
    c- Verapamil
    d- Beta blocker
    e- ACE

    The best indicator for assessing the activity of heparin is:
    a- Activated partial prothrombin time
    b- Prothrombin time
  22. Joseph.

    Joseph. Guest

    Patient with ulcerative colitis. H/O taking alcohol-
    GGT increase, Alka phosphate increase, Liver enzymes all
    a- Alcoholic hepatitis
    b- Sclerosing cholangitis

    The last indications for chronic renal failure are -
    a- Renal size decreases
    b- Proteinuria
    c- Uraemia
    d- Anaemia

    Which are of the following drugs can improve life span in MI?
    a- Streptokinase
    b- Captopril
    c- Beta blocker
    d- Aspirin
    e- Verapamil

    Smoking relates to -
    a- carcinoma of lung
    b- Carcinoma of larynges
    c- Carcinoma of blinder
    d- Carcinoma of oesophagus

    A 60 yrs old female complaining of tremors in her hands while doing her housework. These tremors disappear no resting her hands on her knee, but when her hands are grasped the tremors reappear again. What would you give her?
    a- Amentadine
    b- Ldopa
    c- Benzodiazepine
    d- Beta blocker
    e- Bromocriptine

    A 55 yr old female Rt. handed come to the causally with sudden onset of Rt. hemiparesis of the face and body but preserved sensation. What is most likely diagnosis?
    a- Rt. middle cerebral artery thrombosis
    b- It middle cerebral artery thrombosis
    c- Atherosclerosis of the arteries of the internal capsule
    d- Inferior cerebral artery occlusion

    A 55 yr old male was brought to the casually by his wife unconscious. His wife said that her husband is alcoholic and has been drinking a brige of alcohol for 3 day. Two weeks ago he was brought to his home with bruises and unconscious. She said that her husband’s appetite after that was good and nothing wrong with him. Then he started to be confused. OE he was found to have palmar erythema and spider nevi and extensor planter reflux. What is your diagnosis?
    a- Subarachnoid hemorrhage
    b- Subdural hematoma
    c- Hepatic encephalopathy
    d- Wernicke’s encephalopathy
    e- Brain tumor

    A 45 yr old man c/o of urinary and o/e he was found to have flaccid paralysis of the lower limbs, increased reflexes and extensor planter reflex. There is sensory loss below the inguinal ligament. No abnormality in the upper limbs. The diagnosis is-
    a- Multiple sclerosis
    b- SCDC
    c- Cord compression at T12
    d- Disc prolapse at L1-2
    e- Disc prolapse at L4-5

    A 40 yr old man complains of recurrent attacks of sudden sharp pain over his left eye which awakens him at night. The pain is associated with massive lacrimation from the eye and blockage of the left nostril. The patient may be symptoms free for a period of months then the pain and the same symptoms recur. Which drug of the following is likely to be given prophylacticaly?
    a- Clonidine
    b- Mothysergide
    c- Persanlin
    d- Carbamazepine
    e- Periactin

    A 54 yr old man with history of epilepsy treated with Epanutin for 5 yr and was symptom free, he had an attack but when you arrived the fit was over. the patient was quite except for some confusion. What would you give him?
    a- IV diazepam
    b- IV Phenobarbitone
    c- Oral phenytoin
    d- IM paraldehyde
    e- None of the above

    A 65 yr old woman complaining of weakness of the arms while combing her hair in the past 24 hrs. She developed weakness of both lower limbs while going upstairs the last 6 hrs. The weakness was proximal more than distal. On exam, there was paresthesia and numbness of the left leg. The reflexes were decreased. You diagnosis is -
    a- Myasthenia gravia
    b- Demyelinating encephalomyelitis
    c- Multiple sclerosis
    d- Motor neurone disease
    e- Guillain Barre Syndrome

    Idiopathic Bell’s palsy. What is true?
    a- Loss of hearing
    b- Lesion in the nucleus at pons area
    c- Loss of taste sensation in the ant. 2/3 of the tongue
    d- The damage is permanent
    e- Tumor in the pons
  23. R.dass

    R.dass Guest

    A woman 16/40 POA has BP 180/110 with 3+ alb. What could be the possible cause?
    a- Pre existing renal disease
    b- Pre eclampsia
    c- Glomerulonephritis
    d- Nephrotic syndrome

