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    I know I sound like a broken record here, but Im so glad I found this group. I had the coil put in at my six week check up, back in January. I've had some panic attacks, palpatations, but worse the weight gain. Now mind you, Ive had gastric bypass surgery before I had my two babies, with my first baby I lost the weight quickly and then became pregnant with my little girl six months later :) Since that coil, ive gained about 15 lbs...which is odd cos I eat like a mouse and go to the gym three days a week.

    I went to my Dr, the same one who told me the coil would be great complaining of all these symptoms, my hair was falling out, I was tired all the time, etc. She said it was my iron and being the mother of two small babies....she also told me when I got it fitted that weight gain stories were an easy excuse for people who dont say no to cake. Well sister, I dont eat cake and I'm fatter than I was when I was pregnant.

    This little monkey on my back is getting out and the sooner the better!
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    Weight Gain & the Merina

    Well, having read these posts by hundreds of women and thousands in total if you look at all of the sites that have this topic....

    I wish to add my voice, my acne covered face and my 10kg heavier body to the thousands out there....

    Many of my friends are drs and they will only begrudgingly agree that I am one of the few (?) people that the Merina doesn't seem to agree with. My weight gain was slow (cause I was exercising like a demon) but it was there... Due to a neck injury I haven't been able to run the 12 kms every 3 days that I had to, to keep my weight gain to 0.5kg per month... and I have just exploded and gain about 4kgs in those 3 weeks.

    My face looks revolting... for god's sake, I'm forty in 8months... pimples and wrinkles, should NOT sit side by side on the same face!!!

    And yes, my fuse is very short... my poor children!!! I have, for the most part, kept a lid on my temper, but it is with the patience of a zen master...

    I am making an urgent appointment for Monday morning.... ANYWHERE!!! This thing has GOT to go!!!

    And, yes, Drs were also extremely confident about Thalidamide not having harmful effects. Drug Companies, often do not rel
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    marina what a pain!!

    Hi, had marina fitted 2weeks ago very very painful and took ages great start im sterilised but have been having painful heavy periods for years now and just put up with, told marina would help and may stop them altogether,i now have headache aching bones hot and cold ,fever,could not feel finger tips,feeling sick almost passed out just feeling crap,doc says marina is trying to expel from my body says it is like a foreign body in there great hey!!just take painkillers and get on im signed of work with this and anemia at mo anyway so will not be keeping in for long if this is the way forward and i still hav not got to 4week period bit yet cant wait i was told would be fab nothing of these severe side effects,i also have swollen tummy and am starving all the time sorry to be so dismal but us ladies need to know.
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    wow, I thought I was crazy and didn't want to except the fact that I'm just getting older and getting fatter, butI'm only 27!!! I got the Mirena after my second child, and NEVER lost any weight after the baby, i stopped eating anything good, started jogging, and have bee a grough for the last two years.I am so glad I found this site and that I'm not alone. I'm taking the mirena out asap!!! and i'm excited!!!
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    Well ladies sorry to say that for me Mirena has been one of the best choices I've made. Ever since the Mirena was inserted my period has gone from 5 days to 1-2 days. I haven't gained that much weight only 5lbs, no cramps or breast tenderness. It's already 2 years I just had my last check up last week and everything is great. When people ask me about my birth control I tell them and I actually recommend it. I guess everybody is different. I don't know if age makes a difference, I am 27 and when the Mirena was inserted my weight was 169 and now its 174.
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    so glad I found this forum

    I too have been dealing with issues of weight gain, excessive constant bloating in my belly, oily skin and hair, thin lifeless hair, horrible acne, moodiness, irritability, low energy and no sex drive. It's like I was when I was pregnant, only physically worse and I don't have the happiness and contentment of something good to come out of it. The only things I've not had that people have complained about here is breast tenderness and heavy bleeding. The only good things are my "periods" are so light I've not had to use anything for them (it's basically just spotting) and I don't have to remember to take a pill. But there again, the spotting and occasional cramping are so random and inconsistent it's a bit worrisome.

    I had it put in 7 weeks after giving birth. I had no sex drive during the last half of my pregnancy, and the only time I've had any interest is in the seven weeks after I gave birth but before I got the Mirena put in, and six of those weeks I wasn't allowed to have sex! I have gained about 15lbs and probably 10" around my waist. I didn't have skin & acne this bad when I was a teenager, in fact my skin and hair have always been very dry - people used to compliment me on my clear skin!

