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  1. Michelle

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    Yay!!!! I got it out today!!!The removal was very painful!!!! It was embedded in my uterus and I almost had to have it surgically removed!!!! I feel very weird right now!!! Like i'm not myself!!! I weighed 254 at my doc appointment so hopefully that will start going down!!! And hopefully the head aches go away!!!!

    Oh and, by the way, my doc and the nurse both told me that the IUD does not cause weight gain!!!! He he he... I'll show them!!!!
  2. kc

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    Six Months Post Removal Update


    I am happy to say, that I now have a waist and have lost some of the weight I put on. I had Mirena for 2 years.

    My mood swings are gone and my memory has improved.

    The only negative is my period. It is way heavier than it was before Mirena. I wonder if it is because I went nearly 2 years without a period and everything built up over time?

    If anyone has any insight, it would be helpful. For now I just deal with it.
  3. Janet

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    mirena coil weight gain

    I am gled I found this sight I like all of yous have had my mirena in for about 8 months and have gained a lot of weight without changing my anything I eat or do. After visiting my inlaws today and being reminded how much weight I am putting on I told my husband I was booking in to get it out A.S.A.P. I also have gained most of the weight around my stomach and have bloating. I am a little scared though of how much it might hurt taking it out though, as when they first tried to put it in at the clinic it was extremely painful and I ahve given birth 6 times so I no what pain is. They didnt end up getting it in they were very incompitent and I filed a report there was blood every were when they were done I was real shaken. Had it put in under anesthetic and had no probs it went strait in but I am so over the whole weight gain now I feel like a big blimp.
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    Post IUD removal

    I wish I came across this site 3 years ago, when I had my Mirena inserted. I feel that my OB/GYnN deceived me. She told me the only side effect might be the occassional spotting. Needless to say, I have experience everything that have been discussed in these post. I have had a decreased sex drive, weight gain, moodiness, crying for no reason, and extreme fatigue. I had my IUD removed 3 days ago, and I already feeling the difference in my mood. I would not recommend this for anyone.
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    I had mine put in and after 2 months started to gain. Weight kept creeping up, totally lost libido, developed microscopic colitis (disgusting), had it taken out after 4 years. Stupid thing was I had my tubes tied after 18 months and gyne refused to take it out (said I need double protection). So it was left in for another 2 1/2 years. Experienced always extreme irritability and no period, just fat and bloated. Gained 2 1/2 stone all told. I was 44 years old when I had it taken out. Weight stayed put even though went to weight watchers and began to play competitive soccer in ladies league and began running. Occasionally would have to go on steriods for the colitis which further increased my girth. Just before getting IUD removed, it caused my liver enzymes to spike. Finally, 3 months ago (I am 47 now) I went to a traditional chinese acupuncturist/internal medicine specialist. He cured my colitis in 6 weeks (21 treatments with herbs) and then I started his weight loss treatment. 18 treatments with herbs. After 9 treatments I am down 1 1/2 stone, 1 more to go. His diet is great, I have no hunger and I will run my first half marathon in 2 weeks. Our medical system seems to always lie to women and support pharmaceuticals. Utter bullshit. Avoid Mirena at all costs, I would sooner get the lining of my uterus removed than ever use that IUD again. Condoms are cheap and safe if you are in a steady relationship. Mirena manufacturers, you suck.
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    I am going for my Mirena out tonight. When i first had it in i had cronic bleeding after sex and was sent to te hospital for a colposcipy which came back ok. I still suffered from bloating really bad (sometimes look due to drop) and i have gained about 4 stone since having it in 5 years ago. My mood swings are terrible and i have had acne (thought that had left me in my teens). :roll:

    I am glad i found this site doctor told me it couldnt possibly be my mirena. Will keep you updated if above symtoms improve after i have had it out.
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    I'll let you know what happens

    Hi Guys. Arn't these forums great! I had my Mirena taken out yesterday. Not so much because of the physical problems, but more because of the hightened depression, which got worse over time, and for the past 3 months I haven't had a day without bursting into tears :( Lucky for me, I did a bit of web searching, and found that it could be the IUD making thinggs worse. Now, reading through these posts, I did notice 3 months after having the mirena inserted, that I couldn't fit into the same trousers I used to be able to wear. I have always been pretty much the same shape for years. I thought it was just something to do with nearing my mid 30's. I really didn't think any more of it. But now a year down the line I have moved up a dress size. I don't feel bigger, but obviously I am! seems more like water retention, which is odd as I'm on a diuretic to help my high blood pressure.

