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    Marina Coil

    I had the marina put in over a year ago after the birth of my second child and I gained 3.5stone! I was completely distraught. I felt so tired all of the time, like a big lump, thin greasy hair, poor skin quality, very unsexy - this was supposed to help me enjoy my sex life without having to worry about getting pregnant. Thing was I felt so bad I didnt want my poor hubby near me.
    I had it removed 4 days ago (not at all painful) and I have already lost 5lbs. I am completely convinced that the marina caused the weight gain and my advice would be to have it removed. I've read as many forums as I could get my hands on prior to having it removed and I am now looking forward to losing all this excess fat and getting back to basics in the bedroom.

    I'll write back in about a month and let you know (honestly) how things are in the bedroom and on the scales - fingers crossed!

    Dont put up with what I did - I'd prefer to have another baby than feel like I have done for the past year - and thats saying something!
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    Mirena Coil

    I had the Mirena put in over a year ago after the birth of my second child and I gained 3.5stone! I was completely distraught. I felt so tired all of the time, like a big lump, thin greasy hair, poor skin quality, very unsexy - this was supposed to help me enjoy my sex life without having to worry about getting pregnant. Thing was I felt so bad I didnt want my poor hubby near me.
    I had it removed 4 days ago (not at all painful) and I have already lost 5lbs. I am completely convinced that the Mirena caused the weight gain and my advice would be to have it removed. I've read as many forums as I could get my hands on prior to having it removed and I am now looking forward to losing all this excess fat and getting back to basics in the bedroom.

    I'll write back in about a month and let you know (honestly) how things are in the bedroom and on the scales - fingers crossed!

    Dont put up with what I did - I'd prefer to have another baby than feel like I have done for the past year - and thats saying something!
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    I have been wondering if anyone else out there is having the same problems with weight gain and acne, since i got the mirena in about a year and a half ago i have put on 25 pounds and nothing i do is taking if off.I have always been energetic and i always am food cautious, but with this it doesnt matter, i am going to make arrangements to get it taken out.
    It is really nice to know tht i am not the only women who is going through this. :)
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    I have also gained weight on Mirena! I told my obgyn that i was very sensitive to harmones, but was told Mirena "had a negligable amount of hormones and would not affect me adversely!! YEAH RIGHT!! In addition I was diagnosed w/ severe ulcerative colitis w/ in 6mos. of having it inserted!! I never had any digestive problem or any colitis symptoms prior to this!! Has anyone else beed diagnosed w/ IBS, colitis, of Crohns since having the IUD implanted??/
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    mirena weight gain

    I had my mirena inserted in may of 2008. I weighed 135lbs before it was inserted. I am now 185 lbs. I thought I was just eating too much. After looking at this site I see now that it is my mirena causing my weight gain.I have not had a cycle in over 2 and a half months. My doctor tought I might have been gaining weight because I had a tubal pregnancy, because I told her that I have alot of cravings. I also have alot of breast tenderness and I feel pregnant. But I am not because I have had the urine and blood test and I am not pregnant. I am going to see my doctor on monday and tell her I want tis thing removed. I hope i can get back to myself again.
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    THANK YOU ladies....it's not all in my head!!!!!!

    I'm 36 and here is my story....I'll go back about 10 years.

    I worked as a model part time (photos/commercials/catwalk but healthy size not skeleton in skin type) and at about 26 and 62kgs (136lbs), I went to my GP to get contraception for the first time and so I went on Depoprovera (not sure of the spelling) which is the injection that you get every 12 weeks.

    I guess over 3 years or so I had gone to about 66kgs (145lbs) which is not too bad. At the time I just thought I wasn't doing enough cardio as I did weight train and do some cardio and ate very well as my husband is a nutritionist. Hadn't even considered that it was the injections.

    Anyhow, at 30 I had my son, putting on 20kgs (44lbs) and yes he was a big boy. When my son was 5 months, I did a lingerie shoot for editorial woman's magazine and looked great. Was leaner than before I got pregnant and yes I wasn't taking any contraception at that point hoever my husband and I thought that it must have JUST been because I was breast feeding at the time.

    After a few more months I went back onto the injections and I guess the weight crept on but I was none the wiser just thinking I have to do more cardio as I could not eat any less than I was which was not too heavy in the starchy carbs, lean protein with all meals, fibrous carbs plenty etc You have all probably or should I say many of you tried this but to no avail right???

    Lets move forward to Easter this year around March or April. My son had received many chocolate easter eggs as gifts from us and family of which I must say I did indulge a bit too much and I remember thinking "O-oh....I'm going to pack it on with weight and do cardio until christmas".

    (let me just tell you here that I had my last injection at the end of 2007 so after 12 weeks it is gone however I didn't top it up in March)

    It wasn't until about 2 weeks after Easter time and I said to my husband that for some reason I was losing weight...hips going down, fitting into pants that I hadn't worn for years!!!! I was SOOOOOO excited to say the least. AND....weird....I had eaten all that chocolate over Easter.

