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  1. isibel

    isibel Guest

    I had the mirena IUD inserted in april 2005. I've gained weight, covered in acne both on my face and chest. Being to see a health visitor today, that's why i'm looking for more information because she convinced me the benefits outweight the side effects. I know i had heavy periods and now nil but the weight gain is killing me. My argument was - can i have anti- obesity pill to counter act the side effects of the coil? i was told to see my GP. fat chance for me now. Has anyone used a pill to control their weight gain? if so please let me know and was it effective.
  2. Lady B

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    Weight gain

    I have been searching all over the net for this topic. I had mine taken out a few days ago. The weight gain and acne was killing me. I only had it in for 4 or 5 months and put on about 15 pounds! I had great skin and now I feel like a teenager again. I am now back on the pill which I plan on taking without using the sugar pill. Check with you PCP since all pills have different levels of hormones. The IUD is not for everyone, and you need to do what works for you.

    Good luck
  3. chichi

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    Mirena Coil

    Can anyone tell me whether they have managed to lose weight after having the Mirena Coil out????
    I have jumped from size 12/14 to 18 from April 2005 after having it inserted to date. I am not on any medication and have never had such a dramatic weight gain in my life, only 28.
  4. MelissaA

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    mirena weight gain

    I have also gained weight with the mirena I have gained like 15 pounds I eat the same I always have and I exercise and I cant lose a single pound!!!!!!!!I guess I am now alone and that is good to know.
  5. MelissaA

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    mirena weight gain

    I am getting it taken out on Monday and will let you know what happens in a month or so.
  6. maltamika

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    mirena weight gain

    Hi I had the mirena coil inserted about a year after pregnancy when my weight had nearly returned to normal except for the last 5 kilos.
    Soon after, I noticed that I was still excercising and putting on weight. Had a blood test, found that my thyroid was not working properly and started taking medication for that. After 6 months or so I realised that I was still gaining weight and I have just gone back to my GP to see if I needed more thyroid medication.Had another blood test and it came out fine. The penny has now dropped with my GP and suggested removing the Mirena as it could possibly be it. Thats why I came looking on the net and I found your message board to be very helpful...so now I have decided to have it removed next week! Lets hope I lose this weight now!
  7. chichi

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    Hurray I had the mirena coil taken out last Wednesday. I feel much better. Hopefully by eating sensibly and exercising I should go back to my normal weight. Will fill you in after a month or so. I became so depressed, gained loads of weight, spotty face, big tummy, everything ballooned. CALLING ALL MEN TO USE CONTRACEPTION!!!! and give the ladies a rest.
  8. Diane

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    Mirena weight gain

    Beware of the Mirena! If you are an active, fit, self-aware person, this is likely NOT the solution for you. The disruption to my life and my health that the Mirena caused were significant and had a stress on my relationship that I'm hoping I can warn others of. My recommendation: If you are unhappy with it in the early weeks, you will likely not be satisfied when the symptoms "taper off" and I strongly suggest you quit now. Normally a high-energy athletic person, I became fatigued and irritable. With no change to diet or exercise, my body transformed as if pregnant including a hard distended abdomen, doubling breast size, weight gain, oily skin and acne. And horribly, my normally high sex drive practically disappeared. The good news: within 60 days of the removal my body disolved back to its original form and my spirits returned. Overall it was a 6-month strain on my relationship that I wish had never happened. Please don't take the Mirena decision lightly.
  9. Ryna

    Ryna Guest

    This is so interesting. After searching and trying to figure out how to explain this all of a sudden weight gain, someone mentioned the mirena IUD. Now I am totally convinced this is it. After losing all my weight after birth I am now as much as I weighed in my 9'th month. I changed from pill to mirena IUD about 1-2 yrs. ago and that's when this has started I have gained about 25 pounds. I now see that weight gain is mentioned in the side effects why do the doctors deny it???
  10. hellothere

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    Mirena Weight Gain

    I agree with you all I feel so stupid for not realising that this is the reason that I have not shed a pound since having the Mirena fitted. It has taken me 8 months to work it out.

    I have started to become food and exerise obsessed and still have not lost a single pound. I thought that because I had a baby 10 months ago I was just going to have to get used to being fat.

    My Mirena is coming out asap. If anyone has any doubts dont it will be the best thing you have ever done. I cant wait to lose the 2 stone I have been lugging around with me for the last year and maybe just maybe feel good about my self again!