    Anyway it's out now, and I know it's going to take time for my body to know whats going on, and react to the hormone not being there. But I have noticed a need to pee more, so maybe my body is detoxing in its own way. Has anyone else found this after having it removed? I'll let you know if theres any physical change. Keep posting guys, all this helps people like me to make informed choices.
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    take it out asap

    :twisted: Hello all I am headin to the doc today to take this out I have had the marena for 1 year now and I have to say this has been the worse year of my life I gained 30 Pounds I hardly reconize my face and I cant loose weight no matter what.
    They told me that the strings are lost inside my uterus but they can see it with an ulrasound so thats good but there either going to have surgery or a whole lot of fishing around. OOOuch!
  9. Rosa BPT

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    Hi I am so glad I found these postings. I was talking to a friend today who told me she gained 20 pounds on the Mirena. She has lost 15 of that since removing it. It then dawned on me that the 22 pounds I have gained may be due to the Mirena. The thing is I didn't gain a single poiund within the 1st year. The 22 pound increase happened during the 2nd year and after I stopped getting a period altogether. Has anyone else experienced this 2nd year Mirena weight gain?

    I have been eating right and working out and the scale won't budge. I have an appt. tomorrow to have it removed. I will post my results for you guys. Right now I am 168.
  10. Tinkerbell

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    Removed today

    Hello Ladies, Had my Mirena removed today and it was very straightforward. Hardly felt a thing and just a spot of bleeding afterwards. Will wait to see what happens over the next few days. I had the Mirena put in about 5 years ago. It would be unfair to say that it was a complete disaster as it really had helped tremendously with reducing the heavy bleeding that I had been suffering up to that point. I found the side effects very difficult to deal with though. Within a few weeks of having it inserted I had bloated up terribly to such an extent that I have been asked several times in the last 5 years whether I am pregnant. I have put on about 35 lbs. I was always really skinny before. My skin went from completely clear to covered in spots. When the spots heal they seem to leave a permanent scar and now my skin is very blemished. My hair has thinned considerably and I have had constant sinus problems which is something which I never suffered from previously. I don't want to blame it all on the Mirena until I have been a couple of months without it and that will give me an indication whether these side effects were due to the Mirena. I will give an update every few weeks to let you know how I am getting on.
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    I was so relieved to find this website yesterday and realise I wasn't going mad. Had mirena put in last october to combat heavy periods and all went well at first apart from extremely painful breasts and fairly constant pmt! All seemed to settle down after christmas but have been gradually gaining weight all of this year which is impossible to shift. Have put on over a stone now and most of that has been since Easter. Seems to be several pounds a week and even though i have tried cutting out alcohol and carbs and exercise for an hour 4 times a week (swimming and cardio) and dog walk every day nothing is moving. Have developed a large roll of fat round my middle and can hardly bend over! Recently have started to get the odd spot on my back and hair starting to fall out. I am also suffering from water retention and by the evening I look as though I have just got off a long haul flight as have no ankles and can feel the skin stretching on my calves.
    Having read all the other posts I am convinced it is all down to the coil and would rather go back to heavy periods than risk physically exploding over the next few years. Went straight round to my surgery this morning but doctor's seceretary away til monday so she will phone me then to make an appointment to have it removed. I can't wait and would be tempted to try and take it out myself but I can't even feel the strings and never have been able too so will have to wait for doctor.
    I was talking to a friend about it this morning and she said her doctor was recommending she had mirena fitted for heavy periods but she now having second thoughts.
    Will let you know when I get my appointment and how I get on. Feel like I have an evil alien inside me at the moment! :(
  12. Guest

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    Hi just thought I would look in on this site again. I had mine removed 1 year ago after 4 1/2 years of horribleness (is that a word?)

