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    1. Artery in the anatomical snuff box is..
    a. Radial. A
    b. Brachial.A
    c. Ulnar
    d. Interosseous

    2. Superior Gluteal Nerve supplies all of the following muscles, except
    a. Gluteus Minimus
    b. Gluteus Maximus
    c. Tensor Fascia Lata
    d. Gluteus Medius

    3. All of the following are composite muscles except:
    a. Flexor Carpi Ulnaris
    b. Flexor Digitorum Profundus
    c. Pectineus
    d. Biceps Femoris

    4. All of the following are branches are branches of Splenic Artery, except:
    a. Short gastric Artery
    b. Hilar Branches
    c. Right Gastroepiploic Artery
    d. Arteria Pancreatica Magna

    5. Contents of Deep Perineal Pouch include all of the following except:
    a. Dorsal Nerve of Penis
    b. Bulbourethral glands
    c. Root of penis
    d. Sphincter Urethrae

    6. Urogenital Diaphragm is made up of the following things, except
    a. Deep Transerve Perenei muscle
    b. Pereneal membrane
    c. Colle’s fascia
    d. Sphincter Urethrae

    7. Lymphatics from the spongy urethra drain into the following lymph nodes
    a. Superior Inguinal Lymph nodes
    b. Inferior Inguinal Lymph Nodes
    c. Deep Inguinal Lymph nodes
    d. Sacral nodes

    8. Middle Superior Alveolar Nerve is a branch of:
    a. Mandibular Nerve
    b. Lingual Nerve
    c. Maxillary Nerve
    d. Facial nerve

    9. The parasympathetic secretomotor fibres to Parotid Gland traverse through the following except :
    a. Otic Ganglion
    b. Tympanic Plexus
    c. Greater petrosal nerve
    d. Auriculotemporal nerve

    10. Which of the following is not true about the Trochlear Nerve:
    a. Has longest intracranial course
    b. Supplies ipsilateral superior oblique muscle
    c. Only cranial nerve that arises from the dorsal aspect of brainstem
    d. Enters the orbit throught the superior orbital fissure outside the annulus of Zinn

    11. Area that lies immediately lateral to the anterior perforating substance is :
    a. Orbital gyrus
    b. Uncus
    c. Optic Chaisma
    d. Limen Insulae

    12. Medulla Oblongata is supplied by all except :
    a. Anterior spinal artery
    b. Bulbar artery
    c. Basilar artery
    d. PICA

    13. Which of the following structures is insensitive to pain:
    a. Dural sheath surrounding vascular sinuses
    b. Choroid plexuses
    c. Falx cerebri
    d. Middle meningeal artery

    14. All of the following about Sternberg’s Canal are correct, excepting:
    a. Located anterior and medial to the foramen rotundum
    b. Located posterior and lateral to foramen rotundum
    c. Represents persistent craniopharyngeal canal
    d. Cause of intrasphenoidal meningocoele

    15. Closure of the neural tube begins at which of the following levels
    a. Cervical Region
    b. Thoracic Region
    c. Cephalic end
    d. Caudal end

    16. Within which part of a gastric gland, are the chief cells located
    a. Gastric Pit
    b. Neck
    c. Isthmus
    d. Fundus

    16(2).Chief cells in the stomach are most abundant in
    a. Fundus
    b. Body
    c. Antrum
    d. Pylorus

    17. All of the following statements are true regarding Paneth cells, except:
    a. Rich in Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
    b. Rich in Zinc
    c. Contain lysozyme
    d. Foamy appearance

    18. GALT ( Gut Associated Lymphatic Tissue) is primarily located in:
    a. Lamina Propria
    b. Submucosa
    c. Muscularis
    d. Serosa
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    1. Nemalin Rods - Modified Gomori Stain.

    2. H.Pylori - Warthin Starry Stain ( A silver stain).

    3. Ragged Red Fibres of OXPHOS Diseases - Modified Gomori Trichrome Stain.

    4. Cytoplasmic cores of 'Central Core Disease' - NADH Stain.

    5. Fat / Adipose Tissue - 1. Oil Red O, 2. Sudan Black, 3. Sudan III.

    6. Glycogen : PAS +ve , Diastase Sensitive.

    7. Alpha-1-Antitrypsin - PAS +ve, Diastase Resistant.

    8. Lactol Phenol Cotton Blue Stain -- - (Spiked Spherical conidia) and ------> both Used for Histoplasma capsulatum

    9. Grocott's Methenamine Silver Stain -- -

    10. Calcium - VON KOSSA , Alizarin Red.

    11. Iron - Pearl's Stain, Prussian Blue.

    12. For detecting Eosinophiluria in Urinary Sediment - Hansten's Stain.

    13. Dermataceous Fungi - Mason-Fontana Silver Stain.

    14. Heinz Bodies - Supravital staining with Methyl Violet.
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    Drugs specific adverse effect :::