    I am so angry that I have let this happen to my body, I hope I can get my old self back.
  11. Guest

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    Hi, this is so interesting.... I've steadily put on weight over the last 5 years of having the Mirena coil - about 2 stone. I've been exercising 3-4 times a week over the last 4 months but don't seem to be able to lose the weight. I only made the connection last week so am definitely getting it taken out this week - can't wait. Will post the results in a few weeks.
    P.S. Am bigger now than I was five days after giving birth!!
  12. Lucy

    Lucy Guest

    Mirena Weight Gain

    Has anyone ever experienced hair loss with the Mirena coil? I have a bald patch at the back on my head, the size of a 5p. I've also gained weight but am worried that if I have the coil taken out, it will cause hormonal changes and make the hair loss worse. I'm wondering whether the hair loss is a symptom of stress caused by the coil as I have had quite a low periods/mood swings. Any ideas anyone? :?
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

  14. Lily

    Lily Guest

    weight gain

    I am so glad I came onto this website. I thought it was me. I haven't weighed this much since the birth of my child 11 years ago. I've been so depressed about it and I couldn't understand why it was happening. I looked on the Marie Stopes website and there's nothing about weight gain with the Mirena. This IUS is coming out!
    Thanks to everyone for posting.
  15. ali2000

    ali2000 Guest

    weight gain also

    I definitely could help with my weight gain but saying that i am eating the same as i always did but used to weight 10 stone 4 pounds. i now weigh 11 stone 10 pounds and it is rising. i can't risk getting pregnant as i have had an ablation which takes the lining away from the womb. my hubby is going for the snip so i can get it taken out.

    one question, how bad is it to have it taken out?
  16. ali2000

    ali2000 Guest

    hair also greasy

    sorry also forgot that hair is very greasy all the time and skin is getting really spotty.

    i am a bit worried about having it taken out as i was bleeding 100% of the month but hopefully having the ablation has fixed that. i will just have to bite the bullet and see.
  17. maltamika

    maltamika Guest

    Had it taken out on the 22nd of Dec
    Am feeling much better already but have not dared look at the scales yet. Doc said that it would take a while for the hormones to leave the body after taking the iud out. We shall see...

    About taking it out....it was less painful than having it inserted I promise no big deal
    good luck to all and have a great new year Mirenaless!!!!
  18. Mirena

    Mirena Guest

    Weight gain

    yep had this thing for 2 month have gain major weight feel bloated and boobs are tender. not a good deal. the bleeding has slowed way up but be this time next year I will be the good year blimp all I want to do is eat!!!!!!! glad to find this site!
  19. Lucy

    Lucy Guest

    Having my coil out on Monday. Am so excited to see if loads of weight drops off and the headaches stop.

    And Ali it doesn't hurt at all. I had mine changed back in June and it takes as long as it does to remove a tampon, with about as much discomfort - none, honestly (and I the world's biggest wimp!).

    Good luck everyone with your removals!!
  20. ali2000

    ali2000 Guest

    have booked to have it taken out on thursday. i have also started running so hopefully the two should help. i will keep you informed.
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I got the mirena IUD in April 2004 and I went from 156 up to 192. I got it taken out and now I'm 166. Why does this IUD make you gain weight??
  22. Kelly

    Kelly Guest

    Mirena Weight Gain

    Several months ago I mentioned to my friend that I was gaining weight in my mid section which has never happened to me before. I have maintained the same weight for 20 years - including childbirth - and now I weigh approx. 8 lbs. more than I did a year ago (November actuall) when
    had the Mirena inserted -- have been dieting like crazy and can't lose a pound which is also not normal for me. Just yesterday it dawned on me that my problem might be Mirena -- having it removed at the end of the month -- It may be my imagination, but I have not changed my eating habits or level of activity so there has to be some connection!
  23. Lucy

    Lucy Guest

    I had the Mirena taken out on Monday evening. I started bleeding on Wednesday evening and have been passing quite big clots, but having read other people's accounts I think it's quite normal. It's now Saturday and it's starting to lessen, and I think about to stop. I feel better already. It might be all in my mind but my stomach is feeling less bloated and I'm definitely not craving food like I have been. Smaller portions have been satisfying me over the last couple of days. How exciting to feel almost normal again. Good riddance Mirena!!
  24. Mindy L