    Which of the following is more potentially malignant to become colorectal ca?
    a- Juvenile polyp
    b- Peutz jeharts
    c- Gardner’s syndrome
    d- Metaplastic polyp of colon and rectum

    14/12 old child presented with high fever and irritability. Fever subsided and developed macular rash on the trunk. Possible cause -
    a- Measles b- Rubella
    c- Roseola d- Scarlet fever

    Regarding polymyalgia rheumatica -
    a- Usually affect 3&4th decade
    b- Less than 50% responds to steroids
    c- CK is commonly elevated
    d- Commonly presented with migraine
    e- Commonly associated with fever, depression and fatigue

    A patient found to have elevated prolactin level. What are the features associated with it except?
    a- Galactorrhea b- Gynecomastia
    c- Impotence d- Binasal visual field defect
    e- Infertility

    All of the following can be associated with panhypopituitarism, except -
    a- Increased sensitivity to insulin
    b- Reduced prolactin level
    c- Reduced testosterone with elevated gonadotrophin
    d- Normochromic normocytic anaemia

    A child presented with fever, arthralgia and heliotropic rash over cheek and eyelids and muscle weakness. Possible diagnosis-
    a- Scleroderma b- Dermatomyositis
    c- Port wine naevi

    Following Colles fracture what is the common complication -
    a- Wrist stiffness
    b- Non-union
    c- Medial nerve damage
    d- Extensor pollies longus rupture
    e- Ulnar nerve damage

    A patient has inability to do dorsiflaxion and eversion of If/foot. Inversion and planter flexion is normal. Power of knee joint flexion and extension is also normal. Possible nerve damage -
    a- L4 b- L5
    c- Common peroneal nerve d- Sciatic nerve

    School handyman presented with schizophrenic from illness. Which is more suggestive of organic cause?
    a- Age of 55y
    b- Insidious onset
    c- Auditory hallucination
  24. R.dass

    R.dass Guest

    In rural area a lady came with fever and neck stiffness. LP showed 1000 cell count with 85% neutrophil, sugar 1.2 mmol/l (2.5-5.5), protein 1.8g/l (0.15-0.45). what could be the cause -
    a- Herpes meningitis
    b- Bacterial meningitis
    c- Echo meningitis

    A lady came with acid accident in the eye, what would you do -
    a- Irrigate with acid
    b- Irrigate with alkali
    c- Copious water irrigation
    d- Admit to hospital

    Which of the following is the least likely cause for osteoporosis?
    a- Menopause at the age of 38yr
    b- Prolactin induced prolonged amenorrhea
    c- 60yr old woman receiving chemotherapy for breast ca
    d- Thin body built
    e- On prolonged course of steroid

    38yr old woman came with an H/O 2 yr period of amenorrhea. Ux normal in size and no adnexal masses. Which one Ix helpful to diagnose the cause?
    a- Beta HCG
    b- Prolactin level
    c- Skull x-ray
    d- Cortisol level
    e- Growth hormone level

    75yr old man presented with ulcer in the lateral border of tongue of 6/52 duration. He smokes 60 cigarettes/day, had P/H pul TB. No ill fitting tooth. Most likely cause -
    a- TB ulcer
    b- Aphthous ulcer
    c- Squamous cell ca

    CXR looks normal H/O 45yr old chronic smoker presented with 2/12 cough started following common cold. Cough mostly in night and early morning and brings out small amount of yellow sputum in morning. Possible cause-
    a- Bronchitis
    b- Pulmonary embolism
    c- Tuberculosis
    d- Bronchiectasis

    20yr old girl visited from iris recently, presented with intermittent diarrhoea of 1/12 duration (not mention about bloody) with weight loss of 6kg but has good appetite. For last 1/52 she has perianal discharge with excoriation. She is most probably have -
    a- Elevated antiendomysial ab
    b- Duodenal biopsy flat mucosa
    c- Intestinal biopsy granuloma with chronic cell infiltrate
    d- Next step is colon biopsy
    e- Elevated reticulin ab

    30yr old lady came with 2-mo H/O of passing bulky offensive stool, abd distension and wt loss. Blood iron and IgA were low. No anti endomycial or anti reticulin ab. All are associated except -
    a- Iron deficiency anaemia
    b- RBC and blood folate low
    c- Low vitamin B12

    Breast feeding baby can get which vitamin deficiency -
    a- Vitamin A b- Vitamin C
    c- Vitamin D d- Vitamin B
    e- Vitamin K
  25. R.dass