    THEN.....LIGHT BULB goes off, MAYBE it was the injections.....perhaps it did put the weight on and I actually could eat like a NORMAL human being and still be losing weight which would make sense with the amount of exercise I was doing.

    After it clicked I though ok.....maybe try an IUD. I went to my GP and she suggested the Mirena....no hassles and doesn't really put on weight with most woman. I didn't Google anything at that point. (What a mistake that was)

    I thought GREAT, fantastic, no hassles, less bleeding....FINALLY I had it sorted.

    I went to a specialist clinic where these IUD's are inserted, had a consultation and then 2 hours later in August this year, I had my IUD inserted.

    Cripes that metal thing hurts, perhaps it pinched me a bit. I have to say it did remind me of labour cramps a bit.

    Anyhow, 3 months later I was 72kgs (158.5 lbs). Felt bloated all the time, getting pimples on my chest and actually around my shoulder area too, muffins hanging over the jeans, bigger bum, fluidy I suppose and just uncomfortable not to mention a bit irritable too. And I never got PMS before or moody so this was definately noticible with me. No sex drive...the same things everyone else has mentioned.

    Well, this last Monday 24th November I had mine taken out. It took like 10 seconds and no pain...it was a breeze so for those worried getting it out....DON'T!!!

    On Wednesday I started to bleed and still am at Saturday but nothing bad and it's only today that I'm noticing that the bloated feeling is beggining to lessen...but I can feel it...it's not imagination running rampant here.

    I've said to my husband that I'll wait about 2 weeks before I weigh myself out of curiosity as I know that woman can put on 1 kg or 2lbs overnight if they have had salty foods or loads of carbs so I tend to not weight myself that much these days and also weight training can put on weight due to muscle mass increase. I'll go by how my jeans fit me and how my 'muffin' hips are looking.

    I hope my story helps some of you out there...I know it was long but I am sure many will be able to relate in parts.

    I will keep you posted on my next few weeks and let you know how my body is doing 'contraception free' and natural. Mentally I feel great about giving my body a rest so to speak and get back to NORMAL!!!

    Trust your own bodies ladies. This is my story about my body but I know that you will just KNOW if this resembles you in any way. xx :)
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    Wow, note to self...send my Doctor a gift basket!

    Here is my story:

    I had the mirena put in September 07 after my second child. I had no problems for the first 8 months, and do like that i don't have a period anymore. However in May all hell broke loose!!

    I was constantly tired and felt ill. I actually thought i was pregnant but took several tests and was not. I started having really bad cramps, i felt like i was on my period all the time. My skin got really dry, my knuckles are red and cracked all the time. Then in June i landed myself in the hospital with a case of Inflamitory Colitis. I have never been in so much pain in my life (and i've had natural child birth!). The Dr's there suggested i get a colonoscopy but we decided against it and thought it was just a one time thing. Since then i have had a lot of stomach issues i'm either ALWAYS constipated, bloated or have diarrhea and i have this weird pain under my ribs on the right side that is constant.

    From the time I got it in in September to December i gained 20lbs at the time it never even crossed my mind that it was the mirena. I started to try and lose weight in December 07 as i had gained a lot of weight while on bedrest for 4 months :) I started Weight Watchers and followed it religiously for 6 months. I also worked out 6 days a week i didn't eat any sugar the entire time and much to my dismay i only lost 5lbs. I decided to try something else. i've been doing Body For Life religiously for the last 6 months and have actually gained 2lbs total. I know thats not a lot but considering my diet and exercise regime its rediculous!

    For the past 2 months i have really been struggling with anxiety and depression. Two things i've never ever had a problem with. I feel like i'm going crazy somedays. Before this i had never thought that everything that had been happening in the last 6 months had anything to do with the IUD. When the depression hit i started searching the internet for answers and ways to deal with it without medication and i came across tons of websites about Mirena and after a lot of research concluded that it had to be the IUD causing all my problems. I immediately called my Dr, i thought for sure she would tell me i was crazy that there was no way the IUD would cause these problems (i've read so many forums where health providers adamantly deny it). She surprised me though and told me that i'm not the first patient of hers to complain about these problems with the IUD and that they indeed all COULD be explained by the IUD. She even went in depth on how/why. Here are a list of all my symptoms:

    difficulty losing weight/weight gain
    mood swings
    dry skin
    hair loss
    joint pain (in my hips and knees)

    Sound Familiar? She told me that the way it works essentially is it tricks your body into thinking its pregnant (no wonder we gain or cant lose weight). Some women dont have side effects some are very sensitive to hormones.

    I'm having it out next week and am so relieved!