    I had put on 3 1/2 stone in that time but I am please to say I have now lost 3 stone ....so only 1/2 to go.

    I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, it destroyed my relationship with my now ex partner and looking back I don't blame him for leaving me.I was a monster.
  13. RosaBpt

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    Okay so I had mine removed last Wednesday after finding this website. The procedure was fast and didn't hurt nearly as mucn as putting it in. A small pinch and it was over. I just started spotting last night but nothing crazy at all, like some of the postings I have read. I am looking forward to losing the 22 pounds I have gained and feeling like myself again. I will say I have had headaches, heart palpatations and a feeling of high emotion and queziness since I had it removed. I would assume this might be a form of withdrawl that will pass. I will keep you guys updated.
  14. sammo

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    It does make you put on weight!! ive gained nearly 3 stone in a year and couldnt figure out why it was going up so fast, plus my hormones are all over the place!

    I had it taken out two days, and btw - the taking out bit is a little uncomfortable but not too bad and worth it!!

    Will post again in a couple weeks to let you know if weight going back down.

    ps the pink patch doesnt work!
  15. sammo

    sammo Guest


    Ginny - dont take it out yourself!!

    it could snap and get stuck inside you. eek
  16. ginny 3561

    ginny 3561 Guest

    promise not to remove it myself sammo. still can't feel any strings and probably too squemish anyway lol.

    have got an appointment for august 5th at 9am so counting down the days. could have had a bit earlier but we going on holiday middle of july and didn't want to risk hormonal crash and heavy bleeding while away.
    nothing planned for august so hopefully can concentrate on getting back to normal.
    no idea what contraception to use - will probably have to be condoms as don't want anything to affect hormone levels again - not that have any interest in sex at all at the moment anyway!
    has anyone else had tingling dead feeling hands like carpal tunnel syndrome? had it during 1st pregnancy and keep getting it again. don't know if caused by coil or just extra weight i carrying.
    will keep you posted how i get on
  17. Tinkerbell

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    Mirena out - a few days on

    Had my Mirena out a few days ago - see my last posting. After a couple of days of spotting have now started bleeding in earnest. Don't mind though as I am hoping this will clear my womb of all the Mirena hormones from the last few years. It does make it quite awkward being at work when flow is so heavy. Need the privacy of my home for a few days I think. I will be particularly interested to hear Sammo and Rosabpt's accounts of how they are doing as we all had our coils removed at about the same time. Haven't had any emotional crashes. Feel OK so far but will report back in a few days.
  18. burtongyrl

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    getting it removed

    I had the mirena put in in March of 2006, I was only 20 but I felt it necessary b/c I am in school and young and don't want children anytime soon. Since then I have gradually gained a lot of weight. I am 5'2" and 25 pounds is alot of weight for someone my size. I went from a size 7 to a size 13. Once I realized how much weight I was gaining I immediately signed up at a gym that provides a personal trainer. For the past six months I have been on a 800 calorie diet, cutting out sweets, caffeine, and fast food. I also hit the gym 3-4 times a week doing 1 hr of cardio, 30 min. of weight training, and swim in the lap pool every time I go. I have lost no weight since working out, I have gained 11 pounds, and over 15" just in my midsection. I am 22 years old and look about 6 months pregnant. I have been severely stressed out and depressed about the weight gain, not to mention the acne (I NEVER had acne even in Junior High). I have been to the doctor several times and had my blood tested, I am absolutely normal, no thyroid problems and blood pressure is better than average. I have discussed the weight gain several times with my obgyn and she insists that it's not the Mirena causing the problems. I disagree. I have an appointment with a different obgyn in two weeks, please wish me luck on the removal and post side effects. Thank you so much to everyone who posted on this site, now I don't feel so alone.