    I originally thought the Mirena was the greatest thing. I mean, it sounds great, doesn't it? We all obviously thought so. But the literature about the side effects is an outright lie! For the longest time I couldn't think of what was causing all of this. I originally thought it was the Mirena, but all the info stated it does not cause these problems. I've now had it 11 months and recently have realized, after talking to friends and finding this forum, it IS the Mirena causing all of my problems. I've felt like a fat, bloated, greasy, sexless cow for at least eight months now, and these cons do not outweigh the pros Mirena offers me. So I'm having it removed in two days. My doctor's nurse acted as though I was silly for doing it and kind of poo-pooed my complaints, but I'm going to print out a good portion of these forums and take them with me. Here's proof, it's not just me!!

    Wish me luck! I'll try to come back in a month or so and let you all know how I'm doing.
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    weight gain, ovarian cysts

    I just had my Mirena removed an hour ago. I've had it in for 2 and a half years and have gained 23 lbs. I've kept it in for so long because I really liked it but have had many problems with painful ovarian cysts because of it. I'm hoping the weight will come off now that its out (diet and exercise didn't help). I'll let you know!
  8. mirena = fatness

    holy cow. i cant belive i found this page. yes, i will sound like a bunch of other women, but since i have had my mirena put in i have gained 25lbs - weighing MORE than i did when i was full term with my daughter! my hair has been falling out, getting greasy fast, horrible acne, and my chest too has been relentless with acne. ive never had a problem with body acne but this is nuts. ive noticed that the weight gain is horrible. ive been reduced to a 1200 calorie diet, working out every day, and i can only seem to loose the 5 lbs of water weight. thats it. i feel HUGELY bloated all the time, but even if i take a water pill it doesnt help. thank you ALL so much for posting!! a friend of mine just had hers taken out because of all the same problems. sounds to me like the makers of this product need to start seriously contemplating accepting this as a side effect that will affect women. i read something saying that only 5% of women experience weight gain, but it sounds to me that the 5% are the ones who arent haha. Im printing these postings and bringing them to my OB/GYN. i too have been told its a thyroid issue, and had my thyroid tested. now i know. thank you all ladies for your help. and good luck to you all!
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    GOOD NEWS!! There's hope after the Mirena!!

    Well I have had my Mirena out for 4 weeks now... and guess what.... I've lost 7 lbs!! YEA Me!! LOL It may not sound like a whole lot...but 7 out of 20+ is great, and I've not done ANYTHING different except for having my Mirena removed. It's not falling off like I would have liked it to, nor is it coming off like it came on...

    However, to ALL the women that are having the Mirena removed, just know it'll come off....
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    Well, I'm not going to down this product as I haven't made the choice to remove it yet. My case is a little different than everyone else's. I had my mirena inserted/fitted in August 2007. Later in 2007 I thought I was going in for a vaccination and later found out it wasn't. I had been injected with Depo Prevera. I don't know what my symptoms are from. The doctor's don't know. It has been about a year since I've had my mirena and for the most part it's been great. Just recently I'd say over the last 2 months I have been feeling crampy ALL the time. I'm not bloated or anything like that. I haven't been gaining weight but can't seem to lose. For me at 275lbs that is a VERY bad thing. My postbaby weight was like 290lbs so I guess in reality I've lost some weight over the past year. I've recently been diagnosed with migraine headaches but I think I had those before the mirena. I've always had super SEVERE headahces. I've been nauseated again, a symptom that can be associated with many things. I've been checked for PID and had a Catscan done to find out what is wrong. Nothing so far. If it continues that "nothing" is the matter but I have continuous symptoms I will be having this removed. I'm glad I found this forum thanks to a friend.
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    I have had two Mirenas fitted over 8 long years. I had always been a big framed girl. 13 stone pre childbirth. after my two children i was advised to have the mirena fitted as i did not want any more children, so i took the advice i was given. Over 8 years i have gained 3.7 stone i just put this down to me. I also developed all the symptoms posted on this forum by so many other woman. mood swings. bloating. headaches, not going to the toilet for days. thought this was food allergies, but NO. I was also pre menstrual with no bleeding at all. i spoke to my Dr and he advised i was just eating too much and was obese and needed to try harder. I also lost most of my hair for 3 years with alopecia (i'm a hairdresser so this was very sad) I had my doubts about the Mirena for a long time, I was scared to have it removed encase i became pregnant again. I work 6 days a week. keep a home and i am very active i could not lose a 1lb. i went to my family planning clinic for a smear last wed. and i don't know what came over me but i told the Dr to take out the mirena. reluctantly he did. I have never felt better I am bleeding very slightly, and i have lost 5lbs in just 4 days.