    Mindy L Guest

    Mirena Weight Gain

    I had my IUD put in at my 6 week check up. I knew I was gaining weight since but had know idea until I went in for my annual 13 months later and found out that I had gained 30 pounds since and not to mention the weight while I was pregnant. I knew something wasn't right, I was eating sensibly and have even joined Curves but not much was helping. I had it removed a week ago so we will see if that is the culprit. I will never get this again not to mention the pain from going in and having it removed.
  25. dccournoyer

    dccournoyer Guest


    QUOTE-"I found this forum by doing a search on Google under 'Mirena weight gain'.............. I have tried the hormone contained in this device but orally several times over the years and side effects, including nausea and bloating and immediate weight gain. The doctor assured me it could not happen with the Mirena IUS as the hormone is only administered locally as a low dosage so I was really looking forward to having it fitted in the hope it will help my really heavy periods." :cry:

    Well needless to say since insertion I have rapidly gained about 30 lbs....that is almost 2.5 per month..........During the first several months I noticed an immediate and significant gain in weight, as well as, unusual BLOATING in the abdominal area. I actually would look about 5 months pregnant when I would normally be cycling. By 6 months I had gained 17 lbs. and went back to my Dr..............I got the BS line above about no way can you gain weight with this IUD.............. :x

    Just prior to insertion I was at the epitomy of health :p , running and working out regularly. Just completed the most challenging and physical Military Combat training of my career and now I can barely pass the basic fitness test. :oops:

    ODD THAT MY DOCTOR SAID THE SAME THING MANY OF YOU HAVE QUOTED - THIS IS A LOCALLY ADMINISTERED HORMONE - YOU CANNOT GAIN WEIGHT. INSISTING IT MUST BE SOMETHING ELSE. Well now since I am pushing 175 and was about 145 a year ago - my activity level has diminished, my personnal life is stagnant, and moody oh so moody.



  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I am so glad that I found this site. I have had the mirena coil in for 3 years now and couldn't work out why I have put on so much weight. Thought it was because I was taking anti-depressents for post natel depression, (which I am still taking) but after reading everyones comments it could be the coil. I am going to the doctors to make an appointment to discuss my options and get this sorted out. Unfortunately my husband is one of the men that can't bring themselves to having a vascectomy so it looks like i am the one that will have to do all the work with the contraception again. I will let you know how i get on with getting it out and if i loose any weight.
  27. amazojuana

    amazojuana Guest

    mirena coil phobia!

    hi, i'm 19 and had a laparoscopy this week to check for endometriosis as have been having agonising pains on and off for a year. They found no signs of endo so they fitted the mirena to stop the pains....

    I stupidly did a search for the mirena coil on google...oh my god! HUNDREDS of depressed, fat, spotty women out there!!I sympothise so badly...i have tried several contraceptive pills over the years and i went from being healthy/slim, to chubby, spotty and a crying mess! I said i didnt agree with hormones from then on but now i'm stuck with this coil!!

    PLease anyone with experience, what would u do if you were me?? would u risk it for a few months "just to see" if i get fat and depressed? or just have it out now. i dont know if i've just scared myself with these forums cos happy people wouldn't be googling it i guess! But i dont want to be vain cos i've had the worst year of my life with these pains and according the the nhs, this is the last option....does anyone else know of anything else(other than hormones!) that may help a girl like me in pain 2weeks out of every month???????????

    oh, and good luck to everyone out there trying to loose their "mirena weight", you can do it. Just keep going, i lost a stone gradually from just healthy eating and just staying busy after i came off the pill.....you will feel yourself again soon enough xxxx :D
  28. Kelly

    Kelly Guest

    Had Mirena removed last Tuesday and it was painless. Have had fairly heavy bleeding and clotting since Thursday, but I honestly feel better already. I am fortunate in that my GYN did not minimize my symptoms and in fact did say that she has had women complain of the same issues--weight gain, lethargy, moodiness, etc. etc. etc. She tested my thyroid functions just to be sure and they were fine. I have managed/maintained my weight for a long, long time and I absolutely without doubt know that the Mirena is the root of my weight gain -- as patients, I think we need to do a better job of asserting ourselves with some of these docs --- they are not demi-Gods and can't possibly "gurantee" what side effects may or may not affect some of us or all of us.
  29. sunaina

    sunaina Guest

    mirena pill

    wish i d visited this forum earlier. I ve been tormentin myself over weight gain. Not even whilst being pregnant did i weigh wat i weigh now!! which is 11 stones!! Can shift a pound!! ITS GOTTA B THE COIL!! its comin out. Hubs can make do without the necessity. I m an active woman. (3 boys, hubs & a pet dog)!! do i need to excercise nemore to lose weight??? I M SURE U ALL SAID "DEFINETLY NOT" !! WILL LET YA KNOW WAT HAPPENS ONCE COIL IS OUT!
  30. GB2006

    GB2006 Guest

    Weight gain

    I had the mirena taken out after 8 month and weight gain of 1 stone. am on a diet and exercising like mad - so far m not loosing the weight as fast as it used to shift in the past. :( - m sticking with the diat and exercise.