    P.S. to the woman in New York, don't feel bad I don't know what a stone is either!!! :D
  19. ginny 3561

    ginny 3561 Guest

    lots of luck with removal. i have a month to go til mine. let us know how it goes and hope it kick starts the weight loss.

    by the way a stone is 14lbs!
  20. lisa

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    I had my IUD removed last week due to my leg pain. I guess it was pitching a nerve. Very painful!!! I've had my IUD in for 9 years, but they said it was good for ten. Don't wait too long to have it removed. Too many problems in the last 3 years, didn't have any idea it was the IUD. The problems (sun spots, tired all the time, liver problems?, hair loss, vaginal infx's every month after my period, weight gain- from 120 to 160).
  21. minera weight gain

    since i gave birth to my daughter due to preclampsia . I was 115lbs 2006 to now 2008 160lbs. u do the math. I've had every now then light headedness and cramps. I am a very moody person. but what really is driving me nuts is the weight gain.
  22. Katie

    Katie Guest

    Thank you for this post!

    I had merina inserted about 1 year ago. Since that time I have put on 30 lbs, my face is more greasy and I have my hair is alot thinner. To top it all off I am only 24. I believed that this was a great alternative to taking a pill everyday. I called my clinic to ask if significant weight gain was an issue they said no its probably just your diet and excercise. I excersise daily and have not been able to lose this weight. After reading these forums I have decided to take the IUD out. It is not right for me. It is good to know other women are experiencing the same results. Thank you :D
  23. Guest

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    Mirena removed a month ago

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and I had a question about weight loss after the mirena was removed. I was fitted with Mirena Nov. 2007 and just got it removed June 6, 2008. For the first 6 months I had all of the symptoms everyone else has been talking about. Bloating, fatigue, acne, etc. I did not however begin to gain wait until the beginning of May. I've gained 8 lbs. in about a month! For the first 6 months or so, I was even LOSING weight while I was on Mirena. I've never had to try very hard to lose weight or keep it steady so it was a HUGE surprise when all of a sudden, with no change in my eating or exercising habits, I gained this weight. Can anyone tell me how long it took you to lose the weight you gained while on Mirena? Since I had it removed, I've gained another pound. I walk 2 miles a day, run around with my 2 year old and eat an extremely healthy and balanced diet. With all that, not a pound has budged in a month and I'm starting to really get down about it. If anyone has any advice, please let me know!

    Thanks so much!
  24. Katie

    Katie Guest

    Its finally gone!

    I don't know if anyone realizes that there are 61 thread pages of women telling their stories of Merina and how it negatively effected their lives. In my research I discovered other forums similar to this one. This thing is a problem. I myself recently posted. I have had it in for a year and had all of the symptoms these women had. After realizing that I am not alone I called my doctor. She said "oh those are not caused from Merina. Change your diet and exercise you will be fine" I said no I want it out now.

    I made an appointment to get it removed. Last night I felt for the strings and they were unusually long. I gave a little tug and the dang thing just CAME OUT! I pulled it out myself. I wasn’t trying to though. So I called the doctor and they said oh you will be fine before your appointment.

    The Merina was covered in mucus that was firmly attached to it. My body did not want it in any more.
    So anyways please consider other options of birth control, like the pill or what ever is right for you.
  25. Tinkerbell