    I will keep you updated on my progress. I dont think my hubby is to happy with condoms. But after 8 years of this torture. WELL TOUGH SUNNY JIM its condoms the snip or nothing :)

    Lots of Luv and luck ladies Breda
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    I also experienced weight gain of about 6kgs and my skin has packed up...has anyone had theres removed and seen an improvement?

    i'm liking the fact I dont bleed for 19 days of the month, but im sick of my skin being an absolute mess
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    I have had mine out for about three weeks now, because I was disatisfied with the 15 pound weight gain, bloating, and constant bleeding/spotting. Had it for six months as was of course assured that my weight/bloating had NOTHING to do with Mirena. After three weeks I've probably only lost a pound, but what is more important than that is that the weight is no longer going UP, and the bloating/pregnant look is entirely gone. I can fit into my clothes again.
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    can't wait to get this out!!

    It has taken me a while to read these 64 pages, but I now realize that my fatness, bloating, bad skin, back pain, and headaches might be caused by something treatable....taking this mirena out!! I have been calling all over for a place that can get me in right away....thursday the fourth is the earliest! My kids will also be happy if I stop being a major b*tch!!! Even if I can lose ten or fifteen pounds I will be happy. Dieting has not worked, for the first time in my life I don't seem to have any control over my weight!! Four years with this in, and I too believed the hormone was not supposed to get into my system. I chalked evrything up to age and stress. I am 37 now and have three kids, 15, 12, and 4. I would love to be slender and forty!! Will let you girls know how it went. This sight was a life-saver!! Thanks...
    megan in Ohio
    ps. I was normally around 130 lbs, now can't get lower than 155. CHUBBY and miserable...
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    28th august 2008
    so glad i found this site. I had the mirena coil put in 3 years ago and i gained weight almost sraight away. I went from a size 12 to a size 14 to 16. my appetite increased too. hoping to have it removed soon. can't cope any longer with weight gain .
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    I feel so much better now. I am not alone- I thought I was going nuts. I am normally a size 0/1 and went up to a 7/9 in 2 years, at 5'2" that isn't pretty. I work out every flipping day and nearly starve myself on calorie intake. After battling an eating disorder for nearly my entire teenage life, getting the Mirena was the absolutley worst thing I could do. I have been crying non-stop and so depressed because I have worked out, ate healthy, and tried every diet pill on the market AND I KEEP GAINING WEIGHT! I even have people ask me when I am due! IF YOU ARE RESEARCHING AND ON THE FENCE- PLEASE DO NOT GET THIS BIRTH CONTROL!!!! There are many other side effects and could go on forever- hair loss, acne (my back is gross and I never had acne there), and no sex drive what so ever! I can hardly wait to have it taken out this week, and regain my life. P.S. I am going to take a before picture now and an after picture in 2 months. If successful I will post.
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    I have had mirena in for 4 1/2 and never contributed all my side effects to it. I weighed 116 after giving birth to my daughter, I now weigh 136. I can deal better with the weight than the acne. It is so severe that I have spent a enormous amount of money on dermatology visit only for it to continue. To the point of not wanting to go in public. It is so depressing. Other side effects I have also experienced are low sex drive and yeast infections more often than ever. I wish I would have connected the dots sooner. I finally have an appointment this next week to have it taken out. I am so glad to see its not all in my head, which is how other people that I have talk to act including my husband. This website is a god send.
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    post removal

    This is the best website EVER!!! I've had my mirena in for 11 months and had it removed 3 days ago. I am extremely careful about what I eat and I run 5k at least 4 times a week EVERY week and still I started to gain weight! I'm only 5'2" so I notice every pound! I have read all 64 pages of this site and cannot believe the misery that some of you have been through. I'm so relieved to get it out (totally painless by the way) and can't wait for my life to begin again. Feel like I've just existed for the last 11 months and I'm the worlds most positive person! Now I'm in a bit of a fuzzy daze and am still a little bloated but no bleeding as yet. Just can't wait to get it out of my system for good. Will keep you posted.
  19. Mirena