    I'm so glad i found this forum, its a relief to know that i'm not crazy and there's not something seriously wrong with me! I was beginning to wonder! For those of you that are wondering she did tell me that it can take a few weeks to a few months for your body to return to normal and to expect some ups and downs as my body tries to regulate my hormones. Good luck to you all! i'll let you know how it goes!
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    Oh my..... I really should have researched this long ago. I had the mirena inserted almost 4 years ago after sparating from my husband and moving countries. I decided that if I did meet someone new pregnancy was one thing less I needed to worry about and the reduction in bleeding was like christmas all year round.

    Just to set the scene I am a busy single mum of 3, I am 3 years into a double teaching degree at the local university the kids are 10, 8 and 5 and the eldest was diagnised with Autism around the same time as I had the mirena put in. The ex plays no part in our lives (through choice and he lives in another country) and does not contribute to our finances. I am not an exercise-a-holic but always liked to swim and do fun physical stuff with the kids and go for walks etc The only thing that has changed in regard to my eating habits is that now I often eat alone.

    Since 2005 I have gained over 20 kilos!!!!!!!!!!!! We are talking around 50 lbs ladies. Size 10/12 to now 18/20.. Not a good scenario.

    I have tried everything from Jenny craig, varying shake diets, detox including the lemon detox and gym memberships. Even when I stick religiously to these programs I lose 1 or 2 kilos but usually nothing. It has become so disheartening that I hide if I see old school friends when I am shopping becasue I am so disgusted at my weight gain. I have put this gain down to emotional trauma and the difficulties of dealing with a generally stressful life.
    After reading all these posts I realise I have some other symptoms that are being discussed too. Including a couple of unwanted hairs on my chin, regular migrane (I buy nurofen so often I am waiting for the chemist staff to start asking me questions!), aching hips and knees, I believe i can be moody as well but having no other adult in the house no one has pointed it out to me (again I put any moodiness down to coping with Autism and all its difficulties).
    I am calling my doctor today and not taking no for an answer. I have alwas been reasonably slim and when you go from that to thinking how feasable a lap band is things are bad.
    Wish me luck ladies and luck in return for all you who are battling the same issues.
    Be safe.
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    OMG - so glad that I am not alone. Have had the Mirena for exactly one year and cannot take the side effects any longer. Weight gain and acne especially. Will call to schedule its removal ASAP.

    However experienced extreme pain when it was instered and could not sit up for over 1.5 hours without fainting. Is it true that removal is not so bad? Do they have to use the forceps for removal? Or only the speculum?


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    Mirena side effects

    oh thank God I'm NOT crazy, or lazy, or have a food addiction problem, or suddenly in puberty with acne!

    I do however have a prett severe case of endometriosis which led to this Mirena going into me in summer 2007. I bled for 3 straight months after that but was told to keep with it. I did, and the bleeding did stop, and remains stopped.

    Other then that... I suffer the same side effects discussed here. Insane weight gain despite a Biggest Loser kind of trainer and diet watching, crazy acne and let's not even go near the whole loss of sex drive and mood swings. I even still get the endo pain which really sucks.

    I started seeing a Naturopath about a year ago and she has been begging me to get this thing out. Honestly, I've been scared..I did not want to go back to the bleeding again. But it is time. In that year and a half I'm up 30 pounds and don't recognize myself.

    I don't even want to go back to the gyno that put it in as she just suggested yet another hormonal treatment for me to start in the new year. Do you ever get that 'I'm done!" feeling? I'm there. Tomorrow I'm calling my GP and seeing if she'll take this thing out. I'm so confident that my Naturopath can help me more then the medical community on this one.

    I'll let you know how it goes.
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    Mirena wieght gain

    OMG. It didn't dawn on me till i saw a commercial for mirena. I have been on the Atkins and NO sodas for three weeks and nothing. Then it hit me. Five years ago i was 132 :D then my Gyno found cysts and fibrods had surgery then he put me back on the pill. HE said it was just me changed my pill, told me to watch what i eat, gave me an RX for depression then told me to find someone to talk to. And i hit the roof. :evil: How dare he. Found another Gyno, a female. She listened and i explained. I liked her. She told me about mirena and had it done. Now two years later and nearly 40 lbs heavier. Now I think about it my breastes are bigger and i am CRABBIER. The samething i was experiencing while on the pill. Not to mention no sex drive. I am calling my dr first thing. But now what. Just newly married, just turned 38 and we aren't ready for children yet. Tried various types of pills but the weight gain and depression was the whole point i went the iud route. Why didn't I figure this out earlier :evil: I AM CALLING MY DR FIRST THING IN THE AM. THANK YOU FOR THE EXISTENCE OF THIS SITE.
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    So shocked i have found all this on the net!!

    i suffered from really bad period pain about 2 years ago just out of the blew and after being pushed by my mum decided to see into it further and see a Dr, who of course didnt know what was up an referred me to Liverpool Womans Hospital (UK) this is were they adviced me on the mirena saying 'it was the best thing since sliced bread'!! so taking advice i had it fitted in September 2007 all seemed fine for first 2 months just gradually my periods completely stopped and the pain re-occured, if not worse!!