    R.dass Guest

    40yr old man presented with severe vomiting and his bld gas showed PH 7.5 (07.34-7.44). What is commonly associated with it?
    a- Hypokalemia
    b- HCO3 carbonic acid > than 20:1
    c- Resp compensation is being fail to compensated
    d- Decreased Pco2

    48 yr old underwent If/cervical sympathectomy 2hrs ago. Developed resp difficulty. BP 109/70 and HR 120. What could be the cause?
    a- Lf/Diaphragm paralysis
    b- Pneumothorax
    c- Horner’s syndrome
    Thyroid goitre which one association indicate it is probably ca -
    a- Involvement of recurrent laryngeal nerve
    b- Stridor
    c- Present with retro sternal mass
    d- Pumberton sign

    72yr old male presented with hematemesis. He had dyspepsia 6/12 back and treated with antacid. Endoscopy showed duodenal ulcer. Further treatment for him -
    a- IV Omeprazole
    b- Highly selective vagotomy
    c- Truncal vagotomy + pyloroplasty
    d- IV ranitidine

    40 yr old lady presented with pul embolism had P/H of recurrent DVT for last 10 Yrs. What could be the underlying associated condition?
    a- Pancreatic ca
    b- Protein C deficiency
    c- Hyperlipidaemia
    d- Varicose vein

    28 yr old woman presented at 38/40 of gestation with bleeding PV of 1000ml. Vital signs were within normal. Which of the following indicate that it is due to placenta previa?
    a- Deeply engaged head
    b- Tensed Ux
    c- Recurrent bleeding at 28/40 and 34/40
    d- BP of 180/110

    Levonorgestrel coated IUCD all are true except -
    a- Can lead to amenorrhea
    b- Irregular bleeding for 1st few cycles
    c- Increased incidence of thromboembolism
    d- Good contraceptive with pear index of < then I

    Young female with recurrent mid cycle bleeding most probably due to -
    a- Ux fibroid
    b- Mid-cycle oestrogen fall

    4th post up hysterectomy patient developed air hunger, low BP with 140/min pulse. Possible cause -
    a- Internal bleeding
    b- Pulmonary embolism
    c- Wound infection
    d- Infection

    Antiphospholipid ab associated with -
    a- Ischaemic stroke
    b- Cerebral haemorrhage
    c- Arrhythmias
  26. R.dass

    R.dass Guest

    Features not associated with tension pneumothorax -
    a- Pulsus paradoxus
    b- Cyanosis
    c- Mediastinum shifted to opposite side
    d- Tachycardia
    e- Engorged neck vein

    Which of the associated finding indicate surgery in multi nodular goitre?
    a- compression of oesophagus
    b- Compression of trachea
    c- Retrosternal extension
    d- Hyperthyroid features

    A full term baby born normally, on 4th collapsed. Possible cause -
    a- Hypoplastic left heart
    b- Transposition of great vessels
    c- Fallot’s tetralogy
    d- Moderate pulmonary stenosis

    Patient admitted for elective surgery found to have on regular aspirin 150mg/day. What will you do?
    a- Do surgery
    b- Reduce the dose by half and do the surgery after 1 week
    c- Stop aspirin and do the surgery in 1 week time
    d- Do INR if normal do surgery
    e- Give Protamine and do surgery

    First sign of testicular tumor -
    a- Pain
    b- Hydrocele
    c- Increased size
    d- Enlarged inguinal lymph nodes

    First sign of male puberty -
    a- Increase size of testes
    b- Penile lengthening
    c- Pubic hair
    d- Axillary hair
    e- Growth spurt

    Most common tumour in pelvic bone in an adult -
    a- Osteosarcoma b- Chondroma
    c- Osteoma d- Metastasis

    Prophylactic antibiotic is not indicated in which of the following condition?
    a- Internal fixation b- Fundoplication
    c- Cholecystectomy d- Appendicectomy

    Regarding iron deficiency anaemia which is true -
    a- Peak at 2mo of age
    b- Common I Thalassemia
    c- Premature babies are more prone
    d- Get Reticulocytosis

    A lady with unilateral exophthalmos. Most common cause is -
    a- Lacrimal duct infection
    b- Thyrotoxicosis
    c- Temporal arteritis
    d- Retro orbital tumour
    e- Cluster headache
  27. R.dass