    I had Mirena inserted in June of 07', I mainly used Mirena to only not have a period, and it worked but would only bleed maybe every 3 or 4 months and was perfectly fine with that.
    Although, I notice that I had more acne than usual and was somewhat painful. I had that "normal" acne sorta say but knew this was different. The thought did go thru my head...I wonder if it could be the Mirena.
    Somewhere around April or May or even earlier I started noticing that my arm hairs were more hairy, having to shave my legs daily, and somewhat more of facial hair.
    In August, even more disturbing to me, a friend of mine noticed I had a small bald area in the back of my head. I was so freaking out! Shortly, after that I notice my hair thinning out all over my head, and my hair falling out daily. Although I do have very thick hair, so it is noticeable to me when I am fixing it. So I had several blood tests taken checking if it could be my thyroid or anything else, and they all came back negative. Basically my blood results were good. The doctors were saying maybe its either stress or change in diet, but the thing was that nothing really dramatic happened and never really changed anything in my diet. Of course I asked if it could be the Mirena, and the response was "No". But there was something that was just telling me that it may be the Mirena thats causing this. I never experience any of this since the Mirena was inserted.
    So I said enough is enough, and I am going to have this Mirena taking out. As of today, I recently had the Mirena removed with slight pain. My OBGYN did ask why I wanted it out, and told her straight out that I DONT WANT IT IN ANYMORE. I had very little bleeding but dont know what tomorrow will be like, only hoping that all of what I have gone thru and experience will go away.
    For anyone of you that may be thinking of having the IUD inserted, please research more into this. I know that everyone may have a different experience but I am so glad that I found this website where I am not the only one who has had side effects as mine. I will definited give an update.
  20. Mary K

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    I cannot believe this. I feel like some of the other users here...it's more about pushing the product than actually doing what is best for the patient. My Dr. made me cry when I went in to have mine removed..he said he would remove my merina but that wasn't what my problem was. I have been on a diet for the entire summer and have lost nothing...I run about 16 to 25 miles per week. I realize that I'm 39 and weight loss is not as easy, but if I'm really trying I should not be gaining weight. It's so frustrating. I had mine taken out a little less than a month..I've lost 3 lbs..but, I really haven't been working on weight loss since I got it removed. I cried so much the last week I had it in..anxiety, bad skin, chest pains...crazy. Everything has a side effect. How can any Dr. say that a Merina has none? I think my Doc was trying to cover his butt. I did post a complaint with the manufacturer of Merina..they do encourage this. I think that Bayer is the manufacturer but I'm sure you could find out on line...Let's be advocates for other women before they get these things. We don't want other women to be laying in bed crying about something that we already know the answer too!

    Thank you for all the postings.

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    Marena out for a month

    I had my mines taken out about a month ago, I have to say that I haven had any dramatic weightloss or anything matter of fact it seems like im really tired and deppressed all the time. Man! I hope this is just my body trying to readjust to the hormone free life. Since the removal I have had two periods in which I am currently bleeding now.

    Well I hope I will feel better soon cause this 40 pound weight gain has taken my self-esteem for a roller coaster ride. Bummer. :evil:

    I need to relearn how to eat cause the last year I would eat all the time my appetite was out of control and now im eating as if I have the same appetite when I dont I just eat for the hell of it :evil:
  22. ginny 3561

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    well it's been just over a month since removal.
    when i last posted about three weeks ago i was expecting my period to arrive any minute as i felt so awful but nothing happened. i did start to feel a lot better though so think it was just a dip in hormones.
    my first proper period in over a year has just started and seems ok so far. i don't think i had as bad pmt as i used to get but maybe should check with kids and husband! i have been taking agnus castus so maybe that helped. only problem is my boobs are very sore again but can cope with that short term as they hurt permanently when i had mirena in. they have definitely shrunk since removal too which is good.
    no great weight loss to report yet, bit up and down, but have started to concentrate on diet and exercise this week and have dropped 4-5lbs so far and inches but probably a lot of water as tend to retain fluid before period. am capable of losing and gaining that much over night due to water retention so have to see if it stays off.
    i am feeling a lot better now and just generally happier and more optimistic. maybe coincidental that kids just gone back to school after long summer holiday!
    will let you know how i get on over the next few weeks. good luck to all of you out there thinking about removal. i haven't regretted it. :)
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    checkin in...

    Got Mirena out on Sept 4th, didn't hurt but one second. Was very slightly crampy, but was feeling upbeat with lots of hope. Got period right after, just spots as usual, maybe a little more than usual. Had a few great days with lots more energy and NO HEADACHE! But alas, today I feel kind of depressed and vulnerable. Probably will take a while to get used to less hormones. Have weighed 157.8 since removal, but must admit that the hard, bloated feeling is less in my tummy. I agree with lady who posted comment on needing to learn how to eat normal again. I was always hungry before. Now I am not hungry as much, but it's a hard habit to break... Will keep you posted, boy do I want to lose about 25 pounds!!!
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    I had the Mirena inserted in June 2008 and have already gaind 10 pounds. I am working out and eating as I was prior to getting the Mirena and have even increased my exercise. Still, I've gained weight! I am contactying my doctor to have it removed. My doctor absolutley assured me that I would not gain weight! This is really disappointing.
  25. WOW!!!