    Being me i put up with it thinking it was normal until i started collapsing from the pain which again was a stronger sign something wasnt right. after going to scans etc i was diagnosed with poly-cystic ovaries bit shock at 19 yrs of age! by this time my periods had stopped but pain was stil hard to put up with.

    April 2008 i collapsed and broke my jaw, lost 2 front teeth and was off work for 2 months! thought nothing of it, thought it was a bad accident ,one of those things. nothing was picked up at hospital,but on the day i left hospital 4-5 days later i started bleeding! turned out one of my cysts had burst inside and my body just couldnt cope with the strain of it! finally had a laparoscopy in October last yr were they found a 5 inch cyst on my right ovary but no other conditions.

    Now after reading this im peicing together my 2 stone weight gain bloated stomach, mood swing and random crying to this coil, have actually asked for my hospital appointment to be brought forward to hopefully push to have it removed and try a different method and hopefully find a reason for my pain!

    please keep posting as its all new to me and is good to see other peoples experiences and opinions!!
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    Now i will tell you the fact is that why you are not losing your weight, e,g if you burn 1000 or 1500 calories from exercise daily and your in take calories are 1500 or 1000 , it means you are still in the no profit no loss position. So try to work out a little more and take only healthy food with white meat and juices.
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    Yes I agree about intake verses output. But..........I am a very active person.

    Made an appointment with my GYN I talked and she listened. I made another appointment for next Friday to remove my mirena and replace it with a paragard (a non hormone producing iud). I am so excited I cant stand it. She did say that my periods could be longer and cramps. Years ago before taking bc my periods were about 5 days, while on bc pill my periods were about 4 days while on mirena my periods are about 1-3 days. The issue of having a period doesn't bother me. Not having one sacres me. It shows that everything is working and is a way for my body of cleaning itself. Thats my opinion. I know there are others that have period issues and prefer not to have one. I have been having cramps for the last 8 months. Never had them before but my dr says that it is a side effect. So cramps and heavier periods seem to be rather acceptable then the other effects )MAJOR weight, LOW sex drive, and crabbyness.

    I can't wait for the change. I told my husband to be ready :wink: .

    Will keep ya posted.
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    Hello :)
    I had my coil inserted almost a year ago. I bled continuously for 2months at the start and was sure i wanted it removed. However i was convinced by my GP that the pro's outweighed the cons.

    BUT since then i have had nothing but discomfort, mood swings, fatigue, and i have gained so much weight. I used to be a 12 and i am now pushing a 16/18 at times and it saddens me. I exercise, eat healthily, and as a teacher i hardly stop during the day - the weight should not be there!!!

    I have made the decision to get it removed and i am going to the doctor in the morning. I am quite scared as i am a wimp and don't want it to hurt. The strings are tangled up inside me therefore i dont think it'll be a two minute job. Also my periods were so heavy before this i don't really want them back but i suppose you can't have everything.

    Has anyone had it out and experienced weight loss? Have you gone back to how you were 'pre mirena?' How are your periods?
    I was such a happy and lively person and i feel as if i am always ratty and moody nowadays.

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    hi ladies

    I thought i would give you an update. i had the mirena coil removed on Monday it was quite painless nothing like to the pain getting it inserted. i was so relieved i have had a cyst on my breast from xmas which has slowly gotten worse and has grown three times the size, my Dr told me this is common with the mirena coil and i need antibiotics to scatter it. I dont feel as much bloated, my bleeding starting immediately although not too heavy, i have cramping and backache but i expected that. she was very intested in my side effects and want to monitor me for the next three months. i have already lost two pounds (i couldnt have never lost that much in a month never mind a couple of days) i am eating the same diet of 1400 calories, i know it may be fluid but i am just so glad the scales are coming down instead of up and up. i will keep you posted if any of you ladies want any questions answered please leave me a note and i will def reply. Take care :D
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    Im not alone!!!

    I too have had MAJOR trouble loosing weight after Mirena was put in. I run 5 miles a day, breastfeed and am on weight watchers for breastfeeding moms. Was sooo frustrated as to why NONE of the weight was dropping!!! This explains it. My doctor made no mention of the gain and he knows how weight concious I am . . . grrr!!! I'm having it taken out as soon as they can fit me in for an apointment. These posts have been most helpful! ByeBye Mirena and back pain!!!")
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    Mirena and severe weight gain in stomach

    I had gained 15 pounds on the normal birth control pill and also had several other side effects - mood swings, fatigue...etc. I was told that the mirena would be a good idea. I was also told it was a localized thing only for my uterus. I have put on 35 pounds since even while eating healthy and working out 3 times a week. It's awful. I got acne and never had problems with it before. My stomach is the worst. I basically look like I'm pregnant. Has any one had that extreme weight gain in their stomachs from this? I probably have 20 pounds a lone there. I was never super skinny but this is ridiculous. I don't feel myself and also got mood swings. Not to mention my periods were still awful...constantly on it and it wasn't a light flow. I don't recommend it to anyone! I vote a "no" on the mirena!
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    Having this alien removed!!!!!!