    R.dass Guest

    A 65 yr old lady complaining of diarrhoea of 3mo duration. Which is least likely cause for this?
    a- Campylobacter jejuni
    b- Ca colon
    c- Giardiasis

    Management of acute attack of asthma in an adult, which is least likely-
    a- Educate the patient to participate actively to select the medicine
    b- Oral steroid
    c- Inhalation of Betamethesone before attack to reduce the inflammation
    d- Oral Salbutamol and theophyline
    e- Train to measure PF meter at home

    Common cause of death in Australia between 1-16 yrs -
    a- Malignancy b- Drowsing
    c- Infection d- Accident

    A man came from overseas C/O diarrhoea and vomiting. Vomiting is now settled but still passing 3-4 loose stools. Stool culture showed salmonella typhimurium. What will you do?
    a- Repeat the culture in 10 days time
    b- Start amoxicillin
    c- Start Co-trimaxazole
    d- Start Metronidazole

    18 yr old uni student after failing the mid year exam came with 12 mo h/o feeling of derealization and depersonalization. She is moody and withdrawn. No thought disorder, no perceptional delusion. She looks anxious and uneasy. What is the diagnosis?
    a- Atypical presentation of adjustment disorder
    b- Prodromal stage of schizophrenia
    c- Bipolar disorder type 2
    d- Chronic cannabis abuse

    Which of the following is mature defence?
    a- Projection b- Humour
    c- Pseudo altruism d- Identification

    Regarding thought disorder, when you interviewing a patient you feel -
    a- Patient has pressure of thoughts and flights of idea
    b- Patient couldn’t remember the past event
    c- Feel a pane of glass in between you and the patient
    d- Couldn’t grasp the meaning of some sentences
    e- Patient is withdrawn and less communicable

    9yr old girl stuffing soft tissues in the blouse and want to be always 1st in the class, draw picture of the teacher and named as pig. What is the diagnosis?
    a- Normal variant
    b- School sexual education should be revised
    c- Parents and teacher should be more strict on her

    3 yr old child with normal development will be able to -
    a- Draw triangle
    b- Hop on one foot
    c- Speak in sentences
    d- Identify 5 colours
    e- Button the cloth
  28. R.dass

    R.dass Guest

    2 yr old child presented with FTT since 12mo of age and passes offensive bulky stool intermittently. O/E wasted buttock muscles. What investigation will help you to find the diagnosis?
    a- Duodenal biopsy
    b- Sweat test
    c- Stool for culture
    d- Anti gladian ab
    e- Rectal biopsy
    68 yr old patient came with rectal bleeding. Sigmoidoscopy revealed features of ulcerative colitis. What will you do next?
    a- Faecal occult blood
    b- Colonoscopy

    19 yr old came to you for the naval ring. On examination you found 1cm splenomegaly, she has no other complaints and no other abnormal physical signs. U/scan no splenomegaly what is the next step?
    a- Arrange for CT scan of thorax
    b- Reassure and ask her to come in 3 mo time
    c- Repeat U/scan in 1mo

    ITP in children, associated features -
    a- Usually develops following viral infection
    b- Microscopic hematuria
    c- Normocytic normochromic anaemia
    d- Arthralgia
    e- Leucocytosis

    Child came with 2 attacks of labour pneumonia, FTT and h/o irregular bowel opening since birth. What is the initial Ix you will do?
    a- Duodenal biopsy
    b- Anti gladian ab
    c- Sweat test
    d- Stool culture
    e- Blood immunoglobulin

    Regarding rheumatic arthritis -
    a- Always heal without deformity
    b- Involve small and large joint equally
    c- Developed 2nd day of fever
    d- Always develop with carditis
    e- Mainly involves sacroiliac joint

    In degenerative arthritis which hip joint movement is 1st affected -
    a- Flexion b- Rotation
    c- Extension d- Adduction
    e- Abduction

    A bisexual man came after diarrhoea with pain in the knee joint and 2nd toe joint and urethritis. O/E rash in the palm, sole and oral mucosa and sausage shapes enlarged toe joint. Urine culture and rheumatoid factor both negative. Probable diagnosis -
    a- Rheumatoid arthritis
    b- Ankylosing spondylitis
    c- Behcet’s disease
    d- Reiter’s disease
    e- Dermatomyositis

    ANA commonly found in-
    a- Osteoarthritis b- Psoriatic arthritis
    c- Scleroderma d- Ankylosing spondylitis
    e- Gout