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    Increased weight gain

    I had the Mirena IUD inserted 3 months ago, about the same time that I increased my weekly exercise to walking 11 miles a week, and have GAINED 6 pounds. I am 38 years old and appreciated the lighter period but NOT the extra pounds. While sitting one evening thinking about my week ahead of workouts at the gym I decided, just out of curiousity, to peruse the web to see if my new IUD may be the culprit and I am convinced that it is. I plan to use my new gym memership for one month and monitor my diet closely, if I don't see any results the IUD is history. Thanks so much for posting, I will let you know how things go.
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    :lol: I am so happy, like other people here, that I found this site. I have had my IUD for about 4 1/2 years, and it's almost time to have it removed and/or changed. I love not having my period. But, hate that I have gained about 35 pounds in the past few years. I weigh the same as I did when I was at full term with my daughter! I've never weighed this much except for when I was 9 mos. pregnant. :x

    Like other women, I really didn't attribute it to the Merina because I also take antidepressants. I've changed those a couple of different times because the side affects acknowledge weight gain. I can't believe what I've been reading! :shock: I have gained about 2 pounds a month and couldn't pin point the time I started gaining, whether it was the merina or antidepressants, but I have taken a few over the counter weight loss pills, and have not been eating as much as I used to! I used to eat about anything I wanted. I can not loose weight! It is very frustrating, especially when you're already being treated for depression and anxiety. The weight gain doesn't make you feel any better. I feel tired alot and seem to have no energy. My hair is lifeless, I do have breakouts on my face.

    I will call my OB/GYN today and make an appointment to have it removed. My only regret will be the periods coming back, I've been so used to not having one. I can learn to deal with that though. I'll be 40 in April of this year, and I smoke so my OB wouldn't put me back on birthcontrol pills. I will discuss other alternatives with her. If anyone has any suggestions (other than stop smoking :roll: ) I would appreciate hearing them. I am so anxious to see what the outcome is. I will let ya know.
  27. lbenner

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    Same here..

    I had my Mirena inserted in April of 2004, and I truly thought it was the greatest thing! I was almost 10 weeks post partum. I was 180lbs on the day I went into the hospital-170 when I left, and down to 155 before I had my Mirena put in.
    It is now 9/08, and I weigh 197lbs! Almost 20 lbs more than I was at 9months pregnant. I have never come close to weighing this much in my life, and was never on any other BC pre-pregnancy.I have gained 40 lbs while having this in, and I have had enough. I haven't changed anything--besides the fact that I run around even more that I have an almost 5 year old, and 11 year old stepson. I feel like joining a gym now would be counterproductive---I never get results, and I can't afford the time to be fooling around at the gym if I know there will be no results. I'd rather spend time with my kids.
    I am so tired and fatigued, I don't think I could join a gym even if I wanted to-I have facial hair--no sex drive-I am covered in moles that were never there before....a few ugly ones on my face and neck--my breasts are enlarged and hurt so bad I could scream--I get pimples all the time--I have a mysterious face rash that occurs once a month when I'm supposed to be getting my period--My hair is thinning--I am so bloated I could scream--my appearance visibly changes from day to night from the bloating. Sometimes I wake up and I feel like I'm on fire and my lips and fingers are swollen. Like a really bad sunburn. Taking water pills doesn't help.
    I've tried 2x to have the IUD removed, and my Dr's made me feel like a fool for even suggesting Mirena could cause these things. They pressured me into keeping it by tellng me that BC pills will cause the same--if not more, damage..so why not just stick with this?
    I cam placing the call tomorrow--and demanding a removal. After all--we are in charge of our own bodies, right?
    I can't wait to make the phonecall tomorrow morning for removal (3rd time). This time I'm not backing down! I only had until March 2009 to wait for removal anyhow--I'm just not sure what BC to try after this!
  28. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I also have to agree. I have gained nearly 15 pounds in 5 months, and my acne is HORRIBLE!!! I kept wondering why my face was so broken out, especially since I had not had acne since middle school. It makes sense!But, with that being said, the benefits do out weigh the side effects for me. With 2 small children I cant always remember to take a pill or pull out a ring (which by the way is how I got the 2nd baby)! I will enjoy my pretty skin and fit body in 4 more years. :wink:
  29. Mirena