    I wish I knew all this before I went on this trip
  31. mags

    mags Guest

    mirena weight gain

    Hi, I had the mirena coil in for 4 years, i weighed seven and a half stone when they put it in, I had it taken out last week and i weighed in at 9 stone 10 pounds. I thought abourt having a breast reduction in that four years as i was so tender and so so swollen that I thought they would never be normal again. Well ten days after getting the cursed thing taken out I have lost five pounds and my belly is normal not swollen and bloated..................... my mood swings have increased, not sure if this is because of the withdrawal of hormones...... hopefully it is
  32. annieb

    annieb Guest

    mirena weight gain

    no weight gain but severe bloating. 14 mos with mirena now am going to gyn tomorrow. i wear a size one and weigh 110 lbs but now i look pregnant. lots of pain and discomfort in belly only
  33. eve36

    eve36 Guest

    what a relief!

    wow, it's not just me!!!! I

    got my Mirena in March 05, and have been gaining since. I thought maybe I was just eating a bit more, but I've done a cleanse (most people lose at least 12 lbs on this one - I lost 1 lb.), I've done South Beach (most people lose at least 7 lbs in the first 2 weeks, and when I was on it pre-Mirena, I'd lost about 8-9 lbs. This time I lost none.)

    I work out 6 days a week, I'm currently doing body for life (week 9 of 12) - most people get fairly dramatic results, and most women start losing at week 8 or so. Not so for me. I've been wondering what the heck is wrong with me! Pre-Mirena, if I had been eating the way I am (very healthy, frequent small balanced meals), and exercising hard like I am, I would have lost 20 lbs by now for sure. But now, I've lost only 3 or so (in 9 weeks!)

    Back in March, I weighed 130 lbs. I jumped to 145 lbs by December. I've also been battling depression - my anti-depressants pooped out since Mirena.

    I've made an appointment for my husband to get snipped. I'm so disappointed - I really thought I had found the perfect birth control method in Mirena!!! :cry:
  34. Guest

    Guest Guest

    does it hurt getting it taken out?
  35. Rebecca

    Rebecca Guest

    Nirena - weight gain

    I have had the mirena in for nearly 5 years - I now weigh more than when I was 9 months prgnant. Over 5 years I have gained 37kg. My usually very thick hair has thinned out dramatically, I am moody and have to consciously put on a happy front, if I didn't have two young children I think I would have copped it years ago. My husband has finally agreed to have the snip and I am having it taken out at the end of Feb. My doctors have all said that its not the Mirena, well then what is it? This is not me I am living in someone else's body. Roll on the 28th!
  36. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well ladies, I have decided to get my Mirena taken out on Monday, not for any other reason than trying for no 2!

    I havent had any bad side effects like everyone has mentioned ( thank goodness)
    I do want to know if any one has concieved straight away after having it removed?
    I was wondering how long it would take to get a period again?
    Can anyone help?
  37. Jo2

    Jo2 Guest

    Out with Mirena

    To: Guest :

    No it doesn't hurt at all. Had mine removed 9 and a half hours ago. Had mild cramps on and off for the following 2 hours but nothing dramatic.

    I've also gained weight: 31 pounds from January 26, 2005 to February 8, 2006 - almost exactly a year. I cannot wait to see the result. I'm convinced it was the Mirena that caused this but the doctor disagrees. He ended up saying "I don't believe the Mirena caused you to put on 30 pounds. I'll take it out because you are not satisfied, and if the removal has a placebo effect and that makes you lose weight, then that's great!"

    Anyhow, I'm convinced it's the Mirena, and I will see over the next month if the weight goes back down.

    I would really love to hear from those for who the removal resulted in weight loss and how quickly.
  38. Janie

    Janie Guest

    Get Behing Me You Evil Nasty Little Soul-Crushing Coil


    I had the mirena coil fitted June 2005. Naturally slim all my life, 28 years old, I have gained 3 stone up till now and will be having it removed next week. I did not change my dietry habits or exercise levels in any way, yet still gained fluid, bloating, enlarged bust - in fact all the symptoms of a pregnant woman!! Plus spots and thinning hair! Great.