    Tomorrow will be one of the happiest days of my life! After nearly three months of being Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde, I am having this alien beast removed from my body! I got Mirena at the beginning of January. I'm 43 and can't take BC pills because of high blood pressure. The first couple of weeks I had it, I thought to myself that it was a cakewalk. I had no side effects, nothing. Then it came time for my first period since insertion. Pain, moodiness to the point I thought I was going crazy, dizziness, headaches--the list goes on. But, I "stuck it out" since "the side effects will get better after the first three months or so." Well, I am almost to that three month mark and I can't take anymore of it. The side effects have gotten worse, not better. My hair is so dry and my skin is breaking out. The depression, lack of any energy at all, the crying, no motivation and the weight gain--this is NOT worth it. I have gained about 5 pounds so far since having it inserted. And, I have had approximately two weeks that I wasn't bleeding in some way, shape or form in the past (nearly) three months. NOT worth it. I feel like garbage all the time. It's all I can do to cook dinner when I get home from work and then I sequester myself in my bedroom away from life in general. I have no emotional or physical energy for anybody. I just broke up with my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago (not Mirena driven--but that certainly hasn't helped my mood since the breakup--side effects started well before breakup). I don't need to be on birth control right now and if I ever do get back into a relationship, I will get my tubes tied. End of story. So, tomorrow is my day and then I have to work on trying to lose weight--not easy for anyone but espeically not easy after you hit the 40 year old mark. I can't wait to get myself back. For any woman looking at this message board considering getting Mirena, I would definitely say make sure you are FULLY informed. Don't just read what is on the Mirena website--they downplay the side effects. Read all over the Internet--there are hundreds of message boards. And, while I have read a few accounts of women who really had no problems with it and swear by it, there are about 50 to 1 that have had nothing but trouble. If I could reach the string (it is behind my cervix where I can feel it but can't grasp it) this beast would have already been gone in one of my fits of insanity (of which there are many--not like me at all). I don't recommend that a person do that, but I can see how it would happen. I think that it should be taken off the market completely!
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    Just thought i'd post a follow up since my feb posting. I had the my mirena removed feb27. I had mild cramping for a day two and heavy bleeding for 12 days afterwards. I had my mirena replaced with a paragaurd. I have noticed a HUGE difference. My energy level has tripled. My bloating has all but gone. And I am HAPPY and not so grumpy. I don't know about weight lose because I don't have a scale. And my drive is back. :) I am waiting to have my first period since swaping the two. I will check in another week.
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    I am so happy that I have found this site. My Mirena story is similar to the many others found here. I have had the Mirena for about 20 months now, but I never made the connection to all the weird things that were happening in my body. It just recently dawned on me that none of these things happened until after I got the Mirena fitted.

    Let me start at the beginning... I had a gastric bypass in Oct. of 2006 and happily lost weight and gained confidence. I still had quite a bit of weight to lose but because of my new found confidence sex with hubby was like we were as teenagers...off the chain :D :D so I needed contraception. I did not want birth control pills because of the horrible side effects that I suffered with them years ago. My Dr. suggested the Mirena, blah, blah, blah, we all know the running lines.. no weight gain hormones only in the blah, blah, blah. Well, I relented and went with the Mirena. After insertion I bled for months. And since then I bleed heavy nasty periods or some sort of weird discharge 3 out of 4 weeks of the month. I got a positive pregnancy testvwith the Mirena. Went to the Dr. 4 days later and my test was negative and I bled that same day. Mystery to all involved. :?: Anywhoo, remeber how I said that I had a Gastric bypass 7 months prior to the Mirena? Well, it's been 20 months later and I have only lost about 9 more lbs. despite not being able to eat much and exercising like a freaking maniac. As a matter of fact in the last 2 weeks I feel like I am actually gaining weight. Not to mention the fact that the last year my flawless skin is that of a teenager with pimples and constant breakouts. I stay bloated and my waist refuses to budge, despite the fact that I have had a tummy tuck 6 months ago. I just thought that I was a nut that was somehow sabataging myself. I am so pleased to know that I am not a weightloss surgery failure. I was so ashamed and embarrased that I have not even gone in for my follow up appointments to my gastric surgeon.

    I have already made the appointment to have this Mirena removed on 1 April 2009 I will update...really.