    Well it has been exactly 22 days since I had my Mirena removed and just giving an update. :roll: I didnt bleed until 4 days later which 3 days after that I bleed heavily for a whole week :x . I was constantly having to change, I wouldnt say that this was my normal period, I think that it was the effect of having the Mirena removed. About the 8th or 9th day (after my 7 days of heavily bleeding) it finally slowed down alot for about a 1 1/2 week which brings me to today and I am not bleeding :D .
    Through the pass 22 days, I am no longer seeing any more facial hair, hairy arms, hair on my upper back, or any other areas I was concerned of, I am not having to shave my legs daily, also I havent really hardly have any acne on my face :D . My hair is still thin overall but have noticed that less is falling out and also seeing new hair growth in the small bald spot as well as my overall hair :D .
    So overall I am so happy :D that I have had the Mirena removed. I do truly believe now that it is the Mirena that has caused all of this craziness with my body after all, we are the ones who truly knows what our bodies are going thru.
    Again, I will continue to give updates... 8)[/color]
  30. Guest

    Guest Guest

    mirena side effects and post removal

    mirena is the worst thing that happened in my life. I had really bad headaches and was living in a cloud all the time. I couldn't pay attention the things that were happening around me. I have severe hives and had trouble breathing sometimes with bad chest pain. I was losing hair but my hair was thick and got curly .. very coarse hair. I started to grow facial hair and arm hair .. then all over my body like neck back stomach everywhere... i feel grose.. like a man.. i dont feel female and dont feel pretty like i used to. Im itchy all the time. I hate the person that invented mirena and what i did to me. I regret putting this monster in my body and i'm angry that my doctor didnt listen to me when i told her it was the mirena that caused me these side effects .. i felt like i was so alone until i searched on the net and found many women that had the same symptoms i did. so i insisted to take the mirena out of my body. it's been 4 days post removal of the mirena. It was easy and it didnt hurt one bit. I'm not getting the bad headaches anymore but everything else is still here, like hives and the excess hair on my body and face. I hope they go away soon .. i had bleeding (blood clots) after 2 days of the removal and it stoped after the fourth day. does anyone else have hives and facial hair and body hair from mirena and had it removed?.. how long does it take for the hives and the facial hair to go away. will the facial hair fall out or will it stay there but stop growing? i'm very worried about the facial hair and the hives. please reply....thank you
  31. kylieluisa

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    Ive had this thing in me since march 2004 and it was like I was in labour when I had it inserted, the doc had to open up my cervix. OUCH. I have had problem after problem but have put up with it cause Im too much of a scaredy cat to get it taken out. I had it put in as my then boyfriend was too scared to get the snip. The gr8 thing is that my periods are finally extra light but I would rather have heavier periods than to have to put up with my extra weight, thinning hair, zits, depression and MASSIVE MOOD SWINGS. Im going to make an appointment next week to have it removed once and for all and my lovely new boyfriend wants to get the snip, he's wonderful. GOODBYE TO CRAZY KYLIE  :evil:  AND HELLO TO A MORE ANGELIC ME  :D  . Goodluck to all of you girls. xox 
  32. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I thought I was the only one who had these side effects from the marina IUD. I am 31 years old and have had my marina since 2003. when I had it put in I was considering Tubal ligation as I suffered from hydrnephrosis whilst pregnant with my daughter. I was informed that I should not have any more children. I weighed 58kg when I had the marina put in. I am 5"9tall. In five years my hair has thinned out terribly, my skin is disgustingly dry, i have gained 17 kilos. My GP says its not the marina.... Well, I disagree and after reading all of these negative responses then I am sure it is.
  33. *sunshine*

    *sunshine* Guest

    I am so happy to read that I am not the only one struggling with the weight loss. Before I have read all these posts from so many different woman I really thought that maybe it was just me. :cry:

    I have never in my whole life had such a terrible time in shedding a few pounds and all of a sudden it is impossible! I had my first daughter 10 months ago and decided to try a different method of bc and thought the mirena sounded perfect. I have changed my whole life trying to get this weight off and nothing is working... I eat very well and exercise 3 times a week for an hour and a half each session. I am still the weight I was just after I had my daughter and can't get these pounds to move.

