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  1. umbreen

    umbreen Guest

    hello all.l'm planning to appear 4 mfds/mjdf-1 2008 exam.l live in there anyone else preparing 4 it.l need guidance abt the exam plz hoping 2 get reply frm u regards&happy new year to all
  2. arc

    arc Guest

    me too

    hi umbreen, im planning to sit the mfds part 1 at glasgow in april 08. no clue what material i need for studying. can you help?
  3. umbreen

    umbreen Guest


    l'm in the same situation like u.the syllabus on the website is also exhustive thats y wrote to the form 2 hav clear advice.if l find any suggestion,will let u knw
  4. umbreen

    umbreen Guest


    also plz let me knw wat books do u hav&hw far hav u covered them,did u search reavant site of [rcpsg]
  5. nsunkada

    nsunkada Guest


    Hi Arc/umbreen,

    I am writing mjdf exam in edinburg this yr. Spoke to rcs edn, but they were not very helpful as far as syllabus is concerned. if you are interested in discussions over phone, pls contact me on

  6. arc

    arc Guest

    mfds 2008

    Hi umbreen, at the moment ive got no books but am hoping to borrow some asap from a few libraries around. Been adviced to read Master Dentistry part 1 and 2. I havent got hold of the book yet so dunno who the author is!? will mail u as soon as ive got more info. my email id is also do u know how to get modules for mfds. have exhausted all my resources and cant seem to find them anywhere!
  7. arch

    arch Guest

    hi Umbreen/all. well the more i ask around the more confused i am. theres a consultant here at the dental school in cardiff who thinks the mfds is easier with the college in ireland than glasgow!. does anybody know more about this or has someone sat the new exam either in ireland or glasgow??
  8. well i have also applied for the mfds exam april 2008 manchester...
    and i have the readers and modules and also got master of dentistry volume 1 and volume 2....
    u can email me if intersted to buy
    dr. asif.
  9. mani mathi

    mani mathi Guest

    preparing for MFDS part 1(glasgow) april 08

    umbreen, i am preparing for MFDS part 1 to be held in april 08.wat r u preparing for? pls reply. thanks
  10. chiru

    chiru Guest

    mjdf-1 material

    Hi All,

    Iam appearing for mjdf-1 shortly i am desperately looking for books and question bank.Can any one please tell where i can get hold of them ASAP please

  11. mfds

    hi everyone..cud someone pls clear something for me.. someone mentioned that under the new system of mfds in glasgow, one does not need any training after completing the first part of the exam to be eligible to appear for the this true ? i have cleared part of the mfds in 2006 , but was unable to appear for the second part till now cause i didnt have the 8 months clinical experience needed...any help in this matter wud be appreciated ..thanks
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi, i m preparing for mjdf part 1 .i need some guidance for its preparation
    and also some notes .
  13. viditi

    viditi Guest

    part 1

    hello there, i am planning to appear for mjdf 2009 part 1 exam.i am in menchester. is there anyone else prepairing for the exam. i need guidance for the exam hoping to get reaply from u soon ...have a nice day

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