    Tinkerbell Guest

    A couple of weeks post Mirena

    All's well. After initial spotting followed by heavy bleed evrything has calmed down and is absolutely fine. Have lost only 1lb since removal and it all seems to have gone from my bust! Skin has not returned to normal and is still very spotty but I'm hoping it will clear soon. It's only been a fortnight so I mustn't be impatient. Katie interested to hear about your experiences. Do post back regularly to let us know how you are doing.
  26. night owl

    night owl Guest

    weight loss

    Well had my colposcopy 7 weeks ago and at the same time coil removed. Have had results and the pre-cancerous cells were caught just in time, last stage before turning to cancer. Bit worrying as both my parents have had it. HAve had bleeds due to both colposcopy and coil removel, so far the weight loss isn't as great as i would have liked but it is coming off. I guess slowly is better, may stay off. Have lost 4lbs and also been visiting gym 2 -3 times a week covering 10K over four pieces of equipment. Mood swings have changed and l'm more relaxed as for tiredness can't really say as i work night shifts and tiredness is a permantent state of affairs.
    Hope everything is going well for those who have had thier coils removed. best of luck
  27. Don't do Mirena

    I am glad to have found these posts. I am 31 and I had the IUD put in last October. I stuck at the same weight for years. All of the sudden I started getting these hunger pains that were so outrageous, they were unbelievable. I would eat a whole meal and at the end of it, I would feel like I hadn't eaten at all. One day I looked up and I had gained 18 lbs.

    I tried exercising and nothing moved. I have since lowered my calories, and luckily my body responded and I lost 7, but my skin is awkward, sometimes I feel dizzy, I am tired, not to mention I have occasional pain in my right leg and my right arm.

    I don't think anyone studied this IUD properly because there are too many people with the same issues. Besides that, my doctors told me that once it was inserted, my periods would progressively get lighter and after a year they would stop. I knew there was something wrong in the beginning because as soon as it was put in, I hadn't had a period since. I was just told that I was a "lucky one." After all this time I started spotting one week ago.

    I have an appointment to have this removed on the 22nd. This has been 9 months of craziness. I am hoping that the weight I gained will come off and I can get back to normal. I am going to take the advice of others on here and drink as much water as possible to flush my system. I will come back and update about the weightloss.
  28. kat

    kat Guest


    i have had this coil now for 2 years when i had this put in i weighed 8 stone now i weigh 10 2 i go gym 3 times a week toning tables twice and play badminton and i swim doc said weight gain nothing to do with the coil and i shoud exercise more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after reading all this im off to the docs again and this time i wont take no for an answer ! also same as other people said feel tired alll the time and always feel bloated !! wish me luck :x
  29. Katie

    Katie Guest

    4 days later...

    Hello ladies! 4 days ago I removed my merina IUD. Since I have lost 3lbs I feel better about everything and I got my period. I know it seems like its a dream to not have to deal with a period anymore but really I missed mine. It is not too heavy yet but defiantly not spotty. I have drank a lot of water to flush my system as well. With some hard work my body will be back to the weight it was previously at and my head aches will be no more. I did a bit more research and having an IUD can lead to more health issues than what I was told. "Pelvic inflammatory disease
    PID can cause irreversible damage to the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, or other parts of the female reproductive system, and is the primary preventable cause of infertility in women." Quoted from webmd.com
    Was this discussed with anyone before they received theirs? Because I was not fully aware of that. Once again ladies know your body. Understand that if all these threads say the same thing it may just be true. Your doctor will try to tell you otherwise or tell you things that you know is not right. It is your body and if you are experiencing the symptoms we all have its not you its that thing. So get it removed. There are too many other options of birth control that won’t make you feel like a monster in your own skin. Take care! 8)
  30. Katie

    Katie Guest


    Well today I met with my doctor. I told her about everything. She stated that with every form of B.C. there will be side effects. I still need to be on something for a month so we discussed the nuvaring. It is a platic biodegradable ring filled with both estrogen and progestin. It stays in the vagina (not the uteris like the IUD). I inserted mine today. I am aware that it is there but there is no pain. Even better the doctor said that I can take it out during intercourse. It can be out for up to three hours and you are still protected. It stays in for three weeks and is out for one week during your period. Looking back at my medical records, I had been on ortho cyclene and was around 130 lbs. Today I was at 162 lbs. All that weight in a 10 month period is insane. I hope that I will not gain any weight with this new stuff but only plan to be on for 1 more month. I have decided that I am taking a break from birth control for a while. I am going to practice abstenance, while the only man I want to be with finishes his last year in Cali. Yea!!!!
  31. mama2