    41 yr old female presented with 4/52 h/o fatigue, lethargy, wt loss and night sweat. She looks flushed and anxious. On admission she had 37.4c temp, after 4 hrs it was 38.8c. What will you do to diagnose the case?
    a- ANA
    b- Creatinine protein
    c- Anti ribonucleoside ab
    d- Sputum culture
    e- Blood culture
  29. R.dass

    R.dass Guest

    A patient who had renal transplantation 1 yr ago came with a sym of meningitis. CSF pressure 300, RBC 150, WBC 300 with 75% monocyte, sugar 1.5 mmol/l (2.5-5.5) and protein 1.8 mmol/l (0.15-0.45). What is the next Lx helpful for diagnosis?
    a- Viral culture
    b- Zeil neelson test
    c- Cryptococcus ag
    d- Bacterial ag
    e- Antibody for herpes simplex

    A healthy man came with sudden onset of painful in the inguinal region. Most possible cause -
    a- Direct inguinal hernia
    b- Indirect inguinal hernia
    c- Femoral hernia
    d- LN enlargement
    e- Saphena varix

    LN drainage below the dentinate line of anal region -
    a- Superficial inguinal LN
    b- Deep inguinal LN
    c- Para Aortic LN
    d- Supra-clavicular LN

    Regarding anatomy of the inguinal region, what is the order from medial to lateral relation to inguinal ligament -
    a- Femoral vein, F art, nerve, cruciate ligament
    b- Cruciate ligament, F vein, nerve, F art
    c- F art, F vein, nerve, C ligament

    10 yr old child presented with recurrent headache and hemiplegia, which recovered fully. What is the diagnosis?
    a- Migraine
    b- Middle cerebral artery thrombosis
    c- Brain tumour

    Iron worker complaining of low back pain radiating to If/thigh and calf, which is aggravated while straining for defection. Knee reflexes absent, otherwise normal.
    a- Spinal cord compression
    b- Lumber disc disease
    c- Intermittent claudication
    d- Sciatica

    Associated feature with chronic venous ulcer except -
    a- Oedema b- Fat necrosis
    c- Erythema d- Claudication

    6 yr old boy presented with 1 week history of B/L flaccid paralysis with reduced pain and touch sensation and absent knee reflexes. He has been fully immunized. Possible cause-
    a- Acute poliomyelitis
    b- Acute polyneuropathy
    c- Tic paralysis
    d- Poliomyelitis following immunization

    Contraindication for DPT immunization -
    a- HIV infection
    b- On systemic steroid
    c- Viral fever with temp > than 39 C.
    d- Past H/O of 37.8 C with DPT

    Thyroid scan picture was given - cold nodule. Most common presentation -
    a- Pathological fracture
    b- Neck lump
    c- Thyrotoxicosis
    d- Hypothyroidism
  30. R.dass

    R.dass Guest

    7/52 old child presented with intermittent vomiting since birth. Child looks thin otherwise normal. What is the possible cause?
    a- UTI
    b- Pyloric stenosis
    c- Phenylketonuria
    d- Normal variant
    e- Cystic fibrosis

    What is the least likely cause of IUGR?
    a- Gestational DM
    b- DM 30 yr on insulin]
    c- Polycystic kidney
    d- Twin pregnancy
    50yr old had epigastric pain for 6 hrs at night with nausea and vomiting. Next day she passed dark colour urine. Ix Alk phos - 300IU (50-150), Bili - 80IU (<30), Amyl - 120IU (50-100). Most likely cause -
    a- Choledocholithiasis
    b- A. cholecystitis
    c- A. Pancreatitis
    d- CA head of pancreas
    e- Chromic pancreatitis

    Female patient has underdeveloped breast and no growth spurt. Except -
    a- Hypogonodatrophic hypogonadism
    b- Hall pallister syndrome
    c- Turner’s syndrome
    d- Mullerian agenesis
    e- Craniopharyngioma

    Mother of 9 yr came and said that her daughter has early developed breast and pubic hair but her classmates don’t have these. Mother attained menarche at her 10 yr of age. What is the diagnosis?
    a- Normal variant
    b- Precocious puberty
    c- Undiagnosed adrenal hyperplasia
    d- Premature thelarche

    Regarding infantile eczema, which is correct?
    a- Most commonly affects nappy area
    b- Most of the children recover if restrict the cow milk
    c- IgE is usually normal
    d- Usually recover at 3 mo of age

