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    boiler worker heavy smoker for 2 1/2 yrs e h/o of cough hemoptysis ,on e/x find pleaural plaques in x ray ,no other abnormality ,ivestigation of choice
    a- bronchial wash and bronchoscopy
    b- lung biopsy
    c- CT scan of chest

    pt presented with ataxia dysphagia, horner synd ,diplopia nystagmus and paralysis of soft palate, the cause
    a- post cerebral artey
    b- vertebral artery
    c- lacunar infarcts

    picture of a lesion(kerato acanthoma) what is the Rx
    a- local Ex
    b- wide local Ex
    c- observation

    58 yr old obes man e HTN( inc .cholesterol) develop polydipsia, polyuria, blood glucoes 17mmol, management
    a- wt reduction
    b- diet ,Ex and life style change
    c- start insulin.

    young man after MVA presented with dyspnea, mild brusis on chest wall and mild cynosis ,no obvious chest injury, BP 70/50 and subcutaneous emphysema.
    a- esophagea laceration
    b- hemothorax
    c- pneumothorax

    pt e gall stones developed fever, what is the cause
    a- cholangitis
    b- stone in CBD
    c- cholecytitis

    pt middle age presented in ER e severchest pain palpitation sweating and vomiting ECG strip was given (ant MI) asprin is given what is the next step.
    a- amiodarone
    b- DC cardioversion
    c- TPA
    d- anticoagulants

    WOF is reducing the renin level
    a- B blocker
    b- ACE inhibitors
    c- methyl dopa

    in fracture of med shaft of humorus WOFis affected.
    a- radial nerve
    b- ulnar
    c- median
    d- deep............

    pt presented e the painfull loss of vision, conjuntival injection, dilated pupil
    a- cataract
    b- glucoma
    c- conjuntivitis
    48 yr old pt presented e decreased vision specially in reading books
    a- myopia
    b- presbiopia
    c- cataract
    d- hypermetropia

    WOF the following drug does not interact
    a- digoxin--- amiodarone
    b- erytheomycin ----- theophyline
    c- ACE inhibitors ---- diuretics
    d- warfarin ---- digoxin

    pt presented e fever rash lymphadenopathy ,hepatospleenomegally , suffering from inf.mononucleosis became pale hypotensive and sweaty BP 70/50 PR 100/min, what is the cause
    a- re infection
    b- sep . meningitis
    c- splenic rupture
    d- anemia
    e- renal failure

    pic of the man with brown blak spot ( about finger nail) flat on the skin of ala nasi
    a- malignant melanoma
    b- SCC
    c- seboric warts

    X ray dislocation of shoulder ( look like ant dis)
    a- commonly post and laterlay dislocated
    b- sensation of lateral upper arc is affected

    pt e unilateral loss of vision lasted for few mins
    a- caroti..........
    b- vertebral
    c- temporal arteritis
    d- lacunar infarct

    pt with hemiplagia in the left side e weakness of face
    a- lacunar infarct inlt side
    b- infraction of the int capsule
    c- carotd artery stenosis
    d- lt lunar infract

    More AMC MCQ questoins (not very complete) recalls

    young women presented e mild vaginal bleeding and 2 month amenorrhoea BP 70/50 feels faint CX open product visible regarding managment
    a- start IV fluids e crsystalliod fluids
    b- remove the POC in ER
    c- endometrial ablation
    d- pack the vagina

    35 yr old female with 28 week old preganacy and frequent uterine contraction, on e.x CX 1 cm , membrane in tact, fetal heart rate sound good Rx
    a- give tocolytics
    b- give antibiotics urgently e Amoxicillin
    c- CTG monitoring
    d- cervical stitch after contraction ceases

    infected bartholin cyst
    a- may be caused by gonnorhoea
    b- asymptomatic
    c- subside with antibiotics