    Vanishing bile duct syndome -- chlorpromazine

    Coronary steal phenomena -- dipyridamole and isoflurane

    Toxic ambylopia --- ethambutol

    Fatal myocarditis ---clozapine

    Idiosyncratic hepatic necrosis in infant --sodium valproate

    Pseudo porphyria -- piroxicam

    Amotivational syndrome-- marijuana

    Fetal aplasia cutis -- carbimazole/methimazole in pregnancy

    Drug induced mysthenia gravis-- d- penicilamine

    Salt and pepper fundus -- thioridazine

    Blue halo effect -- sidenafil

    Calciphylaxis -- warfarin use in hemodylasis pt

    Livedo reticularis -- amantidine

    DRESS ie drug related eosinophila and systemic symptoms -- allopurinol

    Pseudolymphoma syndrome -- anticonvulsants

    Delayed bone marrow suppresion --nitrosourea anticancer drugs

    Predisposition to listeria infection -- fludarabine

    FSGS --heroin

    Peripheral neuropathy resembling motor neuron disease -- dapsone

    Vacuolar myopathy -- vincristine

    Acute hepatic necrosis in pregnancy -- tetracycline

    Cytokine release syndrome --muromonab cd3

    Hand foot syndrome -- capcitabine

    Hemorragic cystitis -- ifosfamide

    Haemolytic uremic syndrome -- mitomycine c
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    Artery in anatomical snuff-box is radial artery.
    Superior gluteal nerve supplies gluteus minimus, tensor fascia lata and gluteus medius.
    Flexor digitorum profundus, pectineus and biceps femoris are composite muscles.
    Branches of splenic arteries includes short gastric artery, hilar branches and arteria pancreatica magna.
    Content of deep perineal pouch includes dorsal nerve of penis, bulbourethral gland and sphincter urethrae. sphincter urethrae.
    Lymphatics from spongy urethra drain into deep inguinal nodes.
    Middle superior alveolar nerve is a branch of Maxillary nerve. Parasympathetic secretomotor fibers to parotid traverse though otic ganglion, tympanic plexus and aurico temporal nerve.Trochlear nerve has longest intracranial course, it is only cranial nerve that arises from dorsal aspect of brainstem and it enters orbit through superior orbital fissure outside the annulus of Zinn.
    Area that lies immediately lateral to anterior perforating substance is Limen insulae. Medulla oblongata is supplied by anterior spinal artery, basilar artery and posterior inferior cerebellar artery. Choroid plexus is insensitive to pain.
    Sternberg canal is located anterior and medial to Foramen rotundum, represents persistent craniopharyngeal canal and cause of intra sphenoidal meningocele. Closure of neural tube begins at cervical region.Chief cells are located and most abundant at Fundus of gastric gland.Paneth cells are rich in rough endoplasmic reticulum, rich in zinc and contains lysozyme.Gut associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) is primarily located in Lamina propria.Physiology -Oxygen-hemoglobin dissociation curve is sigmoid because binding of one oxygen molecule increases the affinity of binding other O2 molecules.An increase in concentration of 2-3 biphosphoglycerate may be seen in anemia, hypoxia and isosine. Central chemoreceptors are most sensitive to increase in PCO2 in blood. Primary direct stimulus for excitation of central chemoreceptors is increase in H+.During diastole, atrial pressure is maintained by elastic recoil of aorta. Vasomotor center (VMC) acts along with cardiovagal centre (CVC) to maintain blood pressure.Myocardial oxygen demand correlates with heart rate. Cyanosis does not occur in severe anemia because critical concentration of Hb required to produce cyanosis is reduced.Factor XII, XI and IX are involved in intrinsic pathway.Factor XIII helps in bridging fibrin in a clot and stabilizes the clot.When a person changes position from standing to lying down, venous return to heart increases immediately.Main cause of increased blood flow to exercising muscles is vasodilation due to local metabolites. Distal renal tubules always receives hypoosmotic solution.GFR is controlled by resistance in afferent and efferent arterioles.Glomerulus receives capillaries from the afferent arterioles.Angiotensin II stimulation of thirst, increased ADH secretion and aldosterone secretion.Intrinsic factor of Castle is secreted by Enterochromaffin cells.Sertoli cells play key role in spermatogenesis. Action potential is initiated at the Axon Hillock – initial segment of neuron because threshold for excitation is lowest there.Transmission of regulatory signal through the ECF by synaptic signal through neurotransmitters, endocrine signals through hormones and G protein coupled receptors.

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