    My GP told me to bare with it and even tried to give me prozac!? Anyway, I finally booked an appointment to have it removed upon meeting a friend who didn't even recognise me last week :oops: So be warned girls, this might be a great form of contraception for some, but when this nasty little coil goes wrong....remove it! Will update this thread in a couple of months to comment on the removal and (hopefully) mammoth weight loss Xx

    ps I have been exercising and starving myself since the beginning of January - never really had to do that before - still couldn't lose even one pound! It MUST be due to the Mirena :x
  39. Denise

    Denise Guest

    Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2006 7:56 am Post subject: MIRENA AND WEIGHT GAIN


    I'm so glad I found this site!! I went to my doctor's last week and told her I thought the mirena was the cause for my weight gain. I had gone for a series of tests and all came back normal, but I still wondered what was causing this weight gain?? I exercise and eat sensibly, never had a problem before! She told me that it couldn't be the mirena, and I left without an appointment to remove it. I will call her again tomorrow and this time, I wont take no for an answer! I'm so disapointed because I'm going to Florida in 2 weeks and for the first time in my life, I will be embarrased in a bathingsuit. I have a twin sister and her weight hasn't changed, we've always been the same size. She doesn't have a coil. Coincidence? I don't think so....
  40. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I am so glad that I found this message board. I am 21 years old and am currently about 20-25 pounds heavier since I got the mirena inserted. I had a very hard pregnacy with the severe toximia and all. I am so young, but because of the terrible pregnancy, they suggested this type of birth control. Ever since I have had it put in, I cannot lose a single pound..I actually fasted for 3 days and STILL didnt lose anything!!!! I dont feel like a 21 year old and I have zero energy. I am setting up an appointment to get it removed ASAP
  41. lolo

    lolo Guest

    weight gain

    I too have suffered from side effects from mirena. I have gain 11lb in 5 months even though I exercise alot and my diet is the same, my hair is greasy, I have spots on my face and chest, my sex drive as gone from high to none exsistint.
    I am 29 and have never had any problems controling my weight, yet I haven't been able to shift a pound no matter what I do! I went to my GP and he told me that it is not the mirena causing my problems (even though it is stated in the side effects section in the mirena booklet).
    I didn't believe my GP and I went to the family planning clinic. they said the same thing but I insisted that I wanted it removed anyway. it as only been four days since I had it removed and I have lost 3lb already HOORAY!
    It just goes to show I knew my coil was the cause of my weight gain yet my GP ignored me. I think they assume were just trying to make excuses for not trying hard enough.
    Well hopefully I will lose the rest of the weight I gained over the next couple of months. Then I will be back telling my GP that it must of been the mirena coil after all.
  42. Ms Tammie

    Ms Tammie Guest

    Mirena IUD

    If you guys searched the net you will find out that it is more than 10% of women having all these side effects from the Mirena IUD. I had mine put in four years ago and it was not until last month that I realized it was the IUD causing me all these problems. First of all my period stopped which is very unatural. I has gained 55 pounds and my stomach and breast seemed to be bloated and I had this stuffy feeling. My hair stopped growing, I had crazy mood swings and felt depressed as though a black cloud was over my head. I would get body aches out of no where and in some of the strangest places and my energy level was crappy. I had decided to talk with my doctor about giving me some anti depressant pills or something because I felt so bad. Well mid January 06 I came to work and I was feeling so bad that all I could do is lay my head down and pray and ask God to help me. IUD came into my head as though a light popped on. I went to the internet and there was my story posted over and over again. Women just like me experiencing everything that Iam going through. THE DOCTORS ARE WRONG ON THIS ONE! Maybe a doctor need to insert one to find out that its not in our head. A good doctor will listen to their patients instead of saying something stupid like it only stays in the uterus... That is a crock of Bull Poop. I had mine taken out Feb 3,06 and I just had my first cycle and I thought I was going to bleed to death. I think my body discharge all the femine waste that it had been holding on to for nearly four years. My stomach has went down and I can actually fit into my jeans and zipped them without taking deep breaths. It did not hurt to have it removed and I no longer have any signs or symptoms of the Mirena IUD. In addition to that my bra dropped from a DD to C which was my pre-mirena size. Ladies listen to your body... and not the doctor.
  43. Ms Tammie

    Ms Tammie Guest

    Water Water and more water

    After you get it drink as much water as you can to flush your system.
  44. shelly5858

    shelly5858 Guest

    post mirena weight loss

    I was wondering if you took out the mirena, and if you did, did you loose the weight?