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    That IUD is the devil. No one ever tells you the whole story behind it. I am 46 and periods had become irregular due to fibroids. It was recommended to me to treat the fibroids. I had it inserted March 11, 09 not much pain and I was completely fine for ONE ENTIRE week. I was not advised of the bleeding and the length of time you will have intermittent heavy bleeding and/or spotting. I never had headaches and I had a dull headache constantly with nausea and twinges of pain in my abdomen. I took my measurements before the insertion and after four weeks, I had gained 2 inches in my midsection, no where else. After getting a rash from the constant moisture, I decided to have it removed on April 7th. I had three more days of heavy bleeding and now I am back to normal. I have decided to have the fibroid embolization and my tubes tied. Good luck to the rest of you Mirenaians ... not worth the side effects to me.
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    I am really glad, that I found this forum, because I have a very similar story to those I found here about my Mirena.
    I tried it out for now about eleven months and I never had any problems with my weight or my skin, above all, never any problems with my skin, I loved my skin truly, but after having this Mirena-thing inside me I got really terrible acne in my whole face and even on my back, that I even feel humiliated when I put on a bathing suit or a Top when it is hot. I gained about ten pounds and I did not even eat more than before.
    After putting Mirena out of my body and after working out and seeing several dermatologists my skin gets better month by month, and I even managed to lose those horrible ten pounds. Thanks to my doctors, because they really helped a devastated young woman. And I am very happy that I found this site, so I can exchange my experiences with other people.
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    I had the mirena inserted March 2008. I gained about 20 pounds especially around my belly. No matter how hard I dieted and excercised, I could not shed the weight and even gained more. I finally had it when I hit 147lbs (I'm only 5ft tall). I had mirena removed 5/18/09 and just started my period today. The removal was quick and painless. My doctor had asked why I wanted it removed because she thought that it could be something else and wanted to know if I was sure. I told her absolutely.

    I'm not putting mirena down because it works for some women but not me.

    I have to get to work at losing all the I weight that I gained.
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    Mirena just removed!!!

    I had read a bunch side effects regarding Mirena after my family noticed some seriously negative mood changes in me. I have only had it in for about 10 months but my symptoms were becoming unbearable. LARGE boobs, weight gain (I can't deal with that...I cried at the Dr.'s office when I found out what I had gained), lower back pain, joint pain (I'm only 29), hair breakage, weepy, angry (my husband and my relationship was seriously affected), soooo sleepy and tired, etc.

    I hope to God the weight comes off fast as I hadn't changed my diet and had actually increased my exercise. Anyone have any other stories I would appreciate them.[/b]
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    I'm Speechless

    You know, I feel like a convicted murderer that has just been found innocent.
    I have had this Mirena IUD in my body for 4 years now. And not once, until today May 21 of 2009 did i connect all this together. I am a pretty tall woman so when i started i had just had my child and was about 200lbs, pretty good for my size. As of today i am 294 lbs. I have gained 94 pounds in 4 years!!!!! I have told this to my doctor and of course they just told me to modify my diet and so on. They didn't believe me that I was eating good, I used to be an athlete myself and know how I should be eating. I have recently been working out in the gym with my pro athlete husband, and have been doing HIS workouts, kicking my ass. Its been about 5 weeks, and i have lost 5 pounds. We took a weekend off and I gained it all back. I thought my energy would increase as I started hitting the gym really hard but I was more tired than ever. I was just baffled. I didn't know what to do. We sat down and started talking and I told him that I feel really bloated today it must be that time of the month, (see i don't really know when that time of the month comes about anymore because I haven't seen a period in about 2 years. ) I get cramps sometimes but thats as far as it goes. So we googled the Mirena and This forum came back at the top. I just can't believe I didn't put this all together earlier. I have had acne for the past couple years and NEVER had problems even through puberty, I just chalked it up to age. Also my ankles have been swelling and I am pretty much a self proclaimed bitch most of the time, whereas usually I am pretty happy. I think imma marry my husband all over again once this devil is out of me just for sticking with me all these years.

    I am making a appt. tomorrow to get this taken out asap. I will post when i see results.
  28. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi everyone. I am 36 and very forgetful when it comes to taking daily pills, such as BC. I tried the patch-HATED IT. So I ran to the newest thing..the IUD. I had mine inserted September of 2008. I have no period at all. NOTHING. However, can I tell ya what I do have? :evil: I do have a quick temper. :twisted: I do have about 45 pounds that i didn't have before. :x i do have pimples on my freak'n back and neck!!! :evil:
    Not to mention...the three belly rolls I have inherited...I sound sexy, ey??? :shock: I have 2 boys, both weighed in at 11lbs at birth-I weigh more now than what I did on the days I went to the delivery room. :oops: I am totally going to speak with my GYN about having this object removed from enourmous gut!!!! Hopefully, I can still fit on the tables. Wish me luck.color=darkred][/color]
  29. Guest

    Guest Guest

    My experience with the Mirena seems to be different from other people so I wanted to share it. I'm 34 and had the Mirena put in at my 6wk appointment after my son was born. I still had postpartum bleeding at that point and the bleeding continued for about another month. After that I've had only really light periods and no other side effects that I can tell.