    I would never suggest this method of bc to anyone, and I am happy to say I am getting mine removed in two weeks!
  34. megzie

    megzie Guest

    Well it has almost been a month since removal of mirena. I got a real period, just like before mirena. My headaches are less, and my back pain is way, way better. That was worth it. But, alas, haven't lost any weight. I guess a diet is in order. That sucks! I was hoping it would just fall off. HA! Keep you posted.
  35. kaylasllvn

    kaylasllvn Guest

    weight gain

    I have had the mirena for 2 1/2 years now and i have constantly gained weight.Right after my daughter was born,i was so proud i almost had my body back,except for the stretch marks.I now weigh as much as i did the day i had my daughter,i even used phentermine to try and get the wieght off,along with dieting and exercise,,,no luck....... I have made the decision to have it removed,next tuesday,hopefully this will help with my weight problem.......keeping my fingers crossed
  36. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Glad to hear alot of others gained weight with the mirena. My gyn said it was impossible and my friend has it and never gained weight but I have gained nearly 2 stone over 3 years. Have tried dieting and still have lost no weight. I look like I am 9 months pregnant not a pretty sight at my age.
  37. Guest

    Guest Guest


    I had the mirena inserted in Feb after a laporoscopy & hysteroscopy and finding I had signs of endometriosis.

    I went back for a check up on Monday and asked for it to be removed (which the doctor done straight away). I have gained about a 1½ - 2 stone and felt like I was 9 months pregnant as my stomach had swollen so much it felt like it was pushing up on my diaphragm and it was uncomfortable to sit or lie on my back. I have also suffered with tenderness in my boobs (which have also gone huge) and was scratching myself all the time.

    I have been bleeding and have had period pains since having it out on Monday, which the doctor did say may happen and I know its only early days yet but what I was wondering is have any other peeps suffered any mood swings after having the mirena removed? Just asking as I nearly ripped OH head off yesterday over nothing :shock:

    Great forum btw, really interesting.
  38. jamiec

    jamiec Guest

    mirena crash

    i had my mirena taken out two weeks ago. i did fine for the 1st week and now i think i am getting the "crash" i have had bad anxiety, depression, and chest pain. did anyone else get this. does it go away once u get your period?
  39. cwife

    cwife Guest

    thank you all so much. the fact that this weight gain is reversible is all i needed to hear. my strings have dissappeared but ill have the anaethetic to get this thing out
  40. Mandy

    Mandy Guest



    I had the Merina inserted, I chose to have a general anesthetic, and to go to a clinic that specialises in that whole thing. I was told that it could be painful, so I elected for the general. It was great, no problem.

    Within a week, I had continuous spotting, bloated, my hives came up. I started being really cranky (really really cranky).

    After 2 months, it was the same. Now I had gained weight around my middle, and my new boyfriend didn't know me. I was more cranky, more fat, itchy and bleeding.... what was the point?

    Oh, did I mention being dry (all over and especially down there....).

    I talked to my local gp and the specialist doctor at the clinic, and they both said that I should 'stick with it'.

    When my face bloated and I was asked if I was pregnant, well.... what was I waiting for?

    I had it out yesterday, I was told it would be painful, so again I elected for a general. By the way, I had 2 natural child births, so I wasn't chicken, this was much better.

    I must say, even overnight I feel better. My tummy has gone down in 24 hours!!! My boobs will take a little longer.... but at least I can look forward to my old self back.

    Unfortunatley I didn't have a nice male who was patient, and he ended the relationship the day before I had it out.

    Girls..... why are we the ones to go through this??? I suggest anyone considering removal of the merina, or thinking of having it put it.... Its an easy answer........

    Don't put one in and anyone with any symptons.... get it out.
  41. ginny 3561

    ginny 3561 Guest

    been a couple of months now since had mirena removed. life is much better. waiting for 2nd period to start - been 5 1/2 weeks since last one but feel could be anytime soon. the good news is that having concentrated on diet and exercise since 1st september i have so far lost over 16lbs without too much difficulty. almost back to pre - mirena weight so don't lose heart,it is possible for life to return to normal. seeing doctor next month for post removal check up so will make a point of mentioning the weight loss to him! :D
  42. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi All the beautiful ladies out there,

    Would like to know some more about mirena insertion and its side effects . would like to collect some of it for paper persentation
    Kindly help
    Pinky :)
  43. Mine came out TODAY

    I have had Mirena in for 10 months, and have gained 15 pounds, and my boobs got huge... I went and got it removed this morning so happy. I thought maybe its me my age ( i'm 31) my metabolism slowed down.. Well I went on a NO CARB diet for one month, could not lose 1 pound. SLimfast for two months, lost 2 lbs... After reading all this, I now know and feel better about taking out the Mirena
  44. guest 2

    guest 2 Guest

    I glad that I found this site!!!...Ive been thinking I was crazy!! I had the mirena put in after a month my daughter was born, feb and was 154 and now Im 172 Ive been working out to get off the baby weight but wasn't coming off. I do believie its the mirena
  45. iud and possible side effects

