Melborne 26 th. November 2007, Retest AMC clinical exam

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  1. Melborne 26 th. November 2007, Retest AMC clinical exam

    1. 21 year old uni student presents on request from co-students as he is not doing well at uni. has difficulty finishing his tasks and every time he thinks of the word "king" he has to get up and walk around the room 3 times.
    task: take hx (for 6 min), diagnosis and differential diagnosis and your management.
    case of OCD.

    2. GP setting. 40 year old man with hx of dysuria and frequency. Urin stix showed +nitrate. No phx of UTI. Past medical hx: nil. He is allergic to penicillin.
    Task: tell pt about your management and treatment and possible cause of his sx.
    Case of UTI in man.

    3. GP setting. 45 year old lady with non-healing leg ulcer for 7 months.
    Task: take hx, get examination findings from examiner and explain the cause.
    On further hx taking she is diabetic and has hx of DVT post leg fracture (same leg as ulcer).
    Case of venous insufficient.

    4. GP setting. 55 year old man with episode of collapse and LOC while playing tannis.
    Task: take hx, get examination findings from the examiner and tell pt what you think the cause is. (no further investigation required).
    Case of aortic stenosis.

    5. GP setting. Mother brought 13 year old daughter in because she is concern about her poor appetite and eating habit. BMI: 17.5.
    Task: take further hx and your management.
    Case of anorexia nervosa.

    6.50 year old lady presents with R leg swelling and tenderness. She is on HRT. Both her mother and sister had DVT. She is concern she has the same. GP setting.
    Task: what investigation would you do, get your investigation finding from the examiner, tell pt the diagnosis and your management plan and tratment.
    Case of DVT.

    7. GP setting. 25 year old lady presents with vaginal bleeding after 8 weeks amenorrhea.
    Task: take further hx, get examination finding from the examiner and tell pt the possible diagnosis and your further management.
    Case of ectopic pregnancy.

    8. GP setting: 65 year old man referred by another GP with few months hx of lethargia and deranged LFT’s. (very long stem).
    ALP: …. (normal range)
    GGT: 108 (high)
    ALT: 135 (high)
    Coags:… (normal)
    FBC: were normal.
    Task: tell pt about what investigation you would order.
    Case of haemochromatosis.
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    thank you

    thank you very much that was really quick recall. hope you did well and wish you the best of luck
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    i had this test..thank God i passed
    the only notice is the case of bleeding after 8 weeks amenorrhea
    when we finish we were not sure what it the U/s showed no intrauterine evidence of tubal pregnancy or extrauterine pregnancy.the patiend has no abdominal pain at all,neither a discomfort.only one drop of blood seen.cervical os closed.the Bhcg after 48hrs still getting up but from 1000 to 1100,2days later increased from 1100 to 1200.
    when i said to the exminer could it be bleighted ovum??he didn't give me an answer but said what would you do..i said i would repeat the ultrasound after 2 this is what O&G registrar does in such cases!!
    we were not sure about the diagnoses.some said molar pregnancy,other said it could be ectopic.but the unusual signs and symptomes is the issue.
    wait till we recieve feed back
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    congratulations mate and good luck in future
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    congratulation as you passed examintion thanks for giving recall as its helps other thinking for exam as its give idea how to prepare what books you recomend for wrtitten exam for amc and how to prepare for clinical

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