    Which of the following are association except -
    a- C7 deficiency causes neoplastic meningetitis meningitis
    b- Multiple myeloma - pneumococcal pneumonia
    c- Combine immune deficiency - chronic recurrent conjunctivitis
    d- IgA deficiency - blood transfusion reaction

    Immediate intervention is important for which condition?
    a- Myocardial contusion
    b- Tension pneumothorax
    c- Dissecting aneurysms
    d- Hemothorax
    e- Pericarditis

    Patient in ICU has low BP and pulse of 90/min, CVP - 0.5 cm at mid axillary line -
    a- Hypovolemic shock
    b- Tension pneumonia
    c- Dissecting aneurysm
    d- Cardiac failure
    e- Pulmonary embolism

    4/52 old child presented with irritability and not feeding well. On examination full fontanelle with wide sutures, mild neck stiffness, retinal haemorrhage and multiple bruises in the chest. Most probable cause -
    a- Non accidental injuries
    b- Meningitis
  31. R.dass

    R.dass Guest

    Regarding myasthenia gravis -
    a- Some don’t have antibodies
    b- Thymectomy is only indicated if thymoma is associated
    c- Repeat electrical stimulation will produce fatigue
    d- Good response to anticholinergic drugs
    e- More common in men

    3 day after surgery a woman presented with foot drop, no other abnormalities are detected. What is the commonest site of injury?
    a- Sciatic nerve
    b- Common peroneal nerve
    c- Tibial nerve
    d- Femoral nerve

    38 yr old lady came with severe attack of asthma. Which one of the following predict fatal outcome?
    a- Peanut ingestion few hrs ago
    b- Oral steroid therapy in the past
    c- Past H/O intubation

    Pemphigus vulgaris characteristically associated with -
    a- Intra dermal bullae
    b- Intra oral lesion
    c- Heals by fibrosis
    d- Anti inflammatory cell deposited in dermal layer

    Mantoux test positive in all except -
    a- Active TB on treatment
    b- Healed TB
    c- Miliary TB
    d- Completed treatment for active TB
    e- BCG vaccinated person

    25 yr old lady with 2 dark brownish macular lesion 0.5 cm widths in the leg. There is no change in colour, possible cause -
    a- Squamous cell CA
    b- Benign junctional naevus
    c- Campbell de Morgan spot
    d- Dermatofibroma

    Which of the following is not associated with underlying malignancy?
    a- Erythema multiform
    b- Clubbing
    c- Dermatomyositis
    d- Acanthosis nigricans
    e- Superficial thrombosis

    Cirrhosis is not associated with -
    a- Peroneal talangiectasis
    b- B/L parotid enlargement
    c- Dupuytren’s contraction
    d- Peripheral neuropathy

    Regarding contraceptive, in which one failure rate is not correctly matched -
    a- Ovulation method - 10%
    b- OCP - Combined 1-2%
    c- Penile withdrawl 2-3%
    d- IUCD- 2-3%
    e- Progesterone only pill 3-5%

    Which CA is not metastasis to liver?
    a- Kidney b- Lung
    c- Pancreases d- Stomach
    e- Colon
  32. mike disuza

    mike disuza Guest

    Thanks for the above collection, it's a great help.
  33. Goswami.

    Goswami. Guest

    HLA Typing MOST useful in -

    1.renal transplantation
    2.cardiac transplantation

    A young man ferrritin slightly elevated -

    1.acute blood loss

    L5,L4 affected-

    1. absent knee jerk
    2. absent ankle jerk

    70 years old woman with 3 wks history of confusion,increased calcium and phosphate-
    1.Paget's disease
    2.renal failure
  34. Dass.

    Dass. Guest

    You are asked to evaluate a 3 week old infant with jaundice.The child has been eating fairly well and is gaining weight well.Which of the following laboratory tests make you most concerned about congenital liver disease:

    A-Total bilirubin 19,direct bilirubin 0.2.
    B-Total bilirubin 4.2, direct bilirubin 3.2.
    C-Total bilirubin 11.1, direct bilirubun 1.0.
    D-Total bilirubin 4.2, decreased from 6.4 one week ago.
    E-Total bilirubin 4.2, increased from 2.9 one week ago.

