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  1. Hi All

    I've just started my final medical year part 1 in UCD Dublin and i'm just looking for some general advice. I want to do Obs and Gynae when i'm finished my intern year. Would you advise me to do my MRCPI part 1 in intern year or my MRCOG- which exam is better for getting on an SHO scheme in Dublin.

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    In Ireland we do the MRCPI part 1 for Obs and Gynae as the institute of Obs and Gynae is part of the college of physicians. My question is.. should i do both the Irish exam (eg MRCPI) and the MRCOG or will the MRCPI be enough.
  4. Sorry that was me who posted the above
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    hi medical student

    i passed both MRCOG1 and MRCP1(UK) :shock: :!: , they are completly different exams the only common thing between them is the clinical science bit 8) which is much easier with MRCP1,

    my personal opinion is that if you have good and sound medical knowledge MRCP1 is not too hard to pass but it needs proper preparation :evil: ....but if you are hard working and confident about your abilities and if you are willing to memorise many facts where logic does not have too much space then go for the MRCOG1, because if you can pass MRCOG1 then you would definitely pass MRCP1 not because they have too much in common but because the former needs a lot of hard work and stamina more than what's needed for the latter...

    i believe MRCOG 1 in general is tougher than MRCP1....

    the reason why i sat the MRCP1 after MRCOG1 is that i am not too sure regarding OBS and GYN.... after i read about the abortion rates here in the uk :( :shock: , and the rampant use of contraception :shock: ...i felt there are many ethical delimmas that might give me a lot fo headache and being a principled person i'm quite inclined to go for something more conscious friendly :wink: internal medicine.... :lol:

    any input is welcomed.... :idea:
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    come on..who are you trying to fool.which branch in medicine if free from issues of ethical support withdrawal???? face transplant??

    the only place in hospital where people come happy and mostly leave happy is obstetrics...
  7. Obstetrics

    Thank you for your input.

    I think that Obsetrics is still def for me thou. At the moment i'm in Uganda doing an elective and its brill.

    i think i will end up prob doing both MRCPI and MRCOG
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    You should do MRCOG part 1. Once you get your MRCOG part 1, your are exemted from part 1 MRCPI.

    So while waiting for your eligibility for Part 2 MRCOG, you can take the part 2 MRCPI as you only need 2 years of experience in O&G to take part 2 MRCPI.

    Thats what I did personally.
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    Dear storm

    Dose that mean if you pass MRCOG 1, and u have 2 years of Obs &Gyn exp from anywhere in the world u can sit for mrcp 2..plz clearify...i would be really greatfull
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    Yes you would be eligible for the MRCPI, which is the irish exam. However, i am not sure about training anywhere in the world.
  11. Thanks Storm. I didnt know that. Though I'm not going to really be giving it much thought over the next while.. have to pass finals first!! Thanks again

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