    I gained 50 lbs while pregnant and lost it all over the last 9 months even with the Mirena and I don't eat that great or exercise much. My body is totally a different shape than before - no butt and a lot more 'flub' around my belly, but I don't know if that is the Mirena or the baby. I used to get really bad PMS and migraines and they seem to be better now than before getting pregnant. My skin is bad, but it's always been bad so it's hard to know...
  30. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I experienced completely the same things as you all did. It was horrible and I really started to hate myself and my look, and before I have always been confident about my looks, but after I got Mirena IUD inserted my skin just turned from fabulously flawless to incredible ugly and I felt like being sick and I really suffered mentally because except for the bad skin I had to face an incredible weight gain, although I have a very healthy way of eating and I never ate after six o'clock.

    It was like a nightmare to me and I actually did not think that this was because of Mirena. I went to several doctors and nobody found out anything and then somehow I found an article about Mirena on the internet where several women wrote their opinions on the Mirena IUD and I immediately went to my gynecologist and he took out Mirena and told me that he had similar cases just like mine before. I was very angry because he did not tell me that before he inserted that thing into my body. I changed my gynecologist because I really need to be able to trust a doctor, above all a doctor who sees the most private parts of my body.
  31. Guest

    Guest Guest

    is this the reason???

    I could cry having found you guys!!! I had my IUD put in a year ago.. all of a sudden in January my weight started creeping up.. I have put on 6 lbs in 6 months.. if one other person tells me it is age I will hit them
    I work out everyday..eat right.. this shouldnt be happening... I am getting this thing taken out.. I am very unhappy that my doc didnt tell me of this side effect.
  32. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi everyone!!
    I'm glad I'm not alone with this thing!!! Since 17 (now I'm 24) I had ovaric cysts detected, so I had been using pills since then, until last year, the doctor in the public hospital told me about Mirena and convinced me to use it, he said that I had been using pills for a long time so it would be useful for me to quit the pills for a while. I had the Mirena inserted in July 2008, (It didn't cost me anything). Everything went pretty well since then, my period disapeared, but the problems started. I got a new job in December, for that time I had already gained 20lb but i was still in my "normal" weight, my clothes still fitted.
    I started to feel cramps like if I had the appendix blowing out, for this time I went to Detroit from work a whole month (I live in Mexico), so I ate different for what I ussed and obviously I gained more weight, even when I tried to eat as much vegetables as I could. Anyway, in March I've noticed I HAD A BEARD COMING OUT IN MY FACE!!!! My chin had like 5 thick hair and I had also hair coming out in my neck (I also have been hairy, so I had paid lasser removal for all my face prior to Mirena). My arms, legs and bikini are way much hairy than before.
    Last week I went to my particular gyn and I begged her to remove that stuff, but I was in shock when I went to scale: 185lb!!!! My goodness!!!! I started to cry. I showed her my neck and she was convinced that it was completely hormonal. She took the Mirena out, completely painless and the only medication she gave me was Ectiva (Sibutramine) to help me with the weight loose, with that stuff I don't feel a lot of hunger, and I'm starting to loose some weight, she told me to try to not make a hard diet, just to try to eat less and healthier and try to work out, so I couldn't gain the weight once I quit the Sibutramine. She let me rest without any hormones for this month and in August I'll start again with pills. I'll keep you informed about how am I doing with the weight loose. Good luck to everyone!!!!
  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I got the IUD in january 2009 I blead constantly for the first 4 to 6 months i am still bleeding more then normal I have gained 25 pounds since i got it and i walk 40 min every day and i run 50 minutes every day and i count calories and have not lost a thing. I am always tired, I dont sleep well I get mad easier. and i hate being this big my husband even asked me why I have not been loosing wieght with all the working out I have been doing. I really wish there was somthing i could do to get small again. does any one know what the hormone is in the mirena?
  34. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I was wondering what could be the cause of all this and i looked up the main hormone in merina and here are the side efects of the hormone


    irregular menstrual periods, changes in bleeding patterns or flow;

    breakthrough bleeding, or heavier menstrual bleeding during the first few weeks after device insertion;

    back pain;

    headache, nervousness, mild dizziness;

    nausea, vomiting, bloating;

    breast tenderness or pain;

    weight gain, acne, changes in hair growth;

    mood changes, loss of interest in sex;

    mild itching, skin rash; or

    puffiness in your face, hands, ankles, or feet.
  35. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi Ladies

    im new to this forum.Ive been checking the net for forums like this and im pleased that there are other women out there going through the same nightmare as me.
    I had the marina fitted four years ago.The first few months seemed fine,no periods,no side effects.However since then i have put on 3 stones.I was alwys between 10 or 11 stone and i am 5ft 11.My skin is now awful lots of acne and rashing,a year ago i lost 70% of my hair and lucky eenough it grew back but its thinner now my fingers and ankles are permenently swollen like balloons and i have no waist as my stomach is so bloated.I went to my family planning clinic to have it removed.My experience was awful,the Gp could not remove it as it was stuck.After a lot of excruishiating pain the gp decided that it was not going to come out so i had a scan to see were its postioned.Its stuck in the flesh inside!!
    Im now due to go in to hospital for an operation to have the thing taken out.I will be put to sleep then it will be removed.i will post on here again to let you know how it goes and also if theres any wieght loss!i would not recommened anyone to have this fitted its horrendous and the side aftects are brutal.

    peace T.
  36. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hello ladies!