    A 3 year old child is rushed to your office after vommiting red material.He has red stain on his shirt when you examine him.What is the first thing that you should do:
    A-Place 2 large-bore IV lines for fluid resusitation.
    B-Send blood for type and cross match.
    C-Perform Hemoccult or Gastroccult test on stain.
    D-Adminster 0.5ml/kg of fluid antacid.
    E-Schedule urgent upper endoscopy.

    A 2 year old child has watery diarrhea for the last 3 months.She is at the 50th percentile on the weight growth charts and her physical examination is unremarkable.Which of the following labratory test results is most likely:
    A-Elevated endomysial antibody titer.
    B-Fecal osmotic gap of 10.
    C-Hemoglobine of 13g/dl.
    D-Positive fecal assay for clostridium difficile toxin.
    E-Stool ph 6.5 .

    1- the qs about the women that is johvas witness bit have a card not signed and not witnessed (a case from doing right) what will you do if she needed blood ..... do not give blood.

    2- A case of patient with diabetes then develpoed cancer then had pneumonia and died what will you write as the cause of death ....Pneumonia

    3- the case of the woman with 3 daughters and now pregnent with girl and want abortion what will you do .....refer to Gynae for abortion.

    4- a case of the 16 years old in vegetetive state for two years and her mother who was appointed as the guardian wanted to stop the rx. what is your action ... stop rx

    5- the case of the patient who found dead in the ward what is the first thing to do (tell the coroner) ...yes, inform the coroner.

    6- a qs about new drug and the company want you to try it on your patient ....drug company has to first obtain permission from the ministry of health.

    7- you are a physician who has a limited lisence in one province and then a the pharmacist asked you to write prescription for some pts from other province you will refuse bec
    a- you are not allowed to write one for pts from other province
    b- you do not have the acsess to their medical record
    c- you will not be paid for this visit
    d-you can not write one to patients whe you never interviewed before

    8- a student from ontario studying in british columbia wanted to go the physician the money for the treatment will be covered by the college but the cost of the visit should be paid by him . this is breaking what rule of the health care
    a- accesibility
    b- portability
    c- public administration

    A student with retching after alcohol drinking in a bar has emetemesis which stops but there is a 5 cm tear at the junction of Oesophagus and stomach. what to do?

    1. Esophagogastroduodenoscopy
    2. sclerosing agent
    3. angiographic embolization
    4. surgical repair

    Match the following diagnostic criteria with the most likely diagnosis.

    b)Schizophreniform disorder
    c)Schizoaffective disorder
    d)Delusional disorder
    e)Brief psychotic disorder

    # A patient presents with hallucinations and bizarre delusions lasting 8 > weeks.....schizophrenia/////
    # A patient presents with periods of mood disturbance with psychosis and periods of psychosis without mood disturbance over the past 3 years.........shizoaffective disorder//////
    #A patient presents with a second lifetime episode of hallucinations and
    bizarre delusions that again lasts only a few days......brief reactive psychosis//////

    # A patient who otherwise appears normal presents with a 5-month belief
    that a champion car racer driver has fallen madly in love with her; she believes he demonstrates his love by painting the patient's age as the number on his car.

    a. A 55 yr old woman presents with a 5 yr h/o lower abd discomfort, alternating bouts of diarrhea and constipation, the feelings of incomplete evacuation, and the frequentl passage of mucous and small pellets of stool. She denies any bloood with her bowel movements. The most likely diagnosis is

    1. colon cancer
    2, colonic polyp
    3. irritable bowel syndrome
    4. ulcerative colitis
    5. proctalgia fugax
  35. Vimal.

    Vimal. Guest

    mcq of Gynaecology

    1- normal pregnancy
    a-vital capacity unchanged ( true)
    b-respiratry rate increased (false as it remains unaltered)
    c- iodine clearance increased( preg causes hyperthyroidism and renal iodine clearance is increased so what is the answer shld i mark true)

    2-Antenatal care
    a- it is a primary screening programme( doubt abt it)

    3- Maternal mortality
    a- now is mainly due to unavoidable disease( )
    b- 500,000 death each year worldwide( )

    4-second stage of labour
    a- is painful than first stage (false its less painful)

    5-Human breast milk
    a- contraindicated in fructose intolerance ( false as fructose dont pass thru breast milk)
    b-c/ i in galactosemia (true as milk contains lactose )