    38 yr old female presented e lethargy , mucus membrane pigmentation,Na 123 BP low and low gases
    a- chusing synd
    b- adison disease
    a- c-congenital adrenal hyperplasia

    two sisterss living together elder sis thinks that the next door neighbours are planning to cause danger for them and they are looking for oppurtunity , the younger sis is also started to believe that when she is with her ,but when she is out of the house she does not think like that this is
    a- a-induced delusion or shared delusion
    b- halucination

    male child was brought e non projectile vomiting lost wt about 300 gm. on e/x there is2-3 mm olive like mass palable in epigastric area
    a- pyloric stnosis
    b- G.E reflux
    c- duedenal atresi
    d- UTI

    post op pt fluid chart 2000 fluid given NG tube suction 2000 urine output 700 other loss 500cc , regarding fluild replacements
    a- 2 lit N/S 1 lit glucosee 100 mm/l
    b- 3 lit N/S 2 lit glucose 100 mm/l
    c- 2 lit ringerlactate 2lit glucose
    d- 2 lit N/S

    regarding strep B group infection during pergnancy
    a- vaginal swabs at 26 -28 wks if +ive treat
    b- penicliin administration during labour for +ive cases
    c- doesnot cause infection.

    patechial hagge in meningitis in ER initial step is
    a- admit to hospital
    b- give ceftriaxam immediately
    c- do lumbar puncture
    d- give paracetamol

    28 month child with frequent diarrhoea differnt consistency
    a- bacterial cause
    b- toddler's dia
    c- giardiasis

    48 yr old male presented with 6 month old h/o diarrhoea lethargy wt loss 6 kg on e/x a mass palpable in rt illiac fossa
    a- ulcerative colitis
    b- chron colitis
    c- colonic Ca

    risk of malignancy is more in
    a- diverticulitis
    b- melanosis coli
    c- ulcerative coli

    risk of malignancy is more in
    a- peutz jegers synd
    b- villous adenoma
    c- melanosis coli

    19 yr old male h/o joint pain in sacral joint and knee joint
    a- osteoarthiritis
    a- b-rh arthiritis
    b- rieter arthiritis
    c- gout ''

    52 yr old man , h/o knee joint pain in early morning andnight specially when waking up in the morning e/x of knee joint
    a- osteoathiritis
    a- b-knee septis "
    b- RH arthiritis of the knee

    risk of suicide increased
    a- previous h/o self harm
    b- depression
    c- alcohol
    d- family h/o

    weakness and loss of all samll muscle of both hands
    a-ulnar nerve
    b- radial nerve
    c- syringomylia

    cha . of TB pleural effuison
    a- rasied lymphocytes
    b- AFB in smearv
    c- Inc. protien

    Pic of a baby with red raised apperenc e( strawberry nevus) management.
    a- laser therapy
    b- exicion biopsy
    c- observation

    42 yr old man presented e jaundice and dark color urine ALT 80 mild raised Gt 3 times inc. Alk ph 3 times inc., bil inc. 3times mild raised amylase.
    a- cholesystitis
    b- cholelithiasis
    c- stone in GB

    pic of mother and daughter e large thyroid swelling , came from indonesia no sign of thyrotoxicosis.
    a- radiation induced thyroid tumor
    b- hashimotos thyroiditis
    c- iodine defficiency
    d- subacute thyrioditis

    4 yr male child e h/o vomiting in the morning , headache and abdominal mass.
    a- migraine
    b- meduloblastoma
    c- Wilms tumor
    d- Neuroblastoma

    6 month old child e h/o wheezing and cough ,fever ,other family members had also the same problem
    a- bronchilitis
    b- brochial asthama
    c- croup
    d- forgien body

    WOF the conditions require investigation
    a- 2-3 lose stools in the morning
    b- undigestedf ood material in the stool
    c- one week h/o of malodorus pale ofensive stool

    5 yr old child developed translucent lesion in post triangle of neck after a respiratory
    tract infection
    a- bronchial cyst
    b- cystic hygroma
    c- lynohnode
    d- thyro glossal cyst

    a young man presented with the h/o upper respiratory tract infection and pharyngitis which of the following shows that the infection was due to virus
    a- tonsilitis
    b- fever
    c- laryngitis
    d- severity of illness

    in fracture of tibia and fibula the most imp point in Rx is
    a- proper wund debridment
    b- proper choice of antibiotics
    c- internal fixation
    d- prevention by tetanus toxiod

    pregnant women c/o pain in the finger at night which wakes her up
    a- SLE
    b- Median nerve trauma
    c- Pregnancy