    How are you doing? After almost 3 weeks after my Mirena removal, this are the results:

    *My Papanicolau results are fine
    *I've lost about 7 pounds (kind of slow, but it's better to keep going down than keep gaining weight)
    *I have 5 ovarian cycsts. I might need surgery...

    I definitely hate Mirena.
  37. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Those of you who are having problems and difficulties with the Mirena, I would have to suggest to you the Paraguard, ie, the Copper IUD. I've had the copper iud for two years now and it offers the great benefit of NOT having to remember a pill every day, or having to use a back up method if you're on an anti biotic. It has NO hormone release. After two years of having sex almost every day, and pretty much two to three times a day, I have yet to get pregnant. My Boyfriend loves it. You do have a period on this and in some cases your periods are heavier and you may get more cramping. However, this usually only lasts up to six month's. Mine lasted the whole six month's. I went from using Regular tampons to the Super and Super Plus. Again, it's all about what you can and are willing to deal with. If you are like me and do have the heavier bleeding, if you can suck it up for the few month's you will love it. The only thing with the Copper IUD is you have to in certain cases, depending on the procedures and such, let people know you do have a Copper IUD. I laughed at my doctor and asked if I would be setting off any detectors. He assured me, that "shouldn't" be the case. At any rate. The Copper offers the great benefits you all are told about the Mirena without the Acne, or the weight gain, sex drive changes. I myself experienced issues on the Depo Shot. I gained 70 pounds. I finally got back down to my 4's from an 18, so I REFUSED to get the Mirena due to the hormone and how my body reacted to the hormone in the Depo Shot. For those of you who's insurance does not cover any sort of Birth Control........The paraguard is alos CHEAPER, which is a plus.

    Hope this helps and good luck to all....
  38. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Bleeding after Mirina IUD removed

    I had the IUD put in 5 yrs ago for heavy periods and it worked for that. I had it removed 10 days ago and have not stopped bleeding. I had to go into ER yesterday-very scary. If I had known this was going to happen I would never had it put in. I have missed work and now they want to do an endometrial biposy. I'm currently taken progesterine to slow the bleeding down.
  39. Guest

    Guest Guest

    OK I got the mirena a little over a week ago. IM GETTING IT OUT ASAP! My Husband is in the army and everytime he calls Im upset about somthing. Im soooo moody! one min I'm crying ,the other im supper pissed/depressed. I feel soo bloated my back hurts and the worst thing about mirena is the acne! I havnt even had it a full month and my face is full of oil and zits. I try proactive but nothing helps. My suggestion to girls that plain on getting the IUD (mirena) DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!
  40. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Had my mc just a couple days ago and i am happy with it
    A few pains and a few headaches for the past couple days but I am fighting through it. So far so good.
  41. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i have gained almost forty pounds since i inserted this mirena!
    I had no idea what was going on, I have been on a nutri-system diet, i brought a wii(and have been using it consistently) stopped drinking sodas, i walk 5 days a week for a least 30 min, my point is that I am a pretty active person after i had my two children i was a size 8, since the birth control patch and iud(which i've had for two years, i am now a 16! People are constantly asking me if I am pregnant and lately i have been shopping in the maternity department to hide the bulge i now have on my stomach, which was always flat, i was so depressed i didn't know what to do,i sat here cpl days ago looking for new diets and literally said to myself God what I am doing wrong, and it came to me like a flash,what do u have in you that is un-natural...this iud...so i google searched can an iud make you gain weight and i was astonished, i read every single post i a feel like i have seen the light! I immediately called my ob-gyn to have this thing removed, I have an appt in two weeks and trust and believe i will notify this blog of house it goes, i know they will try to convince me to leave it in but im not having it I WANT IT OUT AND NOW
  42. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Mirena Coil

    Hi all. I have had the mirena IUS coil fitted now for about 6 weeks. I am a member of weight watchers and the coil hasn't really affected my weight loss I am still losing every week. x
  43. Manuel

    Manuel Guest

    Nice sharing.
    I put on so far 14 lbs and im 6 months along, so that sounds normal to me. I didn't pick up much weight until after decreasing and it seemed like it shot right on me. Good luck!
  44. kitgana

    kitgana Guest

    Woohh..its quite dangerous..Thank you for sharing it to us.

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