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    more questions from SET A :-

    1. Most radio resistant phase of the cell cycle
    a. G1
    b. G0
    c. M
    d. S << correct ans

    2. Apple core appearance in barium swallow seen in
    a. Bilateral ileal something ...
    b. Colon carcinoma << correct ans
    c. ..

    3. Wrong method of breast feeding
    a. Chin touching breast
    b. mouth wide open
    c. Lips everted
    d. Upper areola visible <<< correct ans

    4. DISS (Diameter Index) scale is used because ?
    a. To find the correct laryngoscope
    b. To find proper cylinders during anesthesia << correct ans
    c. ..

    5. PIN index for nitrous oxide ? - 3.5

    6. A person is not able to see the stairs while coming down the stairs in a hospital . Which muscle is most probably damaged ?
    a. Inferior Rectus
    b. Superior Oblique <<Correct ans
    c. Inferior Oblique
    d. Lateral rectus

    7. The thyroid gland in a patient can come to rest at any of the following unusual places except :
    a. Infra glossal
    b. Laryngeal
    c. Behind hyoid bone
    d. Pleural cavity <<< correct ans

    8. Gastric lavage is contraindicated in all except
    a. Kerosine
    b. Hydrochloric acid
    c. Carbonic acid << correct ans

    9. Which of the following isotopes is used in PET scan ?
    b. Oxygen
    c. Phosphorous
    d. Nitrogen
    ^^ dont know the correct ans , Although I marked phosphorous , which is prolly wrong .

    10 . Which of the following bonds is used in MRI ?
    a. Hydrogen << correct ans
    b. Oxygen
    c. Phosphorous
    d. ...

    11. Housemaids knee is best defined as
    a. Prepatellar articular exudation
    b. Peripatellar subcutaneous edema << correct ans
    c. xyz
    d. abc

    12. M/C anomaly in face
    a. Cleft lip
    b. Cleft palate
    c. cleft lip with cleft palate << correct ans
    d. xyz

    13. Alkaline mucous secreting glands are present in
    a. Duodenum << Correct ans
    b. Jejunum
    c. Ilium
    d. Stomach

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