Melbourne 11th November 2006 AMC Clinical 16 questions.

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    Please list Melbourne 11th November 2006 AMC Clinical 16 questions. It’s a great help for me. Many thanks….
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    AMC clinical exam Melbourne 11 Nov 2006

    AMC clinical exam 11 Nov 2006

    1. Chicken pox in 10 week pregnant lady.
    25 year old lady, 10 week pregnant. Exposed to her nephew who developed a rash a few days ago. She is not sure what it is. So, she took the picture of the rash (the rash is shown together with the stem).
    Task: advice the diagnosis and management.
    Answer pt’s questions.

    2. Inferior myocardial infarction.
    History, Diagnosis, management
    48 male, chest pain x one hour.
    Task: take relevant history.
    While you’re taking history, the patient collapses and to tell the examiner what’s your management.
    Dx: VT/VF at the time of collapse.
    inferior myocardial infarct (ST elevation II, III, aVF)

    3. IUFD
    ?25 year old pregnant lady, 32 week, presented to ED with abd pain.
    Task: relevant history. Get PE and Invx from examiner and advice your Dx and Mx to the patient.
    Dx: IUFD ?secondary to abruptio placenta with retroplacenta blood clot

    4. 20 year old man, ?adductor tendonitis
    20 year male, presented to your GP with right groin pain x 2-3 weeks.
    Task: relevant history for 3 minutes
    Relevant examination for 3 minutes
    Tell DDx to examiner and advice your management plan to the patient.

    5. ADHD, history and management
    A father of 6 year old boy presented to your GP because his teacher complaint of him being very active and not listening to her advices/orders.
    Task: Take relevant history from the father and advice your Dx and management.

    6. Depression (without suicidal tendency)
    A young lady, alcohol binge at a party last night, alprazolam overdose, depressed. History, mental state examination, management
    A 20 year old lady. Binge drinking at a party, taken ? a bottle of alprazolam last night, brought in by her friends. Now well conscious.
    Task: Take relevant history from the patient.
    Perform mental state examination
    Advice the patient you diagnosis and your management plan.

    7. IBD
    40 year old male with diarrhea, containing blood off and on for three years. Seen by many GPs, stool culture negative. Reassured. Now another attack x two weeks.
    Task: History, PE from examiner, and what’s your diagnosis and management

    8. Post date 41 no complication. GBS negative, blood group O +ve, placenta fundal on USG.
    Task: take relevant history.
    Get relevant PE findings from examiner
    Advice pt re: your Invx, and Mx plan and answer her questions.

    9. USG showing a 5 cm adrenal swelling shown on the door. Patient presented to your GP practice for mild abdominal pain and you did USG which suggested adrenal tumour of about 5 cm.
    History, DDx
    DDx: pheochromocytoma, Conn’s, Cushing.

    10. RA management
    40 yr male, violinist, presented to your GP with painful swollen joints (hands). You suspected “Early Rheumatoid Arthritis†and you did a few blood tests. RA positive. ESR ?40. Mild normochr normocyt anaemia. Others normal
    Task: advice diagnosis and management (and answer patient’s questions)

    11. Thalassemia minor
    A young lady presented to your GP for tiredness and you did a few blood tests: Hb 108, Hb electrophoresis Hb A2 4.3%. Iron studies normal.
    Task: Advice pt re: your diagnosis and answer her questions.

    12. Acute urinary retention due to genital herpes
    A young female presented to ED for urinary retention for 18 hours.
    Task: relevant history.
    Get PE from examiner and tell examiner what Invx you want to do
    Advice pt re: your management.

    13. Bronchiolitis
    4 months old boy presented with respiratory distress. SaO2 91 %.
    Task: relevant history from the father and get PE from examiner
    Advice your Dx and Mx to the father

    14. SCC in middle age male
    Middle age male came back to your GP office. Excision of lesion from right temporal area last week. Result showed incomplete excision margin.
    Task: explain pt about the result
    Answer his questions and tell the management plan.

    15. 40 year old female, 35 cigarettes/day x 20 years. C/O SOB on exertion.
    Task: relevant history
    PE findings from examiner and tell what Invx you want to do.
    Advice your Dx and management plan to the patient.

    16. Post operative confusion
    65 yr male, day one post ?right THR. Confused and accused his wife of having an affair with his friend. The nurse gave olanzepine and asked you to review the patient.
    Task: collateral history from the wife
    Tell your DDx to the wife and how you are going to manage the patient.
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    Thank you very much for your great help.....

    Thank you very much for your great help.....
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    many thanks

    Dear doctor!

    My great thanks for you help!

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    Thank you very much
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    thank you

    hi.i just found out about this web guys are doing a great job.jsut about the scenario of incomplet excision of SCC on temporal region,what do you do?wts the Mx?pls let me know .thanx
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    you should ask the patient to come back for a complete excision
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    thanks for that.but whats the safety margin to be kept around the lesion?and also if you could answer another question for me pls.........
    young woman on OCP with high BP.....on 3 you stop OCP and switch to other ethod and check BP again,with life style modifications?or do you commence her on medications while still on the OCP?I would do the 1 st option actually and also check for other causes of 2 ary HTN.pls let e know what your approach would be.thanx a million for your help.
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    dear dr. if there was no other risk factor or any problem for the lady's h.t. then ocp could be the cause. stop the pill and advice other methods of contraception and recheck if back to normal so that is it but if not search for other causes
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    thnax for that.
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    Thanks alot indica that was of a great help. wish you the best

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