    I too was 142 and went up to 160 with the mirena. The only time I ever weighed this much was when I was nine months pregnant. (I lost it all after that).

    I too eat very healthy and excersise, and i did la weight loss for 9 months, and my weight does not budge. my doctor says it is not b/c of the mirena, but how can that be? I really eat healthy and normal quantities and I am not out of my mind.

    I want to take it out, b/c I can't step on the scale and see this weight, but the thought of having to use condoms is a big turnoff.
  45. kikiie

    kikiie Guest

    I had my mirena taken out 3 weeks ago and I have already lost 3 kg without going on a diet and my hair loss has slowed down. I had the mirena in for only 3 months but that was enough for me. Not only did I get fatter and lose my hair but I felt both depressed and anxious with the most hideous panic attacks. My husband is an OBGYN and even he had to admit that I was getting side effects. The thing that annoys me is that Doctors (including my hubby) seem so reluctant to say there is anything wrong with the mirena. Whilst my mirena was in I asked so many of my husbands work associates could it be posible that my hair loss was due to the mirena and all of them said no. In fact one female OBGYN laughed at me and said I was just getting old!
    I am sure the side effect percentage is much higher then 10%. Most of the mirenas my husband puts in are for post natal contraception so I figure that alot of the women think the symtoms they are getting are related to just having had a baby and dont relate it back to the Mirena.
  46. kmi

    kmi Guest

    mirena weight gain

    Hi all after long discussions with docs had mirena may 2004 yippee it stopped horrible periods but in exchange I got bad hair, bad skin (I am now using clearasil daily with little or no effect!) But worse of all I have gained over 28 pounds, I even gained weight last week when I had a tummy bug and did not eat for 4 days. Will now have more chats to docs who deny weight gain is due to mirena I was even told at one docs appt that I was almost obese and needed to lose at least 2 stone. Iknow cycle to work(30 mins each way) and still no weight loss. So glad am not alone good look ladies with removals and weght loss.
  47. J. Johnson

    J. Johnson Guest


    I am so glad I googled this topic! I was thinking I was going crazy! After baby number two, I immediately got the Mirena. Ever since I have had mood swings, constant light bleeding and cramps, an acne problem and the inability to loose weight. All last summer I was run/walking over 20 miles a week and during the weather change in Oct. I stopped and instantly put on 10 pounds. For the last 3 months I have been at the gym working with a trainer 3-6 days a week and only notice a tightness in my body and have put on 3 more pounds. I am immediately going to the doctor to get it out, and I'll post whether or not my symptoms change. Has anyone switched to the other (10 year) IUD, without the hormones?
  48. Guest

    Guest Guest

    mirena coil / weight gain

    I am 44 yrs old and had a mirena coil fitted 4.5 yrs ago , the reason was not as acontraceptive , but because my periods were irruglar , breast pain and general Womens hormonal problems. At the time i was classed as over wieght , i was 5.4ft /11stone , 4.5 yrs down the line , constant diets and medication , i weighed 15.9 stone . But in thepast 4mths i have actually been diagnosed as having pcos , been put on metformin for this and lost 1.8 stone in four months , i still found i was bloated all the time . So on ma visit to my gp , i was refered to have my coil remove at hospital as the strings could not be found . After a scan they found it was still in place and arrangement to remove it , under general anesthic , this was done on the 10th of this month .

    Well i was waiting for bleed , but nothing happpened till two days ago , now its here with venegance , very , very heavy and painful , but my belly seems flatter , less bloated and i am weeing loads , sorry if thats too much info .

    I am hoping that my weight lose will continue and maybe a bit more now , its remove , i will keep you informed , if any changes.
  49. kmi

    kmi Guest

    Contacted clinic who fitted mirena re removal told (over the phone with no notes in front of her) that it was not mirena that had caused weight gain because it stays in the uterus but that it was my thyroid and I would need blood tests before it was removed. Have now called gp receptionist said I can only have it removed during my period if this is true I will have mirena forever because apart from irregular spotting Ihave,nt had a period in 2 years. Will keep you informed.
  50. shelly5858

    shelly5858 Guest

    for kikii

    I was wondering what birth control method you decided to use now that you took out the mirena.
    I am 40 years old (young) and I don't want to be on the pill! However I have 3 kids and don't want any more children.
    did you loose weight after you took out the mirena?

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