    I've never posted but found it really has helped me by reading about other people's experiences. I've always had problems with hormones/migraines, moody, so had the IUD put in approx. 5 years ago, when I met my boyfriend. The first month I had my period every day for a month and had to go on hormone therapy (estrogen pills) just to get the bleeding to stop. Since then I've gained 10 pounds, but slowly. I am a runner and health fanatic and have always been in great shape, my diet is ridiculously healthy. But now I feel horrible and bloated, even my face looks bloated, my arms, and my C has gone to D+ so I can't fit into any blouses as the buttons stretch/bulge. I've increased my workouts and eat less and I still gain. I'm always bloated and keep steadily gaining weight. My thyroid was tested but came back normal; but I still think it could be thyroid - but now am wondering about Mirena and when it's been in after 5 years, especially. Over the years I've had hair loss but it's male pattern, with less around the temples. My son is 11 so I can't use the "baby just born" excuse for the hair loss; I thought it is unending stress???? Nothing too horrible but it really shows up in photos and I can't wear my hair in barrettes and my hair is overall thin and wispy. My ponytails have become tiny and thin. I had a great complexion my whole life but now have regular breakouts of cystic acne; Clearasil 3-day clear salicylic face wash is my friend. I was supposed to have the IUD replaced a few months ago but haven't yet cause insurance doesn't cover it. Strange thing, I thought I had a copper IUD put in because of my hormonal issues, but my doc reordered a new Mirena, saying that's what the chart said. That upset me because I thought I had copper!!! Anyway, so now I think I will have it removed but am worried about what birth control to use. I'm a young 40 but worry condoms w/my boyfriend won't be good enough, and I can't use the pill. Waaahh. Hope this helps anyone..
  46. updating my post

    to clarify at the beginning of my post above, Iit was the pill, in college, that gave me migraines and made me moody - so I opted for the IUD instead, five years ago. But I thought I was getting a copper IUD and thought so for five years until my doc said it was time to get a new IUD put in, and ordered me "another" Mirena. So I recently learned I had a Mirena instead of copper (can you imagine how furious this makes me) how would I know the difference???
  47. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Same Reason!!!!!!!

    what i can say is that .. we all here suffer the same.. GAIN WIEGHT,,, NO LOSS.. and the most thing that disturbs me, when i asked my doctor that i'm gained alot of weight after the Mirena, she said "it seems you LOVE to eat so much these days" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .. the reason am here that i was insisting my sister to get the Mirena and she said" i think you gain weight just because of it, i eat much more than you"......!!!! so i was found the nighmare here, cause i can't get it NOW.. i got 2 babies.. first on Dec. 2006, and teh second on Nov. 2007.. and i know if i get the mirena this month i will get a POSITIVE resut for the pregnancy test :)..
  48. ohmirena

    ohmirena Guest

    side effects

    This forum has just sealed the deal for my plan to remove the mirena IUD. I had it put in 9 months ago and since then I have gained 35 pounds, no matter how I eat or exercise. My belly is always bloated and gassy (I look 6 months pregnant), my hair gets super greasy, and I always have at least one zit on my face. Now my sex drive is slipping, my self-esteem is fading and I am tired all the time. This is crazy, it's so not worth the (sometimes) light period. I wish I would have found this info 6 months ago, thanks to all the women who care enough to share their stories.



  50. KEISHA24

    KEISHA24 Guest

    Hey ladies, I've had the mirena for about 10 months now. I was having horrible periods. I've noticed that i have put on alot of weight within the 10 months of having the mirena. I thought i was trippin' at first. I noticed acne so i bought some proactive. My pants started getting tight so i got a gym membership and a personal trainer. After working out 3 days a week and changing my diet, i noticed that i was still putting on pounds. my knees hurt and my heels began to hurt too. I went to the foot doctor and had shots in my heels. I was thinking that i was just a fat ass and the mirena had never crossed my mind. i've gained a total of 20 pounds. i get out of breath quickly and i'm always tired. Not to mention, i cry over the smallest things now......like commercials! i'm so glad i found you all. i could cry i'm so happy! i've talked to my doctor and i'm having this thing removed on nov. 12. i will keep you posted on my PROGRESS!!!!!!

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