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    1. RT foot pain….Examine foot to find cause
    2. Primigravida came at 12wk gestation, Urine exam showed gp b streptococcus positive. Advise further management in pregnancy
    3. 67 year old had weakness of right arm that improve while waiting in ED. Examine to find cause……….TIA
    4. young women brought into ED by her husband who says her wife not behaving normally after birth of their son 3 month ago. History and management……PND
    5. father of 6 month old child, child echo showed moderate VSD.Answer fathers questions
    6. middle age obese, irregular cycle…….Ask for investigations and manage…….case of PCO
    7. herpes zoster…… same as in AMC book
    8. mother has question regarding 8 yr old diagnosed with DM……… same as in AMC book
    9. Bricklayer c/o reflux symptoms. Gastroscopy done , shows esophagitis only…..same as in AMC book
    10. Generalised anxiety disorder………all test normal.explain
    11. jaundice in newborn at 3wk….congugated hyperbilirubinemia……Manage……Breast milk jaundice
    12. middle age man, sudden onset of impotence after start of B blocker. Also BSL high…..find cause of impotence ang manage
    13. vaginal bleeding after 8wk amenorrhea?
    14. murmur? Do CVS examination
    15. nurse thinks he is jaundiced, Take history, examine, investigate ……..Extra hepatic obstruction???
    16. young women head injury in car, banged head on dashboard..Examine
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    thank you very much,
    can you tell more detail please?
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    hi can you tell us a bit more detail....i hope u will pass
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    Hi guest 555

    you are great buddy! u know, this is very difficult to remember all clinical scenarios under huge pressure of exam; but u have done it.

    I would like to request u to post some discussion about each scenario if u find some free time.

    I wish u all the best

    Thanks mate!

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    Hopefully this helps!

    1. GBS positive in pregnancy
    28 y.o pregnant woman in her 2nd trimester of pregnancy, tested + for GBS vaginally.
    1. Counsel px re: result
    2. Tell px subsequent management

    2. 55 y.o female has h/o 1 hour difficulty word-finding and R arm weakness, now resolved.
    1. Do a focused examination
    2. Tell the patient the diagnosis
    3. Answer examiner’s questions
    3. 9 y.o. patient w/ Type 1 DM
    1. Answer Mum’s questions. (AMC book Condition 020)
    4. 22 y.o. 42BMI, 1-2 menses a year. PCOS
    1. ask examiner about investigations
    2. Tell patient her management
    5. Heartburn in a 35 y.o man - AMC Condition 142
    6. 55 year old childcare worker with an abdominal rash (either in recall or AMC book)
    1. ask any further history you need
    2. tell patient the diagnosis and management
    7. 55 / F, screening tests are all NAD, you have diagnosed her with Generalized anxiety disorder (similar to a previous recall)
    1. Tell the patient her diagnosis
    2. Manage the patient
    8. 3 weeks post partum mother – with onset of inability to care for her newborn – described by husband “she thinks our child is evil†- post partum psychosis
    1. take a history
    2. tell the husband diagnosis, manage patient
    9. 4O/ M, 5 weeks of of R forefoot pain, increasing pain when running, relieved by rest -> Moreton’s metatarsalgia, DDx: need to rule out stress fracture
    1. Take focused hx, examine patient
    2. Diagnosis and management
    10 . sore throat with jaundice in a 55 year old health worker
    1. take a further hx, as for PE findings and investigations
    11. erectile dysfunction in a 55 year old man, recently started on antihypertensives
    1. ask further focused hx
    2. Talk to patient about possible organic causes of his erectile dysfunction
    12. L facial bruising after a car accident, patient was not wearing a seatbelt, hit from behind
    1. Ask focused hx
    2. Do a focused PE
    3. Diagnosis and management
    13. bleeding after 8 weeks amenorrhea (AMC case) -> rule out miscarriage vs ectopic
    1. Ask focused hx, PE findings
    2. Ask examiner for specific investigations
    14. 3 month old female child with VSD, failure to thrive
    1. Ask focused hx
    2. Tell patient of your subsequent management and answer patient’s questions
    15. Cardiovascular examination, systolic murmur on apex, ?mitral regurgitation
    1. Do a cardiovascular exam (Talley O’Connor) and make a diagnosis (the patient had a systolic murmur)
    16. Jaundice in a 3 month old infant (same as prev recall question)
    total bilirubin 220, direct bilirubin 120
    1. Tell mother of your diagnosis
    2. Tell mother of diagnosis

    :roll: :roll:
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    thank you guys....u are great.
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    51% pass rate, maybe the highest , well done
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    am cliinical

    you need partner to study
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    amc clinical

    its not that difficult if you have somebody to study tieh. it is important to study eith some one- if you keep doing cases amongst yourselves sure pass!!

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