    The severity of the live disase can be identified by
    a- spider angioma
    b- esophgeal varices
    c- dupyturn’s contracture
    d- liver size

    60 yr male e h/o malena and hemetemsisand had only few days treatment for his joint problem,endoscopy …. Ulcer e bleeding borders Rx
    a- imperazole i/v
    b- imeprazole tab
    c- gasterctomy e pyloroplasty
    d- vagotomy

    pt e IHD developed heart failure for which he was on digoxin for his arrythmia and failure hydrochlor thaizide. Few days later develoed vomiting abd distention e absent bowel sounds and fluid level on x ray
    a- digital toxicity
    b- mesnteric artery occlusion
    c- hypokalemia

    signs of testicular malignacy
    a- torsion
    b- testicular swelling
    c- “ pain
    d- inguinosacral hernia

    child e hypotoia later stiff , fedding problems extended lower tibia and flexed upper limbs after a RTI and last for 3 wks
    a- febrile convulsions
    b- infantile spasm
    c- opisthotonus

    baby with Down synd had dehydration and vomiting
    a-pyloric stenosis
    b- gastroentiritis
    c-duodenal atresia
    d- G O reflux

    30 yr old pregnat 28 wks presented e contraction mild in first and sec trimester.WOF would show that she may deliver prematurity ( finding 1 cm open , mem intact)
    a- frequent contraction
    b- fibrinactin +ive in cervical swab
    c- open cervix

    young man e the h/o pain low back radiating to the back thigh and inc. on strain for stool .regarding management
    a- physiotherapy
    b- x ray plain
    c- analgesia
    d- MRI of spinal cord

    Which of the following is imp cause of peptic ulcer
    a- smoking
    b- NSAID
    c- H pylori
    d- Alcohol

    Regarding hemolytic anemia WOF is true
    a- inc.MCV
    b- dec reticulocyte
    c- iron deficiency
    d- pregnancy

    16 weeks pregnant women had abortion and on pathological finding hydatid form mole was found regarding mangement WOF is true
    a- monthly follow up by chest x ray
    b- weekly follow up by HCG levels
    c- hystrectomy
    d- D & C

    8 yr old child e pain in the knee and swellingof the ant knee (pain full and tender ant tibia)
    a- ostechondritis of tibial tuberosity (OSD)
    b- septic arthiritis
    c- perth dis

    WOF is not req. in initial mangement of ompotence
    b- viagra

    pt with radical mastectomy 2 yrs ago had no problem but presented e a mass in previous scar of mastectomy
    a- new breast Ca
    b- metastatic LN
    c- metastasis of primary CA in other organ

    48 yr ago presented e a breast lump mobile palable what is next step
    a- FNAC
    b- Mamography
    c- Excision biopsy
    d- Breast feeding

    WOF reduces K in renal failure
    a- ca salt
    b- bi carbonate
    c- hemodialysis

    child e coarctaton of aorta Dx
    a- radial pulse
    b- weak delayed femoral pulses
    c- systolic murmur in lleft sternum

    risk of ruptured uterus in pt e previous c section scar
    a- inc. if labour is induced
    b- dec.if labour is induced
    c- inc. if pregnancy goes beyond 42 wks

    pic of a man e protuded tongue (paralysis in rt side)
    a- tongue deviate to rt side e rt side paralysis
    b- ‘” “ “ Lt side rt side paralysis
    c- “ “ “ rt side if paralysis in left side
    d- does not chane at all

    CT scan of brain ( 2 Ct scan) pt e h/o fall and drowsiness after a few days had h/o previous craniotomy
    a- infraction
    b- hemorrhage
    c- tumor

    child with redness and itchy of vulva
    a- candidiasis
    b- thread pin worm
    c- intestinal bacteria

    pt withh/o diarrhoea … fat globules 3 months
    a- dudenal aspiration endomyosyl antibody
    b- gluten free diet

    biological cause of depression psychosis
    a- thyriod function
    b- chusing dis
    c- B 12

