MRCOG PART 1 PAST PAPERS2002,2003,2004,2005,2006

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  1. mrcog

    mrcog Guest

    could someone plz forward the past papers from 2002-2006 to this address
    I would be grateful if i get them ASAP.
    Thank you.
  2. ahui

    ahui Guest

    Request for past papers MRCOG part 1

    Please also send to
    Please! I really need those as I am sitting for the exam on 4.9.2006~~~
    Thanks so much.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

  4. caroline1

    caroline1 Guest

    past papers

    can someone forward me the past papers 2002-2007 as well!!please!

    thank you
  5. equa

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  6. Guest

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  7. ashrafsabry

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  8. Guest

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  9. Guest

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    Hi everyone,

    Struggling so much with preparation,

    Past papers 2001-2006 would be such a help,

    Would be so grateful, please forward me anything you have which you don't mind sharing,

    Thanks all,

  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    can someone please post the past papers to me at
    i need them very urgently
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    could some one plz forward me the past papers for MRCOG part 1 to
    i will be really grateful if someone can help me asap.

  12. rrmbg

    rrmbg Guest


    could some one please send me the past papers for MRCOG part 1

  13. Dr.Soccer

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  14. christina

    christina Guest

  15. mehr

    mehr Guest


    hello has anyone got the pastpapers ,kindly please send me aswell it will really be a gr8 help thanks alot
  16. Guest

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  17. vidhu_k

    vidhu_k Guest

    MRCOG q papers

    Please some one be kind enough to mail me part 1 question papers.....VIDHUK@YAHOO.CO.IN
  18. mangoz

    mangoz Guest


    guyz plz...i need imediate help.. :!: :!: n dep trouble now....i would lyk for nyone to tell me the website than i can see in it the opass list for the march round....i did the examination in march, 2007....i've been ounin the seconds 4m dat tme nd i badly want to noe if i passed or not.....can someone tell me now.......THANXXXX :D
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest


    could someone forward me the MCQ for the past papers 2002-2007 as well? Would be very grateful!!! Please send them to:

    Ralph Niewenweg
  20. prian7481

    prian7481 Guest

    could u please send me the past papers for me too.
  21. prian7481

    prian7481 Guest

  22. CYY

    CYY Guest

    MRCOG part 1


    Anyone got the pastpapers? Could you please send it to me please

    Thank you everyone.
  23. samahmhmd

    samahmhmd Guest

    mrcog 1 exam

    could someone pleeez send me exams 2006-2005-2004-2003-2002 part i exams MRCOG,, at,,
    i will have my exam in september.
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I do believe that these past paper in 2002-2006 does not exist. What we have was those post above ( announcement) part , writen by past candidate. Pls don't waste time to wait the "miracle"
  25. Kathryn

    Kathryn Guest

  26. Guest

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  27. Guest

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  28. latha_og

    latha_og Guest

    mrcog part1 march 2008

    hi-- could any one send me past papers MRCOG--from 2002--2007
    i need them very badly
    i am willing to pay
    my e
  29. drabhi04

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  30. dr.nila

    dr.nila Guest

    past papers

    can any of you send me past ppers of 2002 to 2007....pls pls pls....that ll be very nice of you....pls help me & mail me
  31. SnowS

    SnowS Guest

    Hi everyone,

    Past papers 2001-2007 would be such a help,

    Would be so grateful, please forward me anything you have which you don't mind sharing,

    Thanks all,

  32. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Past date


    I will be taking the Part 1 in March 2008. I note that there has been a new EMQ format to a portion of the qu's. Could anyone send me available past papers, especilly Sept 2007 (with the new format)......PLEASE?!?!?!

    My email is:

  33. mrcog pastpapers

    hi,do u have the past papers from 2002 to 2007? if u do could u plz contact me?and do u have the answers to the past papers from 1997t0 2001?could u plz contact me .thank u
  34. guest77

    guest77 Guest

    past papers mrcog part 1 please

    hi all please any one has past papers mrcog part 1 . e mail them to
    please we have to help each other :lol: :lol:
  35. kveena

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  37. Guest

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    pl send me pst papers of mrcog 1 of 2000 till 2008 plz any one i really need them i am appearing first time for it and cant reply again for it due to some problems in family :(
  38. eya

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  39. Guest

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    can anyone farward me the question papers of past mrcog exam please.
  40. Guest

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    share with me too... :)
  41. Guest

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  42. Guest

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    if all above emails have received the papers then kindly forward me.
    Rubbish not any pastpapers available.Only question are here on forums posted by seniors so thanks to them all.
  43. salma08

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    new member

    hello everybody
    nice to join such helpful pple hope to be too
    am n need for past papers mrcog1 too
    if one cn send them to me at
    am asking if the resting time is enough to prepare for next sep mrcog1 exams
    am in KSA,if smone s there u cn share and discuss
    thanx alot
  44. guestee

    guestee Guest


    i am in dier need of past papers for mrcog part 1 please email me on
    it will be much appreciated
  45. mazen

    mazen Guest

  46. Dr.Uzma Dar

    Dr.Uzma Dar Guest

    Please email me past paper questions

    I am planning to go for this paper part 1 please email me past paper questions on this email address
    thanks alot
  47. keorr

    keorr Guest

    part one past papers?

    Hi, studying for part one now, would be soooooo grateful if someone would forward me the past papers @, ta muchly!
  48. DOC,2008

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