Medical terms Virchow

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    Medical terms Virchow

    Virchow's angle, the angle between the nasobasilar line and the nasosubnasal line
    Virchow's cell, a macrophage in Hansen's disease
    Virchow's cell theory, omnis cellula e cellula – every living cell comes from another living cell
    Virchow's concept of pathology, comparison of diseases common to humans and animals
    Virchow's disease, leontiasis ossea, now recognized as a symptom rather than a disease
    Virchow's gland, Virchow's node
    Virchow's Law, during craniosynostosis, skull growth is restricted to a plane perpendicular to the affected, prematurely fused suture and is enhanced in a plane parallel to it.
    Virchow's line, a line from the root of the nose to the lambda
    Virchow's metamorphosis, lipomatosis in the heart and salivary glands
    Virchow's method of autopsy, a method of autopsy where each organ is taken out one by one
    Virchow's node, the presence of metastatic cancer in a lymph node in the supraclavicular fossa (root of the neck left of the midline), also known as Troisier's sign
    Virchow's psammoma, psammoma bodies in meningiomas
    Virchow–Robin spaces, enlarged perivascular spaces (EPVS) (often only potential) that surround blood vessels for a short distance as they enter the brain
    Virchow–Seckel syndrome, a very rare disease also known as "bird-headed dwarfism"
    Virchow's triad, the classic factors which precipitate venous thrombus formation: endothelial dysfunction or injury, hemodynamic changes and hypercoaguability

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