    mama2 Guest


    This is so interesting to me! I had the Mirena fitted about 5 or six months ago and have slowly but surely gained weight. SIX pounds in one week and I had not done anything differently...eating the same & working out 3-4 days a week. I am so depressed with myself because I have not weighed this much since I was pregnant. I joined a weight lose center to see if that will help me lose this weight. I am starving myself and my belly remains the same. Now, I wonder if it is the IUD!
  32. mommy_of_4

    mommy_of_4 Guest

    Boycot the Mirena!!

    I was on the Nuva Ring before I had the Mirena IUD.. I personally liked the Nuva Ring. I didnt have any side effects. I am quite the 'fertile mertile' and It worked wonderfully for me. I thought I'd 'take a break' and I got pregnant. LOL

    After I had my Son in January I had the IUD inserted..worst mistake!! TONS of weight gain.. have gained 20 lbs since March!! I am having it removed tomorrow (the 21st) I'll keep everyone posted and let you know if I have been able to shake any of the weight. I'm going back to the Nuva Ring.

    EVERYONE who has had issues with the IUD, needs to go to the following link and report thier issue to the FDA. I dont think the Mirena was either given enough time to accuratley study the product or they have minimized and have hidden the side effects.

  33. TSL

    TSL Guest


    WOW- I have had a Mirena for almost 2 and a half years and never associated my symtoms with this darn thing until reading all your stories. I have never been able to lose all the weight since my second son. In fact I weigh as much as I did when I came home from the hospital. I dont get a period and then I get it, then I get it again, then I dont get it, then I get it for two weeks..maddenning! I am bloated, I look four months pregnant, my boobs are swollen and I even have colustrum coming out when I am going to get my period! My doctor has ignored me but after several infections from it, pain with sex, and just hating the way I look and feel I am having it removed today. I am excited. I hope that I start to feel normal again soon. Thanks, Tiffany
  34. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi, i am fairly new to this site, and have just spent the last 10 minutes trawling through the messages, all of which have a central theme - mirena causes 10% of women to experience a multitude of negative side effects, like weight gain etc. However, has anyone throught that it could be the fact that having the mirena put in is stopping the body do what its supposed to do, i.e. stop cyclic hormones, therfore causing all the signs and symptoms? has anyone researched this?

    i have a mirena in, and yes i have put on weight, but whether in my case its due to the mirena i'm not sure... however i am having it removed tomorrow - so it will be interesting to see what happens.
  35. Tiffany

    Tiffany Guest


    hey girls,
    I had the IUD removed last night. At first, he couldnt find the string. It took about ten minutes of fishing around to look for it. I cant even begin to tell you how painful that was. The actual removal was a piece of cake after that. He said if he could find it that he would have had to do a DNC!
    What pisses me off is NO ONE tells you all the dangers and risks when they put it in! AND he said that it was a good thing we took it out becuase I have an infection again. This is the third or fourth one now in a year. They are sending the results out to be tested today. I bled for a while last night but today I am so much better. I am looking forward to losing the weight and this BELLY I have and cant get rid of.
    If anyone has any advice on how to lose the weight let me know. I have 20 pounds to go!
  36. JT

    JT Guest

    Mirena Removal

    I've had the IUD for 20 days and just scheduled removal next week. I have gained 8lbs, am very bloated, my chest is untouchable, and I am very irritable. Not worth it, especially having read that the symptoms will do nothing but continue. Thank you for the knowledge.
  37. cjs

    cjs Guest

    When does wt gain/acne start?

