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    M.MANSOUR Guest

    HI evry on iam dentist from egypt the land of pyramids ,i want to buy all past examination of mfds please send me on my e-mail the sample &fees
    thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks evry one
  2. Jelly

    Jelly Guest

    Hi Mansoor,

    What is your email address and I shall contact you!
  3. moka70

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  4. De-an

    De-an Guest

  5. Guest

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  6. information regarding MFDS exams

    hi jelly i want detail information regarding MFDS examination and course for the same.
  7. information regarding MFDS exams

    hi jelly i want detail information regarding MFDS examination and course for the same. my email id;
  8. arjunmfds

    arjunmfds Guest

    mfds past papers

    Hi jelly,
    Could you please help me out with past papers and prep material for the new pattern mfds pt.1
    you could find me at
  9. gupta pratik

    gupta pratik Guest

  10. RobbieG

    RobbieG Guest

    MFDS Part 1

    Hi, can anyone help me with any past papers they may have for MFDS. I am taking part 1 in Edinburgh (April 2008)

    Please e-mail:

    Thankyou kind people!!
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi everybody
    I am looking for help, I applied for MFDS (April 2008)
    and I need MCQs or any materials can help me, with thanks
    my email :
  12. Guest

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    I am also prpeparing for MFDS part-1 in April 08 at Manchester,could anybody please help me with the modules and syllabus.

    Please get back on my mail id at
  13. vnoddy

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    mfds part 1

    hey guys

    i'm in the same boat, preparing for the new mfds part 1 exam in manc, any tips or sample or help qs or advice would love to hear from you at

  14. Guest

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    hi jelly ,masoor and everyone in the thread pls mail me the exact procedure and course for mfds or IQE EXAM ,wat is the difficulty level of it and how to go abt it rite now i m in newyork pls guide me .my email is
  15. Guest

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    hi everybody, i'll take my exam for dental licence in uae can any one help me about any books and mc qs i can buy
    my e mail
  16. Guest

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    Hey there,
    Im sitting part b of the mfds in april 2008 but im really struggling to get a hold of any past papers. would really appreciate anything anybody has and im willing to pay whatever price. my email is cheers fellow teeth heads
  17. Guest

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    i am preparing for my mfds part 1 , if anybody cud suggest me from where to get the study material , it would be a gr8 help.
    thank you... my email id is
  18. Guest

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    hiiii every one .. iam to iam preparing to enter MFDS part 1 in september.. and i wanna know how to apply >>> what to read ,the modulls , the fees ,iam in bahrain
    my e-mail
    thank you
  19. dentaldoctor

    dentaldoctor Guest

    Hi, anyone sitting for MFDS PART 1 IN OCT 2008 EDINBURGH?

    can any one help with past papers and mcq for mfds.I'm writing in oct 2008. please let me know. Highly apretiated.
  20. dr kavi

    dr kavi Guest

    mfds exam/moh exam

    hi everybody this is kavitha here ,i need information regarding practicing in UAE ,can any one help meout regarding books where i can prepare 4 the email is ....
  21. dr shetty

    dr shetty Guest

    hi ,i'm preparing 4 my MOH dental exam in ABU DHABI can any one suggest me from where to get the study material it will be a gr8 help thank u email id
  22. Ramesh.y

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    Hi Can anybody help. im sitting MFDS in october
    can you please send me past MFDS questions
    thank you very much
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hi every doctor
    can i get some MFDS past paper plz
    i dont know how to get them

    any way mt email address is
  24. mfds

    i would like to know about the scope of MFDs in dubai,should we write dubai exam even after MFGDS
    reply to
  25. zainabali

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    hey jelly! im willing to buy any MFDS past papers off you, please please contact me as soon as possible on this email address i m sitting the exam very soon in uae. thanks again
    zainab ali
  26. Guest

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    hi jelly n everyone else.. i really need help for i'l be sitting for MFDS part 1, edinburgh one soon n i haven't got any materials... help needed.... wl be very very grateful... do contact me... thanks so much ya=))
  27. Guest

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    hi thr jelly, can u help me out in obtaining materials for my MFDS?.. really need it urgently... thanks so much ya... contact me at
  28. amed2

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    can u help me with any past exams

    dear all , i need help to pass MFDS exam
  29. Guest

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    Hi all,
    I am from Msia. I am planning to take the MFDS exam. Pls could anyone share any tips, past year questions, or any resources/books for sale. My email is
    Many thanks.
  30. Guest

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    hi i m dentist from india i want to know the particulars about mfds-syllabusstudy material ,fee structure and how to apply for plz kindly send me
  31. Guest

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    MFDS past papers

    Hi every one,
    I need past papers of MFDS part 1. Does any one have it? I am willing to buy.
  32. abc56

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  33. ha7050

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    Know this book

    Hi does anyone know of a good revision book for dental mnemonics

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