    Pt e abdominal pain had valvulus Wof show strangulation
    a- bleeding per rectum
    b- not reducable
    c- constant pain and tenderness

    new born boy e normal genetalia
    a- 47 XXY
    b- 47 XO
    c- testicular feminization

    WOF indicate aquired cause of coagulation problem
    a- anti thrombin
    b- Factor VIII
    c- Factor III
    d- Factor V

    Pt (child ) presented red tonsils e white sots (cryptic) and fever. Painful tonsils causes
    a- viral
    b- strep pyogen
    c- inf
    d- mononucleosis

    young diabetics man diabetic control
    a- Hb A1
    b- FBS
    c- Post prandial

    Crisis intervention
    a- give support to patient at the time of problems
    b- restore pt complience

    grumbling is common in Australai because
    a- melourb …… club
    b- Australia like grumblin as often

    Related to analgesia and use of morphine
    a- it cause physical tolerence
    b- “ “ psychological tolerence

    28 yr old women 2 month after delivery feel pain in intercourse , not on initial period but on deep penile penetration
    a- neglected small tear after delivery
    b- candidiasis
    c- endometrosis

    regarding OCP
    a- all progeterone excluding cproteron and… are derived from testerone
    b-microgeno 50 causes dysmenorrhoea

    picture of buttocks of child with patechia
    a- he will develop arthirits in few days
    b- H.S purpura

    Pt came to your GP after asulting his wife he suffer from depressive disorder ask for for a certificate good practice req to
    a- ignore the pts request
    b- write a balanced non jujmental report
    c- inc. the dose of drug

    pt c/o sever painin face and sensitivity to pin prick
    a- Tic dolaroup
    b- M.S
    c- Temporal arthiritis

    DVT can be Dx by
    a- calf pain
    b- calf tenderness
    c- superficial varicosities
    d- homan sign

    which of the following drug doestnot cause tryptophan synd
    a- citalopram
    b- L tryptophan
    c- Haloperidol
    d- Meclobamide

    WOF drug dec. the pressure gradient in Aortic stenosis
    a- digoxin
    b- diazoxide
    c- verapamil

    negative symptoms of schizopherinai
    a- delusion
    b- idea of refrence
    c- blurred effect
    d- hallucination

    blood culture
    of a pt showed E coli what is the source of inf
    a- UTI
    b- Gall bladder
    c- Furuncle

    Pt presented e pitechial hagge on trunk and chest dec. platelet
    H/o previos viral infection
    a- ITP
    b- Hemophilia

    Disbetic pt suffering from depression WOF will inc. depressive symptoms
    a- inc. alcohol
    b- family history
    c- bipolar disorder

    12 yr old child e muscle pain weak ness joint pain helitropic rash
    a- dermatomyositis
    b- SLE
    c- rh arthiritis

    35 yr old man h/o firm inguinal mass for 2 months and
    a- direct inguinal hernia
    b- LN metastasis
    c- Varicocel

    Baby can bable roll over and transfer things from one hand to other
    a- 7 months
    b- 10 “
    c- 12 “

    cardiovascular dis is first cause of death in Aust what is second
    a- accident
    b- malignancy
    c- drowning

    pt e h/o diarrhoea and wasting of the buttocks muscle
    a- dudenal biopsy
    b- gluten free diet
    c- H breath test

    60 yr old pt e microcytic anemia next step
    a- barium swallow
    b- flexible sigmoidoscopy
    c- colonoscopy

    pt presented e weakness of hands upper arm and hyper reflexia of lower limbs
    a- cuada equina synd
    b- lumbar dics herniation
    c- spinal cord compression

    pt e ulcer in lower limb WOF is not in favour of arterial ulcer
    a- rest pain
    b- inc. pain on raising leg
    c- medial maleolar side
    d- intermitent clauducation

    pt of Ca sigmoid after resection operation othe 5 th post op day developed serosnagous discharge of wound
    a- wound dehesence
    b- wound infection
    c- peritonitis

    32 yr pregnat G2 P1 is 30 wks e previous (1st) c/s scar and normal CTG prevous section was due to P previa regarding her mang and risk of ruptured ulcer
    a- inc. if labour is induced
    b- dec

