mrcog part 1, march 2010 recall

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  1. mrcog part 1, march 2010 recall
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    paper1 was sooooo diffcult
    paper 2 was sooooo easy
    plz. read all epidemiology and stastics
    wish me luck plz
    i will post all exm sooon
    plz plz plz wish me luck......
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    Hormone increased in Prolactinaemia
    Hormone produced by posterior pituatary

    Baby born with R sided umbilical hernia
    Baby born with stiff limbs and mother had oligohydramniosis

    Atomic mass of technetium (99)
    Atomic mass of cobalt (58, but the nearest possible on the list 60)
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    Origins pudendal nerve- ant s2 s4
    Functions of 21 and 17a hydroxlase (convery what to what)
    POstitive predictive value and negative predictive value
    Linear regression
    Hep B and Hep C- DNA/ RNA viruses
    Lidocaine- side effects, shorter that bupivicaine
    Anatomy of pelvic bones
    Fetal skull
    Arteial supply of anus
    Lasers- ? red light faster that UV, ? cut with red light
    MRI- not radioactive, movement of H ions, resolution
    Matching disease with organism- chancre,
    Cancers with serum markers
    Amyloidosis- ?RA ?intracellular
    Staph aureus- coagulase, toxin
    Time closure of neural tube, time mid gut move from abdo wall
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    wish u luck
    pls post some more questions thanks
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    realy paper 1 was difficult , the qus as follow=

    1, origin of pudendal nerve

    2, nerve supply of the skin of perinium

    3, the structure that can differntiate b/w body of uterus and cervix in c/s

    4, struture must be idintified during c/s to avoid injury

    5,embry,,, by this time if the mid gut not withdrawl to abdomen the fetus will devolp exomphilus

    by this time the an and post neroun was closed ,,,they give many options
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    study partner MRCOG part1

    Hi I'm looking for a study partner near cardiff , I'siting in September exam so anybody close by ? :)
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    march 2010 recall

    - obstructive jaunduce.
    - histopathology of endometrium, hyperplasia & adenocarcinoma.
    - HIV, HBV.
    - selective COX 2 inhibitors & antiprogesterone.
    - steroidogenesis pathways & enzymes.
    - tumour markers.
    - sarcoidisis.
    - asbestosis.
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    mrcog part 1 march 2011

    hi there,
    urgently need study partner in london area to study for march 2011
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    Hi Tanya,

    I'm based in London and keen on a study partner for March 2011 too.

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    near london

    plz guest...i need a study partner too...plz snd me ur email....
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    can anyone please help me suggesting which books should i start reading for mrcog part 1..i am new..and lost

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