    6-Ectopic pregnancy
    a- never occurs with IVF ( FALSE AS ITS A RISK FACTOR SO IT CAUSES)
    B-excluded if U/S showed intrauterine gestational sac ( false as we have to check hcg levels as well

    a-negative FEEDBACK is mainly by oestrogen(false its by progesterone)
    b-stimulated by endogenous opioids( )
    c-act thru cell surface receptors ( )

    8- Malignant ovarian tumour
    a- Prognosis is good after treatment(false as it depends on stage)
    b-mainly in postmenopausal women (is it true ..doubt abt it)

    9-Surgical treatment of menorrhagia
    a- GnRH analogue ( false as ablation with leuproprelin is done which is Gnrh agonist
    b-Radio frequency ablation ( )
    C depot progesterone ( false as mirena is used )

    10-Uterine artery
    a- if ligated leads to early menopause ( true ..doubtful as not always it leads to menopause)

    11-when prescribing OCP
    a- if not breastfeed should wait for more than 6 weeks before startg pills ( false its true in breastfeedg)
    b-in missed pill ,if taken before 24hrs elapse,no increase risk of pregnancy (true as if time elapses more than 24 hours after missed pill than we use other method of contraception
    c-in C.I.N it is contraindicated
    d- can be used in first day after first trimester abortion( )
    e-barrier method should be used for 14 days for the first pill users
  36. Vimal.

    Vimal. Guest

    1-Effects of diazepam include
    a fits on withdrawal
    b fast waves on ECG
    c selective increase in REM sleep
    d potentiation of the effect of TCA
    e amnesia

    2-Primary delusions
    a may be secondary to auditory
    b frequently systematised to secondary delusions
    c characteristically persecutory
    d are frequently preceded by delusional mood
    e can occur in normal people

    3-Common side effects of tricyclic anti depressants include
    a fine tremor
    b urinary retention
    c ileus
    d postural hypotension
    e blurring of vision

    4- Lumbar puncture
    a is always contraindicated if papilloedema is present
    b is safe if a frontal lobe mass is present
    c is safe if a posterior fossa mass is present
    d is safe in benign intracranial hypertension
    e can be diagnostic in subarachnoid haemorrhage
  37. Guest

    Guest Guest

    thank you very much
  38. Healthcare

    Healthcare Guest

    Thanks for the information. It seems the course has limited syllabus.
  39. guest2011

    guest2011 Moderator

    Menopausal hot flushes occur due to
    A) FSH secretion
    B) Decrease in estrogen
    C) LH surge
    D) Increase in progesterone
    ans b

    All the following are true regarding metabolic acidosis EXCEPT
    A) Alkaline urine
    B) Cheyne-Stokes respiration
    C) Trousseau's sign
    D) Association with hyperkalemia

    The most common tumour of the mediastinum is
    A) Neurogenic
    B) Terato-dermoids
    C) Lymphoma
    D) Thymoma
    ans d

    132. The most reliable test in the diagnosis of phaeochromocytoma is
    A) 24 hour urinary metanephrine
    B) Urinary catecholamines
    C) Urinary vanillyl mandilic acid
    D) Basal plasma catecholamines
    ans a

    Anal fissures in the lateral wall are due to all the following EXCEPT
    A) Crohn's disease
    B) Ulcerative colitis
    C) Tuberculosis
    D) Lymphogranuloma venerium
    ans b
  40. Geetika

    Geetika New Member

    Time: 3 Hours Total Marks: 100

    • Answer all Questions.

    • Write equations wherever necessary.

    Essay (3x10=30)

    1. Explain the endometrial changes occurring during a menstrual cycle and hormonal
    2. Explain the structure and functions of the ear with suitable diagram.
    3. Draw a labeled diagram of the pelvic bone and describe it.
    Short notes (14x5=70)
    4. Classify the body tissue according to the structure and function.
    5. Draw a neat labeled diagram of skin and explain the function.
    6. Function of cerebrospinal fluid.
    7. Hormonal regulation of blood pressure.
    8. Functions of the hormones secreted by ‘neurohypophysis’
    9. Anemia and mu10. Functions of hypothalamus
    11. Explain the events that occur in inhalation and exhalation.
    12. Different types of salivary glands and explain the functions of saliva.
    13. Explain the role of kidneys in maintaining acid-base balance.
    14. Structure and function of leukocytes.
    15. Define stroke volume and cardiac out put
    16. Explain the following :  Oliguria  Anuria
    17. Explain proteins digestion.

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