    I have had Mirena for ~3 weeks. I felt tired from the beginning and this morning woke up feeling very puffy (sausage fingers). I haven't had any skin changes though. When did the wt gain and acne start for some of you??? I am thinking I should get it out now. Kind of an expensive experiment. Thanks.
  38. Mirena sucks


    I got Mirena about 6 months ago because I couldn't always remember to take my pill. Within the first month I had cramps beyond anything I had ever experienced. They were so bad, I even considered taking the Mirena out myself. Needless to say I didn't, but I gained twenty pounds within about 2 months. I started training for a half marathon and over the course of 4 months lost 10 of it, but nothing else seems to budge. I stopped eating carbs, loaded up on more protein, no sugar, no soda, and was running everyday and still no weight came off. I am 100 % positive beyond a doubt it is because of the Mirena. My periods stopped which is nice, but it's not worth gaining all the weight not mention all the break outs I have been having, and breast soreness. I went to get it taken out today because I had had enough and you know what the nurse had the audacity to tell me?! That Mirena was not the cause of any of my symptoms! She told me I must be eating more and that's why I gained so much weight. EXCUSE ME?! Basically I was being told that I was a liar. I am so incredibly pissed off! I know my own body. And I also know that I am not the only one with these symptoms. Why do all the medical people feel the need to lie about Mirena?! I don't get it!!!
  39. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Im so mad.. had coil removed 2 days ago...having it in was the ruin of my life... have gained 2 stone,,, like the wicked with with my kids,,, no sex drive at all,,,feeling tired was an understatement,,,moody, sweaty, contrary, fat,, need i go on,,, doctors need to wake up and admit that the coil does not suit everyone,, i was ,made to feel i was losing the plot, and the choice i was making in my own head was going to look for antidepressants or get the marina coil out... i hope i get back to normal soon, feeling very emoyional since removal,, waiting for the bleed,, but soooooo glad its gone :D :D
  40. irises

    irises Guest

    mirena and weight gain

    I have been using mirena for four years, and have gained about 30kg. Today a friend of mine mentioned two friends who had never had weight problems and gained lots of pounds since they started using it.

    I found only one Scientific paper investigating this question, but the results showed no association between mirena and weight gain.


    I continued searching the net and found this forum.
    I think more scientific studies should be made, because it is clear for me that many women have in fact gained weight while using mirena (such as myself).

    I will talk to my doctor about the subject, and maybe I will have it taken out soon.
  41. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have had the Mirena IUD for 11 months and gained 15 pounds. After my baby was born I lost all the weight without any effort. Never been overweight, I have always had high metabolism. Now, I have low energy and I too have oily skin and little bumps all over my face, neck and shoulders. My Doctor said it had nothing to do with it, sure glad I found this post. Now I am definitely getting it taken out. I see him in October (3 months is a long wait). I will let you know if I lose the weight after.
  42. andi79

    andi79 Guest


    I am so happy to have found this site. I had the Mirena IUD fitted in August of 2007. Since then, I have had severe acne problems as well as significant weight gain i.e. 30pds. I went from being extremely active, working out 4-5 times a week, to not having enough energy to do it even once a week. I believe that this IUD is the reason for most of this. While I don't expect the weight to fall off once I have it removed on Aug. 19, I do hope that it will give me back my energy so I can work it off. Thanks to everyone's input I had the courage to make an appt and get this thing OUT!!! :D
  43. ginny 3561

    ginny 3561 Guest

    well it's been 3 hours since i had my mirena removed and i'm so relieved.

    it didn't hurt as much as anticipated and certainly not as much as when it was put in!
    my doctor was brilliant about it and said the main side effects were weight gain and bloating and it was understandable that i wanted it out. he is going to see me again in 3 months to check how things are with my periods and see if all the side effects have gone.
    i started bleeding lightly as soon as it was removed and had a bit of cramping but that has stopped now. i'm making sure i drink lots of water to help detox my body.

    i will let you all know how it goes over the next few weeks and hope to see the weight start to fall off! :D
  44. Pam2008