    6 wks
    preg was Dx CIN stage 1 on pap smear wof is her mange
    a- cont preg to term , then start Rx after delivery
    b- terminate the preg
    c- colposcopy and biopsy of the target area
    d- hystrectomy

    preg lady G2 P1 on 20 wks Dx by U/S H.fetalis what is the next step
    a- indicate coomb test
    b- kelihur test
    c- estimation of level of bilirubin
    d- repat U/S late wk

    antinuclear antibody id raised in
    a- Rh arthirits
    b- SLE
    c- Gout

    Management of stage II of Ca CX
    a- chemo
    b- hystrectomy
    c- radiotherapy
    d- laser therapy

    bloody discharge from nipple
    a- pagets dis
    b- duct
    c- duct papilloma

    child e fever vomiting sore throat identify the severity of illness
    Temp 39
    Palor and irritability
    37 yr old man e h/o pain and swelling in scrotal area
    a- direct ing hernia
    b- hydrocele
    c- epidydmoorchitis

    the imp of the placebo in pt mang
    a- more effective in conversion disorder
    b- tablets are more effective

    PMS how to Dx
    a- FSH
    b- Estrogen level
    c- Charting of symptom monthly

    Pt 42 yr e pain epigastric pain nausea , vomiting pain radiating to back
    a- dudenal ulcer
    b- panceratitis
    c- cholangitis

    child with G enteritis dehydration wof inc. the possible of developing convulsion.
    a- Na 123 mmol
    b- K 3mmol
    c- Na 152 mmol
    d- Bi carbinate inc.

    Heparin induced thrombocytosis
    a- inc. bleeding
    b- thrombosis
    c- inc.cloting time

    newborn developed jaundice
    after 96 hrs of birth lasted for 2 – 3 wks
    a- hemolysis
    b- neonatal hepatitis
    c- spherocytosis

    inc prolactin level pt was receiving antipsychotic drug therapy
    a- micro adenoma
    b- due to antipsychotic

    52 yr old women e 12 month amenorrhoea the finding
    a- high FSH high estrogen
    b- mild inc. FSH and mild inc. in estrogen.
    c- High prolactin

    48 yr old e ascities and liver mats the cause
    a- metastatic colon Ca
    b- Ca pancreas

    Male pt e h/o cough many yrs , sputum on and off TLC inc.45’/’ perfuion is o/o
    a- brinchiectasis
    b- emphysema
    c- asthama

    chest x ray e h/o 45 yr old smoker heavy and 2 month h/o of cough following cold . cough mostly at night ND EARLY MORNING SPUTUM SMALL AMOUNT YELLOW COLOR
    C- T.B
    D- Bronchiectasis

    Pic of face from one side e h/o a mass growing from 1 yr
    a- lymphadenopathy
    b- polymorphoadenoma
    c- Ca parotid

    H/o pain in low back in a young man after lifitng heavy at work next step
    a- x ray lumbar spine
    b- MRI
    c- Referto neuro sergeon
    d- Physiotherapy
    e- Analgesics

    In lumbar dics prolapse proper way to lift a body is
    a- knee flexed
    b- knee staright
    c- sit on a chair e lumbar twist to one side

    L4/L5 which nerev route is afferent
    a- L4
    b- L5
    c- L4 L5
    d- Peronial nerve

    H/o severmheadache is 56 yr ild HTN pt e mild neck stiffness
    a- SDH
    b- SAH
    c- Korsakof encephlopathy

    Bil blurred vision for 10 min recoverd later on
    a- vestibulobasilar artery coarctation
    b- hypertensive retinopathy
    c- carotid artery coarctation

    unilateral los of visin ehead ache inc. ESR
    a- carotid artery stenosis
    b- teporal artiritis

    28 yr old e bifrontal headache inc. ar evening and she is on OCP
    a- stop ocp
    b- muscle relaxation tech
    c- methyl sergide

    pt e thigh pain which cerculation is effected
    a- superficial femoral
    b- illac interna

    38 yr old man believs his wife is not loyal to him and seekinng eveidenc of partner infedility and hires a p detective
    this kind of jealousy is
    a- over valued ideaa
    b- obession
    c- paranoia
    d- delusion
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