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    1. U r called to the psychiatric ward,on your arrival pt told u that he should be allowed to remove his i/v line as he has got private insurance.As a doctor u should understand this ,bcoz u would also have private insurance & as a doctor you would not like these nurses who do not have insurance.This implies to:
    2.A 56 yr old pt has h/o melanoma and now in depression, also behaves in unusual and abnormal way.But he does not believe he has any depression or need any Rx.Your diagnosis-
    a.Effects of melanoma
    b.Psychotic depression
    c.Relapse of depression
    d. ?
    I am waiting for correct answer.Thanx

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    Hello Dr. Arbab

    If u don't share the questions, u won't find many people responding to u. Sharing will not reduce ur chance of passing the exam.
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    In fact,
    if you share, more people will perform better. This will decrease an average person's chance to pass.
  4. Arbab Anas

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    Hi Dr!
    Thank U for your advice.I did n't ask the answers for myself as I have allready passed MCQ in '05.So if U know the answers please post here,other examinee will be happy.Pl help them to pass the exam.Thank u again.Good luck
    :D :lol: A A
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    Hi Dr.Arbab

    By sharing questions I meant that posting the May 06 questions for the MCQ candidates will help people to participate more and pass the exam. By no means it will decrease anyone's chance of passing as it is purely based on how many questions you answer correctly. Please don't worry about the fact that if u post the questions up, more people will pass and hence reduce your or who ever's chance of passing. It does not work that way. The point of having this forum is to share your knowledge and at the same time help each other. There are quite a few people desperate for the questions from May. Please help them. I don't have them yet otherwise I would be more than happy to post them up.

  6. Dr. S.Murad Hossain
    Welcome your attitude.Can we expect now that u will be the peron who will post here the recalls of July 2006 AMC(MCQ) immediately after your exam.Thanks

    S S
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    I would be more than happy to do that. As u can see that I have already posted May 06 questions up for people. Unfortunately, thats all I got. Will post more if I get them.

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    Q1 is splitting, the patient tries to split the doctor from their collegues to achive her goal.
    Q2 The correct answer is psychotoc depression but the trick is that this condition can well be secondary to brain metastasis of malignant melanoma, original questione may have provided more information, for instance whether the patient has had any psychiatric BG or not
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    Dear doctor Arbab Anas,

    thanks for your help.
    More OTDs pass - better for all of us.

    Q1. The pt is splitting medical team. I think it called "team splitting"

    Q2. Dx depens on stage of melanoma.
    If pt has not H/O depression he might have mets of melanoma



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