    Pam2008 Guest



    I had my daughter 4 months ago and was beginning to lose weight with my daily workouts. That all changed when I got Mirena inserted. I haven't gained weight, but I can't lose any either. It is so frustrating that I eat super healthy and work out 5 times a week and can't lose anything. I hadn't had a pimple in I don't know how long--UNTIL I had Mirena. I'm calling my Dr. to get it removed and going back on Estrostep Fe. This pill gave me little to know periods, no weight gain, and has an acne fighter built in. Wish me Luck!!!
  45. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It's been 5 months since I had the mirena removed, I haven't really been trying to lose weight but I've lost 40lbs and counting I have about 40 more I want to lose, I feel so much better!
  46. Tinkerbell

    Tinkerbell Guest

    An honest update

    Had Mirena removed on June 27 so it is 5 or 6 weeks since removal. Would love to report tht I have lost tons of weight and that my skin had cleared up but this is not the case. Weight still the same and skin still breaking out. I still haven't had a period since the initial bleeding just after removal. Am hoping that once periods return everything will be OK. Do feel better in myself though. I feel a definite improvement in my general mood and have noticed a slight improvement in the amount of hair I was losing. I'll report back again in a few weeks with another update.
  47. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Had my Mirena out yesterday, and of course the nurse practitioner flatly denied that my 15 pound weight gain in the past six months had ANYTHING to do with Mirena. I had to be very firm with her. At that time I did not even realize that the company's physician information DOES list weight gain. It absolutely BURNS me that the patient information does not include this fact. And of course we ALL know why, right? How many sales are they going to make if they have to advertise weight gain as a side effect? I don't know how it's done in other parts of the world, but here in the U.S. the drug commercials on TV are required to include that information--and you know there aren't going to be women lining up saying, "Oooohhh, me, me, I want to gain weight!" Next time I go in for a check up I'm going to bring a copy of Mirena's own physician literature for her to see. Wish I had known about that yesterday so I could have confronted her with it at that time.

    I'm not expecting any miracle weight loss. But now at least I know I'm probably not going to KEEP gaining inexplicably.
  48. curtis

    curtis Guest

    keepin you posted

    Well hello ladies,

    Since my last blog in June when I told you they couldnt find the strings so I would possibly need surgery. Well I had the D.. Surgery friday and I feel so sick and nauseated right now I think im going threw withdraw from having the IUD that long.

    I know its crazy but I let the doctors give me the paraguard in stead cause its none homonal and I liked the IUD excpt the side affects and horrible weight gain. I had the paraguard in the past but took it out cause irregular bleeding. But no weight gain but now I would rather bleed than be fat and bumpy. :roll:
  49. RosaBpt

    RosaBpt Guest

    So I got my Mirena removed on June 25 and since then I have had one very light period a few days after removal that only lasted a few days. I am hoping that my normal periods begin very soon so that I can rid myself of the hormones once and for all. I am begining to feel much more like myself. I have lost 4 pounds which isn't much but at least I am finally losing and not gaining. I will keep you guys posted.
  50. ginny 3561

    ginny 3561 Guest

    it's been just over a week since i had my mirena removed. :)

    started bleeding lightly straight away and that continued until sunday. had no bleeding since but having a lot of crampy pains and feeling very pre menstrual so i'm hoping to start a proper period soon and start clearing everything out properly.

    have only lost a couple of pounds so far - and that was pretty well immediately - but i have lost the bloated feeling and my stomach and legs are not as dimpled and cellulitey (is that a word?) as they were so clothes are fitting much better now. my breast size has gone back down as well and am now fitting back into my bras again and they no longer hurt! :)

    sleeping much better now and not waking up with night sweats any more but am feeling tired and yucky at moment due to probable pmt. looking forward to period starting so can properly assess how things are going. can't tell if having hormone crash or not :?

    was feeling great last week and much more energy so will hopefully get back to that soon. intending to concentrate on weight loss seriously when kids back to school in september so will keep posting and let you know how it is going. have definitely lost my sweet tooth now though and am no longer craving chocolate all the time and appetite seems to have reduced in general.

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