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    1. A young lady c/o frequency, burning and scalding sensation during urination.
    Hx and Mgmt.
    Write a prescription.

    On Hx had a previous similar episode.
    Office test: Urinalysis nitrites and WBC postitive

    Straight forward case of UTI.

    2. Father brought his 8 month son who has harsh cough and abnormal sound on breathing (stridor when asked in examn finding).

    Hx, Examn and Mgmnt
    Hx: Feeding and nappy wetting decreased
    O/E Chest indrawing

    Moderate-Severe Croup

    3. An 18 yrs old female asking OCP information.
    Counsel her.

    4. A middle aged lady has pain and tingling sensation over her right hand. It wakes her at night. She shakes her hand to relieve the discomfort.

    Examn and mgmt.

    O/E: Tinel's and Phalen's: Positive
    Sensation lost over median nerve distribution + weakness

    Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

    5. A dentist has referred you a young girl who has dental caries and calluses over her hand. She has H/O binge eating and vomiting.

    Hx and mgmnt.

    Hx: Eating disorder during early teenage
    Boyfriend late one year back, then started
    mother had H/O mental illness


    Question from actor: I dont know what to do, can you tell me about the actions i can take?

    6. A young lady whom you had diagnosed as having fibroadenoma has come for her FNAC results. FNAC shows invasive cancer. Last examination showed no lymph node imvolvement.

    Counsel her.

    Questions asked:
    What further Ix?
    Do you want to do a core biopsy provided FNAC is so clear?
    What is the prognosis if is is localised in the breast only?

    7. A middle aged male who is taking thiazide + ACE-I has come for his results of his fasting blood glucose which is 16.5 mmol/l. His BP is 160/90.
    He has a family hx of heart disease. His BMI is 29.

    Mgmnt in the line of principles.

    Talk about DM mgmt in particular. About Ix, regular monitoring, diet, exercise, future medications.

    8. Lateral and AP X-rays of wrist showing typical Colle's fracture.

    Inform the x-ray results to the patient.
    Tell the examiner about the X-ray.

    Question: In what position of the hand the cast is put?

    Note: So guys all the questions were repeated and most were very common ones. I had given the May 17th exam in Melbourne (30 % pass rate) and compared to that it was way less difficult. About 59 people gave this retest, 31 passed and 28 failed. I really feel for the guys who have failed. Its a harrowing and extremely depressing period. First try is always the best try. From my experience i can say that group study is IMPORTANT, so is past QUESTIONS, and equally important is PATIENT SAFETY. I wish you all the best.

    May Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati bless us all....
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    thank you very much :D :lol:
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    briz 21/2

    Thanks for the recalls.
    from these questions... 2 exactly the same questions were in this year 2009 - 21/2 - brisbane exam...........

    i think the recalls are really well it used to be for the amc mcq.......

    my advice is also.....
    1- practice the scenarios with timer and a friend......( it does not work well if you practice alone...cause you forget most due to nervousness.....but if you practice with a friend it`s easier to remember)

    2- read a bit about the topics you have to talk to the patient about.....since the tasks where the examiner asks questions are the worst...

    good luck...

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